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  1. Devonfox1884

    FIFA 19

    Yeah well I figure that I’d need to buy fitnesses and contracts anyway, and any better players I get (like Iniesta) can always go into a legend/TOTW sbc down the line... Plus champions rewards are tradable so I’ve got the chance to pull something there too. And the SBC fodder as I put it is very useful as well.
  2. Devonfox1884

    FIFA 19

    Loving rivals rewards - always go for the untradeables. Got 2 15k, 2 35k and 2 50k packs this week. Got Jesus, Iniesta, Goretzka, Felipe Anderson, Perrin, Sokratis, Jonas and a load of consumables and SBC fodder. Happy days.
  3. Devonfox1884

    Arsenal away next😳

    Kasper Amartey Evans Maguire Chilly Ricardo Ndidi Mendy Albrighton Maddison Vardy Subs: Ward, Fuchs, Soyuncu, Iborra, Ghezzal, Shinji, Nacho. 2-2. (Vardy and Evans)
  4. Devonfox1884

    FIFA 19

    3 at the back seems very good this year. I was 2-0 down in 2 games in WL at HT so changed to 3-4-1-2 both times, won 4-2 and 5-3 respectively... Might have to give it a bash on a permanent basis!
  5. Devonfox1884

    FIFA 19

    What do we reckon, stockpile a load of our players and English ones too?
  6. Devonfox1884

    FIFA 19

  7. Devonfox1884

    FIFA 19

  8. Devonfox1884

    FIFA 19

    Seri is an absolute beast for me. Could change him for someone more expensive but genuinely don’t want to. Good choice
  9. Devonfox1884

    FIFA 19

    Finally a decent pack! Got Modric and Valencia in a 25k MM one
  10. Devonfox1884

    Croatia v England Nations League Group A4

    For Spain: Pickford Walker/Trippier (close call) Gomez Maguire Chilly Mount Chalobah Maddison Sancho Kane Sterling If we can sort out our midfield we’ll actually have a decent side. Hence why I think we give Mount and Chalobah a go - we’re not necessarily building for now (I don’t care if we lose to Spain), we’re building for 2020 so these guys have 2 years to improve. I can’t stand watching Henderson and Dier, and I feel that the midfield would have a better balance with the two young lads.
  11. Devonfox1884

    FIFA 19

    Only me that is finding fut champs easier than rivals?
  12. Devonfox1884

    FIFA 19

    No worries pal.
  13. Devonfox1884

    FIFA 19

    Any chance of a DM mate?
  14. Devonfox1884

    FIFA 19

    Believe rewards are released at 7am or thereabouts on Thursday’s for rivals.
  15. Devonfox1884

    FIFA 19

    No mine’s still on basic mate, I imagine a hawk or hunter could make him even more lethal though.