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  1. Thought that was a decent half aside from Vardy being dreadful. Limited Palace to no chances which we didn't do against Watford and Brighton and our final third passing is slowly getting there. Hook Vardy off at half time for Barnes and hope it spurs him on to do better in the next game. When your attack is blunt you can't have a striker ruining the few chances you get, he will find form but will need to find it from the bench for the next few games imo.
  2. What happened to us getting the ball to the byline and smashing it into the box? That's how Everton's first goal came about and we never seem to bloody do it
  3. Can't remember which player it was but there was an article on one of our youth players out on loan who claimed to have no communication with LCFC while they were out on loan, know anything about that and how often they keep in touch with all the players that are currently playing elsewhere?
  4. I dont mind the light show but the music just drowns out any chanting done by fans to build up atmosphere before the game. Just before the greatest show started the Villa fans where chanting and SK1 was chanting back, getting louder and louder and started to feel like a special game, then the song came on and the atmosphere died while everyone stood around watching the lights and listening to the music as you couldn't do anything else. As some others have said scrap the greatest show as it is too long, I'd even say cut the part just before the players come out where it is just the foxes eyes or keep it to 30 seconds. Then do the flashing lights for the slideshow montage with the heartbeats. This will be much shorter so any chanting isn't interupted for too long and doesn't feel like your standing around waiting for the players to come out for 5 minutes with stupidly loud music playing.
  5. Seem to remember we let a player who used to play for us off when he was shit for 89 minutes but produced quality in that 1 minute, Barnes while not there yet is similar, he will be quiet but always a threat, just need to get him the ball in quality areas.
  6. Need to stop being scared and push players forward in attack, no passing options as players stay too far back in dear of a counter.
  7. Offside player not there surely Ricardo has time to not head it randomly?
  8. Had to leave early today as sadly I had a Christmas do to get to at 7 so I was already pushing it staying until the 85th minute. To make matters worse my coworker I was waiting for was 15 minutes late anyway. Wouldn't have left if I knew that!
  9. We got lucky with VAR but the panalty was given without VAR and the retake was only given because of VAR otherwise it would have been Maddisdons goal? So VAR had no impact and actually hindered us rather then helped?
  10. As much as I dont want Spurs to win that isn't exactly an on purpose hand ball and he can't really do much about his arm placement there surely? Also this is taking a stupid amount of time.
  11. Anyone want to try and explain why we are on third tonight?
  12. Surely Sterling is interfering with play there? Keeper surely must be in two minds if Sterling is going to touch it or not?
  13. In theory with the chances we had most of the time we would have only scored 1 goal. Don't know how its that low due to the penalty and Tielemens being clear cut chances but heyho
  14. You have missed the comment below that mentions how the VAR cameras run at a higher fps then 50 (What sky is broadcast in) which results in an actual frame by frame difference of 1.91cm instead of 13cm.
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