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  1. TheUltimateWinner


    Pearson would have shook your hand with a gleaming smile, paid for your petrol and bought you a co-op meal deal. PUEL OUT.
  2. TheUltimateWinner

    Danny Ward - 12 Million

    Only me who doesn't really see a problem with this signing? Remember the squad Pearson built was based on young hungry players with a point to prove. This lad will be kicking himself he never made the breakthrough at Liverpool. 12M unfortunately is not much in this day and age, for a young goalkeeper like Ward with a decent amount of experience for his age it's what you're expected to pay.
  3. TheUltimateWinner

    Danny Ward - 12 Million

    Don't know if anyones posted this yet
  4. TheUltimateWinner

    Danny Ward - 12 Million

    It's a poor choice from Klopp to not at least test him more than anything. Liverpool fans were calling for him to start during Mignolet and Karius's poor runs.
  5. TheUltimateWinner

    Danny Ward - 12 Million

    He's a good young keeper with great potential. I'd be happy with this, just because he's third choice at Liverpool doesn't mean he's bad. Most of the Liverpool fans want him to be their number 1. He's exactly the type of young signing we need in this position.
  6. TheUltimateWinner

    Kasper - Chelsea and Roma. SSN

    Heaton would be a good target, no way someone who is on the fringes of playing for England would want to bench warm.
  7. TheUltimateWinner

    Love Island

    Was gonna say, he's waited all this time for "the right one" and then the best looking girl in there likes him and he's faffing
  8. TheUltimateWinner

    Love Island

    Laura is so confrontational! She falls out with everyone
  9. TheUltimateWinner

    Ahmed Musa

    I'm not even joking I had the same idea but couldn't be arsed to edit it Great sense of humour you have sir
  10. TheUltimateWinner

    Ahmed Musa

    This will be the biggest signing in Saudi Arabian football since they announced Mark Clattenburg
  11. TheUltimateWinner

    Ahmed Musa

    If we sell him for 40M then someone deserves a knighthood.
  12. TheUltimateWinner


    Not many players like him, he's a world class player and would instantly improve any side he played in. We were so lucky to have him for one season.
  13. TheUltimateWinner

    Belgium vs. England - The race for 3rd spot (14th of July)

    Glad Vardy didn't come on, he had a knock recently and wouldn't want him to be ****ed for the start of our season.
  14. TheUltimateWinner

    Belgium vs. England - The race for 3rd spot (14th of July)

    Stones rushes out more than Morgan does His positioning and awareness can be so poor