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  1. gurru991

    Big Club!

    It will be a while before Leeds or Wednesday are looking down on us. Neither club is very well run and both have a dismal future.
  2. Maybe, just maybe, we like it !!
  3. gurru991

    Yerey Mina

    You Amuse Me
  4. gurru991

    Big Club!

    I understand that we are not a big club as yet but I would like to get to the stage where clubs like Man U can't just decide that they will sign Maguire cause he had a great world cup. I truly believe that we need European football on a regular basis to keep our good players and attract the good young prospects.
  5. gurru991

    Big Club!

    Being a big club is based on current status not on history !! Leeds, forest & villa were once big but are no longer. When man c were relegated they were not a big club. Top six and Europe consistently keep you in the big club status.
  6. gurru991

    Big Club!

    I think our owners have enough money.
  7. gurru991

    Big Club!

    Leicester is close enough to London that players can commute easily so that is a plus for us. An expanded stadium & a state of the art training facility is a plus An accredited top manager would be a plus Finishing top six is an absolute necessity & must happen
  8. gurru991

    Big Club!

    Qualify for Europe every year. Be in the race for top four every year. Win cups. Beat top teams.
  9. gurru991


    Lord !!! I wouldn't take Jones even if they threw in a bottle of gin.
  10. Got me a bit worried. Thought I might be pissed already almost stopped drinking
  11. gurru991


    Kante was definitely part of a learning curve for the club. Shouldn't get caught with our pants down like that again, mind you we made some back on Drinky
  12. gurru991

    How much is Maguire worth?

    Half of the scabby tabloid pundits are telling anyone who will listen that Harry will be moving on to a "big club" after the WC.
  13. gurru991

    Riyad finally gone

    Mahrez has been a delight for us with his football skills but he obviously has wanted away for some time. I believe the club have done the right thing & cashed him in for some serious profit allowing us to invest in some younger prospects. I don't think we are becoming the new Southampton just yet but it's hard to keep top notch players when we are not in Europe.
  14. gurru991

    Riyad finally gone

    He will have to make the team first. You don't just show up at Man City & grab a starting position.Pep will not tolerate him drifting in and out of the game. It will be interesting , thats for sure.