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  1. Oh what a night Stuffed Southampton on a Friday night We scored 9 because we're dynamite Love this team, oh what a night.
  2. There's something that the Leicester boys want you to know, He's best in the world he's from Sheffield. Our Number 9, Give him the ball and he'll score every time. Si Senor, Get the ball to Vardy and he will score! A straight rip off from Wolves but it's such a tune innit...
  3. Wrong thread mate, this is Kane / Vardy chat...
  4. Someone was offside I think, wouldn't have stood anyway but a top class save nonetheless
  5. Just got back from Lara Beach, did the 5* all inclusive and found it great. Only ventured out of the hotel a couple of times and as said above, the shop staff and restaurant staff are very pushy, but I suppose they're just desperate for trade. You just have to give them a firm but cheery 'no thanks' and keep moving... There's a row of about 10 big hotels on Lara Beach, we stayed at the Delphin Imperial and have to say it was probably the best all inclusive hotel we've been to, and we've done quite a lot few over the years. The staff were fantastic and the whole hotel was really well organised. However, never done Croatia so couldn't comment on that...
  6. Wayne Rooney's screams as he wakes up in a cold sweat...
  7. It's my 13 year old lads first away game so I'm praying it's a good one...
  8. Just sent a fiver, keep up the good work!
  9. Absolutely amazing guy. Maybe not going to be in or around the team but you can see how much he loves it here. Hope he comes back as a coach in the future.
  10. You still looking for these? Drop me a message if so...
  11. Would love 1 or 2 refs/tickets for this. Only live half an hour away so remember me if anyone drops out at the last minute!!! Thanks
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