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  1. Well my son has been lucky enough to have met 3 of our championship winning team. 1. Jamie Vardy, pre chat with the owners on his future.lol. in a bar on Braunstone gate, where Jamie kindly bought his drinks and performed the snake? Whatever that is.2. Won a competition in blue ink.Twice.lol. 1st you had to send your name on fb and he was picked, then Wes s wife so said that's not fair way to do it so they put names on paper and his name came out.lol. 3. He was in a fashion shop in town owned by Dave Nugent friend. My son was in the changing rooms trying on some items, came out, there was Dave, wife and new baby. My son said hi got the selfie and had a chat. Said to the owner. I will just have this item, but Nige said it's ok. Around £150 of stuff and signed his receipt with his Twitter account name. As his job working for laddies, he met Julian Joachim and Matt le Tissier
  2. I never get the negativity about this guy. Southampton 8th? Sacked ffs.we are and have been top 10 the majority of the season. What are some fans seriously looking for or expecting? 2 brilliant b2b results and we are 7th.that really is top of the remainder behind a genuine top 6. Give the man some slack.fans look at players brought in by a manager. Madison and Ricardo are doing very well. Brought mendy back to life.i like the guy. Judge at end of season.
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