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  1. Remember when this guy single handidly turned Mahrez's head for Arsenal?
  2. They’ve sacked their best ever manager who has won them nothing...
  3. Anyone know if there’s any truth in this?
  4. Because Southgate has beaten all the teams we expected to beat and lost against the teams better than us. The man is a genius!
  5. Don’t forget that he was a starter in frank lampards derby team!
  6. Was listening to Rob Green on 5L who said he thinks Maddison needs one more season of performing consistently before he can become a starter... what a joke...
  7. Welcome mate, you're in for a hell of a ride!
  8. Can’t remember the last time I looked at the England side and went ‘yep that’s our best team’ Was only gonna watch if madders played, stress free evening for me it seems
  9. First COD I've bought in ages and I love it.
  10. It's a joke. The PL was one of the last top leagues to bring it in, they got an extra year to iron out the kinks too as clubs voted against it in 2018. They can't play the "its new to us card" when they've had longer to prepare than most leagues. It's sheer incompetence that has led to the state it's in right now and the arrogance to not admit they've got it wrong is astounding. Also love how they hide behind IFAB protocol for one of the points, yet, they're not following IFAB protocol as it is by telling refs not to go to the monitors.
  11. We're a much more complete side since he went. Yes it took time but I love how much this squad works together for each other. For us to finish above the sides players have left for would be an absolute dream.
  12. This weekend sent me over, they’ve completely fvcked VAR and made me despise it. Bin it completely and bin the management at the PGMOL. Re-assess in a few years once they’ve cleared out the deadwood.
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