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  1. Then I think he needs to control himself unless JM feels the same way.
  2. Thanks Greb. Now you've made me feel bad for being cruel to children.
  3. Disrespecting the club & 60 M in losses are two completely different things. All clubs lost money & for that reason everyone expects transfer prices to drop. To sell JM in a buyers market is poor business when he is considered to be top ten in AM's . I assume you intend to sell Perez, Choudhury & Barnes while cutting ties with Morgan or is it just Maddison who has peed in your cornflakes.
  4. Whatever else Maddison may be, he is one hell of a football player ! We would be crazy to sell him as he comes into his peak years. It would be a sale that we would look back on in years to come & ask ourselves "What the feck were we thinking"
  5. I understand Liverpool have the option on Ozan Kabak at the end of the loan. If they decide not to go for him I think we should be very interested.
  6. Headlines sell !!! The trick is to get people to open the article & controversial headlines draw people in.
  7. I believe that he adds a touch of metal to the team. He has a bit of nasty in his game & I think he fires the rest of the team up. We are a better side with him in the team !!
  8. I can't even begin to list all the F*** Ups I made as a young man ! These lads have made a serious mistake & have paid a price for it. Beating them to death with it will not make things any better ! All the self righteous hypocrites posting here are just laughable !!
  9. Social media needs to verify people the same way betting sites do & remove the anonymous status that these cowards hide behind.
  10. Southgate would need a serious upgrade to be a bit shit !! He is a lot shit
  11. We've sold him to Liverpool and they've stipulated that he can't play for the rest of the season.
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