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  1. West Ham post match 1-1

    One massive issue is our backup players. Gray and Mahrez are going to have off days but who can we bring on to improve our attacking play when they play bad? Chilwell who isn't a winger and Musa who isn't a player. Would it be worth putting Vardy on the bench to come onto the wings and starting either Nacho or Slimani up top? As a side note Mahrez is so selfish nowadays always looking to shoot rather then pass, he is doing what Gray used to do when he was trying to get in the team yet I don't see a thread slating Mahrez and calling him selfish? Both wingers were poor today but Gray tried to play others in and passed more then he dribbled. Mahrez needs to do the simple things and look at Man City players for an example, Sterling, Jesus and Sane are all capable of going past players by dribbling yet they also know when to release the ball and make runs in behind. Hope under Puels management both him and Gray will learn to be more effective going forwards.
  2. 2017/18 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    Playing more passing football rather then hoofing tonight. Musa had some nice touches and putting in effort not too much else though.
  3. Man City Match Thread

    Great goal, Mahrez needs to be running at defenders more, why does he just stroll up to them?
  4. England v Brazil.

    Vardy is overthinking things when he plays for England, just get your head down and run at them.
  5. 2017/18 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    Streams buggered now, whenever I refresh it brings me back to the 42nd minute and I can't fast foward
  6. Football Manager 2018

    A good striker in my Leicester save was Abel Ruiz from Barcelona's B team. Only 17, has a low release clause of about 3-5 milion (At the start of a save, I ended up paying 12m for him in the 18/19 season). Quick and has good finishing, easily good backup.
  7. England squad

    Good spot from Maguire there, could have had an assist.
  8. Champions League 2017/18

    How quiet are Spurs, 3-1 up and it sounds like theres only 2 fans in the stadium.
  9. What grinds my gears...

    Still expensive but with dominos you can use the code AWESOME to get 50% off any pizzas as long as the price is over £20 before you put the code in.
  10. Football Manager 2018

    Hate Ulloa on this. Transfer list him. No-one comes in for him so ask him to speak to clubs. Decline and says he doesn't mind picking up wages for doing nothing. Why did we give him a new contract
  11. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    Think its obvious his defensive duties have been released. While he still tracks back he is spending more time close to the Lb rather then staying closer to the midfield which is putting him in more 1 on 1 situations rather then being closed down by the opposition midfielders and Lb. Keep us this form and a team will come for him in the winter. Wonder if we will still ask for £50 million or lower the price a bit (not in public obviously) due to his profesionalism. Hope he stays though because on form he is just brilliant and while I have critisised him in the past he is now making me eat my words, fair play.
  12. Dropping players to change tactics.

    Silva will bring an interesting question on where he will fit. Obviously he will be at least 3rd choice but would he replace Iborra if he keeps up his current performances or Ndidi if we need him for his ability to run with the ball and break up play (Im not entierly sure how quick Silva is, how well he can break up play and how well he can carry the ball). We could even go for 3 in midfield but then who will miss out in attack as we will have to sacrifice a striker. Good questions to have though, a change from our first prem season when we had GTF in midfield at Chelsea away! I noticed tonight his positioning had improved greatly, he even had the trademark Simpson backup into the box to not get beat but close enough to stop crosses. If Amartey can learn the positional play from Simpson and keep his attacking play then we will have a very good Rb. Something I didn't think I would say about Amartey as I have always slated managment for playing him there last season as his positioning was god awful, letting runners in behind constantly.
  13. Dropping players to change tactics.

    I guess my original post did sound a bit like getting them all out the team straight away, just my excitement at seeing these new and fringe players playing so well tonight
  14. Dropping players to change tactics.

    CDM would be alright for him but not CM, in possession he is fine and can pass a ball but his awareness with runners in behind is poor and playing at Rb minimises that weakness, I do rate Simpson as well and I don't want any of them to be kicked out of the side instantly (Bar Fuchs but thats just because I feel like Chilwell has caught up to him and he has been out of form). Its just that over time we should be looking to bring these more technical players into the team, preferably before christmas. It depends of how the new manager wants to play though. If I was the manager and had to pick the team for the Everton game then I would also make the Chilwell change and bring Gray in as well. Tonight Gray was better then Albrighton for me, though they both didn't play well Gray now deserves a run of games like Albrighton has had since the start of the season. The Vardy one is purely because we have spent so much money in the striker area so if he isn't performing (while I know he brings alot more then goals but he should be scoring goals similar to the chance at Swansea) then we have quality options available that we can make changes. I agree a slow posession game isn't our style thats why I called it a passing game as I couldn't think of what else to say. Basically we have a team that are capable of passing the ball at speed like we have been doing in the past 2 games which still allows counter attacks but are more controlled rather then hopeful. But when we are then infront we can retain possession and slow the game down to suit us.
  15. If we are to become a side that passes more and keeps possession we may need to start dropping some players that have started the season very well or been a main stay for a long time. Morgan - Probably been our best cb at defending but his passing isn't the best and is prone to hoofing. Time for Dragovic to get some game time. Also important that we actually play Dragovic if we want him on a permement deal after his loan ends. Simpson - One of the most consistent defenders we have but again with morgan prone to hoofing and doesn't support the attack. Amartey played well tonight and would be needed if we are to retain possession. Would help Mahrez as well and can at times drop into midfield to support. Fuchs - Been poor most games this season. Chilwell deserves his chance now, is more attacking, quicker and more skillful. Albrighton - Poor start to the season and loses the ball under pressure though no look hoofs behind the defense. Gray can come in, keep possession and use some skill to try and force attacking play where possible. Vardy - Probably going to be the most unpopular opinion but he hasn't scored in a few and missed some decent chances. His name wouldn't be mentioned if not for the fact we have both Slimani and Iheanacho who would thrive in his position and cost us alot of money. Would drop him for Slimani. I'm prepared for critisism for this post but remember, when we won the league it was because we had a whole team of individual players who fit into a counter attacking system. If we are trying to change the system and have players at our disposal to do so then maybe it would be better to drop those that don't fit as well, as harsh as it may seem. In the end my passing based team would be. Schmeichel Amartey - Dragovic - Maguire - Chilwell Mahrez - Iborra - Ndidi - Gray Okazaki Slimani The only players not great at passing are Okazaki and Ndidi but Okazaki is needed for a link between the midfield and attack and Ndidi can do the leg work for Iborra which is needed as he isn't the quickest. Would still keep Morgan, Albrighton and Vardy on the bench so if we need to go all out attack and hoof balls we have the option. (To anyone who argues that its just the cup, surely we should be rewarding good performances no matter the oposition)