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  1. Apparently so! Wow that's a moment eh? I must have typed Moore and meant Thomas!
  2. 4123 looks good... Ricardo Fofana Soy/Evans Moore/Goose / Castagne .................................Ndidi .....................Tielemans Madders .....................Daka Vardy Barnes
  3. I hope so or it'll be 433 with: Tielemans Ndidi Soumare Daka Vardy Barnes
  4. Agree, I'm a bit worried about 433 as well in terms of creativity and no room for an ACM... I'd prefer 4-1-4-1 or 4-2-3-1 we just don't have any really penetration in other formations for me.
  5. Club. By a country mile. In fact that's not enough. I was little more attached to England when club players were in the side. But my interest wained hugely now we haven't. I'll watch and I'll want us to win but we play shite football under Southgate. I have almost equal interest in watching Turkey and Belgium and even the other sides who we have transfer interests in players... Honestly, I really love an underdog and have connections to Wales and Scotland and want them to progress. There are things I love about England as
  6. Well he's not German but he is a left footed right winger that can hit a penalty (all of them) down the middle.
  7. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/leicester-city-transfer-news-berardi-5548975 £43million
  8. Daka, a Goose and Soumaré would be sound business. We desperately though require wingers unless we are moving to totally rely on wing backs which would be devastating from a spectator football quality point of view. But needs must because even if we buy a right winger, we need a left winger as well both as an understudy and until Barnes is fit... Are we really going to spend over a £100 million in one window?
  9. So, we have made a bid of 17 million and it’s been turned down with them rumoured to want 30 million. Player also rumoured to want to stay in the same league which can’t be true, so basically we offer £25 million and he’s ours?
  10. Nick

    Patson Daka

    No, that will be Perez I reckon in that formation. Barnes for me would come in on the left of a 433 Or if we don't get a right winger, and need or want to play a 442 or 4141 would feature on the left side of midfield with Daka playing right wing until Vardy comes off and being replaced with Albrighton perhaps with Daka moving up front.
  11. Nick

    Peter Walton

    Pete is a lovely fella and an experienced ref having spent a lot of time outside of the uk running refereeing excellence centre developments since finishing up in the PL. He's helped me out a few times, lives near me and is sound. Back off peeps! N.
  12. Nick

    Patson Daka

    Maybe it’s back to diamond with marauding full backs! Ricardo Fofana Soyunco Castagne ...................Ndidi ...Tielemans..............Soumaré ................Maddison ...........Daka..........Vardy
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