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  1. Always enjoyed watching the BDO but coverage since the BBC gave it up has been terrible. Camera work makes me want to puke!
  2. Then you get the a whole host of problems in defining 'daylight' a gap between certain body parts, a gap between the entire body? Either way you'd still end up zooming looking for that mm of light between the attacker and the defender.
  3. Sounds like Stringer's prodigy off Radio Leicester!?
  4. Doesn't the 'three strikes and you're out' rule just give them two free goes at doing what they like!?
  5. programme finished... there is hope!
  6. Bluefoxtim


    Just been for a second viewing on a house which was listed as 'offers in excess' of X. Really liked it (even more than the first viewing) and went straight in at X but the seller didn't want to take it off the market as he wanted to allow those that are already booked in the opportunity to see the property (and presumably make a higher offer). Obviously his prerogative and if he thinks he can get more than fair play, but should I have been more insistent that my offer was on the condition that it would be taken off the market?
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