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  1. ktfox59

    Fighting after game

    Can I ask in the light of the tragic events after the match, why anybody can bring themselves to post a topic about morons kicking off. Absolute cuts and scum.
  2. ktfox59

    Shoya Nakajima - Japanese Magician

    As I've just come off a cruise and all the evening entertainment, I genuinely thought this when I read topic headline😂
  3. Oh I forgot. Source hitc.com
  4. On my Google feed Brendan Rogers. Us and Newcastle interested with Celtic wanting 9m
  5. ktfox59

    Danny Drinkwater

    clearly not?
  6. ktfox59

    jamaal lascelles

    Absolutely. Beat me to this very point. I do think though when measuring Harrys value to our team, we should look at he could possibly score at least 5 goals per season and a raft of assists at set peices. Im looking forward to this part of his game. 3 ball playing. defenders at the back, 3 born leaders plus Kasper is mouthwatering.and would bode well for a great season.
  7. ktfox59

    Danny Drinkwater

    Didnt he post on Chelsea social media, that it was a long hard journey, but worth it and a training goal, after feigning injury for so long? Did he not say to us fans that he wanted to stay at lcfc for the rest of his career after his bumper pay rise?? And he wants back????
  8. ktfox59

    Ahmed Musa

    tbf if he was judged on the barca match, 2 exquisite goals with either foot then he is worth 20m+ ?
  9. ktfox59

    How much is Maguire worth?

    Harry will only be leaving if a club comes in with an offer the owners cant or wont turn down. They showed this with mahrez in jan. Bar half a million, the fee offered was pure profit. With Harry the starting point is 17m before profit. He is 1 yr into a 5 year contract at what ever wages he was happy to sign for. Like Vardy and Mahrez before they will probably double his wages on a new contract that includes a massive release clause. Not because they have to, but because of his first season with us. His stock has risen so high. It makes sense for them to reward him and recognise the talent and potential he has to become a world class player. Ive said before. We are seeing the new Bobby Moore. Trust me.The owners will not be bullied and while he is on 4yrs more they will see that in 2yrs time in todays inflated market, he will be worth far more than 50m. Remember. Nobody was talking 60m+ for Mahrez, even post champions season.
  10. ktfox59

    When do the vultures swoop?

    for me, there is absolutely zero chance of harry mcguire leaving this summer. did he sign a 5 yr contract. done 1 of it. owners have shown they wont be bullied by players agents or big name teams. he is here for a good while longer... unless a bid of 75m+ is bid.
  11. ktfox59

    Jonny Evans Signs

    ok many thanks.?
  12. ktfox59

    Who will win the world cup?

    sorry guys i did try to look but cba to trawl through the pages of topics. i will consider myself reprimanded?
  13. ktfox59

    Jonny Evans Signs

    if someone has asked this before, please delete. I hear and read the reports that his fee is to be paid in two installments, whats that all about? I can only think there is a financial loophole in doing so but i cant for the life of me fathom why we pay them 2 1.75m instead of it all at once. can some one tell me the reasoning please?
  14. ktfox59


    albeit club captaincy, i do agree with fans who think this sounds out the wrong message to the squad. First some one who hasnt to me, looked like a captain through out his tenure, and then saying he basically is the real captain and the matchday captain is there just for the day. from the first 11 whoever is picked. Doesnt make sense. I think there are possibly far better ways to keep wes involved if hi wishes to wind down his contract. I wonder how hapoy wes would have been had this been the case over the last few seasons
  15. Ive been looking through the world cup betting and think that at 12/1 Belgium are an amazing bet. Arguably Europes best side at the moment. Historically the South American countries dont fare so well wen the tounament is held in Europe