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  1. Are we content to be Chelsea's feeder club?

    Yes it provokes discussion , that doesn't make it intelligent ...
  2. Are we content to be Chelsea's feeder club?

    Really !! I have to agree...totally over the top.
  3. Dragovic joins on loan

    I doubt that very much.
  4. Mendy joins Nice on loan

    I'm not sure he will want to come back at all. It wasn't a good time for him !
  5. Here's to you, Danny Drinkwater

    Danny D was incredible for us and i wish him all the best except against us .. Thank-You Danny D.
  6. Manchester Utd (A) Pre-Match Thread

    We will need to take an early lead on them to have a chance
  7. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Rafa deserves better from Mike Ashley than what he is getting.. Benitez is class all the way but can't get it done with that squad.
  8. Arsenal.. Away: match thread...

    fookin hell
  9. Arsenal.. Away: match thread...

    Wes Morgan looked awful on that one
  10. Pre-match pubs at home this season

    What's with the Swan & Rushes ??? Was a really good pub.
  11. 2017/18 Summer Ins/Outs

    I don't want to see him playing in the Prem at all. It's better for us if he goes to Roma.
  12. Leicester City vs. Borussia Mönchengladbach

    Maguire looked good but Morgan not so much, I still feel we need another CB. RB could be a problem for us as well but overall I liked the look of the team. Vardy looks like he has a fire in him and that can only mean good things for us.
  13. Leicester City vs. Borussia Mönchengladbach

    i hope so ... thanks
  14. Leicester City vs. Borussia Mönchengladbach

    Stream from LCFC tv is not available in Canada today for some reason. Any suggestions ???
  15. Vardy and Iheanacho

    Got very little playing time last year