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  1. Chelsea put up a very good fight. I thought they’d struggle this season but appears things have started to click for Lampard et al
  2. Kane is a fantastic finisher and one of the best in the league. What I don’t like about him is that as a player he’s sly and selfish. But I guess there’s a lot of players like that!
  3. This game is like 70% luck Completely forgot to change my captain and vice from last week (Sterling), so KDB got me some big points.
  4. Wtf why are we being criticised for winning?!! **** off
  5. One of my favs ngl Had a Mahou tonight, good stuff, not the best, but still good
  6. Fvcking loved the amount of class tackles that went in today, our defence is a class above on their day
  7. They’re a team of under achievers and they have been for a while. Their best ever manager has won fvck all!!
  8. Surely that should’ve been a red?! (For anyone watching the Newcastle Brighton game)
  9. Watford should forfeit the game 5-0 down in 17 mins! Bring back zola!
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