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  1. The Iborra Thread

    Did ok. But bit worried he's not quick enough on the ball or direct enough to suit our style of play. Hopefully it comes with game time.
  2. Poll - Shakey In or Out?

    Tried to avoid posting too much last night. Any decent manager would have smelt blood immediately when Myhill got injured. Gone for the juguler and just keep on shooting and putting balls in the box and won the game. We have a really bad points return against the top 6 so the only chance we have of not being in a relegation battle is by winning these kind of home games. If we continue like this we are in big trouble this season. With the way west brom set up surely the best chance to beat them is to have players driving at their defence. They play too deep at the KP for the ball over the top to Vardy to work. The game was crying out for Gray to run at them. Why make a sub during added time when we needed every last second of the time added on to have a chance to win. You only do that to see a game out and a draw at home to west brom with their main keeper out and their 2nd keeper injured is the kind of result that puts you in a relegation battle. With the amount of money we have spent it's just not good enough.
  3. Iheanacho

    Needs to play and score against Leeds. Very low on confidence but hasn't really had any chances to score. Once he scores one sure he will come good. Although he's probably thinking being a striker at Man City was a lot easier.
  4. West Brom Post Match

    Very, very poor. They had a 1 legged keeper for most of the 2nd half. Any other side in the league at home would have capitalized on that and won the game. Just shoot and put the ball in the box every time we get it and we win that game. We are playing like relegation candidates.
  5. Name this Leicester team

    2 GTF late reply doh!
  6. 2017/18 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    Would be great to see but extremely unlikely. Personally don't even like the word owner for someone that takes over a club. They are basically custodians. How can someone own something with so much history and fans that were there long before and will be there after the club changes hands.
  7. Always felt we were progressing under Pearson. His signings were excellent and the club was run 1st class top to bottom. Can you imagine being the person at fault for the DD/Silva mess up if Pearson was around? It just seems like we are getting worse and not just the results.
  8. is ndidi injured

    Probably. And the scary thing is we can't even get 2 decent players on the pitch in the middle at the moment never mind 3.
  9. Our most intelligent player?

    Marc is bright.
  10. Raul Meireles

    By the time Shakespeare would say he was fit to play Ndidi and Silva would be back anyway.
  11. Someone needs sacking

    Good point. Regardless there is something fundamentally wrong right now. It's not that long ago we were very professionally run all the way through.
  12. Someone needs sacking

    Out of the last 14 signings and 157m spent only 2 players have managed to become 1st team regulars. Maguire and Ndidi. That is woeful. This Silva fiasco is just the latest in what has been an absolute shambles of recruitment policy for the past 4 Windows.
  13. Next City Manager?

    Hello Ian....
  14. Dael Fry

    Isn't that a type of curry?
  15. The “Sean From Enderby” Thread

    To be fair everything he said there is true. Like him or not.