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  1. stevebrock

    David Wagner

    Totally agree
  2. stevebrock

    Ticket arrangements for Chelsea FA game (not ideal)

    Exactly someone’s rattled ST holders given priority & rightly so
  3. stevebrock

    Fleetwood Ticket Details

    Well sorry I’m on 287 - didn’t realise
  4. stevebrock

    Fleetwood Ticket Details

    well im on 237 points - its allowing me to buy a ticket
  5. stevebrock

    Burnley (H) Post Match Thread 1 - 0

    And are a wounded animal
  6. stevebrock

    Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    What a load of rubbish - how can we be in a false position ? How have you come to this conclusion
  7. stevebrock

    Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    Think our club is being mismanaged from the top down ( Rudkin ) Shakespeare remit was to save from relegation He did that - but ain't the man for job - shouldn't be cutting his teeth on job to get us back in Europe which the owners want - should of took charge of u23s Spent a lot of money again Will give him the benefit of my doubt when everyone available for selection - another 5 games In hindsight had no choice to play king yesterday 2 big home games coming - if Stoke can go to anfield & not lose I expect us to not lose too at home Or are my expectations to high
  8. stevebrock

    So.... A positive window ??

    So you actually think he will drop Wes ? He better !!
  9. stevebrock

    Demari Gray's Attitude

    Agree with the above
  10. stevebrock

    Demari Gray's Attitude

    Gray needs coaching is he being coached ? This is the mangers job to coach this out of him - yes ? Since he's been here he hasn't improved - yes I know he needs game tine but there's a reason he's second choice yes he shines in cup games but I think he would be totally lost for 90 mins in a PL game Also are you not allowed to voice your opinion on here anymore without being told to go &'support someone else ??????
  11. stevebrock

    Battlefield 1

    gonna give it a go tonight when kids in bed - is this a weapon i need to find/collect? off a dead emery?
  12. stevebrock

    Battlefield 1

    crikey im lost - I'm such a noob
  13. stevebrock

    Battlefield 1

    thanks for your help - yep gonna give it a good blast tonight
  14. stevebrock

    Battlefield 1

    i know I'm late to the party - just got this on PS4 - bloody hell its hard on easy level - playing the campaign - bit of a newbie any tips ? Loved medal of honour on my Nintendo Cube - haven't touched a console for over 15 years so getting back into it -
  15. stevebrock

    CL Quarter Final Draw

    I'm happy with whoever we get - this is beyond out wildest dreams it will be an occasion either way