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  1. I'm not saying they won anything, but got to a European final. Win it and we are having a different conversation. But less than a year later he is sacked. My question is though was,why not the hat for spurs owners
  2. I'm aware of what we won. The similarity is that he took them to their 1st European final in a long time. And eyes the premier was great, but a final is not to be sniffed at. Not many UK clubs have done it.
  3. Savage is full of sh1t. Always comes across as very bit6er towards Leicester. Could be wrong but weren't we the only club he won anything with. But just a little twat.
  4. Ive been thinking. Why do 5he spurs owners and board not get the same hate from pundits and media for sacking Poch as we got for sacking Ranieri, in tbh very similar circumstances. We won the premier v they sat in the top 4 or 5 for the previous 4 seasons and a European final.
  5. One of the funniest and most deluded post I read on red cafe HM debate. " I wouldn't be against throwing 20m at Leicester for Maguire, Maddison and Chillwell. Is that each or for all three together?? Either way I think he may be on something
  6. Oh if you want a smile, it's hilarious. It's. The true fox.
  7. Btw. That fb page does have over 5k followers.
  8. As said before Geoff. If you look through my past posts regarding YT. I was posting exactly what happened and the link and friendship with James Maddison. My info came from my nephew who has quite a well known fb page, that his brother follows. Naturally he asked him about the YT situation and it panned out exactly as I've said. He wanted to come back but he had other top name suitors. So Sean from ended by might well have been copying me.??
  9. I get what you meant, but what kind of message are we back to sending to the rest of top clubs that we aspire to join? We are stepping stones? Expensive stepping stones albeit but when push comes to shove we àrent big enough to resist. I think though it at least did say a message to them when a big deal was made of YT telling the world that United came begging only for him to turn them down for Leicester.??
  10. Again, if reports are correct about HM, and he has threw a hissy fit and his dollies out of the pram about going, just annoys me and I guess others, he is picked up from lowly Hull by a team that's not long won the premier,let's not forget, and 2 years down the line, well 18 months to be correct he wants to move on to "better" loyalty is gone. It's one way only. Players come and go as they please, but many like slim are content to sit on fat contracts being upheld by clubs. Also, it's not as if HM has helped us do anything in his time here. Suddenly he is too good for us.
  11. Wes hasn't been released has he. When turning or receiving the ball he reminds me of u14s warming up. Trapping the ball and passing it back.lol.
  12. Tbf. It has been an assumption on my part looking at all the media reports I'm reading. If not I stand corrected.
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