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  1. How are we getting worse. This is madness. There is no way we are finishing top 4 if this continues, and what a waste that would be
  2. What is going on. We aren't anywhere near as good as a couple of months ago
  3. I like the smell of porridge, but if I was an employer I would bin off all the bellends that turn up to work (not early), make a cup of tea and eat their breakfast. You've just got in, and now you're having a half hour break? Get to fvck I work with this woman who eats all bloody day, literally always munching on something. As such she works at about 10% of the speed of everyone else.
  4. Sounds like fans having a go at us after Ranieri was fired. I know Howe has done great things with Bournemouth up to this season but they suck the biggest of penis at the moment
  5. Hard one to judge, let's be fair we were all over them until their goal. All over them last 20 minutes too - much better we go into the 2nd leg level rather than behind as they'll have to attack and that'll benefit us no end Shame Vardy didn't score, well happy for Iheanacho - hopefully he starts next leg over Perez. Chilwell had a stinker, and I don't think Tielemans did anything positive whatsoever and is so slow off the mark (add that to a string of recent concerning performances). Quality from Choudhury again
  6. On Talksport a minute ago one of the pundits (don't know who said) "looking at their stats, they're basically the same player, they both score goals but Grealish is better at getting past his man. He's the better player for me". C u n t
  7. So we're hiding Ndidi in the Royal Infirmary till the transfer window shuts, good thinking Brendan 👍
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