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  1. Used to get my parents to ring up the music channels and request them to play it...
  2. Coup underway tonight apparently to oust May with Gove til end of the season
  3. You were spot on, that was all very TM. Blame blame blame blame WILL OF THE PEOPLE BLAME blame LETS GET ON WITH IT
  4. Well she’s certainly right when she says ‘NOTHING HAS CHANGED’. Cant wait another outing of that later by the way when we see the grand podium of no.10 again.
  5. So just to be clear, it’s Mays deal (which can’t go through parliament again) w/ extension or no deal?
  6. What a stupid thing to do from Rico, absolutely no need
  7. Missed the second half and couldn't believe the result when I saw it!!! I said the players were thick right at the start of the match thread and that it was the same under puel. Well feck me our response wasn't the same as it would have been under Puel. So proud of the players and our manager. Bloody love em (even if some can be a lil bit stupid sometimes ). Re. the peno, I don't think it was a 'foul'. As in, if someone did that outside of the box I wouldn't even think it was a free kick. Their player went flying over minimal contact. There can be contact and no foul committed in my opinion it was merely a minor coming together.
  8. our players are fvcking thick, it was the same under puel these stupid individual decisions.
  9. What a game that was! Chuffed for sheff Utd. That was all Leeds undoing that. Dominated for most of it and then your captain makes 2 stupid mistakes.
  10. Harvey Barnes is gonna score tomorrow
  11. We've completely fvcked this. Why start proceedings without a clear view on what would gain a majority? Now it's too late and I don't think we have time to work out what can gain a majority.
  12. Dear god TM sounds like shite!
  13. Geoffrey Cox could definitely get a gig doing Airport announcements or something. His voice is booming! Maybe even get him doing some "Mind The Gap" announcements?
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