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  1. Thanks I will look into creating adverts it can only help in making it catch on
  2. Thanks you can look but you won’t find...been a Leicester fan for over 30 years I haven’t done any marketing and thought I’d post it in the forum for some feedback...and I’m glad I did.
  3. Thanks a lot I’m glad people like it
  4. Thanks for the comments were looking to change things and give players an opportunity to start in any of the 4 worlds that way we can cater for all abilities
  5. It’s my first app but second attempt I’m hoping to make it into a board game as that’s how it all started
  6. Thanks for the positive feedback.
  7. Thanks...it does get a lot harder as you progress through the levels
  8. Thanks my workmates think I’m crazy for doing this but we only live once so here’s hoping.
  9. Fellow foxes, If anyone likes puzzles i've released a FREE app called Stymied There's 200 levels...it caters for all ages and starts off really easy with only 4 shapes then gets progressively harder...every 25 levels 2 new shapes are added up to a maximum of 18 if you like it please share it and hopefully it can start to take off...reviews on the relative playstore would be greatly appreciated My aim is to create an entire selection of educational products for kids and this is just the start Happy puzzling!!! Apple https://apps.ap
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