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  1. ktfox59

    Jonny Evans Signs

    ok many thanks.😊
  2. ktfox59

    Who will win the world cup?

    sorry guys i did try to look but cba to trawl through the pages of topics. i will consider myself reprimanded😊
  3. ktfox59

    Jonny Evans Signs

    if someone has asked this before, please delete. I hear and read the reports that his fee is to be paid in two installments, whats that all about? I can only think there is a financial loophole in doing so but i cant for the life of me fathom why we pay them 2 1.75m instead of it all at once. can some one tell me the reasoning please?
  4. ktfox59


    albeit club captaincy, i do agree with fans who think this sounds out the wrong message to the squad. First some one who hasnt to me, looked like a captain through out his tenure, and then saying he basically is the real captain and the matchday captain is there just for the day. from the first 11 whoever is picked. Doesnt make sense. I think there are possibly far better ways to keep wes involved if hi wishes to wind down his contract. I wonder how hapoy wes would have been had this been the case over the last few seasons
  5. ktfox59

    Who will win the world cup?

    Ive been looking through the world cup betting and think that at 12/1 Belgium are an amazing bet. Arguably Europes best side at the moment. Historically the South American countries dont fare so well wen the tounament is held in Europe
  6. ktfox59

    Danny Drinkwater: Would you re-sign him?

    i really am amazed we have this topic. The way he seemingly feigned injury and then couldnt wait to be telling the world on social media that he had been waiting ages to get out of our club. 3rd. he isnt that good. perhaps why Chelsea have ignored him most of the season
  7. ktfox59

    Vardy's goal celebration, clearly trolling Riyad

    😂nice. on a side note, has anyone got a clue where he actually is? or is he sofa surfing at a mates bedsit?
  8. ktfox59

    Vardy's goal celebration, clearly trolling Riyad

    i never saw it. what was done?
  9. ktfox59

    Well done the Thais

    as pointed out in the other rm thread. just like the spanish way. release clause relevant to wages and contract. players and clubs know the score. just like the 198m barcelona put on neymar
  10. ktfox59

    fix it , give mahrez a release clause

    meant to say in spain.😂
  11. ktfox59

    fix it , give mahrez a release clause

    if its been mentioned before, i apologise.but every contract a footballer signs comes wirh a mandatory release clause. Obviously this is a gamble both ways. im guessing wages are linked to the release clause amount
  12. Andorra, San Marino and Scotland 😂😂😂
  13. ktfox59

    Jobs for Silva

    Just to be clear for me as I genuinely don't know, have we signed him but it was too late for him to play till next window??
  14. ktfox59

    Jonny Evans

    😂missing e.
  15. ktfox59

    Leicester Sign Habib Makanjuola

    Spanish football can't be all that if he is being described as a mixture of those players, then trots out occasionally for charlton and Birmingham. Bet Christiano is well pissy getting mixed up with Habib Makanjuola😁