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  1. What has to happen for Newcastle to move exactly?
  2. And West Ham, and us... you never give up - I’ll give you that. And I can’t fvcking stand Wolves so it’s a big compliment
  3. I haven’t seen a winger other than Mahrez get into the positions he does in recent years. He’s looked more dangerous in the past 2 games than Gray has in the last 20. He’ll score 10+ for us next season.
  4. Give them £50m and be done with it In all seriousness, it is only one game - let’s hope he continues in this way. He looks like he could be the missing piece of the jigsaw.
  5. Kasper Ricardo Evans Maguire Chilwell Gray (Albrighton if fit) Tielemans Choudhury Barnes Maddison Vardy Have a feeling we’ll nick this, I’ll go 2-1 (Vardy and Ricardo).
  6. I think the frustration for me wasn’t so much the substitution itself - it was the timing of it. If I remember correctly it happened in about the 60th minute, directly after we’d had our best spell of the game and were looking dangerous. The confusing thing for me is why Claude would change the team at THAT point... it’s not like we were struggling for attacking ideas at that time. And for the record I thought the atmosphere was decent in SK1, though I can’t speak for the rest of the ground.
  7. Big thanks to @Mr Fox for sorting out a united ticket for me. Would definitely recommend him as a seller.
  8. Are you happy with the signing? Pardon my ignorance but I know nothing about the player!
  9. In hindsight it was a good decision, at the time it frustrated me. That’s why I’m not a football manager
  10. Thanks for sorting the ticket Mr Fox - looking forward to the game on Sunday.
  11. They send them out “within 3 working days of cleared payment” I believe. That’s what it said on my confirmation email for Wolves anyway! Not sure how it’s handled this close to the event though - probably worth giving them a ring.
  12. Same with me if anyone has one. Visiting a mate in Stoke and may as well get a game in if I’m making the journey anyway!
  13. Be nice and late getting back to Devon now
  14. The FIFA exile has been going well lads... until this morning. I’d played a few games before getting rid of the game at the end of last week so got a couple of packs (25k and 15k) this morning. Opened them up on the web app and get Bale and Ter Stegan! They’re trying to reel me back in
  15. If we get offered £50/60m in the summer we have to take it. He’s slightly above average, and we have Benkovic to come back. If we’re still only playing with 2 CB’s next season I’d be more than happy with Benkovic, Soyuncu, Evans, new CB with the u23 boys as cover. I’d be half tempted to not being anyone in with the apparent talent we have in this area thinking about it, although it would be a risk.
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