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  1. The article put through google translate Oud-Heverlee Leuven has decided on Sunday to end the collaboration with manager Nigel Pearson. Nigel was appointed as manager of OHL in September 2017. His extensive know-how and experience have helped to bring about the infrastructure, the processes and a professional culture. The board of directors is convinced that this will contribute to the further growth and development of OH Leuven to a long-term success. We can not, however, look next to the bad results that have put OHL in a difficult position. Therefore, the board of directors finds it necessary to make a change in order to positively influence the results of the upcoming matches. Everyone at OHL is grateful for the work Nigel has done over the past 16 months and wishes him every success in his future career. Joachim Mununga will take care of the preparation for Saturday's away game at Mechelen. The club is now looking for a new manager.
  2. Pearson gone Oud-Heverlee Leuven ends the collaboration with Nigel Pearson. Read MORE here: https://www.ohleuven.com/nieuws/1046701/
  3. We not signed that striker then? Surely he would be in the team if so.
  4. But he has? Multiple cup games and the odd premier league game. Look at Mendy and Choudhury, given a start and taken the opportunity presented to them.
  5. No Choudhury or Elder tonight. Elder on the bench tomorrow incase Fuchs gets injured?
  6. What makes it worse is Evans knew he was there yet still left him unmarked
  7. Not in the 25 man squad so can't be
  8. To be fair I think Ghezzal will be better at number 10 than on the wing. He doesn't have the pace to beat his fullback but in the centre he can pick out passes and doesn't need to be as quick if his positioning is good.
  9. I wonder if Puel wasn't so worried about the defense as he was hoping Johnson or Knight would be able to make the step up to first team football (Any news on loans for any U23s in January btw). When you consider our best U23 players are defenders it makes sense to buy one CB and give the other spots to the youngsters instead of going overkill on buying 3, one of which couldn't get in a relegated team and is 30 so wont improve anymore (Yes Evans was a cheap transfer but how much are we spending on wages,could be another Benalouane situation). Still, Benkovic is getting good reviews at Celtic and Soyuncu has age on his side, if Morgan leaves next year and Maguire goes to a top team then these two could be our starters with Evans first choice backup and Johnson getting cup game apperances if we don't send him out on loan. Looking at it in regards to next summer and it makes sense, still think we need a quick winger for the right side as Ghezzal has some decent dribbling ability but i'm not sure he will be quick enough to get away from premier league defenders to maximise his skills.
  10. No Choudhury, I have said this so many times but hopefully on the bench tomorrow.
  11. Its weird, Puel obviously rates him as he is involved in first team training, taken with the first team to away games like Newcastle and was given a new contract. Yet he isn't to be seen on the bench in the league and doesn't get played in the cups for some reason. I think in January we need to sell one of Iborra or Silva (Probably Silva) and give Choudhury more game time off then bench if we rate him that highly. This means we have Ndidi and Mendy starting, Iborra and Choudhury to fight for the bench spot and James as 5th choice backup (Although Puel might prefer him over Iborra and could push Choudhury even further down the pecking order in which case loan him out.)
  12. No Pereria on the wing amartey RB most likely, Morgan straight back into the team,why did we bother to sign Soyuncu and Evans.
  13. Soyuncu on the bench is becoming an unfunny joke, we know what Morgan can do for god sake he isn't the future, same with Iborra, why not let Choudhury start the match. While I don't like those two changes its still a strong team so credit to Puel for going for the cups.
  14. No Choudhury, could be playing tomorrow? Guess Elders new contract is so we can sell him for some money next year, would have thought this season would be perfect to give him game time in the cups if he has a future here, shame as I thought he played well in preseason.
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