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  1. Looks like they got to play mini golf too judging by that video, very nice.
  2. Don’t rate him as a commentator (god bless the PL and it’s extensive streams), however, he does have my respect for how he reported the tragedy.
  3. You’re right, I’ve never liked Hull since they beat us to city of culture
  4. I wouldn’t call spurs a rival but our games do have that extra edge ever since our title winning season. We don’t actually have a proper rival though
  5. Still think he’d be a better option from the bench than our other wingers... Would we sell him without big Brendan having a look first?
  6. My thought process is if he comes back to the prem it will be us. Our worry is those abroad who have taken notice.
  7. Not really fussed, our owners are respectful of our culture so we should be respectful of theirs.
  8. No idea where his good rep comes from, every time I've seen him play he's been awful. Ben Mee would be the Burnley defender we want if we were after anyone.
  9. I’m glad we had a proper battle at the top this year. The more competitive this league is the better IMO.
  10. What, you're saying you don't love the Fortnite dances?!
  11. Bloody congerton at it already!!!
  12. I quite want Derby to come up tbh, nice away day
  13. Shame Pawsons assistant wasn’t on hand to help him there as it seems he’s missed a red* *2 weeks in a row
  14. He did a foul right after getting booked, I think the fact he already committed that foul whilst on a yellow was enough to in the refs head to give a second yellow on this occasion.
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