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  1. Two years from now the chat will be about what an amazing deal that was !!
  2. He wants to play regularly and Leicester offers him that. He can easily live in London & commute if thats what he wants.
  3. For me Smalling is a definite NO. Like all Man U players he is overpaid and would upset the pay scale at the club. He is decent defensively but poor offensively.
  4. I agree, Fulham are looking a bit tacky by putting that in their programme. Claudio didn't trash them after being fired.
  5. I agree ... I'm hoping he is enjoying his time at City and wants to stay here. He will sit on the bench at spurs !!
  6. Yes. It's a bit of a catch 22 isn't it ? We play to his strengths and compliment him with the right players but it increases his transfer fee. I really hope Rudkin is all over this one & is talking money with Monaco.
  7. And that is a true story !! There are no rules attached to the ticket purchase and as we see at Arsenal the game is sold out but the stadium is only half full. Getting there early and staying late doesn't make you a true fan and leaving early doesn't make you plastic. Personally I'm cheap and want full value for my money so always stay to the end.
  8. Glad you are a real fan but you are terrible at spelling. "Leaving" vs "Leaveing"
  9. I agree . i think it's pretty obvious that Nacho is not that player.
  10. I thought Vardy looked like his old self today.He makes it look so easy when he is in one on one. His performance today tells me that he has a couple more years at the top left in him.
  11. We have an abundance of good young CB's who need a chance to play, giving Morgan a spot is a step backwards for us.
  12. That result is not good for English football. He who spends the most wins !!!
  13. Cut him loose ... his day is done
  14. So hard to detect sarcasm in the written word
  15. Expecting a red card are you ?
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