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  1. Kasper Ricardo Fofana Soyuncu Castagne Ndidi Tielemans Ünder Perez (or Kelechi if not fit) Albrighton Vardy
  2. Get Brighton done then it’s 1 game per week. The worst of our fatigue/tiredness issues will be over, and players will start to come back. We’ll be alright.
  3. We won’t create much down our right if we keep Dan/Marc over there together. But at least they’ve kept Mane quite quiet... it’s a difficult balance to strike.
  4. Awful news. More gutted with this than I was with Ricky’s for some reason Thomas and VDC will get more opportunities now, which is a very small silver lining at least.
  5. Not seen it posted anywhere, but thought we instantly looked a much greater attacking threat when he came on yesterday. He really is in some good form at the minute and I hope it continues!
  6. Ahhhhh so that’s why he hadn’t been playing Fair play Brendan, I understand now. That shot from 35 yards out towards the end with multiple alternative options was horrendous.
  7. Get in. Please, please, do not let this be as bad for JJ as it looked. Gutted is an understatement both for him and for us as a team if that’s him done for a good while.
  8. Ünder and Perez very poor. Youri looks tired, and Vardy looks far from his usual self... Have to improve if we want to go through here.
  9. This. Especially when Ayo is one of the only players to ever post after a defeat/poor result, which should be seen as admirable in a way. Issue being, he’s always more likely to get abuse after a poor result, so you could argue he’s opening himself up to it to an extent - not that it should happen in any case. He’s shown resilience to get himself back in the squad recently, and I’m sure he’s similar with the messages he receives, hence his apparent fearlessness to post when things haven’t gone so well.
  10. Kasper JJ Amartey Soyuncu Thomas Mendy Tielemans Ünder Perez Albrighton Iheanacho Ideally you’d rest Youri, but who plays instead, Hamza? The midfield wouldn’t be anywhere near progressive enough.
  11. I still think his best position is as a 10. But, barring a Maddison injury, he won’t play there. Definitely not a lone striker or a winger. Playing in those two positions probably makes him look worse than he is in reality.
  12. Vardy and Ünder for Nacho and Perez please.
  13. Kasper Ricardo Amartey Soyüncü Thomas Mendy Youri Ünder Perez Barnes Iheanacho 8 changes but should get the job done. Ideally we’d rest Youri, but he just makes this team tick and the alternative is Hamza.
  14. Same team if it’s available for me. Only question would be little Wes or Cags? I’d have thought Cags will play the 90 at Brentford on Sunday to ‘complete’ his comeback, meaning little Wes will get the nod in this one.
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