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  1. I got told that they were moving the porta cabins out today, so that makes sense. It's just a case of adding the finishing touches and moving everything in now I think.
  2. It's not about what the players think. The fact of the matter is that neither of those players have moved onto the "next level" in a footballing sense by leaving us. Maguire has regressed since leaving us and Mahrez may have doubled his wages, but his skills haven't progressed to the "next level". Going back to my original point, I personally think Tielemans has a chance of becoming a world class player for us, he doesn't need to leave to reach the "next level".
  3. Leaving Leicester for Man United is the equivalent of committing career suicide. I'm pretty sure Mahrez has never reached the level displayed in 15/16 since leaving us either. We're also on course to break the so called big 6 for the third time in six years. How many times do we need to embarrass these clubs before we are taken seriously?
  4. No we're not. Vardy turned down Arsenal to stay here, and he's the best striker in the league. We sell on our terms and we always will. We're already in a position where there is probably only a dozen clubs on Earth that are a bigger draw than we are, and that list is shrinking.
  5. It's well worth noting that for all the moaning Klopp and Guardiola do, they didn't even use three subs when Liverpool and Man City drew the other day. Man City used one, and Liverpool used two. How can they justify wanting extra subs when they don't even use the ones they are allowed to use? It's not about "fitness and preventing injuries", it's about so called bigger clubs being petrified that clubs like Leicester are taking their place at the top of the pyramid. They can't bully us on the pitch anymore, so they're resorting to dirty tactics.
  6. How awesome would it be if he displaced Chilwell as England's number one left back? 😂
  7. Because matches are more likely to be fixed in their favour
  8. There's three games left to play! And we're perfectly capable of winning all of them
  9. Where does good form start exactly? Every match is a chance at a fresh start. And Sheff United must be the chance that we take. Who exactly have you been supporting for these 30 years you speak of? Because we've had much worse patches of form then we are witnessing right now from Leicester.
  10. It all depends how you look at it and I don't think I'm the only one that believes that we can do it. We are above them in the league with the same amount of games to be played. What has happened results wise prior to the next fixture doesn't matter even slightly. We have every reason to be optimistic, it's not like we've been finishing 5th every year after the title is it? We've made quite obvious progress as a team this season and I'm happy about that. Dark horses for relegation though, really? Come on, even at our worst under Puel we never looked like getting relegated, you kno
  11. Technically we have a better chance of top four then Man United because we are above them with a better goal difference. I know it's gonna be tight, but we have no less of a chance then Chelsea or United do. This is what football is all about! What consequences do you fear? Leicester finishing in the top 6 for only the second time in our history?
  12. We're already 4th so I strongly disagree with the first sentence. We have every chance of finishing top 4. It's also not even close to the worst two minutes in the last decade, let alone our entire history.
  13. No way do we lose against Sheff United now. That Bournemouth result is gonna be a blessing in disguise, just the kick up the arse the players needed. I'm confident that we will finish 4th and if that happens, a lot of people on here are gonna feel very silly.
  14. Good. This club needs supporters, not whatever those people are
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