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  1. Unpopular, but Torquay are my local side so I’m enjoying this. Often went down to watch them pre-covid in international breaks and during the week. Johnson has done a great job with the team. Shame about the pen at 3-2, killed the game really.
  2. Really hope we sign him - if we play a back 4 rotating pairings of Tarkowski/Soyuncu and Evans/Fofana I think that could really benefit us over the course of the season. £20m would be a decent deal for all parties I think, though the rationale for Burnley keeping him and letting him go for free next summer is sound.
  3. Soumare is circa £20m, Edouard £18m? Pereira wouldn’t cost more than £22m (think I’ve read he has a release clause - could be wrong)... Trincao might be a bit more granted, but there wouldn’t be much of a net cost!
  4. If I were the club I’d be open to selling Maddison. His injury issues, coupled with his off-field antics, make the prospect of selling more appealing... trouble is I wouldn’t sell for less than £60m and I don’t think anyone would pay that. £60m would likely buy Soumare, Edouard and Trincao/Pereira, leaving any extra funds we have to put into other positions such as CB and possibly another CM/CAM to replace him.
  5. We’ve won the PL, we’ve won the FA cup... this is what we have to go for next season. Winning a European trophy would be very special indeed!
  6. Just got back. Of course I’m disappointed by that, but looking at it overall... what a season. Proud of the club. What I will say is I was disappointed by the fans at times today - so much moaning and groaning even early on. Other than a few mins after going 2-1 up the atmosphere was surprisingly poorer than I thought it’d be. Then the amount of ‘fans’ that left around me when it went to 3-2 was a disgrace. And I reckon a lot of those fans would be the same ones that talk about the players not caring about the club... well you didn’t care enough to stick around and app
  7. We might not ultimately get CL, but I’d be surprised if we went through tomorrow without some kind of drama. Although they’re firm favourites in their games I can’t see both Liverpool and Chelsea running into comfortable first half leads. Wouldn’t surprise me to be going into the last 10 mins with 1 goal having the ability to change everything. Just got to win ourselves, we can’t do any more than that.
  8. I’d tend to agree, but where is the money coming from? I’m skeptical that we’d even have the £45m to spend that I’ve got in my list. I suppose like Moore said, you could drop Gosens to fund the players you mention!
  9. Ah yes forgot about Ghezzal, good shout!
  10. IN M. Pereira - £20m Edouard - £20m Soumare - £20m Gosens - £30m KDH - Back from loan Sowah - Back from loan Spend: £90m OUT Hamza - £12m Praet - £20m Knight - £1m Perez - £10m Benkovic - £2m (?) Morgan - Free Fuchs - Free Total in: £45m Net spend: £45m A bit football manager-ish, but that’d be a brilliant window for me.
  11. It’s all good, we’ve won the FA cup so the next step is a European trophy... all in on the europa league next season should that be the competition we play in?
  12. I don’t think I’ve ever been so gutted in a single moment - head in hands staring at the ground. To me we’d lost it, the team on the pitch weren’t going to score another goal... Didn't do much when it was disallowed, I immediately started stressing again as soon as we restarted and continued to withstand the previous barrage. It was only at full time that what had happened really sunk in
  13. I just got a confirmation email - guess I’ll just show that on my way in!
  14. I’m in too! The drive will be extra worth it this time
  15. I think he’d be perfect for us. Could play right in a 4-3-3 or as a 10 in a 3-4-1-2. The kind of flexibility that Brendan seems to rate in a player!
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