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  1. Albrighton needs to be getting closer to Castagne, only times we have opened them up on the right is through interplay between the two.
  2. Vestergard playing him onside while everyone else stepped up
  3. "Takes out his opponent" If I was kicked like that I would be a bit sore but would still be upright, not like he has fully followed through. Can't wait for after match to be questioning VAR despite that being a very subjective call, have seen them given before but don't really think it is one.
  4. Why did we fail to hit these on the counter then as there are plenty of gaps to play quick passes into.
  5. Only consolidation is that the win against Man City meant we have the amount of points most would have predicted at the start of the season. Ihenacho needs to play over Perez every time now, always looking to make things happen and speed our play up.
  6. Why do we never shoot from outside the box?
  7. Not having that, only player aside from Tielemans who actually looks to do something when they get the ball.
  8. Was asking a question to others rather then my own opinion . Personally think he is being played similar to Vardy, just stay in the dangerous areas as Everton seem to have the quality to build up play without him getting as involved as other teams would require him to. Think he will be on for 20 goals this season. Early stages of the season but Everton finally looking a threat to the top 6 after a few seasons of mediocrity, be interesting to see if they keep it up.
  9. Reckon Calvert-Lewin will keep this up for the whole season or be a bit like Pukki from last year, steamroll the first 10 games of so then go quiet for the rest of the season? Fair play to him though, brilliant poaching so far.
  10. Surely the best way to sort handballs is to just make it any handball that isn't 100% intentional is a free kick rather then a straight penalty?
  11. Can someone link the twitter thread to all the handball calls that wern't given for us last year? Hopefully that call will set a precedent now.
  12. Surely son was offside from the Kane pass there?
  13. Thought that was a decent half aside from Vardy being dreadful. Limited Palace to no chances which we didn't do against Watford and Brighton and our final third passing is slowly getting there. Hook Vardy off at half time for Barnes and hope it spurs him on to do better in the next game. When your attack is blunt you can't have a striker ruining the few chances you get, he will find form but will need to find it from the bench for the next few games imo.
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