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  1. Tbh, i cant understand whst people are moaning abouy with team selection. Atm best we can put out. The shspe idnt as baf as people make out. Under not stsrting ssys all we neef to know about how bad he is. But anywsy dont blame brendan. Grt behind him and the squad
  2. The only thing thats predictable and frustrating to me is, the cags kaspar and evans triangle. Way to defensive. Why does kaspar pretrnd to throw it out then rool it to cags. What is the intricate playing out of defence. Does any one agree teams have found us out with these plays. I agree over injuries and thst we are still 3td. So lets calm down. But the tesm snd manager help us to be positive, by plsying positive footy again. Dont lets get into the minddet og a one man team. Withouy madderd we dont know how to win etc.
  3. To be honest, i cba to see if anyone had said it. WAT.
  4. Has anyone noticed. The seating says. Fox hunting.😂😂😂
  5. Am probably wrong, but didnt lee hendrie play for us.
  6. Hi everyone. Probably may interest the more fans, but possibly the younger ones too, if kept for another 20yrs. I have acquired over a 100 city programs, home and away from those decades. All in mint condition. Been very well looked after. They are a real memorygiver.. im not giving away for freen just pm me if interested. I dont want the earth for them..
  7. Genuinely i think youre right. When he first came, saw him warming up like the u 16. Trap the ball and move round a 20p peice. In all honesty he improved greatly from playing along side huth. Became that vastly improved player from then
  8. Without doubt. James Justin. Last season when he csme in, i thought, this kid wont make it. Championship level. This lad is ny far the most improved player. He os going to be another HM, snd go one to play for england, possibly before maddison plays again sadly.
  9. Teilamens Justin Madison Without doubt. Man City
  10. I love him for his feet on the floor, humble and appreciative manner. No wonder the media love him. I really do love his selfless attitude on the pitch. I actually put him above mahrez, in who i like to see play. He is young and still wants to get better at his game, whereas mahrez had it in spades, kind of knew it but kind of chose when to turn up
  11. You never know how good things were, till they have gone. That obviously the feeling the Celtic board, as the sit several zillion points behind Rangers and see also little old mediocre us sitting ing 3rd in one of the most powerful leagues in the world. I remember when we recruited him, losts of lcfc posters were telling us about how negstive he is. 1 route boring football, and used every loss as a way to confirm this. Get him out. We only finished 5th when it should have been.CL place, forgetting horrendous injuries to key players, then the covid break. I truly believe if that br
  12. Is your wife awate of this man love🤣🤣
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