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  1. Full backs who can pass and cross?

    Unfortunately they are still upgrades on what we have and realistic. I'd be surprised if Spurs sold Trippier to us but no doubting his quality. I think that ship sailed a while ago.
  2. Full backs who can pass and cross?

    Probably our best bet. Double raid with Cedric Soares.
  3. Tempers were flaring
  4. 40pts ... the magical milestone achieved in March

    Could have been relegated had he not been appointed. Get your point but easy to forget when he came in we would have taken survival. By no means perfect but he's earned a full summer and half a season after to get a proper judgement imo. It will be interesting to see his signings.
  5. I'd imagine he uses part of his billions to pay the right person to extend it or pays someone else to take the duty free rights in another country that has similar revenue that wants his investment. Anyone that can run basically the most expensive shop in Thailand and become the 388th richest man in the world on the back of it will have something up his sleeve. No worries.
  6. Leicester Vs Chelsea FA Cup

    Yeah that's why I said final. Then it's 50/50 or Que sera. Didn't explain that too well admittedly. Had a long weekend.....
  7. Leicester Vs Chelsea FA Cup

    Got to be out of 100.... He was what would have happened had Ali Dia been a first team regular at Southampton.
  8. Leicester Vs Chelsea FA Cup

    Please Puel full strength. We can win this if we do. Out of interest FA cup final or Europa league for everyone? I'd take 8th and FA cup final personally then come what may. European tour would be fun and more games but despite some clubs not taking it seriously the fa cup is the fa cup especially after we have been so close historically.
  9. Pair of sixes for me. Odd how we all watch the same game yet see it different. Beauty of football I suppose. Agree with you on the 3 for Simpson being bizarre. It was a typical Simpson performance nothing spectacular but solid, and put in a decent shift.
  10. Bang Average

    40 points from 30 games most teams would take that. Are we supposed to be finishing higher than Arsenal? Spurs? With a new manager without a full summer and a really bad start. Delusions of grandeur springs to mind.
  11. Danny Simpson

    Can see him going this summer assuming Puel stays. Round peg square hole and all that. Be sad to see him go which shows just how good he has been for us. Part of football though.
  12. Puel

    He's changing to more possession based football with attacking full backs and hasn't had a full summer to bring in players that suit that system. It's frustrating watching at times but he has to be given a full summer before we get too critical. We got worse before we got better with Pearson. It's easy to forget that. We are definitely short of the type of players required to fit his style.
  13. How Was Your Day?

    Would hazard a guess that Salalah is a bit more pleasing on the eye than Liverpool. probable useless bit of information but Salah means prayer in Arabic... Too long in Gulf. I'll make Salah we win the league again and that I get to go Salalah before Liverpool unless back home and get away tickets then forget Salalah UTF who needs wheels on your car if we can win at Anfield
  14. How Was Your Day?

    Don't worry they will probably miss you when your gone. Good luck with your new job.
  15. How Was Your Day?

    Are you still in Dubai on Friday? Brunches are good value relatively for Dubai. You can usually get all you can eat and drink for 200aed for 4-5 hours. Depends on how quick you can drink but usually get more than your money's worth all things considered. Most of the Irish places have pork. As you've no doubt realized 5 quid for a pint isn't too bad in Dubai or Middle East. Most places are about 10$ and there's a lot of places 10 quid+ crazy I know.. If you hunt about a bit though some places do a bucket of bottles (5) for 100 aed. Smaller hotels usually. Last time I was in Qatar you had to take your passport to go in a bar... If and its a big if they do keep the world cup can you imagine all the lost passports..... It may have changed now as that was a few years ago. And was there 3 weeks in Ramadan before. Completely dry. Was bored crazy. Weeks in a hotel room by yourself as nowhere to go but eat gets really old fast. Anyway. Hope you have a good time for rest of your trip.