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  1. Yeah, yesterday was pretty shit for me and then Leicester just topped it off Everything is temporary though, it’ll get better eventually!
  2. That's the tip. 10M is literally the equivalent of leaving a couple of quid with the bill to Man City
  3. Because they didn't co-operate with UEFA. It sounds like they already knew they were in the clear so went fvck it, lets take it to CAS.
  4. https://twitter.com/footbalIfights/status/1229123438335406080?s Was there ever any doubt, anyway? When you're that rich you can buy any decision you want.
  5. Every single change Brendan made last night weakend us. Albrighton off for Bennett - ok this was enforced, but you've taken off an attack minded player for someone who is more defensive, the team has lost some attacking threat because of this, surely would factor this into your future subs? Iheanacho off for Praet - I mean, what the ****? We now have 5 defenders, 4 midfielders and 1 striker on the pitch against a side who didn't trouble us once. Iheanacho plugged the gap between midfield, but now Vardy is even more isolated up top. Perez off for Barnes - Like for like sub, no extra attacking firepower added. Vardy is still isolated.
  6. Our champions league push was over before the decision was announced anyway. Can't blame anyone but ourselves.
  7. When the board went up for added time, I just thought to myself what the **** am I doing still watching this
  8. Forgot about that! that was really weird... Brendan’s subs are awful when you look back on reflection and may have been for a while.
  9. Send me your potential reasons please. More amusing the better
  10. Thank you Leicester for making my life that little bit shitter
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