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  1. Junior Lewis may have got player of the season
  2. Exactly. I can't understand this kind of we should feel bad for Celtic thing from some people. What about when they took Martin O Neill on from us or when they signed Lennon both of which played a part in us getting relegated and very nearly not having a club anyone. I don't remember much sympathy towards us nor would it be expected. It's football. Same as when a bigger club comes in and takes one of our players. It's annoying and disappointing but we just have to suck it up and get on with it as it's the way the game is now.
  3. To be fair we have had some pretty terrible managers. Spot on with the cup, that really grated. We should be having a go in the cups.
  4. Not sure what you have seen that I haven't but it's a game of opinions.
  5. We do talk ourselves down a bit. In terms of racism etc generally we tend to be one of the best/least. Puel's nationality had nothing to do with it and I don't see how we have a xenophobic fan base that's just simply not true
  6. It's gone way too far hopefully Chelsea see sense and get rid regardless of Sarri staying or going. Rest of the season in the reserves and get him gone as soon as possible. Unbelievable
  7. That was really ugly from Kepa. There has to be a line and he went miles over it
  8. Pearson has always taken a bit of time to get going doubtful he would be given that. No doubt he did a great job both times with us, could sour the memory if he came back though and even he used to get a lot of stick. Maybe he was right about delusions of grandeur.
  9. Sousa cringe. That was a bad time to be a fan. He's done quite well elsewhere but with us just didn't work. Forget who we had in defence but not our best and playing out from the back with extremely limited players was tough to watch....
  10. Can Gray be improved though? It's getting to the point where potential just hadn't morphed into a proper player. Probably right on Chilwell. Puel did give him a chance though. It's easy to see that is the right decision now but at the time a lot of managers would have stuck with Fuchs. Tactics and style of play horrendous but he does play youth.
  11. Didn't he take over a Swansea side that were decent anyway? Back in the old Championship days (nice to be able to use the past tense) seem to remember it only being a matter of time til they went up.
  12. Wow. It's football in general though not just us.
  13. Out of interest since O Neill who has lasted longest with us? Can't think of anyone lasting very long.
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