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  1. I personally have a preference for English players .... I think in terms of defence they understand the Premier game better. plus I like to see English players getting a chance to play at home.
  2. Went to my first game in 1964.
  3. For sure ... two or three million really don't make much difference these days ... we need to stock our under 23's
  4. He is too good to sell off cheap.
  5. I love watching Mahrez .. He is probably the most talented player that has played for City ... I would love for him to change his mind and stay but the way football works these days if he really wants to go then so be it. I personally believe we have as good a chance at Europe as Arsenal do.
  6. I would like another centre back and maybe a young English right back who could play wing back as well
  7. I agree, I'm sure other teams dread dealing with him. Credit where it's due though he did well with Dele Alli
  8. Liverpool apparently want 30 mil for him. I don't rate him that highly. Gibson, Smalling, Wimmer or Calum Chambers are way better value.
  9. i respect your opinion.
  10. Wimmer is 6.19 Gibson is 6.82 Both are 24 but Gibson is way ahead of Wimmer
  11. Smalling would be great but I don't think he would come to Leicester
  12. It would be a disaster to lose Kasper. He defines our club in my mind.
  13. Wes Morgan has been awesome for Leicester. He can never be accused of not giving it all on the pitch. I just feel that if we buy two centre backs then Morgan is going to struggle for playing time. Maybe he is OK with that but I can see moving on. Just my opinion.
  14. What he did the season before last counts for sweet f**k all. Its what he can do now that that counts. Slow, lacks mobility & poor on the ball.
  15. All though i admire and appreciate his talent, the day he said he wanted gone I wanted him gone.... I would prefer that he leaves the premier league and doesn't come back to haunt us. He can go any time now, 'I only want players who want to be here