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  1. Unpopular opinion: Fuchs offers more in an attacking sense than Chilwell. Clearly Chilly is still superior overall but he can’t cross/shoot to save his life!
  2. While he had a good game breaking up play, you can’t help but feel Wilf really slows us down when attacking.
  3. I don’t think he does. He’s not afraid to make big calls which is great - a far cry from Puel playing him up top away to Spurs!
  4. Offside is offside whether by 1mm or 5 yards. Don’t get why people are moaning - it doesn’t fall under “clear and obvious” as it’s a completely factual decision.
  5. Silly question but does the EFL loan window close at the same time as the transfer window today?
  6. Looks like Ndukwu is off to Southend on loan judging by a few things going round on twitter.
  7. I’m sure there’s been a thread like this before but I couldn’t find it easily. Looking for laptop recommendations please. Not looking for anything special, just a strong computer for word processing and document creation. Looking at a maximum of £400 ish. Pretty important that it runs quiet. My current laptop is a pile of shite and sounds like a jet engine a lot of the time. Speaking of which, I’d preferably not a want a HP again. Thanks
  8. I think it all boils down to the fact that ultimately, some people will be bothered and some people won’t. If you’re not for whatever reason (like me) - good for you, no need to rip in to people for being more bothered, ultimately these people might save you a few quid somewhere down the line if it goes far enough. If you are - fair play. It is a bit of a ‘stealth’ move and if you’re genuinely annoyed/frustrated at it then you have a right to vent this. I don’t see the need for a mass debate over it - it’s all opinions.
  9. That half summed Demarai Gray up completely...
  10. Mate Danny Simpson would be invaluable for you guys I reckon. In Europe in recent years I’ve noticed your defensive fragility as one of your biggest downfalls, and I don’t think there are many better out-and-out defensive full backs than Simmo out there. Would be a very astute piece of business by you guys I think.
  11. Sorry if it’s been covered, but what’s the reason Ghezzal didn’t make the squad on Saturday?
  12. I would too. Weren’t we looking at him when he was playing in Spain?
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