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  1. Stereo MCs in Holmfirth in 2 weeks. Not listened to them in 20+ years, no idea what to expect. Just a night out isn't it...
  2. Cannot believe how many empty seats there are at the etihad. I know it's only Cardiff, but for the size of the city, their fan base and potential to do the quadruple it's unfathomable.
  3. Got a spare ticket for easy life in Leicester on Saturday night if anyone wants one
  4. Those Scottish women just look so Scottish...
  5. Wakeyfox


    Yeah, we used to do more perm stuff but just got sick of people taking an age to get back to you on anything... The temp stuff is really fast paced - usually have people out working the day after they've been in to see us - been doing it for 20 years and still love it, not really like a job. Which industry do you recruit for?
  6. Wakeyfox


    Mainly temp cover in the distribution sector. We're based in Wakefield so cover most of West and south Yorkshire, which has a huge number of distribution companies.
  7. Mark Rockwell probably has a cooler job though...
  8. Wakeyfox


    Own a recruitment agency
  9. Easy life in Leicester next sat. Will probably be the oldest person there!
  10. We used to have no problems getting served in the Stamford Arms or The Brant in Groby at 16 (1990ish) - they just used to ask if we were 18! My oldest lad is now nearly 18 (in July) but cannot get served anywhere these days without a fake ID, (which most kids seem to have).
  11. Going to see black grape in Notts on sat
  12. He's not playing against Rotherham or Ipswich?
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