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  1. Every time my beloved asks how it was in our post-coital analysis I say "amazing", but secretly think to myself "not even close to Feb - May 2016". Just my little tribute.
  2. Wakeyfox

    first city game

    Feb 1983, my uncle took me and we beat wolves 5-0. Lineker, lynex and Smith scored. Great start... Just seen the above post as well. Spooky
  3. Wakeyfox

    The Car thread

    You can get it fixed and won't need an entire replacement.
  4. Probably be easier to have a look through a window, or maybe an open door.
  5. Wakeyfox

    Man Utd Home Match Thread

    Where's Marc?
  6. Wakeyfox

    Liverpool A Match Thread

    At least its still only 1-0
  7. Wakeyfox

    What gigs are you going?

    The streets in sheff next Tuesday. Also, stereo MCs in Hipperholme in April...
  8. Wakeyfox

    Football in 2018 Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 78 seconds  
  9. Wakeyfox

    Bored…. I’m chairman of the bored

    I did a PB of 5 days of dry January this year
  10. Wakeyfox

    Newport away match thread

    I wish they'd show a replay of the goal..
  11. Wakeyfox

    Has Anyone Booked a Holiday Yet?

    Not been as far South as Soma Bay, but you can't really go wrong with any of the well-rated beach resorts anywhere around there. The service is fantastic if you give them a small tip on the first drink - they just keep on coming!
  12. Wakeyfox

    Everton Away Match Thread

    Anyone told rashid we're not playing in blue?
  13. Please let the sweet prince miss...
  14. Rashid is so lightweight. Would have much preferred albrighton