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  1. Yeah I ordered pizza about a week ago, there's the option for them to leave it at your door and the Uber Eats delivery guy was wearing a face mask. Safer than going to pick something up I reckon (well you might get the shits depending where you order from, but bog roll is more widely available now)
  2. Just tell her you're building up turd immunity
  3. If you shut the lid you're not to know if you've left skidders so you can exit guilt-free
  4. Yeah it was definitely ramped right up when Frank is introduced, and when he starts spiralling out of control it gets so much funnier I point them to The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention, classic episode. "Where's the damn fire?!"
  5. It upsets me the amount of people who I've recommended Always Sunny to, they've watched one episode and written it off. There are some episodes that I've pissed myself so hard I've ended up with trench foot
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-52119560 Good on the supermarkets for doing this, can't be a great working environment at the moment so it's great that they all seem to giving the staff bonuses
  7. Sorrel Fox in Mountsorrel is now operating as an off-licence, worth knowing for fans of the Charnwood beers. Selling bottles and mini-kegs
  8. As my understanding is, if it's through furlough then the club aren't giving them a 20% pay cut. They are giving them a 100% pay cut and the government (i.e. the taxpayer) is paying 80% of the wages. Shouldn't be happening when the clubs are getting £160m+ every year from domestic TV money alone. So after all this is done, on top of ALL the damage to the rest of the economy, the taxpayers are also effectively left paying millions to Spurs staff etc while Levy gives himself a £3m bonus for stadium completion (a year late). It's fvcking disgusting. I really hope our owners don't go down the same route.
  9. Stockpile it now before people catch on
  10. I genuinely ordered a 3kg sack of Dolly Mixture from Amazon the other day and just remembered. Where the hell is it
  11. Also, Aldi frozen cauliflower cheese, with extra cheese. Goes with anything
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