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  1. Exactly. It only looks like now we may finally be getting over the Drinkwater/Silva problems. Yes we got good money for Drinkwater but the knock on effect was a disaster. We need a decent amount of time to spend the Maguire money if he goes, well.
  2. They have they just don't want to pay for it
  3. Has he though? It doesn't seem like any of the top 6 are beating a path to his door to sign him as their number 1 priority. Lucky for us.
  4. Or he might think that we could be a very good stepping stone for his career. If we get a reputation for trying to stop anyone leaving then that may put off players joining too. It's a balancing act.
  5. Could have been Tielemans that didn't want the option for us to buy at that time. Tottenham are a far bigger draw, let's face it, especially for a player with no experience of the prem. Fortunately he seems to have really enjoyed his time at the club. Just thinking aloud but the only thing that makes sense if they could have had an option to buy and we couldn't.
  6. desertfox2


    We should be trying to sign up the guy negotiating contracts/DOF of Sporting. This would be the 3rd time they have had our pants down if true.
  7. desertfox2


    "like I always say, if you're old enough, you're good enough" Mike Bassett
  8. With all the good that has come since we were lucky enough for the family to buy us they can do what they like as far as I'm concerned. Thailand as a place has a completely different culture to their Monarchy than we do. If a few messages of support to their king means we keep progressing then as I said they can do what they like. Just buy Tielemans
  9. Playing them off the park. Everything but the goals.
  10. Junior Lewis may have got player of the season
  11. Exactly. I can't understand this kind of we should feel bad for Celtic thing from some people. What about when they took Martin O Neill on from us or when they signed Lennon both of which played a part in us getting relegated and very nearly not having a club anyone. I don't remember much sympathy towards us nor would it be expected. It's football. Same as when a bigger club comes in and takes one of our players. It's annoying and disappointing but we just have to suck it up and get on with it as it's the way the game is now.
  12. To be fair we have had some pretty terrible managers. Spot on with the cup, that really grated. We should be having a go in the cups.
  13. Not sure what you have seen that I haven't but it's a game of opinions.
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