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  1. Jeeeez, looks like I was super lucky to get a ticket in the members ballot. Games never normally sell out this quick, do they?!
  2. Sloppy final 5 there but otherwise complete dominance and should really have had at least 1 more!
  3. Ward Justin Morgan Soyuncu Fuchs Hamza Praet Tielemans Gray Perez Albrighton 2-0 win (Perez and Gray)
  4. He was our captain when we won the PL - he can do what he wants.
  5. He’s an asset. I’d be comfortable with playing him up top if Vards got injured/suspended, he can play out on the right cutting in which allows Ricardo to cause havoc, or he could again play up front in a two if we play a diamond. He probably isn’t a £30m player but he gives us options and is clearly talented.
  6. Normally, yes. But Burnley returned a large chunk of their allocation, so M1 and M2 which are usually used for away fans have been opened up to home fans for the game to fill the stadium up. Hope that makes sense!
  7. Trouble is he’s probably made to look worse by the performances of Ricardo on the other side - think everybody wants a left footed Ricardo, but that Chilly is not. At the moment if we were to continue our model of selling one big player a summer, then he would be my pick if we could get circa £60m for him. I think he is replaceable and we could even improve our team with another left back. That being said, he’s our player, an academy graduate and he cares about the club. We certainly shouldn’t be in a rush to get rid of him and some of the criticism he’s taken recently has been a little harsh in my view!
  8. “I can’t see a way I’ll be annoyed if we lose” I said.
  9. Our next 9 games are very favourable. We have to start them strongly with a win here. Harsh on him, but I’d probably bring Perez in for Praet for this one, with Madders moving back into the centre. 2-0 us I reckon (Perez and Youri)
  10. Schmeichel Justin Morgan Benkovic Fuchs Choudhury Praet Tielemans Gray Vardy Albrighton Subs: Ward, Evans, Ndidi, Madders, Barnes, Nacho, Perez
  11. Is anybody else on mobile continually getting an ‘accept cookies’ page every time they change thread? Just started happening to me this morning...
  12. Schmeichel Justin Evans Soyuncu Chilwell Ndidi Youri Madders Ricardo Vardy Barnes Subs: Ward, Morgan, Hamza, Praet, Albrighton, Perez, Gray. I’ll go for a 1-1 draw - Youri with ours.
  13. I reckon the group of twenty he alluded to may likely be outfield players. Keepers go off separately and train and then come in for 11 v 11, shooting drills etc I’d imagine.
  14. Poor records are there to be broken. 2-1 us!
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