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  1. Not in the Burnley team tonight, apparently a 'toe injury'
  2. Yes, disappointing really
  3. Apologies for the inconvenience
  4. Spoken to a good friend of his tonight and he's not interested in coming here. He's happy enough picking up 30k plus per week at Bournemouth apparently. Only move he would be keen on is man utd. Only telling you what I've been told. Would have liked him here, think he would have fitted in well.
  5. This is 100% not happening
  6. Agree with the above comments. Looks slick, simple to play etc... Perhaps the first 25 levels are too similar though, as in too easy. My son, who is 14, glanced over to see what I was playing and said it looked boring (although he's probably not your target audience). The game gets much better from level 26 onwards but I'm the type of person who downloads quite a lot of games, I'll play for 10 mins or so and if it doesn't hook me I just delete it and download something else. 10 or so of the simple levels would probably be enough before you introduced more blocks or another aspect to the puzzles. Loved the fact that there were no ads until level 30. The animations and sounds are pretty spot on and overall it looks really well polished. I'd imagine that this isn't your first app, what other ones have you made?
  7. That Azpilicurta guy looks pretty good in comparison...
  8. According to dulux its called velvet dream....
  9. Good to see they've got a top sorted for Mr Tickle this year...
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