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  1. Even better was that it was just after Sanchez had posted a picture of a split lip from Fuchs throwing the ball at him
  2. Great guy and total legend with a great sense of humour. Shame about his free kick abilily, or lack thereof, although he said they always crept in the top corner in training and wouldn't want to argue with him....
  3. desertfox2

    Kasper Schmeichel...

    It's not that simple. What happens if we get rid of Puel and the same thing happens to the next manager? The players seem to have, or think they have way too much power. Something needs to be done to address that. If it was simply a choice of Kasper and Vardy or Puel, I would bin Puel in a heartbeat, but if it's a choice between Leicester City F.C and Kasper or Vardy then it's a no brainer. 2 of my favorite players ever but don't let the door hit your arse on the way out if it's negatively impacting our club.
  4. desertfox2

    Kasper Schmeichel...

    I know what you mean but can see the other side too. It's just happening far too often now, ever since we won the league. The senior players seem to try and get rid of the manager or second guess every move then throw a strop to get him removed. Not just Puel, it's every manager since Pearson including Ranieri who also did so much for the club. It's not necessarily a defence of Puel it's that it has happened way too much and is something we need out of the club. As good as the unity was during the title win, since then the atmosphere has turned toxic far too often. If Kasper's dad is relaying how he feels then he would leave us for any of the big 6 right away if he could but can't because they have better Keeper's so he wouldn't play. Yet he still feels it's ok to try and get a mutiny against the manager going. I love Kasper but if that is true and the old guard have that much power over the club then we do need to start moving them on as quickly as possible regardless of who the next manager might be or if Puel stays. They only have a couple of years left anyway. The young players who are our future seem to like Puel.
  5. desertfox2

    Spurs Away Post Match 3-1

    Riskier not to. Time waits for no man.
  6. desertfox2

    Spurs Away Post Match 3-1

    So basically Kasper would ditch us for a bigger club right away if he could, but can't because they have better Keeper's. Still wants to dictate who should be the manager though. I love Kasper but this isn't good in any way.
  7. desertfox2


    Great debut. Looking forward to seeing if he is what we have been missing against more compact sides.
  8. desertfox2

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    Tielemans has been immense. Very impressive from what is an incredibly young side.
  9. desertfox2

    The dieting thread

    Thanks. Vitamins are more because I'm not really breaking the fast with the most healthy things, which should probably be the next goal. Pretty much eat anything which suits me as I love food a bit too much. I've actually managed to get up to 6 days which is probably excessive and a cheat day on the weekend. I eat dinner every night but thats it for almost 24 hours. Just water and black coffee. Hahaha going to bed dreaming of egg on toast. That I can definitely relate to. There's a good podcast with Joe Rogan and GSP (the UFC guy on YouTube) amazing that he can work out as he does and still intermittent fast.. says it changed his life. Has mine. Worth a look if you get a chance. Best of luck with your fast.
  10. desertfox2

    The dieting thread

    Nice one. Been doing the intermittent fasting for 6 weeks. Worked wonders so far down almost 8kg. Ive struggled with every other diet but this intermittent fasting has worked. First week was tough especially around midday as blood sugar was probably low but after that it's easy and feel way better. Plus there's no real limit to what you can eat at dinner time so that suits me. Probably not for everyone but does work. Multivitamins have probably helped too. As that was the biggest concern becoming deficient in something. Lots of water too to beat any hunger issues but don't really get them anymore.
  11. desertfox2


    Thanks for your post. Inspiring.
  12. desertfox2

    Andy King - Derby fan in peace...

    He could potentially smash it in the championship. Good finisher when he's really on form and who better than Lampard for someone in that role. Hard working. Gurns a lot
  13. desertfox2

    Pearson sacked

    Job security is about as good as he could get. It would probably take a really special offer for Howe to leave Bournemouth. Leaving to go anywhere else will be a big risk.
  14. desertfox2

    Man Utd Home Post Match 0-1

    He's only just came back, played a few matches looked pretty decent so far and is still young. It might be a little bit early to write him off.....