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  1. Hasn't Rodgers been quoted as saying something along the lines of "you won't get into the team on skill alone". Probably indicating lack of work rate in training? Or an attitude issue? Although he always seems to put a shift in when he's on the pitch?
  2. Playing more games than ever before, more frequently. A lack of a proper pre season and increasingly bad pitches all taking their toll I think.
  3. Have we officially put it out to tender and Laing O Rourke won it then Billy?? Are we that far down the line with it?
  4. Today I’d guess. the club have just tweeted this image..
  5. About to make the biggest stride forward as a club in a lifetime and still nothing from the club?
  6. I’d have probably gone with Leicester City Newt Raining Ground.
  7. I reckon there's room under LEICESTER CITY in that wall sign to put a sponsors name or logo..
  8. I think the admin staff start moving in this week, ready for the players to start working out of there next week.
  9. Looking at the leaked drawings/docs it's a stand alone fanstore pretty much where the current electricity building is, in the fanzone.
  10. I don't think cost is an issue, within reason, with our owners. I wouldn't be surprised to see it knocked down and rebuilt over the next 5 years. But I like that idea, that in the meantime the whole stand could be used as increased supporter facilities like bars etc
  11. Can’t be far away from handover now? Leicestershire from the sky are doing another drone run this week!
  12. From what I understand the club are quite a long way down the path with the council, so when it goes to planning it should be a formality. The only likely sticking point is the increase in traffic volume in the surrounding area
  13. I remember seeing a document with regards to the regeneration of Leicester and this whole area around the KP was mentioned, and being actively supported by the council. So hopefully its just a formality once the plans go through?
  14. Sounds promising for all the timelines of construction starting being mentioned then!
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