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  1. I bet 1 year ban... Suspended i.e. no punishment
  2. That's just it - instant "coffee" is a disgrace and tastes nothing like proper coffee. Shame that proper coffee isn't the norm in most UK households
  3. From what I know, the police can't hand out fines if you're stopped (like at the start of the lockdown) - they can redirect you home if they feel your travel is unnecessary and fine you if you ignore their request Not sure totally on the rules as wether it would be classed as essential travel, but if I was in those circumstances and needed a car I'd go. Think the worst that could happen is getting pulled over and sent home, but then at least you'd have a little drive out. Where's the car located? Durham?
  4. Good. I know one Luton fan and he is just about the biggest twat I've ever met
  5. I don't understand why more places don't take Burger King's approach to making big burgers - increase the diameter of the burger, not the height. When I order a fancy burger every now and then and it's stupidly tall you can't even start to eat it until you take half of the contents out, or eat it with a knife and fork and ruin the experience
  6. I've been three times, and all three times they've been out of stock of everything. Won't bother again, I'm not having dinner at 5pm like some mental case Rothley is always fantastic, I usually go there. Mountsorrel chip shop smells really nice whenever I go past but have never been in, might give them a try soon
  7. Sadly not, but she insisted on wearing one when we won the Premier League
  8. I'm in Loughborough! Never bothered to update my bio
  9. I purposefully didn't watch that one, took the dog out in my retro Leicester shirt instead. Suppose I've got to do that every bastard match til the end of the season now
  10. Personally don't rate it, but that is one of the more bearable ones
  11. Fvcking hell that is embarrassing The only good football related song by anyone ever is Three Lions and I don't think anyone can honestly argue against that Even Hurry Up Harry by Sham 69, a decent old punk anthem, as soon as they changed the lyrics to be about England it instantly became a shit song These Leicester related efforts are all downright abysmal
  12. After completing Skate 3 last week I tried the free trial of Session Skateboarding last night My god it is embarrassingly bad. Absolutely lifeless, bizarre controls, terrible physics, corpse-like ragdolling if you even graze a wall at walking pace, and it's almost redundant of any sound. Also in under 2 hours I lost count of the amount of major glitches I witnessed. Even as a pre-release, it feels like it's been slapped together by a couple of idiots over the course of a weekend
  13. What about the shove on Cags just before the handball
  14. Either jealous that he/she isn't involved, or protecting the girlfriend
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