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  1. As much as I dont want Spurs to win that isn't exactly an on purpose hand ball and he can't really do much about his arm placement there surely? Also this is taking a stupid amount of time.
  2. Anyone want to try and explain why we are on third tonight?
  3. Surely Sterling is interfering with play there? Keeper surely must be in two minds if Sterling is going to touch it or not?
  4. In theory with the chances we had most of the time we would have only scored 1 goal. Don't know how its that low due to the penalty and Tielemens being clear cut chances but heyho
  5. You have missed the comment below that mentions how the VAR cameras run at a higher fps then 50 (What sky is broadcast in) which results in an actual frame by frame difference of 1.91cm instead of 13cm.
  6. Can I just point you to this reddit thread here as I believe the 13-14cm is incorrect. The top comment in particular. "Everyone should be aware that the only source for VAR running at 50 frames per second is that Sky HDTV broadcasts at 50 frames per second. The VAR officials absolutely have access to video running at a higher framerate than that broadcasted out on Sky, so the entire basis of this argument is defunct. The margin of error for 120 fps video would be 5.7cm per frame, 240fps 2.85cm, and 500fps ~1.4cm. Edit: Ultra-Motion Cameras provided by Hawk-Eye work up to 340 fps. The VAR system uses 8 slow-motion and 4 ultra-motion cameras With a 340 fps utra-motion camera, the "margin of error" using the Daily Mail's 23.4kph (which isn't sourced either lol) from one frame to another would be 1.91cm."
  7. I'm someone that was for VAR but how its implimented in the prem makes me want rid of it. The offside calls I have no problem with as offside is offside in my book but its the clear and obvious error that annoys me. Make it so if VAR think a wrong decision may have been made get the ref to look at it himself, that way VAR is not overruling the ref, instead allowing him to have a different view of a situation and change his mind if he feels he has made the wrong decision. Just seems pointless to have this technology but to not actually use it for difficult situations which would surely benefit the most from it?
  8. I think he is playing better then Gray because while alot of the game he can be quiet 7 times out of 10 when he gets the ball he has an impact, whether that be putting in a decent cross or making a good run into the box. I think his main issue that he is realising is that he doesn't have as much time to get shots or crosses away before he is closed down. In the championship you run past 1 player and you in. Take his chance in the Newcastle game before the end of the first half. In the championship he would have been able to run into the box and get a better shot off as championship defenders are slower to react to passes such as the one he received and are slower to cover the ground. In the prem though there are always players covering and are able to react a split second quicker meaning he isn't able to set himself as well and is having to take shots early. In an ideal world we would be able to use him like Choudhury, have him on the bench to come on and learn after a more experienced player has ran themselves into the ground meaning he is against players with less energy in their legs compared to himself. Buying a winger in January will be crucial to make sure we get a top 6 spot and we will need to look at letting either a backup winger go, or Iheanacho and move Perez to backup striker as we can't buy a new winger and keep everyone happy with gametime.
  9. Also Chilwell needs to spend the next few months improving his right foot and crossing, nearly played himself into trouble multiple times trying to find a pass with his left and his crosses just destroy so many promising attacks. Such a poor attacking game from him today.
  10. We played it for the last 20 minutes, gave us much more control in midfield and allowed more of an outlet while attacking. Stupid playing Maddison on the wing as he constantly moves inside which means when defending there is a massive gap infront of Chilwell and when attacking 1)Chilwell has no option in front to pass to and 2) If we hoof the ball like we did in the first half it just keeps coming back at us with no challengers cause no one is there.
  11. Never want to see Maddison on the wing, vacates the space and ends up in the midfield too often leaving Chilwell with no out ball. If we need to play Ndidi, Tielemans, Praet and Ndidi then use the formation we finished, seemed to be a diamond with Vardy and Perez up top. Liverpool deserved win but not in that manner. How any penalties has Albrighton needlessly given away for us now?
  12. The most annoying thing is that more clear penalties havent been given by VAR, and that touch happens anywhere on the pitch the player continues playing as they know a freekick wont be given for it. Liverpool deserved a win tbf, but in that manner hurts.
  13. Brighton looking good. So fluid in attack always have an option with people constantly moving.
  14. Looks a bad one, fell over and tried to stop his fall putting him arm behind him and bent it the wrong way, looks so painful
  15. Got early kickoff on in the background and Robbie Savage and Chris Sutton are trying to argue that Haydens challenge isn't a red as he has gone to kick the ball thinking that Praet would challenge as well. Obviously didnt see the challenge as it wasn't a kicking motion at all it was a sliding one, idiots.
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