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  1. All of their defense have an error in them !
  2. Hard not have a Boner for Hodgson. The man is a Stud !
  3. He will never amount to much !! All flash No substance
  4. Thats what Arsenal thought!!
  5. You may be exaggerating just a tad. The sky isn't falling just yet !!!
  6. Man U sleazing into a Champions League spot will piss me off.
  7. I would take Mitrovic every day of the week. He is physical and bullies defenders. Apparently loves Fulham but I'm sure he will want Premier League football.
  8. I'm not too sure that many clubs will be in a position to spend big bucks this summer.
  9. Decision making is what separates good from average and I think Barkley will always be average.
  10. Barkley is very over rated. I wouldn't take him on a free.
  11. Aston Villa seem to think they have dodged a bullet. The thought being that no club gets relegated due to the season not being completed.
  12. It sure has been a slippery slope for Danny D. I realize that he is set financially for life but what a disappointing end to a once promising career. I'm sure Villa would be happy if he has provided them with a way out of his loan deal
  13. Did you lose a bet or is it one of your hobbies ?
  14. What are the bed wetters going to find to bitch about all week?
  15. John Stones doesn't even make the bench anymore.
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