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  1. When you feel your skirt being hiked up
  2. If Fulham don't make it up I would love to see Mitrovic playing for us next season.. An old school centre forward with attitude.
  3. I don't understand the animosity towards Matty on this forum.Through no fault of his own he got injured while in the employ of LCFC & has worked hard to regain fitness. I realize he had a very good paycheque coming in while he went through rehab but I'm sure it wasn't what he wanted to be doing. I have my doubts that he can become a regular first team player but he certainly is doing no-one on this forum any harm. I just feel that certain posters just come here to hate.
  4. I thought Nacho looked good until he had a Mike Tyson moment with the goalie.
  5. Villa thought they were going to take the Premier League by storm at the beginning of the season but Sheffield have done that while Vila have struggled. They did not buy well in the transfer market & I believe Dean Smith is in over his head. Obviously due to Nigel I would like to see Watford stay up & I think it would be hilarious to see West Ham go down.
  6. It's the type of mistake that will determine the level he will achieve. If he can't improve his decision making process he won't last in the premier league.
  7. I can't believe the whining that goes on here ! We are third in the Premier League and heading for Champions League football. Every week I read that pretty much every player is shit & that Rodgers is inept. Seventeen teams in the Prem would like to be as shitty as we are. Get the Fvck with the program !
  8. Benkovic can help solve that problem
  9. It's what FT does best. Knee Jerk Reactions.
  10. HOW ??? 32 years old & injury prone. If he improves our squad we have problems.
  11. Turns 32 this Summer, he is in the twilight of his career !! Not too sure why we would be interested .
  12. There is really no comparison between the SFL & the Championship.The Champ is way more competitive with much higher quality. I think the move is fantastic for Benko as he really will be competing at a higher level.
  13. Aston Villa West Ham Norwich Be very happy to see Villa go straight back down.
  14. I don't think it will happen but I for one would love to see West Ham playing Blackburn or Middlesborough in front of 25 thousand at their horrible stadium.
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