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  1. I cant help bit agree. Maybe kante is the worst for me. A legend after just one season. Nooo. Same with cambiasso. We begged him to stay. Though tbf he def was taking a big downward step in his career joining us.
  2. When you mention Kante, he is exactly the kind of player i would never want to be legend status. Yes he was part of the premier winning squad, as was Danny Drinkwater and Ryhad Mahrez. All 3 used the club as a stepping stone to further careers. Mahrez will tell the world he wasted 2 or 3yrs at leicester after we won the title. Drinkwater, in my eyes feigning injury to seal a move to chelsea, then posts on twitter his comment and video of him running round the pitch at chelsea. Finall. Kante. We had barely lifted the trophy and he wanted out was planning a move weeks after. Judge that with vard
  3. For me Big Nige is a definite. Going from league 1 to premier. The gteat escspe, and handing yhe playrrs and system to go on and win the premier. Plus kante of coursr
  4. I couldnt agree more, though contreversly i would pick nige over claudio
  5. Name always crops up.😂😂
  6. Tbf, this man imspired the OP.. i look at the 2 players at the time who had offers to move on. Jamie put his gratitude back in the club, to basically be a 1 club player. He is amazing. Love the man for his true loyalty. Mind you he must have a very savvy agent.😂😂
  7. To be fair. Spot on. Very few of yhat lineup have moved on. Kept with the club.
  8. I really did think of weller. Am looking for people who didnt usr the club as s tepping stone. In comes kasper.. Steve Walsh.
  9. Heskey and lineker great shouts, putting their hand in their pockets to help save the club.
  10. Just sat thinking. Who are the true legends of the club. Not just players. Peoole who should be still remembered in 50yrs time for their contribution in making us the club we are today. I will give you one example. Alan Birchinall. Played for years, then promoted the club ever since. Tirelessly. Dont know if he was born in leicester but has a true leicestershire accent now.😂so come and and say who deserves a true legend of the club and why
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