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  1. Good that he is finally getting it sorted - time for Perez to shine and the goals to keep coming in from others! (says repeatedly to calm myself down "it'll be fine...it'll all be fine....)
  2. haha I did wonder why they tweeted this today - now it all makes sense
  3. I tried that and the entire URL was posted...maybe cause I'm on my phone 🤷‍♀️
  4. OK, how do you link to a tweet please! Specifically, this one...
  5. Yeah, it includes us as not one of the big 6, I'm not explaining myself well...its not a big 6 tournament type thing, it was just to show that Chelsea haven't been beating the typical big 6, even though they are one of them, but leicester, who isn't a big 6 club, has been taking points off them.
  6. I think its how many points teams have won from the big 6 teams...we love a big game, Chelsea do not 😅
  7. The issue I have is he never admitted he did anything wrong. Being "dealt with by the law" is the punishment, but rehabilitation is a personal journey I don't know that he's gone through. Personal as in only he can make a mends for what he did, not that it should be out of the public eye. As a role model, as his football talent and hard work are on show for all to see and aspire to achieve, so should how he responds to and handles mistakes made, so the kids can see that yes people do make mistakes but we can learn from them and use them to be better people.
  8. Very much this. I found it confusing and uncomfortable that he was simply allowed to carry on playing. I can't remember what the club statement was at the time, does any remember? Having just reminded myself of what happened and read news articles it seems he always denied the assault, so there was no remorse? Not a good role model really. Vardy on the other hand handled his issues well, by admitting that whilst he was nieve and not aware of the meaning of his slur, it is no excuse and actively sought to educate himself. Im absolutely guilty of forgetting what Simo did
  9. Noooo awful news, get well soon you fantastic man 🙏
  10. Just when you thought he couldn't be any more of a legend.... I really, really love him!! ❤❤❤
  11. By the way, I did this last Christmas to watch the football...im still paying for it now...Once I found the entire series of the x files and buffy the vampire slayer was included there was no going back... 😅
  12. You can get a month free anyway from Amazon, you have to sign up and remember to cancel it before the first payment comes out 👍
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