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  1. What has happened to Ricardo? He used to fly up the wing and cut in, make things happen. Now its 10 yards forwards, turn and pass back. Same on the other side. Just too passive all round really...
  2. Could have been a flag, hard to judge the scale as well. Maybe put a banana next to it. BTW, I do quite like it
  3. We won 3-1 by the way!
  4. What's the deal with the man City but back clause? Be just our luck for him to come to take over from vardy and he's off back to the mancs
  5. Watched the first 2 episodes of the flight attendant last night, enjoying it so far. Quite like the styling if the spilt screens bits etc. Anyone else had a look at it?
  6. I'd had a 50 inch LG plasma for about 10 years and then upgraded to an OLED 55 inch in the black Friday deals. The difference is day and night, never spent this much on a TV but so glad I did... https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/tv-and-home-entertainment/televisions/televisions/lg-oled55bx6lb-55-smart-4k-ultra-hd-hdr-oled-tv-with-google-assistant-amazon-alexa-10212942-pdt.html Was going to get a soundbar as well, but the sound quality from the TV is excellent, far better than I thought possible from the small inbuilt speakers. They fire downwards and we've got it mounted f
  7. I'd love the idea of playing around with her
  8. Lucky enough to run my own business and my company car is up for renewal in November and I'm pretty sure I'm going electric. The personal tax benefit will save me nearly £3000 a year in tax, I'll save about £1000 per year in fuel costs and the cost of the lease is tax deductible against the corporation tax, so in effect the lease cost will be 20% less. The higher cost of EV vs their petrol or diesel equivalents doesn't make it so attractive to personal customers, but from a business point of view it makes sense. Pretty sure I'm going down the Tesla route (3)
  9. Have you travelled or just doing it off a TV?
  10. Mark lawrenson with his finger on the pulse as usual... Leicester v Liverpool (12:30 GMT) Leicester striker Jamie Vardy got another half-hour under his belt in his comeback from hernia surgery when he came off the bench to help them beat Brighton in the FA Cup on Wednesday. Pretty sure vardy played the first hour and then made way for the nacho man...
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