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  1. Thanks. Apparently I was going to waste a couple of hours of my life watching it.
  2. Hull have the option of extending his contract by a year so I don't think he will be a fire sale.
  3. Benko was fine, solid in the air & fairly tidy on the ball. Not the best of games maybe but his quality is obvious. I would put him in ahead of Morgan.
  4. More like a cheap rum to compete with Captain Morgan
  5. Blackburn take the lead at 9.00 minutes. Leicester's D was a bit ragged,
  6. Who told the Arsenal players to play out from the back ? They are awful at it !! Freddie needs to tell the to just STOP it.
  7. When you consider how much Chilwell, Barnes & Choudhury would have cost to buy & how much we could sell them for now, then the Academy make good financial sense. Playing the same style as the first team should be a very obvious choice.
  8. Rodgers saying today that he wants the U23s to play like the first team. Not too sure that Beaglehole is the man for that job.
  9. Rodgers does not seem to have a problem with sitting players out and making them earn a spot on the team. Benko will get his chance with Rodgers but he will have to work for that chance. I'm personally very excited about the depth of our defence and with a couple of additions we will be awesome. We will need more depth when we compete in Europe next season
  10. There is no doubt in my mind that he will come good and be an integral part of the team. Obviously Rodgers & Toure have a plan going forward that they don't intend to rush.
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