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  1. In real time it was one frame it was connecting with Barnes' foot, the next frame it was 20 yards ahead bulging out the net, that could have killed someone!
  2. Sorry I hardly ever have time to make these any more, I can only make them at work. I do love the old Soy bean though so I will make one when I get the opportunity
  3. Is there a new Reddit streaming page for this, or can someone send me a link please? Thanks
  4. I swear this could be any advert for anything in any country in the world other than here or America.
  5. I can't be bothered to look it up, but I swear there was some scientific research done a couple of years ago and there's a very strong suggestion that the brain recognises when talking on the phone that you're talking to another person but that person isn't nearby, so part of your brain is subconsciously trying to look for that person - which is why a lot of people can't stand still when they talk on a mobile phone. People don't pace about when they are chatting to someone stood next to them do they? I never take calls when I drive, hands-free or not. I find it really distracting, but can talk to passengers without it affecting my driving whatsoever
  6. Not a bad performance, but didn't create enough chances Soyuncu was great, Barnes also with limited time Maddison was awful and very wasteful Wooly Bully though, Jesus Christ he was immense
  7. I was banned from editing Wiki pages for my minor adjustments to Chad Kroeger's entry some years back
  8. Surprised there's been no mention of Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme), absolutely incredible technical ability
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