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  1. If we are going to play aggressively and go 4-1-4-1 go high line and absolutely go for it - okay. If we are playing 3 at the back then for me there’s no half way house in this. We need to play like we did against Man City and school them in the break like 15/16 tactics but utilising our new greater and quicker range of passing abilities on the break. One or the other please for me Brendan.
  2. This may prove unpopular and to be fair, I won’t be paying for the PPV. But to be clear if a digital season ticket to watch my team on TV at home could be purchased for all Leicester PL games (and preferably all competitions too) I would pay up to £10 a game providing a decent proportion of the revenue went back to the club or spread across all clubs) circa £400 Is like a gym membership or golf club fee or low cost season ticket - especially considering I could maybe cancel all other sport subscription channels which cost £20 plus a month anyway, I’d be happy watching highlights o
  3. Sorry, you’ve lost me! Are you asking how to get a stream if you don’t pay per view the game?
  4. Absolutely. He’s already first team quality in relation to his passing, movement and ability to read the game. He just needs to find form, fitness and confidence - I don’t think his ability has ever been in question. Comparisons with Ghezzal are quite frankly embarrassing.
  5. Maybe I'm being harsh on Nacho but I thought his link up play and passing was great but for his goal he needed too many touches and was gifted it in some ways and failed to score on his best chance... - gotta give credit for his assists and through balls though but I just can't at the moment see him stepping it up to be credible week in week out in the PL. He is however young and talented and I hope he proves my doubts wrong and makes me wish I'd included him in my Fantasy Team! G'won Nacho!
  6. If we had a full compliment of squad available I reckon we could be considered having a real shot. As it stands, we have a shot but it's more of an outside one!
  7. Meh he’s a different type of player. Give him time.
  8. I like that - makes a real difference. I work on screens most of the day these days and have to turn the brightness down to prevent headaches so this will be a blessing!
  9. A comprehensive win would be great. I do like to see a few players score some well worked goals and get their confidence up. Would love to see Under, Barnes and Tielemans on the score sheet.
  10. Cheers, I didn’t get past BT Sport 12&3!
  11. I thought this was on BT Sport? I can’t see it though on the guide? Anybody know where its on?
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