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  1. Aston Villa seem to think they have dodged a bullet. The thought being that no club gets relegated due to the season not being completed.
  2. It sure has been a slippery slope for Danny D. I realize that he is set financially for life but what a disappointing end to a once promising career. I'm sure Villa would be happy if he has provided them with a way out of his loan deal
  3. Did you lose a bet or is it one of your hobbies ?
  4. What are the bed wetters going to find to bitch about all week?
  5. John Stones doesn't even make the bench anymore.
  6. Moss is having a mare. Just arrogant refereeing
  7. I'm not sure he will last this one.
  8. Burnley fans singing "Eric Dier your brothers a twat"
  9. Yes I agree We probably were not the "best team" in England when we won the league but it's irrelevant. It's your position in the league that counts.
  10. Is there any chance that Norwich could survive ? Beating us and then Spurs in the cup has to have given them a confidence boost.
  11. Not sure how it will work in the UK but in Canada with DAZN I get all the Premier league games including the 3.00pm on Saturday. It costs $150.00 Canadian a year.
  12. That's what supporting a football team is all about, enjoy the season & revel at where we are & where we are going. Lordy,lordy ...top three & the whingers on here are going on like we are getting relegated. The club has hit a bit of a patch but we still have a fantastic nucleus of players and the best ownership in all four divisions. We will be just fine. Be happy & wait and see.
  13. Giroud is better technically but not very mobile
  14. Im watching Millwall - Birmingham. I want to see what all the fuss about Jude Bellingham is about.
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