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  1. First technical pint would probably have been The Shed, they used to serve anyone 14 and up. Good times When I was a nipper, on the odd occasion when mum couldn't deal with a Sunday roast, we used to go to the White Swan in Sileby. I'd be sent up to get drinks, and I'd have a shandy. The barman would put a splash of lemonade in then basically a full pint of lager. I was 7!
  2. Sorry Hous, turns out the site I used to host my gifs on takes them down after a period of time and I can't find it. With a bit of luck it'll be on my work computer... It was one of the better emojis
  3. The desktop ones don't work, the mobile ones won't load on my laptop either
  4. Bass Drum of Death in Nottingham on Tuesday, can't wait
  5. Yeah you've got to let them know, there's no point in continuing dating or having a relationship if there's no spark or you disagree on too much stuff, it's only going to cause one or both parties misery. Ghosting is a bit shitty, but excusable if the other person is a total nutjob
  6. We did go on a date but at work we'd only ever really spoken about work-related stuff, and on the date it was just so weird to not have anything in common. I think what hurt was that I liked her and before we went on a date I had it in my mind that it would lead somewhere. Whereas when I went on my first Tinder date I just went into it thinking "this is just going to be a laugh" so it was massive bonus that it's a new (much better) chapter in my life Before the ex left me I'd been talking to a mate (who's in a 10 year relationship of his own) and we were about how we'd have no idea how to get back into dating if either of us ended up single again. Turns out it's a piece of piss these days
  7. Got a feeling he's finally realised this squad just isn't capable of winning when it matters. That "10 years" comment seemed a bit of a giveaway, and I think he'll move on at the end of the season so he can go somewhere he'll get financial backing and get some silverware I'm not sure Spurs are overachieving. If Chelsea win their game in hand, Spurs are only 5 points clear of sixth place. Chelsea and Arsenal have both blown really hot and cold this season, Man Utd had a dreadful start to the season and they're all breathing down Spurs' neck
  8. Oh man I hate falling asleep on the sofa for an hour or more, by the time you've made it upstairs you're fully awake and it's a massive slog getting back to sleep, then feel like dirt in the morning
  9. I'm pretty sure McDonald's bacon contains no pork hence why it tastes like napkins. As with all their "food"
  10. Fuuuuucking hell that "as a mother" thing winds me right up. As if having given birth qualifies you as anything "As someone who had a belting shit this morning"... That means just as much in the grand scheme of things.
  11. No shit I don't know why I posted it actually
  12. Feel I should put my Tinder story in here My missus of 8 years left me about a year ago. After months of enjoying being single I was ready to get back on the horse but absolutely bereft of self-confidence. Managed to pluck up the courage to ask a colleague out on a date... We had nothing in common and that amounted to nothing. Didn't do the confidence any good. A mate pursuaded me to join Tinder - 2 days later I got my first match, we went on a date 2 days after that and immediately hit it off, she couldn't be more perfect for me. Now we're looking at buying a house together. What a marvelous app!
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