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  1. Mahrez v Gray. Gray v Mahrez

    Personally think Gray is proving himself to be a lot less selfish than Mahrez. Still don't want to drop Riyad, but another performance like tonight's in the week and he can be benched as far as I'm concerned. It's a team game and Gray is being more of a team player - he has moments of selfishness mixed with lots of team play, unfortunately Riyad is the converse.
  2. West Ham post match 1-1

    No Shinji away from home, we play awful. It's no coincidence.
  3. Next up.. West Ham (a)..Friday 8pm ko

    We'll go 2-0 up at HT, back off on the second half, they'll score with 10 to go, and we'll hold out under an absolute barrage for the win. 2-1.
  4. FIFA 18

    Finally got to gold 2, went from 20-10 to 21-15 though. Classic.
  5. FIFA 18

    Xbox bud.
  6. FIFA 18

    Currently 16/6, doubt I'll be able to finish all my games but hopefully I'll make gold 2.
  7. FIFA 18

    Decent start yesterday, I'm 8-2, the grind continues today
  8. After life

    What even is 'life'? How did anything come into being? Initially, nothing ever existed, but something must have caused the creation of the Universe. I'm not religious, never will be, but I'll never discount it because it is entirely plausible if you think about it enough, that a higher power created the Universe. Remember, at the beginning of time there was nothing, so someone or something had to act as a catalyst for the creation of the Universe... Even if it only took a spec of dust and a minute amount of gas to begin the expansion of the universe, neither of these technically existed so it's impossible that that is the case... My head hurts
  9. FIFA 18

    How am I going to win the draft and still not make my 15k back absolute joke this game sometimes.
  10. Next up . . . Manchester City (Home) thoughts?

    3-3 (Ndidi, Gray, Vardy)
  11. Our defence. Good enough?

    We were fine yesterday apart from individual mistakes and unfortunate circumstances. Fuchs/Maguire had mares for their first, and I'm convinced that if Iborra is still on the pitch they don't score their second... We need to improve, especially in the full-back areas, and Dragovic needs to be given a chance. Our defence isn't as bad as some would make out, but there is certainly room for improvement.
  12. Stoke Post Match Thread 2-2....again

    United and Arsenal have struggled immensely there this season... we went there looked good, and could arguably have taken the three points - a positive game overall even if the result wasn't quite there.
  13. Stoke (A) Match Thread

    Play like that second half and we win.
  14. Everton (H) Match Thread

    Maybe it's 3-4-1-2 with Simmo at wing-back and Gray up front? I have absolutely no idea how this'll line up.
  15. FIFA 18

    Personally, Griezmann is my least favourite out of those three... I'd go Lacazette, although Mbappe is about 40k cheaper and is very good also