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  1. Adidas

    Too much gold.
  2. Robert Huth

    When another thread turns into a Puel one (First clip)
  3. Adidas

    Would be chuffed with that
  4. Kelechi

    Football player in caring about team he once played for shocker
  5. Pub for Saturday @ Palace

    If that's the one straight outside the train station it was decent last year too
  6. Ricardo Pereira

    Great news if true, seems exactly what we're after in the RB position.
  7. Who should we sign (asset strip) from relegated clubs

    Mawson would be good if Swansea went down, he's quite similar to Maguire in the way he plays and feel like he could really push on if he came here. Cedric has also impressed me on the few times I've seen him play.
  8. Fortnite Battle Royale

    Agreed I'm using that on xbox now and it's a massive difference. Can actually compete when in a 1v1 situation! Takes a bit of getting used to but once your muscles remember which buttons to press it's great.
  9. Breaking Bad Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 10/100 My Time 14 seconds Bloody left the tab
  10. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Man City truly are a joy to watch. The way they play football is sublime.
  11. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Must be hard being a spurs fan You see your team getting so close to success and just when it matters they always blow it No sympathy mind
  12. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Hegazi is such a thug
  13. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Stuart Atwell is shit
  14. Has Alli ever passed to Vardy? We have an answer...

    Last game when they both played together it was so noticeable, when Vardy was making runs he just held the ball up and turned away to pass to someone else (or lose the ball). I understand there's rivalries in club football, but when playing international football you should put those aside and work together for your nation.