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  1. Other Leicester teams would have folded their tent going 1-0 down so early in the game but these guys fought their way through it and could easily have got the win. There is some backbone & character to this team.
  2. Because that is what FT does !! Absurd Conclusions should be on the Banner
  3. I understand that City struggled in the first half but FT had a melt down & every player was shite. Over reaction would be an under statement.
  4. I was laughing at the comments in the first half. Pretty much everyone was shit & needed replacing.
  5. Cags told them in broken English that he would Fvck them up if they didn't play better.
  6. Crystal Palace are looking very ordinary. Roy is past his best before date.
  7. Funny but i like the promoted to shake up the established teams. Keeps em on the front foot.
  8. Could make for some of the craziest moments in Football
  9. He has been very good. I agree with the offensive part.
  10. Chelsea are looking very strong against Liverpool right now. Will not be an easy game for any team this season
  11. Oh Man... That would be fantastic, I got a bit aroused just thinking about it
  12. Look At You !! Bringing facts into the conversation. It's a gutsy Move
  13. Not just Perez, none of the attacking players looked good on Sunday. Brendan didn't set-up the team to match the formation !!
  14. Chelsea will not be easy !! They were in the Man U game & quite honestly deserved to be ahead at half time. People who think this will be a walk in the park are dreaming. Talk of dropping Maddison is ludicrous.
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