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  1. I believe they owned G-LCFC & G-VSKP (The one that crashed) Don't think G-LCFC has flown much since the other one crashed though.
  2. Anyone at the game manage to ask him where his heads at?
  3. Ghezzal still baffles me with every decision he makes Breaking away on a counter and he decided to turn back on himself ffs
  4. It's only been just over 30 mins but perez looks quality
  5. I’ll be honest I still dont understand the full complexities of cricket, but oh my god that was insane!!! Love it
  6. Fair enough, I'm sure there are proper twitter ITKs out there, they're just normally diluted with all these kids wanting to boost their follower count which is why I normally just go meh whenever I see anything from twitter... do I sound old?
  7. That first kid, if you do a little digging he's been told off on the reddevils subreddit before for spreading misinformation... All in all, unless it's from Percy, bigdaddy or one of our other resident ITKs, I'd take everything with a pinch of salt...
  8. Guarantee you the people who are making those tweets and stupid comments aren't proper football fans, not worth getting worked up for
  9. Holy shit. Biggest signing we've ever made. Exciting times!!!
  10. Update from Percy: It is only the future of Maguire that will be of immediate concern to Leicester’s board, management and supporters. United and City are both interested in the England centre-half, but it will take a world-record fee for a defender, of around £90 million, to tempt Leicester into doing business. It is claimed Maguire has expressed an interest in moving to Old Trafford, and Leicester will allow him to leave if their valuation is met. It could get messy, however, and it may reach a point where Maguire is forced into making a transfer request if United do not reach the price tag. Maguire is due to join up with the Leicester squad in France this week, and remains a hugely popular member of the team and a key player in Rodgers’s plans moving forward. You never know, he may look around that dressing room and wonder if the grass really is greener elsewhere. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/07/06/brendan-rodgers-revolution-leicester-full-swing-growing-sense/
  11. It was probably a fuel stop...
  12. Big daddy (and Youri) have landed
  13. Yo why’s his plane turning round
  14. Scenes when it turns out to be Youri Testament
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