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  1. I was banned from editing Wiki pages for my minor adjustments to Chad Kroeger's entry some years back
  2. Surprised there's been no mention of Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme), absolutely incredible technical ability
  3. £70m, Jesus. If we can get more, great! I love Maguire but he isn't the greatest, and looked a bit off the mark at points last season.
  4. I work with this fvcking thick woman who crams "obviously" into every sentence, even when she's talking about stuff that is far from obvious.
  5. Where I live in Birstall there's a stretch of road where people always park one side of the road for the shops, so there's only ever really one lane (except at night). The amount of idiots that don't understand the rules of right-of-way drives me nuts. The worst for me is if one person has gone (their turn or not), and then a stream of cars just follow. What makes it worse is there's a junction just after the parked cars, so if two or three cars have followed, they block the whole road and no one can move.
  6. This must be some hilarious time waste injoke Having said that, I love these crazy corny early 1990's patterns and I don't know why. Used to see them everywhere, and immediately make you think of the Saved by the Bell theme tune (which was awesome)
  7. FFS Hoddle it doesn't have to be intentional you melt
  8. Bloody hell how far did you have to walk?!
  9. A terrible game, but a brilliant result
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