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  1. That was actually a decent goal from Hirst.
  2. I really like the pink shirt, the others I think are pretty poor though.
  3. Me too. Was just coming here to post this @Mark
  4. Great win. Could have had 8 or 9... Worrying that Soyuncu always seems to have a mistake in him, he was unlucky for the penalty though. And the Shinji sub was a little baffling in honesty. But those minor gripes aside, great stuff and please please PLEASE sign Youri!
  5. Take it you guys are happy with the fee? Seems ok to me, not cheap though Makes £40m for Youri even more of a no-brainier if it can be done.
  6. @MrLuke Newcastle tickets are now on general sale if you weren’t already aware mate. There are a few few together in G1 but nowhere else so I’d get in quick!
  7. Christ I suppose every team can say “if we’d done this” or “if we’d won those games”... If Wolves had won all of those they’d be in and around the top 4!
  8. They play great football Wolves... how are we only 3 behind them after the shite we had to endure until 5 games ago?
  9. Comparing them to mine, I can see Ndidi and Iheanacho on there also
  10. He’s been one of their best players this season - scored 5 too. Wouldn’t be against it if the price was right as he would be back-up to Youri for his position if Youri signs I think.
  11. Nervy 2-1 win after going a goal down I think. (Vardy and Barnes)
  12. Phoned the club to ask mate, and they said there should be an announcement by close of play tomorrow and that tickets will go on sale by the end of the working week. As for why they’re leaving it so late... who knows
  13. Missing piece of the jigsaw. Not bashing Harry when I say this, but yesterday proved we can cope just fine without him - I think he’ll be where the money comes from/is recouped from. We need Youri more than we need Harry!
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