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  1. Also disappointed Barnes didn't get on, should have come on for match fitness alone
  2. We definitely need creativity in midfield. We need to pursue someone else instead of sigurdson desperately
  3. 6,000 miles from home and we still somehow get Bobby refs badly Madley
  4. Genuinely forgot we had him yesterday when he didn't get on Was more disappointed that Barnes didn't get any minutes
  5. 10 pages until this is announced!
  6. Great advert for the premier league this
  7. At least someone is happy with the SCB patches
  8. Chris is funny as **** but he's also dumb as ****, why would you stay with liv? She's a lying manipulative toad
  9. Think we were barking up the wrong tree with that one
  10. What about those who were forced to have the shirt with the sponsor on? SHAMBLES!!!
  11. As it's increasingly more likely he's staying, I'd take a 15/16 season style Mahrez over 50M any day, just hope he views the situation in the way that the fact he hasn't moved on means he still needs to prove himself for potential suitors. Which would be good news for him and us.