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  1. We should be aiming for top 6 this season. But I just can't see it happening unfortunately. No Mahrez replacement is asking for trouble.
  2. Disagree. QPR made them very average. Players like Ryan Nelson, Ji-Sung Park, Julio Cesar, Granero, Mbia, Remy and Samba were all considered good players at worst before joining them. The resemblance to QPR is financially. I should have mentioned this, my mistake. But Wolves are obviously paying over the odds (wages wise) to entice these players. Big gamble what they're doing in my opinion.
  3. Everyone raving about Wolves have very short memories. I remember what happened to QPR when they followed a similar blueprint. I predict a similar fate for Wolves.
  4. 4everfox

    Welcome Danny Ward

    Quite happy with this so long as he's replacing Ben Hamer / Jakupovic (not Schmeichel). Got the potential to be as good as Schmeichel eventually I reckon.
  5. "Don't put a downer on Leicester City. Big enough"
  6. 4everfox


    Take it you don't proofread
  7. 4everfox

    New training ground announced

    Well it does say 'spectator stand' on the application so that would be the give away. It does sound like a state of the art football academy based on this, and expensive. Fair play to the owners for this, these facilities will be amongst the best in the world.
  8. 4everfox

    James Maddison Confirmed

    I find that hard to believe since they are below us these days
  9. 4everfox

    Jamie Vardy

    Embarrassing management that he didn't put Vardy on with that defensive line. Injury time winner was completely unnecessary. Would've been over after an hour if the destroyer had played.
  10. 4everfox


    I'm pretty sure they would sack him without having a replacement lined up. Sousa - Eriksson - Pearson - Ranieri - Shakespeare - Puel How many of those were lined up? The most recent three certainly weren't.
  11. 4everfox


    I'm not
  12. 4everfox


    That's amazing
  13. 4everfox

    Jamie Vardy

    All because of this
  14. 4everfox

    Brendan Rodgers

    If you say so Wallace
  15. Didn't Jay Rodriguez start his career at Burnley?