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  1. What grinds my gears...

    Aww, it's cute.
  2. Manchester Arena blast

    My heart aches, such a tragic loss of young lives. I've spent most of my day comforting, and talking openly and frankly, with primary-school-age children who had heard enough of the news to be frightened and shocked but didn't fully understand what had happened in Manchester last night, and knew very few facts. Kids who, as young fans themselves of Ariana Grande and similar artists, could relate to those involved... kids who would have given anything to be at that gig themselves. Kids who could imagine the horror of being separated from friends and family, whilst witnessing scenes no one should have to see. Kids who simply could not comprehend why one human being would do that to other innocent people. Really, what can you say? There are so many stories of people openly helping in the aftermath, of offering support and practical help, of the emergency services and medical staff doing over-and-above... the message that there are so many more good people than bad in this world was all I could offer them. RIP.
  3. Tourist bus crashes near Marmaris

    I'd not slept for the last 24 hours!
  4. Differences in opinions !

    I think they should move the kop
  5. Drayton Manor incident

    Just to say... RIP to the girl involved. My thoughts are with her family and friends; and the school community, many of whom are no doubt deeply traumatised by this tragedy.
  6. Merchandise

    Ah, ok, thanks. They're having major issues with putting me off spending any money at the mo (and that's not something I say often!)
  7. Merchandise

    Aarrrghhh, have spent the best part of the last hour trying to order some stuff from LCFC direct. Each time I try to pay I have my payment rejected. I suspect this is because it insists on you entering a house number. Hmmm, except I don't have a house number, only a house name. I've never been asked for this before on other sites (and I do lots of online shopping!!!) and, as far as I know, none of my banks/cards have a house number attributed to my account - eg bank statements don't show a house number. Anyone know a way of working round this? I've tried 4 different cards from different providers and have the same problem each time. Can't seem to find anything about this searching on Google. I'm fast going off the idea of buying it anyway... I give up. *sigh*
  8. Congratulations

    Belated congratulations (should have been on Friday!) to @foxhateram and Mrs Foxhateram (who, rumour has it, did all the hard work!) on the safe arrival of the very diddy Freddie Kasper.
  9. The Car thread

  10. The Car thread

    Safe to say, I've never driven a Nissan Juke.
  11. Terrorist Attacks

    Explosions and gunfire at Istanbul's Ataturk airport. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-36658187
  12. See, there's just far too much logic in that statement.
  13. Labour MP shot

    What a despicable, cowardly crime. Thoughts are with her family. RIP.
  14. Liverpool fans are a disgrace again

    Not liking where this thread seems to be heading.