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  1. Nick

    The gym

    I would, yeah. You can do either 3,4 or 5 days a week and pick from a range of exercises per muscle group depending on what equipment you have access to at home or in the gym. It’s a programme for people who aren’t really in Year 2-3 of experienced lifting who are reaching plateaus etc - it’s basically designed for people like you. Look up Bigger Leaner Stronger on the web or just buy the book off amazon or whatever. Calorie counting is important but to the end that really you should eat good stuff and not overeat. The idea is as a novice you can get bigger leaner stronger and lose weight whil
  2. Looking at Liverpool and Spurs' fixtures its really hard not to be a little pessimistic – but also looking at their performances of late, it's also conceivable they will drop points. But it's hard not to think we won't need wins against West Brom, Southampton, Palace & Newcastle to end up where we want to be as we no longer have the points buffer of any great significance to accommodate losses.
  3. Any AJ / Fury developments that anybody knows of?
  4. Nick

    The gym

    You don’t get a J until you’ve dropped a couple of Kilos.
  5. Nick

    The gym

    Nope 6ft and XL 😂 started cutting in November and just ran. I’d lost 5Kg as of a month ago when I went back to lifting. Protein shake for breakfast, salad lunch and meat/fish veg at night. No bread, chocolate, crisps nadda. A bit of fruit and walnuts if I’m nibbly! Started at 88kg plus and I’m sub 83 at the moment.
  6. Nick

    The gym

    I'm just going into week 4 of Bigger Leaner Stronger. I've tried so many programmes over the years involving different muscle groups but never quite managed to train 5 days a week with weights and run and walk as extra without getting injured or simply not having the time. This fella designs his training into lifting heavy but short reps 4-6 and only 3 sets with 2-4 mins rest in between and only 4 exercises per day so only 45 mins needed. I'm doing it on my lunch hour in combination with only eating about 1700 calories a day so for the first 6 months I'll be cutting and gaining whi
  7. Oh mate, I'm absolutely devastated for you. Big love to you and yours. N.
  8. If he has warned them and told them specifically what's required and they go do what it's been reported that they have, as manager he needs to sort this. O'Neil ruled with an iron fist - I remember him waiting outside the hotel after curfew and players trying to sneak in who had been out late absolutely crapping themselves that they'd be caught like naughty school kids... Whilst players will be spoilt dicks, it's part and parcel of being paid so much and being entitled and young and selfish – the buck stops with the manager and he needed to nip an incident in the bud, considering the wider cul
  9. Let’s go with a whole months wages plus a hairdresser, tattoo, social media and PlayStation/Xbox/esports ban.
  10. We have nobody that can get Vards in the ball. Maybe get Amartey and Praet off, go to a back four and Tavares and Albrighton on?
  11. https://m.facebook.com/DoubleDownNews/videos/266835104989680/?refsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fm.facebook.com%2Fwatch%2F&_rdr
  12. After reading this thread the things I’ve found myself agreeing with the most are bans/cards for deliberate cheating.
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