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  1. My biggest gripe is the whole "this is Leicester's level" argument and line being dished out readily over the past few days, whilst I was not expecting a top 8 finish I was hoping we could become a stable premier league team and follow the progress of Southampton and Stoke to some extent, when they've changed managers and staff it was seen as a risk but an ambitious one yet we are slaughtered for it (granted they didn't win the league but Koemam got S'hampton European football). It it really shouldn't get to me as much as I know they do it so their views and ratings go up but criticising fans and the owners for having some sort of ambition is out of order, we know more than any team that the Championship is a struggle and for every Burnley or Hull that come straight back up there are teams like Villa who are struggling down the table.
  2. After a few references for this if any are available?
  3. It's because teams from the same nation can't play each other, if we had drawn Leverkusen then I'm sure an all Spanish tie would have been drawn therefore they had to stop us being drawn against them if that makes sense?
  4. Looking for two for this, have good feedback and can meet most places in Leicester
  5. Looking back with hindsight, when the window initially closed I was fairly content with the signings, whilst we had lost Kante we had brought in more depth (granted I still felt another CB and CM were needed) and broke our transfer record 3 times without having a massive net spend, now though it evidently wasn't enough with players from our main XI last season underperforming and we didn't use our position of being champions and having CL football to our advantage over the summer. Whilst Claudio couldn't have anticipated that Mendy would be out for so long the other signings apart from Slimani have been underwhelming, hopefully having European football in January will allow us to strengthen where it's needed!
  6. So excited for this, Red Dead Redemption was and is my favourite game ever, I sunk so many hours of my teenage life into the game, reached the highest level and had almost every gun golden skinned and still every time I played single player or online there still felt like there was always something to do! Hopefully rockstar get the balance right between single and multiplayer, although GTA 5 is a great game it was disappointing to see how heavily they focused on online play and neglected single player dowloadable content!
  7. Borderlands 2 on the ps4 at the minute, managed to get the handsome collection for a tenner so two games and all the downloadable content as well, i really enjoyed the first so don't know why it's taken so long to play the second but it's a great game!
  8. The only one he couldn't was Burnley which he had to ring because of the family stand rules, Swansea had some the Thursday before the game as well because of the away fan returns, the best thing to do is to find out the day the tickets drop down to city members and try at 9
  9. Remember as well that city fox members last season got the chance to upgrade to gold this season if they wanted, as the poster above said, my mate has got tickets for 6 games so far (tickets for CL bought) which means his membership has worked out to £3.33 per game, suppose you can't grumble at that
  10. As mentioned in another thread a city fox membership would have got you so far community shield tickets, Swansea tickets and the 3 game champions league package and Burnley if you met the requirements of the family stand, it's not a bad investment for those alone in my opinion, if you got a silver I'd say you'd be fine for most games against smaller teams and have a decent chance of getting them against the bigger teams if you are on the ticket site at 9 the morning they go on sale to silvers.
  11. If you'd have bought a city fox membership so far you would have been able to go to the Community Shield, Swansea and buy the 3 game Champions League package, I imagine with a silver membership you'd have a decent chance of getting tickets to the games with more demand if you're on the website as soon as they go on sale, i suppose it's a lot of money for no guarantee but if you could make 7+ games over the season then the average price of the membership seems more justifiable I suppose.
  12. Got two at the back of SK4, row KK, Just wondering if anybody wanted to swap for ones lower down in the ground, will be going with my grandad and don't think he'll be able to stand the whole match/handle the stairs all that well either. I'm not selling these just looking for a swap.
  13. A massive thanks to @cruyff99 as well, a great seller, kept in good contact and made it easy to collect from, thanks again mate!
  14. Net transfer mate, we sold Kante which has offset all of our signings so far
  15. Will have a spare for Hull once the tickets arrive, bought 3 but a friend has dropped out, just after face value