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  1. If you aren't scared yet, here is a list of all of Congerton's signings for Sunderland: Jermain Defoe Costel Panitillimon Jermain Lens Yann M'Vila Jozy Altidore Emanuele Giaccherini Charalampos Mavrias Valentin Roberge Adilson Cabral Jordi Gomez Billy Jones Patrick van Aanholt Jack Rodwell Will Buckley Sebastian Coates Ricardo Alvarez Anthony Reveillere Adam Matthews Fabio Borini Younes Kaboul Twenty signings and not a single unearthed gem.
  2. It isn't snob like to believe that a team sitting 3rd in the toughest league in world football have at least 4 Midfielders that are better than McGregor, who plays in a standard of league equivalent to our league one. I will believe he is good enough if and when he proves it in a better league. It's a big step up in quality though, and for every success story, there are 10 or more failures. Personally, I think we should be aiming higher.
  3. No he isn't. If Tielemans was playing week in week out in that mickey mouse league he'd be untouchable. I saw an article written by a celtic fan who claimed he is better then Maddison and meant it 😂 Maddison, Tielemans, Ndidi, Praet and arguably Choudhury are all better I'm afraid.
  4. A blast from the past. Brian Little interview. https://www.tribalfootball.com/articles/brian-little-exclusive-maddison-soyuncu-won-t-leave-groundbreaking-leicester-4311147?utm_source%3Dnewsnow%26utm_medium%3Drss-feed%26utm_campaign%3DFeed-Latest%2BArticles
  5. Robbie Nielson was 10 times the player Michael Lamey was for us
  6. I can't understand your logic. Even without the points you'd swap for the semi final we are still 2nd and 10 points clear of Spurs in 5th. Sounds to me like you'd rather us win the Premier League again, which is a bit pointless this season because Liverpool are just ridiculously good, they really are the best in the world, probably the best I've ever seen beat us. I also believe that our time to win the PL will come again if we continue on our current trajectory, and in most of our lifetimes too. Crazy to think but also a genuine possibility of it happening. But currently we are favourites to get Champions League football and we stand a fair chance of a trip to Wembley. Personally I'd very happily take that every season for the next few years.
  7. It's usually defined to strengthen the agenda of the person making the argument. It could have multiple meanings, but the most relevant definition is surely recent success and trophies won. Clubs like Everton, Forest and Leeds take out the word 'recent' from that to fit their agenda, clubs like Newcastle, Tottenham and Arsenal will say fan base is the biggest factor. The newspapers will say being based in London is the biggest factor, but the truth is we are all biased and the smart man says Leicester are the biggest club in the world, and if you disagree you are fake news.
  8. Absolutely typical that most other news articles only quote the last paragraph where he says "Arsenal are a fantastic club..." with the headline of "Rodgers refuses to rule himself out of Arsenal job" When you read what he actually said in full it just sounds like he ruled himself out and then gave Arsenal a compliment so he doesn't hurt their feelings. They seem pretty determined to try and derail us and if the press had their way the top four would be the same teams every season. That's what happens when they employ mostly fans of their beloved big 6 who are already biased in favour of their overrated teams. Get some lower league fans on Soccer Saturday so we can hear some unbiased and fair opinions for a change.
  9. Might help if you name more than one player (Son) that would get in our starting team
  10. The last time Spurs won a trophy was the league cup in 2008. The time before that will be familiar to us as it was against us in the final in 1999. They aren't a big enough club to take managers or players off us as we are at least equal to Spurs in terms of club size now, that much is clear. You can't realistically claim to be a big club when you haven't won a league title since 1961. We're outgrowing these and we're doing it fast. All this appointment does is show how far Mourinho's reputation has fallen to take that job.
  11. We really should introduce a ban on selling to divisional rivals if we are serious about becoming top four regulars. It's counter productive to our long term goals if we weaken ourselves whilst strengthening our rivals. If Maddison and Co want to leave it should be for Real, Barca, Bayern, Juve or not happening.
  12. We're unbeaten for goodness sake! Getting results despite not being at best is only a good thing
  13. Andy King will look like a prime Iniesta in that league
  14. We will have to sign Vardy's replacement one day and it won't be cheap. Strikers that consistently score 20+ goals a season at the highest level are rare. He really is a better player than most give him credit for. He's in the top 5 best strikers in the Premier League for me.
  15. 1. Man City 2. Liverpool 3. Tottenham 4 - 9 Chelsea, Man United, Arsenal, Leicester, West Ham, Everton (honestly can't call it) Wolves will do OK with Europa League and finish mid table with Crystal Palace and Watford I reckon. Wouldn't be surprised if any three of the rest got relegated.
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