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  1. There's about 1000 in the family stand left.... To be honest, I usually sit in there with my 13 year old, but as the tickets were cheap everywhere we've taken advantage of this to sit above the dugouts in the main stand for a change. Does this mean I'm in trouble?
  2. Looking for a sunshine beach / family holiday in April and considering Dominican republic. Has anyone been at this time of year and how was it?
  3. Loved Lloyd's goal at Bolton that secured the Championship. But probably Vardy's volley vs Liverpool for me.
  4. BREAKING NEWS Liverpool and Manchester City are better then us... Thats all, get a grip
  5. We're playing the world and European champions. Calm down
  6. Third from left is Mahalia. Struggling with the 2 on the left though
  7. Knowing us we'll probably walk away with 5 points from these 2 games.
  8. Little gig my mate is putting on Saturday night if anyone's in town...
  9. In seasons gone by I would have been concerned that we might slip up in a game like this. Now I have 100% confidence that brendan will get the team selsction and tactics spot on, making any changes to positively impact the game wherever required. I don't think I've ever felt this way before...
  10. With his left, with his right He'll be scoring goals all night Leicester's midfield magician In the famous blue and white
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