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  1. Yeah, you have a good point. The trouble is the bathroom at the moment is really claustrophobic and I'm trying to weigh up what to do, and in what order. The bathroom is about 2x2m and currently is toilet/sink/bath squeezed in next to each other. I never use a bath, always shower so I suppose I can make the bathroom a bit more spacious by swapping out the bath for a walk-in shower, but I feel even then it'll still be pretty pokey. Hmm Thanks for the advice everyone
  2. So I've been in my new house for about 3 weeks now and want to renovate it asap (new kitchen and bathroom, redecorate throughout), but the bathroom is tiny and I've only just noticed how the landing seems to be pretty much a waste of space. Any builders on here (or recommendations) as to whether this plan is plausible, and a rough cost? Located in Sileby I'm getting a new combi boiler soon so the airing cupboard will be redundant. I want to remove this to make more space for the 2nd bedroom. I'd really like to make the bathroom bigger by sacrificing the landing, althou
  3. I used a natural oil the first time on the recommendation of a former landscape gardener friend, and it looked great (I forgot the brand). Next time I did it 5 years later I just used a Ronseal one that looked ok on the tub. Properly washed and scrubbed it all first. It ended up looking bright red like some horrible tacky Chinatown decoration. Will never touch any of their products again
  4. Karl Pilkington, think he'd enjoy the tasks as he's quite hands on and would it'd be amazing to see him interact with others
  5. Super Mario Land (the original) was absolutely not better than any of the original 2D Sonics. SML2 was a massive upgrade - always struck me as odd that Wario Land was branded as SML3, completely different kettle of fish. Similar with Yoshi's Island being SMW2
  6. That's not a fair test 🤣 Sonic 1 for Game Gear was the Master System game (already much less power than the Megadrive) but with an even lower resolution aspect ratio, and that screen was so blurry it was pretty difficult to make out what was actually happening a lot of the time!
  7. Recently moved into my new digs and would like some recommendations please: Need a new kitchen and bathroom fitting. I know there's money to be saved by buying kitchen units etc and finding a separate fitter to do the job, but does anyone have any recommendations to a company that just does the whole lot at a reasonable price for decent quality (not too extravagant)? I don't really know where to start. Also a massive bonus if this company does both bathrooms and kitchens and can coordinate it so it's all done at the same time. Thanks
  8. I have a knacker of an old Honda CRV as I wanted a big car for cheap. The fuel efficiency is terrible but pre-COVID I probably only drove 5k miles a year, now it's probably 1,000 miles. Doesn't actually handle that badly, what I like is that it doesn't make you want to drive like a tit unlike when I previously had hatchbacks, plus hardly anyone tailgates you which is a massive bonus Plus you've got the armrests and sunroof, and can actually fit adults in the back if necessary
  9. Sonic was a breakthrough when it first came out, and Sonic 1, 2, 3 and Knuckles were all great platformers (also Sonic 1, 2 and Chaos for the Master System, fond memories of these games in particular). But let's not kid ourselves, besides the odd decent game since (Sonic Advance 1-3, Sonic Rush, Sonic Mania) most of the Saturn-current era games have landed somewhere between mediocre and downright dogshit. The gimmick of travelling really fast works well in certain levels (especially on Sonic Rush) but the bottomless pits and poorly placed spike traps made a lot of levels infuriating, and that
  10. The smell of frying onions on the walk down Raw Dykes The actual football Honking your horn like a 7 year old all the way through the underpass on the way home (through jubilation or anger, either is fine) Not perving on the woman 3 rows down. "Invitingly"... oh god that should get you put on a list somewhere
  11. Surely because a good deal of the at risk groups have been vaccinated, and the younger groups (i.e. the ones much less likely to develop symptoms, let alone require hospitalisation) are still likely to catch it but with very few problems. I would suspect if we had another wave the impact to the health system would be pretty minimal by this point - even if the numbers of positive cases looks bad on graphs
  12. Definitely go for Samsung. They last forever, have a really good responsive interface and the built-in speakers even on their lower end models is surprisingly good - I have 2 and don't bother with soundbars. My old Sharp TV had unusable speakers that distorted at even 25% volume so bought a £100 sound bar, when I upgraded to a Samsung 4K model I realised that the new TV's speakers were not only clearer than the sound bar but also did a better job at panning the stereo I'd be wary about pumping similar money into a lower end brand TV for the sake of saving £50 or so - Samsung is def
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