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  1. https://www.footballinsider247.com/mcavennie-leeds-united-told-to-raid-leicester-city-after-transfer-report/ Delusions of grandeur, half a year in the top league and suddenly they can raid an established Premier League club (that hasn't been lower than 5th in nearly two years) for players 😂
  2. If we win the Europa League we will qualify for next season's Champions League as well as have a European trophy in our cabinet. I might be in the minority, but I'd rather win the Europa League and finish 5th, you don't get a trophy for finishing 2nd-4th.
  3. None of that is necessarily true. We have similar budgets and wage bills. They used to play regular CL football, but they won't again for the foreseeable future. I wouldn't be so sure that they have a bigger global fan base than Leicester either. Add this to the fact that Leicester is a more successful club than Spurs and I'd say it wouldn't be unreasonable to suggest that Leicester are actually a bigger club than Spurs.
  4. https://thepeoplesperson.com/2021/02/20/most-man-united-fans-would-prefer-wilfred-ndidi-to-eduardo-camavinga-222114/ Man United fans think they can get Ndidi for £40m 😂
  5. 100% this. These lot are no giants, they're a traditional mid table club that have been doing really well (by their standards) for a few years, just like Newcastle when they had Sir Bobby. They have no right calling themselves a big six club when they have nothing to show for it, at least the other clubs in there actually win trophies and earn their place. Even Arsenal have a recent FA Cup, Spurs have won f#ck all. I think they're already in the process of returning to normal and consistent mid table finishes. Kane will leave this summer if he's got any sense, and I rate their chan
  6. My summer predictions: Jonathan Tah Florian Thauvin Danny Ings
  7. Clearly a Spurs fan if he thinks Spurs have the strongest squad in the league. I mean, really? That's delusions of grandeur. In his opinion we have the 12th strongest squad 😂 I refuse to take anything like this seriously when Spurs are ranked above us.
  8. At this point I would say how are we not? We've not dropped lower than 5th in going on two years now. And in that time, Tottenham and Arsenal have been consistently below us. They're just salty because we've taken their place when they have never really done anything to deserve it anyway.
  9. Not a bad sign either. Besides, they are a step down from us now, why would anyone involved at Leicester go there? These lot have won nothing in years and years, more chance of a trophy at Leicester in my honest opinion.
  10. Makes sense considering that we've been consistently linked with Thauvin since Rodgers became manager, and he would be free in the summer as well I believe. I could see this happening.
  11. It appears that a lot of the Celtic fans have changed their tune about our Brendan
  12. The only people that want this are the super rich owners of the elite clubs, even the fans of these clubs would vote against it, because as it has been mentioned, it's not in the spirit of a football fan to support such a competition. I don't care if this European Super League goes ahead, it will get boycotted anyway. And all the clubs and their players taking part will be expelled from real competition football. It will just turn into a new MLS where all the has-beens go for a final pay check and all the players in their prime avoid. In a world where this "Super Leagu
  13. You're both probably correct, but hypothetically speaking and Rodgers left, that's who I'd want us to go for. If you don't ask, you don't get. A cheeky approach wouldn't hurt.
  14. No. Leicester will refuse any approach they make for Rodgers, and rightly so.
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