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  1. Always liked this fella and kept my eye on his career. Aggressive midfielder, great a through balls with a bit of pace but weak in the air. Reminds me of Koke a bit - He could be utilised for us on the right of a front three (Where Under isn’t right now) but can also play across the middle so may be a good player to sub in for Youri role in order to rest him. Not scored very many goals, just three I think this season out of 20 appearances. Not certain we are in for him - might be just paper talk. I’ll keep you all updated.
  2. At last, a man with a video (not that I’v never heard of him or anything) but I’ll know 95% more than I do now after watching this...
  3. Give TalkSport a couple a weeks and I'm sure they can sort that out.
  4. I agree - I doubt he will because a back five does compromise us as it gives too bigger disconnect in the midfield area - we seem to need that extra body/outlet there to function with any creativity as a team. It's such a headache though as Justin, Fofana, Evans, Soyunco, Castagne and Ricardo can't all play and they all kinda deserve to, unless of course we play four at the back and shift Castagne and Ricardo/Justin into wingers and only play Madisson Barnes Vardy in the front of a 433 resting Tielemans or dropping Ndidi! (And even that to balance overlapping/interchangeable full backs would s
  5. The unseen work he does to press is just outstanding. As soon as we lose the ball he's straight back into a back five running back the length of the pitch, then as soon as the shape is made and any counter threat negated, seconds later he's back up past the half way line as part of the forward press - its thankless but such an unspoken reason of our current success. It's no wonder he looks knackered second half and people make daft comments about his fitness and pace.
  6. I don’t think anybody would disagree with that. Do you mean Kante?
  7. Wouldn't surprise me if he played.
  8. We have the depth at the back and nearly across the middle but not up front - let's hope Vardy can play.
  9. No it does look a bit ragged - are we sharing it with another one of our teams? Women’s or U23’s?
  10. Any chance BR will rest Tielemans so he doesn't lose him for Chelsea?
  11. Yeah, its a conundrum but I'm not ready to call it yet - it's a bit like Justin v Ricardo debate... I think a Soyunco at the top of his game I haven't been reminded of for some time - absence made the heart grow colder? Eventually, Evans won't be playing every game so these two are our future pairing hopefully.
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