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  1. Drinkwater

    A huge opportunity to sit on the bench. I just can't see him starting for Chelsea unless others are injured.
  2. Does Shakespeare have any input on transfers

    There's a potential world class player in Gray. And I know that term is banded about a lot but it's there. The worry is as you said he's no further developed in terms of impact on the pitch yet than when he first joined. Didn't he come on against spurs in the cup in one of his first games or 1st game and almost score a wondergoal? I get that he wants and needs to be playing but he's never made himself undroppable yet. If he sorts his end product he could go right to the very top but he's right on the line now between being a great player or a waste of talent.
  3. Who do you want Summer 2017

    If we have to lose Drinkwater. We need to get enough to activate Nzonzi release clause and should already have the feelers out. He may go to a bigger club but get Iborra on the phone. Those 2 together haven't done bad in the past. Otherwise losing DD could really leave us in trouble.
  4. Drinkwater

    This is starting to look more likely than Mahrez leaving. Really hope we have someone very decent lined up. Strange/worrying that there's no links to anyone recent that would be a decent replacement. There's almost always a leak. Hope that any add ons are not appearance based.
  5. Drinkwater

    True. As did Sven allegedly. 32m for Kante is unbelievable value with values now. Imagine losing him for 20m then again our transfer business up until last summer was 1st class. This summer jury is still out. It could still end up being a very good window or an absolute disaster that could jeopardize our prem status. The window needs to shut before a ball is kicked in the league. Over midway through August and 2 weeks could be the difference between fighting for europe or fighting relegation. Then again we are Leicester that's just how we roll for as long as I can remember. Always a rollercoaster
  6. Andros Townsend...

    most of the players in the league probably have gambling issues. Making fortunes and time on their hands.
  7. Tom Lawrence to Derby - Done

    Seems a confidence player. And he has none as soon as a proper match starts. Just don't see him as a winger. He would probably do well in the prem playing the Vardy role. On the shoulder of the defender with pace to burn as he can finish. But he's never going to start unless Vardy is out and even then we would probably start KI or Slim if he stays over Musa.
  8. George Hirst

    Looks like we are doing a Roma.
  9. Jonny Evans

    August is the month of bad backs... Must be great being able to say I can't work this month I've got a bad back and still get paid then join another company on a huge pay rise. Different world.
  10. Jonny Evans

    Saw him once
  11. Gylfi Sigurdsson

    Would change nothing. Just make us look incompetent. He's going Everton. Done deal.
  12. Harvey Barnes- Barnsley (loan)

    Exactly. He will play at Barnsley and they did a great job with James. He's only 19 did well in L1 let him have a bash at the championship and then if he does as well there try and get him in our squad. A player settling like Dele Alli did is rare and Alli is a bit bigger.
  13. Tom Lawrence

    Shame it hasn't worked out but with not long left on his contract probably right to cash in and only fair to let him go and play/settle somewhere. Some of his goals were unbelievable last year for Ipswich, but have to have faith in Shakey on this one. He's seen him all pre-season and clearly thinks we have or can get better players in. Man U felt the same before when we signed him for them. (no need to mention Pogba, Michael Keane etc) Would have hoped someone other than Derby would have taken him though in the championship. And as mentioned by others amazing Ipswich wasn't all over this unless they are short of funds.
  14. Superbru Head to Head

    Feeling smug.......
  15. BHA pre match

    Man city had to really work hard for the win. They will be tough to break down if they set up the same way. Should win still but can see it needing patience.