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  1. Anyone else woken up still fuming 😡 their silence is deafening... I need to hear what they have to say for themselves 😡😡
  2. Im not sure promoting football hooliganism is appropriate 🤷‍♀️
  3. Oh my word, I actually couldn't remember!!! I had to Google it, then realised it was so long ago Mahrez was still in the team...time has definitely flown by!! And my memory is shit
  4. I've a bad feeling about this (bloody west ham). I was confident before the international break...Im not anymore.
  5. Well this is f**king depressing...
  6. 😅😅😅😅 bloody hell, the world's gone mad (and I flipping love it...)
  7. Yeah, this is the happiest I've been to be proved wrong!
  8. Ah hahahaha this is excellent 🤣 👌
  9. Ha in my pre-coffee, morning state, I read this as "pie caution"... no idea what medical issue that is 😅
  10. I'm really confused as to what is wrong with Madders! If the scans are clear then is it phycological?
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