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  1. He has played both left & right back in his career
  2. I didn't get that feeling from their forum. Their was some sympathy from a few fans but lots of animosity to Hirst and lots & lots to Leicester. They felt we had done them dirty.
  3. Cags will enjoy himself playing some hard boys. Right up his street !!!
  4. He was a hated person when he left, don't think they would welcome him back.
  5. I was going to say "who gives a flying fvck" but 11 pages would make that question redundant.
  6. Man U don't want a DOF. There are people in place who have power & they won't want give that up
  7. Me too !! Next season as well please.
  8. Not with his Liverpool background
  9. Mike Dean the Ref so anything is possible He likes to even things out
  10. Both Manchester teams to lose on the same day. Yes Please. The manchester plastics will be supporting Chelsea before the end of the season.
  11. The human rights record in the united arab emirates is a disgrace but the FA are concerned about a Mendy twitter post. Laughable !!
  12. I've known a team to lose a title after 8 games.
  13. Pep will fold his tent at the end of the season & head to warmer places.
  14. I detest the regime that owns Man C & will be happy to see Liverpool win the title.
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