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  1. I think Celtic are monitoring the situation. They will not get him leave on a free !. If they don't sell him in this window they will certainly sell him in the Summer. Leicester are not the only club monitoring the situation
  2. I am super excited & happy for you guys. Having great owners is a wonderful thing !!! King Power are the best !!
  3. I agree with everything you say but you also hit the nail on the head when you say he is hard to replace. Squad players who are so versatile as Praet don't come on the market too often as clubs that have them don't want to part with them. Super hard to find in the January window.
  4. Transfermark shows Praet has a contract with City until June 30, 2024. I'm not sure if that falls Into the soon category.
  5. The Fulham forum really don't think too much of him. One goal & zero assists in 8 appearances (700 minutes).
  6. Brighton & Fulham both play attractive football but I feel Fulham are the better team. It's going to be interesting !!
  7. Who do they think they are fooling when they spout this dogshit. Celtic are a shambles right now!! They have some top players who are running down their contracts, an incompetent manager, 20 plus points off the title & out of Europe !!! Why would any player choose them over a top Belgian team.
  8. Really hope so ! This will tell the tale if he gets to play. Sounds like he was treated poorly at Cardiff but we know he will get a fair crack at OH Leuven. Lets hope he shines and can push for a place at City. 23 years old is nothing for a defender !!
  9. We like OH Leuven, why would you do that to them ?
  10. Thank goodness you are not involved in the scouting dept for us. Were you looking for a reaction or were you serious ? Either way it doesn't matter as most folk here seem to know what Praet brings to our team & the Belgium national team.
  11. Wear the armband, call the toss & pick an end. Being the captain is great but being a leader is not exclusive to the captain. Youri & Jonny are both leaders without armbands for Leicester
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