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  1. 11 points from the past 13 games? 17th place based on results since 1st Jan?
  2. They had what, 1 shot in the first half?
  3. All on rodgers this. Terrible half time decision.
  4. Well no, I'd guess 99% of the trouble makers were continually breaking lockdown anyway.
  5. Those 'adult channels' aren't cheap are they?
  6. It's like saying you'd drive 10 minutes after 5 pints to see if you're okay before driving 2 hours.
  7. Without any foundations whatsoever, I reckon another 2 weeks as we are. Then whilst rules will be relaxed they'll still be the request for people to work from home where possible, maybe see office staff starting to do 2 days at work, 3 at home etc. I can't see any public gatherings allowed until end of May.
  8. think they've already managed two or three
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