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  1. Vardy Slimani Iheanacho Not exactly a bad choice of striking options.
  2. Watford away in the Chamionship winning season, last few seconds of the game, 3-0 up, Wasyl comes charging out, full force, and takes a ball straight to the face and just gets up. Hero.
  3. Not for me, he's an integral part of not necessarily the playing staff, but the club as a whole for me.
  4. To go: Hamer Wasyl Musa Mendy Ulloa Lawrence Kapustka (loan) Mahrez Zieler
  5. Surely he plays some part tomorrow?
  6. You'll be lucky to have him.
  7. Got Vertonghan and Luiz from all the packs I had stored from SBC's. Decent return.
  8. Kasper Simmo Benny Was Fuchs Albrighton King Ndidi Chilwell Mahrez Vardy
  9. 1-0 us (Vardy).
  10. Mate it was largely tongue in cheek, I guess it's hard to get intonation across on a chat forum For the record I've always had some doubts about Shakey as a manager but in reality he probably deserves a one-year contract.
  11. I'm dying
  12. Marco Silva - make it happen.
  13. As babs said, to improve him into something more than a 'squad player'. King isn't going to develop into more than that, neither is James in all likelihood, so we may as well give Dan every chance to improve himself and push for a first team spot long term.
  14. Amartey is fine as a squad player. But at 22 he needs games in order to develop, so there's no point him sitting on our bench to play 15 minutes here and there, we've got Kingy to do that. Loan him out to the championship for a season, then reassess his situation with us the following summer.
  15. I've been feeling a little like that too, but then I think about how awful it'd be to let them get one over on us and how much there is lying on this game psychologically for the players and I can't wait again.