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  1. TheMightySystem

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    Too many times this season we start well and concede a stupid goal which takes away our momentum. Morgan and Simpson can’t be starters next season.
  2. TheMightySystem

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    Edit: Not going to complain too much as I hated the Arsenal lineup yet we won. Still hope Puel gives the youth more then 5 minutes off the bench today.
  3. TheMightySystem

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    If Puel stays on next season I hope he doesn't continue to drop players who play well previously.
  4. TheMightySystem

    Arsenal (H) Match Thread

    Im sorry Puel but we really aren't. Different players would be giving some U23s a go in defense and dropping Mahrez who has been terrible recently and playing Barnes. Show us something new and the game will be more interesting then playing the same old players and getting the same old results. At least the U23 players will put in maximum effort to impress whereas several of that starting squad won't be starting or even be here next season.
  5. TheMightySystem

    Puel In or Out poll 5/5/18.

    Now want him out based on today. Talks of experimenting then decides to persist with Morgan, ignore our U23 defenders who have been good this season, keep Mahrez in the team despite being god awful and wants to leave in the summer, brings off our 2 youngsters who were putting in effort when others wern't and replaces them with players that we already know about instead of giving Barnes and Thomas 30 minutes to see if they can play a part for next season. The only positive I can take from his stint in charge is that Choudhury has been steady when given chances and could be a solid backup next season, if he used the games remaining to test out other youth prospects then im sure some would be more forgiving as it would be visible he is trying new things. As it stands he is using players he already realises don't work in his tactic and isn't changing to acompany them which is fair enough if he had just came in 5 games ago but after this length of time he should know which areas need replacing in his system and should be trying other options to see if anyone else can do the job that he wants them to do.
  6. TheMightySystem

    Wet Spam Match Threa- ah who cares

    Taken off 2 of the players who played well with effort.
  7. TheMightySystem

    Wet Spam Match Threa- ah who cares

    Diabate, Choudhury and silva been our best players, funnily enough the only ones who have a point to prove. Get the U23s on in the second half, can’t be any worse then a 5-0 loss to Palace
  8. TheMightySystem

    Wet Spam Match Threa- ah who cares

    The fact that defence is our strength in the U23s yet Puel refuses to give any of them a chance is confusing. dragovic doesn’t want to stay ok don’t play him, but don’t play both Morgan and benalouane when we could give a youth player a chance in a meaningless game.
  9. TheMightySystem

    Crystal Palace match thread.

    We are too static, palace get players foward and give support to the man on the ball. We just don’t have any movement to help the player on the ball play quick short passes.
  10. TheMightySystem

    2017/18 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    Benalouane starts for some reason with knight on the bench.
  11. TheMightySystem

    Southampton (H) Match Thread

    Mahrez been out worst player imo, slow with the ball and positioning is poor when out of possession. Why is it when Albrighton runs up to the corner flag Mahrez stands still only 10 yards into the opposition half? Despite that we are looking much better in possession and iheanacho is key, great touches on the ball and passing is accurate too.
  12. TheMightySystem

    Southampton pre match

    If true its probably the best way for Albrighton to lock down a place in Puels system. He isn't direct enough to play on the wing but he is good at whipping in crosses and his workrate up and down the wing is second to none, work on his defensive positioning and he can make a good rb. Only slight concern is Dragovic starting, don't mind if he is going to stay in the summer but if he leaves then I would rather we give game time to one of the U23 products who really do deserve some first team football.
  13. TheMightySystem

    The Crinkly Video Gaming Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 70/100 My Time 61 seconds  
  14. TheMightySystem

    2017/18 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    Think its now obvious why he isn't in the squad
  15. TheMightySystem

    Burnley away match thread

    Gray best player of the half