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  1. No considering the players he has had injured and the quality of Tottenham.
  2. Mahrez just playing for himself now
  3. Mahrez and Okazaki off Gray Slimani on
  4. Amartey looks good so far today
  5. Fancy Kapustka to come into midfield at some stage, reckon the other subs will be Gray and Slimani.
  6. Exactly, His debut was in a 5-0 thrashing yet he seems to have done well for himself since. Personally don't think either of these 2 are ready for first team football just by looking at the number of goals conceded at u23 level but I will happily give them a chance if they get on the pitch and hope they play well.
  7. Barnes debut 😉
  8. Remember learning about this study in my A levels, I think if I remember afterwards it was deemed an unethical study as those participating were not made aware no one was hurt? Another example you could use of this was the My Lai massacre in the Vietnam war where soldiers killed/murdered innocent villagers because the lieutenant in charge demanded it and lied that they where housing the Viet Cong. 14 Officers court-martialed but later charges dropped. Lieutenant Calley who gave the order sentenced to life in prison but later had it overturned by Nixon and only served 3 and a half years under house arrest. Pretty light sentence for murdering 20+ innocent people. As for is it a resonable defence, it shouldn't be. People wouldn't commit acts if some random person asked them to do it but because a higher up has ordered them to they feel they have a get out clause and that they have diminished responsibility as whoever asked them to do it is at fault, forgetting they have their own brains and free will to act and deny orders (Although in a situation between, as an example, ratting on police officers in American police brutality cases and losing my job which I rely on, or keeping quiet and acting like I didn't see anything to keep my job when asked to by a police cheif, I would probably selfishly pick the second option. As much as I wouldn't want to our own needs come before others. Im not an American police officer by the way just using it as an example so im just imagining a case like above) Could you also argue it is hardwired into us because of evolution? Just guess work here but wouldn't it have been beneficial for people to follow the orders of those above them for survival as those in higher positions are usually more intelligent and would know how to keep our ancestors alive, so not questioning them would be more benificial? Don't know how true that is just some guess work.
  9. Exactly this, we should be using Fuchs now as back-up to chilwell not the other way around. If we play Fuchs next season over Chilwell then when Fuchs leaves us we will have a less developed player then if we gave Chilwell first team football and allowed him to take over the spot. Then when Fuchs leaves it won't have as big a impact if you get what im saying. The main issue is you get people jumping on younger players backs after 1 or 2 bad games rather then giving them time to develop into the players they can be when they show their top form. Im sure if you go back through this thread you will find messages of people who congratulate him one game then the next game others are slating him saying he isn't good enough cause he got beat a few times by a top winger. Should be doing similar with Gray now, if Mahrez is leaving in the summer then it makes no sense to keep playing him over Gray who needs game time to develop and gain confidence. If Mahrez is staying then fair enough keep Mahrez first team, but Gray will need more first team football next season, not just the odd 10 minutes at the end of games which is no where near enough time to have a impact. If Mahrez does go (Sorry I know this is about Chilwell but feel it is valid for the discussion of bringing players through) then instead of just buying another Rw in the summer we should be giving Gray, Lawrence and Barnes game time instead. I understand people that say we need to replace his ability but surely we should give those already at the club a chance to break into the team and see if they can fill one of his boots at least.
  10. Its a tough one. Do we risk trying to integrate Barnes and Lawrence without buying at Cam or Rw (If Mahrez goes) to give them first team football, or do we just buy for those positions and accept Lawrence is going to leave without being given a chance and Barnes isn't going to get as much development. Personally I would risk it and allow them to come into the team and be backup or even start if Lawrence can replace Okazaki. Might save us some money this transfer window and we can focus on Rb, Cm (Barnes is more of a Left winger apparently) and maybe a striker if Musa isn't deemed good enough and Ulloa leaves. Choudhury needs another season out on loan at a championship club, didn't really impress me in the Oxford friendly last season and couldn't hold down a starting spot in the championship with Burton, wouldn't be against giving him some match time in pre-season to see what he can do though. Gordon should stay with the U23 to learn how we play with closing down and high pressure, could have him on the bench for cup games but I will trust the managment on him as I haven't seen enough of him to form my own opinion. As for others to consider, Muskwe may be decent in a few seasons, gets into good positions but his finishing seems to be quite poor (Going off of the twitter updates during U23 matches) Darnell Johnson could also be good, 18 year old Rb but again will probably need a season or two, maybe out on loan at one point?
  11. Probably the best personal, can easily change to a 3-5-2 formation if need be with Simpson and Fuchs as centre backs. 1-1 draw
  12. Think his main issue has been confidence. When he isn't confident he panics, loses runners and gives passes side to side. When he is confident though he has shown ability in getting foward and playing some nice quick foward passes to the wings. If we can get the Amartey of just before Afcon then he might manage to hold a spot down in the future. I think his tackles won stat is low because he positioning hasn't been the best in midfield with letting runners go. If he can improve that area of his game and get more confident as aluded to above then he could be a valuable option to have in midfield.
  13. Alongside Bennalouane at CB on Saturday then or would Fuchs get the nod with Chilwell coming in at LB?
  14. Even if Slimani didn't know about the run of Albrighton would 4 defenders mark Okazaki the way they marked Slimani? He is a threat to teams and opposition players know it, would be stupid to sell him in the summer as I think next year he will hit 15-20 goals for us if he is still here.
  15. I don't understand why he would bother with a verbal agreement when he could have just put a release clause in the contract that he signed last summer? The club could have put it at £30 million which would only be active after the season ends and Mahrez still gets his money from the new contract. This way the club will still gain a chunk of money from his sale and Mahrez can be confident that a club will activate the clause. Seems a bit more certain then just having an agreement with the manager/owner.