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  1. Could be a 4-2-3-1 with Nacho behind Vardy and Ayo on the right.
  2. Hasn’t he been starting most games for Roma? I’m not actually sure on that but I think he has. If so, he’s not coming here to be 3rd choice surely... unless we started playing 3 at the back regularly. He won’t want to sit on the bench most weeks!
  3. Never been one for conspiracy theories... but I have no explanation for that penalty other than either massive stupidity or pure corruption.
  4. For 19/20 PL teams, yes
  5. I personally think he’s underrated and that it speaks volumes that our best half of football since the restart coincided with his first full half played. Clearly, he’s not very fit, hence why he was subbed off at the hour mark. I’d probably agree that we’ve overpaid for him, but I’m not sure I’d call him a poor signing. Ghezzal, Slimani, Silva were poor signings, Ayo isn’t.
  6. Got a feeling Youri will have a stormer today as the main midfield creator.
  7. I was thinking about this yesterday - surely we’d have a much greater chance of winning the EL than the CL too. If you look at the teams left in it this season, the ‘tough’ ones would be united, Inter, Sevilla, Leverkusen and Roma probably. I think if we played at our best we could beat any of them, which I’m not sure we could against Real, Juve, Bayern etc. Clearly we want to play on the biggest stage, and that’s CL. But if for whatever reason this season doesn’t end well and we end up in the EL, while disappointing, there would be a silver lining there I think. So given the two options given above I’d almost certainly take an FA cup win and 5th - I really want to see us win that trophy. But this isn’t an either or scenario, we can win it and finish in the top 4, and that should be our aim!
  8. If we can win 4/8 which is perfectly feasible then United/Wolves would need to take at least 20/24 points (probably 21/24 with our GD) to catch us. Even if we only beat Brighton, Bournemouth and Sheff U or Everton and picked up the odd point here and there otherwise we’d still probably be ok so no need to panic yet by any means.
  9. Interesting that we only used 3 subs. Gutted to concede that late on, but other than that it was what we expected from the game really.
  10. They probably need the near-guaranteed income due to this whole situation I’d imagine. If they really need the money, I’m sure they’d rather ‘secure’ £8.5m (if WBA get promoted, I assume) than mess them about and risk getting nothing for a while when they need it now, or at least as soon as possible. But I suppose they could just be doing it out the kindness of their hearts
  11. Hypothetically, if we could get back what we paid for Benko as a makeweight in a deal then we’d have to be content with that considering his injury record I think. He’s a good player, and will improve in the future I’m sure, but if he’s only going to be available for half the season then that’s no good. The Celtic fans seem to like him, and he seemed to enjoy his time up there, so a deal of £20-25m + Benko for Edouard could be a good move for all parties. Selling Nacho could fund that but I’m not sure I’d want to see him go.
  12. Seems Sancho is quite common... I got him too!
  13. I think if you swap Madders and Kovacic, and then swap Cags and Laporte, your chem will go up mate!
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