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  1. I lived in Birstall up until about 2 years ago and frequently walked my dog around Watermead - the banning of barbecues seemed to make very little difference whenever I visited, people just ignored the ban and left bags of shit and half-eaten food all around where the designated barbecue area had previously been, like some disgusting vigil! Maybe it's different now, but it certainly didn't fix it overnight
  2. It's the most pretentious social media platform out there, just basically Facebook but every cvnt on there is wearing a suit and backslapping other cvnts for a payrise or whatever. I felt the need to sign up when I was placed on redundancy notice (luckily I managed to keep my job in the end) but I hated everything about it. If you click on someone's profile, they get a notification you've done that so you look like a stalker. The job search part is useless, I set my search to Leicestershire and they'd constantly spam email me with jobs that were in London and often not relevant. Also unlike ot
  3. Sorry, just experience with anti-vaxxers I've met I'm afraid. I know people who have been hesitant about COVID-19 vaccines in particular and fair enough because they are relatively new (so we do have to take a chance on possible side effects), but I mean people who I've met who are completely against any sort of vaccine just strike me as absolutely going against the grain with their mindset without any logical basis. I shouldn't generalise I suppose
  4. I doubt you will, anti vaxxers are basically a different breed, and almost all of them subscribe to the idea that the opposite view to anything logical is (in their minds) correct The earth is obviously spherical (or near enough). "The earth is flat" 5G is safe. "5G gives all your data to the Chinese government and then cooks all your insides and then all your inheritance ends up in China" Coronavirus is a worldwide problem. "Covid-19 is a scam dreamt up by the 'REAL' leaders of the world to keep everyone acting like sheep for no reason whatsoever" Vaccines are safe.
  5. Perhaps they mocked it up 20 years ago and really accurately predicted our kit sponsor and manufacturer?!
  6. I seem to remember watching the match when Fabrice Muamba collapsed and as soon as they (Sky?) realised it was something serious they stopped showing coverage on the pitch, but international TV kept the cameras on Muamba receiving treatment I've not seen the incident of Eriksen, only have it on the radio (BBC), but the co commentator mentioned he might have swallowed his tongue and they very quickly cut to the cricket. They have only done brief updates since Fingers crossed Eriksen is ok
  7. I could have sworn some of the lyrics were boasting about the quality of their export potassium
  8. Honestly, Hardline was easily one of my favourite multiplayer shooters of recent years. Never really got into the story mode (which was apparently its strong point), but simple tweaks to standard FPS team-based multiplayer fundamentals just made it feel unlike other shooters - loved the use of equipment. The grappling hook added a lot to tactical options - a few standout maps that really played to the games strengths. The bank one (with the multistorey carpark opposite) would always be won by the team who played most as a team. There was another map with a large outdoors area
  9. It was redrawn a few years ago and the font tweaked. To the untrained eye you'd barely notice the difference tbf, but the eyes on the old logo looked more curious than stealthy
  10. I've not tried the new ones, but apparently the recipe is absolutely nothing like the one that Jamie Oliver got cancelled back in the good old days. Turkey Twizzler day was the best school dinner
  11. Oh man you've just reminded me of one other thing I flat out won't eat, and that's tinned processed peas. They taste like farts, don't know how anyone can enjoy them Oddly though, tinned mushy peas are fantastic, even the really cheapo supermarket ones
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