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  1. The trouble is how popular DLC and battle pass systems are, a massive chunk of the audience now expects it - any game that gets regular updates is always going to need to hog up more storage. Now 4k is the standard, higher resolution textures are a necessity, overall map detail will be higher and 3D audio will undoubtedly require more storage too, so this is only going to get worse. For single-player games the size you download initially is roughly what the size will always be, but yeah certain games take the piss. Call of Duty demands a ludicrous amount of disk space, which always baffled me
  2. It's 825GB total SSD, no idea why it wasn't 1TB, so 180-200GB estimated reserve for the OS/system files. That's from recent leaks, but I'd be surprised if the launch is much different from that
  3. Oh yeah I know - the PS5 Digital is just the PS5 without a disc tray, and the Xbox Series S is considerably less powerful than the X - however the Series S will still run all XSX games (but at 1080p rather than 4K), along with the same backwards compatibility as the X. Although visually it won't be quite as impressive as the Series X, it is still a brand new next-gen console available at an absolute snip of a price. Because the Series S won't need as high resolution textures for outputting at 1080p resolution, game installs and downloads are going to be smaller and faster as a result
  4. The Xbox Series S is the budget option which is £249, vs PS5 Digital Edition at £359
  5. I would probably be a little apprehensive too, but I have faith that those in charge wouldn't make it available without good testing, otherwise there could be another Thalidomide situation on our hands - and I expect potential lawsuits from what could be any number of victims would mean a vaccine is not wheeled out en masse until they are sure that any side effects are not debilitating. I presume much larger trials between now and next year will give us a better insight into what (short-term) side effects are. In the meantime though the amount of cases of healthy people in their 20
  6. I didn't say it wouldn't be questionable, but there'd be nothing to stop them making such an offer, and it'd certainly prompt a few people to sign up Have I missed something in the last few years? I haven't had a vaccination since school, probably 20 years ago, but no one gave a shit back then. You don't want polio or MMR? Have a jab. Takes a matter of seconds, and then it's done. Provided the vaccine is proven safe, which is what the whole point of these trials is for, just have it. The anti-vax crowd seems to have absolutely grown out of control in recent years, and f
  7. If it's down to convincing the public, just announce that everyone who has had the vaccine (or has signed up and waiting for it) is exempt from any lockdown measures already in place or to be introduced. Bingo.
  8. Tell them you never received it, they'll have to refund you. Hate it when they think it's alright to leave stuff in the bin
  9. They're waiting for you to post them your testicles first
  10. Definitely - I've been keeping an eye out since the start of the year, and pre-COVID there was always a few terraced houses around Rothley for about £180k. I think there's literally been about 3 houses come up in Rothley in the last couple of months for just shy of £200k, and they're always tiny new-ish build 2-bed mid-town houses with barely any garden
  11. I've got a really friendly Labrador and once there was a woman coming out of a Polish shop near where I live, and she obviously loves dogs so fussed the hell out of my dog. Subsequent walks my dog would suddenly jump into the shop with her tail wagging so I'd have to pull her back out again. Started crossing the road before I get to that shop to avoid the embarrassment. Now if I forget, she pretends she isn't going to go in, then stops to pretend she's smelling something, waits a couple of seconds then jump into the shop, tail-wagging like nuts
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