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  1. £2m rising to £2.25m depending on appearances apparently.
  2. Really? Good to know - cheers bud.
  3. Thanks for the updates mate. Reassuring for those of us waiting for general sale!
  4. Not sure about RL. But it's free to stream through the website on the clubs own 'LCFC radio' I believe.
  5. He won't be let to leave. Chill out
  6. At least we're showing intent and trying, still think he'll go Everton though.
  7. This. But was just thinking, it'll probably be different if Wigston or his relative phones up to get them? I doubt each person would need an account then?
  8. Exactly. I'm in the same boat as you - I'm a member, but want to get tickets for my niece and sister too and obviously want to sit with them so have to wait until the 25th anyway. People aren't generally going to be bothered about this game, just stick them on general sale straight away to maximise sales, surely?
  9. Yeah, €48m is just over £42m - not bad at all considering we won't be strengthening another prem team. We need to get in a replacement quickly though if he does leave. Still can't see Roma actually paying that much, however.
  10. Oh no I agree, I'm just talking about the really little ones (under 8 etc)
  11. Ultimately it's completely in our hands. We can give him pre season and then decide from there - no need to rush into any decision yet.
  12. Tbf only 7k odd went to the Bremen game a couple of years back and being a Friday night there'll be less kids etc going. The west stand and part of P3 will be about 10k seats, so I doubt it'll completely sell out (unless people get hyped over a couple of top calibre signings)
  13. To the people saying loan him out, what exactly is that going to achieve? We either commit to giving him regular game time here (unlikely) or move him on for a decent fee for the good of his career. Those are the only two options in my book.
  14. Only the west stand open so what, around 10,000 seats. Reckon they'll sell all those?
  15. £10m minimum or he stays.