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  1. And in winter it means there's been a draught in your house all day so it's fvcking freezing when you get home
  2. I basically did the keto thing a few years ago before I even knew it had a name - cut out pasta/potato/bread etc, don't deny yourself fats and just ate less and coupled that with a daily bike ride Lost a stone in 2-3 days, lost another stone about a week after that, lost another stone a few weeks after that. It's really effective. Carbs are what keep the flab on, which is a shame as you basically have to divorce chip butties 😟
  3. Terribly sorry I will of course be watching every minute of that
  4. Mmm well a bit of Steph Houghton in slow motion never hurt anyone
  5. Plus ZERO football, not even a Euros or World Cup or Olympics. Nothing 😥
  6. Just buy the socks and stitch them to the sleeves and cut hand holes out
  7. Hopefully the FA will do too, they're both equally shit and poor
  8. Is there ANY way we could still see Burnley relegated? Can someone with a bit of knowhow do some number crunching and work out they are actually in administration in the next couple of hours?
  9. Wait till the FA finds out I set the school fire alarm off once when I was 14. There wasn't even a fire, just thought it'd be funny
  10. To be fair he could have jogged to LRI, patted the new baby on the head as it was popping out and still made it back for half time
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