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  1. TheMightySystem

    England v Panama - Match Thread

    Brilliant penalty
  2. TheMightySystem

    George Hirst

    Don't know what they are complaining about, we offered what we viewed to be fair and they rejected asking for more, fair enough. Think he then asked for a raise as a prem club where interested in him (Not entierly sure so forgive me if wrong, I just know at some point he asked for a raise which was rejected). Then from what I can gather on their forum they barely played him last season in his last year of contract so he has no reason to stay. The only bit that could be seen as petty was moving to Leuven on a free so they get no money, but in the end Sheffield Wednesday could have had money for him last year and chose to risk just getting compensation and held him back a year by not playing him or letting him leave. Just read on their forum that apparently the manager excluded him from not just the first team but also the U23 and U18 teams as well so they really can't moan about him screwing the club out of a couple of million when they screwed him out of a year of important development. Edit: This quote here. "You're possibly right, I myself had issues with the decision to exclude GH from the u23 and u18 teams, but by screwing over the club like this (Pearson and Hirst Snr.) to avoid compo. being paid, they're not just getting at Chansiri, it's going to effect us, the ordinary fans, (in terms of monies available to the club for new players etc.) and for that I will never forgive either of those 2 for this. They can f*** right off."
  3. TheMightySystem

    The OH Leuven Thread

    We were apparently in for him last summer so this is interesting, let him develop for a season at Leuven and then if he develops enough let Leicester buy him, if not he can stay and help Leuven push for promotion?
  4. TheMightySystem

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Not sure if this has been put on here but apparently Man City are looking at moving on soon if we don't budge on our valuation. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/man-city-transfer-riyad-mahrez-14804415 Not sure how reliable the website is though so could be bull.
  5. TheMightySystem

    Sweden v Korea Republic match thread

    VAR are always looking at the incident and will only talk to the ref if they are 99% sure an error has been made. I think it was explained in the Denmark game that the game will be stopped when the ball is in the central area of the pitch, it does need to be a bit better explained though. Because most peoples complaints where that VAR takes up too much time, allowing play to carry on means the VAR officials can check in the background and if the decision was wrong they pull it back, if not then play continues and there is no wasted time. Not too sure how they could make it better, doing either option has positives and negatives.
  6. TheMightySystem

    Stefano Sturaro

    Thing is though we then still have Ndidi, Silva, Choudhury and Iborra. If we bring in Sturaro then one of those will get next to zero game time and I'd hope that Puel would keep Choudhury around the first team squad to develop him as he did a good job last season coming in for Ndidi. Would Silva or Iborra be happy with little match time?
  7. TheMightySystem

    Ex-Leicester City player news

    Joe Dodoo is on loan at Blackpool. Doubt he would have made it here anyway but must regret moving surely?
  8. TheMightySystem

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    Too many times this season we start well and concede a stupid goal which takes away our momentum. Morgan and Simpson can’t be starters next season.
  9. TheMightySystem

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    Edit: Not going to complain too much as I hated the Arsenal lineup yet we won. Still hope Puel gives the youth more then 5 minutes off the bench today.
  10. TheMightySystem

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    If Puel stays on next season I hope he doesn't continue to drop players who play well previously.
  11. TheMightySystem

    Arsenal (H) Match Thread

    Im sorry Puel but we really aren't. Different players would be giving some U23s a go in defense and dropping Mahrez who has been terrible recently and playing Barnes. Show us something new and the game will be more interesting then playing the same old players and getting the same old results. At least the U23 players will put in maximum effort to impress whereas several of that starting squad won't be starting or even be here next season.
  12. TheMightySystem

    Puel In or Out poll 5/5/18.

    Now want him out based on today. Talks of experimenting then decides to persist with Morgan, ignore our U23 defenders who have been good this season, keep Mahrez in the team despite being god awful and wants to leave in the summer, brings off our 2 youngsters who were putting in effort when others wern't and replaces them with players that we already know about instead of giving Barnes and Thomas 30 minutes to see if they can play a part for next season. The only positive I can take from his stint in charge is that Choudhury has been steady when given chances and could be a solid backup next season, if he used the games remaining to test out other youth prospects then im sure some would be more forgiving as it would be visible he is trying new things. As it stands he is using players he already realises don't work in his tactic and isn't changing to acompany them which is fair enough if he had just came in 5 games ago but after this length of time he should know which areas need replacing in his system and should be trying other options to see if anyone else can do the job that he wants them to do.
  13. TheMightySystem

    Wet Spam Match Threa- ah who cares

    Taken off 2 of the players who played well with effort.
  14. TheMightySystem

    Wet Spam Match Threa- ah who cares

    Diabate, Choudhury and silva been our best players, funnily enough the only ones who have a point to prove. Get the U23s on in the second half, can’t be any worse then a 5-0 loss to Palace
  15. TheMightySystem

    Wet Spam Match Threa- ah who cares

    The fact that defence is our strength in the U23s yet Puel refuses to give any of them a chance is confusing. dragovic doesn’t want to stay ok don’t play him, but don’t play both Morgan and benalouane when we could give a youth player a chance in a meaningless game.