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  1. Vardy flapping his wings could work too 😂
  2. I agree. Surely the statue has got to be Vardy with a finger to his lips, or cupping his ears.
  3. They didn't look very phenomenal when West Brom were putting 5 past them 😆
  4. I don't think we need to worry about how well Chelsea play on the day, because if we're at our best, we beat them no matter how well they play. I think Leicester at our best, are better than Chelsea at their best.
  5. Not really though. They've won nothing in donkeys years, and they're hardly some giant historical football club like Liverpool. They're traditionally a mid table club at best. I don't think any players would choose them over us, let alone managers.
  6. I'd relegate Arsenal and Spurs just for having the cheek to think that they deserve to be considered amongst Europe's elite.
  7. That's why the government should bring in laws that prohibit British clubs from participating in breakaway football leagues. We need to make it impossible for them to object any punishment they get. Annoyed that you've been relegated? How about a 50 point deduction whilst you lay in the bed you made for yourself? Get these cheating scum clubs out of the Premier League!
  8. Then the government step in and sabotage the super league. They can't win.
  9. These clubs need to be hit where it hurts the most, and that's disqualification from European football for a period of time. That will sting them more than any fine.
  10. They need to be severely punished, otherwise they will just spit their dummies out of their entitled mouths the next time we finish above most of them again. Relegating them all to the foot of the pyramid would teach them about the importance of competitive football, and serve them a slice of humble pie that they clearly need.
  11. Whilst I would like to see that happen, it won't unfortunately. The punishment must be severe though, even if they pull out of the ESL, they have brought the sport into disrepute. I want to see them deducted enough points to relegate three of them and guarantee that the other three will not be playing European football next season. It really does need to be that severe to deter them from doing it again.
  12. Because the dream for all football fans is to see their club do what ours has done. If you can't earn the right to compete against the world's best, what is the point? Imagine winning the Premier League, but not being allowed the chance to play against the best in Europe because you aren't invited. It's wrong. If this goes ahead, what will clubs aspire to be? Because they won't be allowed to aspire to be the best, as they won't be allowed to. The spirit of football is dead if this doesn't get stopped.
  13. Here's a question he should answer - Who's going to want to sign for Arsenal and Tottenham knowing they're gonna get spanked every match they play?
  14. I don't think this ESL will go ahead, but I do believe the end result will be to the benefit of the club's involved. They'll get their bigger slice of the pie, and clubs like Leicester will get less pie (despite being better than most of the cheating 6). They'll also get the pass into the champions league that they all want, in case we finish above them again. Clubs like Leicester are a pest to the super rich owners of the ESL, they don't care about the spirit of football, they don't even care about the club's they own. They just want to make the chances of clubs like ours negative
  15. So happy for Kelechi, he comes across as a really great person to have around the squad too. It's one of those occasions where I'm really happy to have been proven wrong, I wrote this guy off as a poor signing. Well done for changing my mind.
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