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  1. I was never really into football till I was 16, first game was the Watford playoff defeat. God knows why that got me into football . At least I can take credit for our upsurge that happened since I started watching
  2. Managed it now, when you select the payment method I had to put in other and put in my details as it wouldn't accept the same card that I had saved in the system.
  3. got on now, got seats yet can't pay error occured collecting payment
  4. well this is taking the piss
  5. If we go 3 at the back we can't play like today with a DM instead of a CAM, we had no link to the strikers bar hoofing it up the pitch. How I would have set up keeping the same formation and majority of players. First half. Hamer Amartey- Benny-Maguire-Elder Mahrez-James-Ndidi-Barnes Okazaki Slimani Second half. Hamer Simpson-Morgan-Moore Albrighton Fuchs Drinkwater-Iborra Lawrence Vardy-Ulloa This would have given Barnes some game time and brought Lawrence into his natural position where he could effect the game more then he did today. He looked decent enough on the ball but you can tell Lw isn't his best position.
  6. Wasn't in the game much but when he was on the ball he was positive and direct. Said in the Elliot Moore thread that it would have been better to play Barnes Lw first half then bring on Lawrence instead of King for the second half playing him at CAM. If we are going to play 3 at the back we can't play with a DM like today as it gave us no link between midfield and the strikers. Anyone got any updates on whether he is leaving or not as I think we should keep him and bring him in to end up replacing Okazaki who I don't think had more then 10 touches today (Will give him credit for draging players away for the goal but we need more from a second striker, especially if Mahrez is going to leave).
  7. Did well on the ball, didn't panic and always looked to play out from the back, but didn't see much of him defensively. Loan to a league 1/ championship club would be good for his development. Side note, what did people think of Elder, played in last seasons friendly against Oxford and didn't do too bad today against a pacey winger, obviously not premier league quality yet but maybe another loan for him to a championship club to see where his development is at. Second side note, disapointing to not see Barnes today although I imagine the formation change ment he wouldn't have fitted in naturally. Would have been better to play him Lw instead of Lawrence first half and play Larence instead of King second half when we switched to 3 at the back. Playing a 3-5-2 with a DM and not a CAM ment we had no linkup between the midfield and the strikers which led to few chances and a boring second half.
  8. Be interesting if we change 11 in the second half which of Musa, Ulloa or Barnes misses out
  9. Might as well predict the team Schmeichel Simpson-Maguire-Morgan-Chilwell Albrighton-Ndidi-Iborra-Gray Lawrence Vardy how many subs can we make? If it's full 11 then will see a different team second half.
  10. Do you know if he will be eligable to play tomorrow or will he have to wait till we get back to England? Cheers for the info by the way Edit: Don't mean playing tomorrow but being on the bench, obviously Schmeichel starts no matter what.
  11. Think its Sean St Ledger, i know the keeper should have saved the third goal but number 16 did him no favours giving the striker an age to pick his spot. As for Choudhury I thought a few seasons back he would be making the first team around now, at least in cup competitions, however he hasn't developed much and positionally is worse from Amartey from what I remember of seeing him play for Burton last season. Another loan would be good, maybe at a team that play with 3 in midfield so he can play as a DM, not needing to move too far.
  12. Im guessing Sean is number 16, wtf was he doing for their third goal need to get some defending coaches in for our U23 as it seems to be our weakest point. We can attack well enough and with Moore and Johnson getting calls up to England youth level the players should be good enough to keep the goals down, but last season the U23 seemed to conceed 3,4 goals a game. Granted though the leap for Leamingtons first goal was amazing.
  13. Played well from what I saw, no mistakes and can play out from the back.
  14. In shop now, selling shirts with and without purple logo
  15. Worked for me just now lads