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  1. I think it's crazy how disliked Chilwell is on here. He's one of our own! He's been at the club since before he had pubes (probably), and on top of that, he is the finest player we have produced since Emile Heskey. England's first choice left back is a Leicester academy product! From recent history just remember Paul Konchesky (not a bad player for us by any means) and how much better Chilwell is than he was and get over yourselves. Support the kid or zip it because its embarrassing.
  2. A blast from the past. Brian Little interview. https://www.tribalfootball.com/articles/brian-little-exclusive-maddison-soyuncu-won-t-leave-groundbreaking-leicester-4311147?utm_source%3Dnewsnow%26utm_medium%3Drss-feed%26utm_campaign%3DFeed-Latest%2BArticles
  3. I might be wrong, but I reckon Craig Levein signed him after joining us from Hearts, so I'll say yes. I think he signed a couple from Hearts including Dr Vries and Maybury, possibly more.
  4. You're basing this opinion on a striker being decent in a league where Mark De Vries looked good, and said league is even worse since then. When you're playing against piss poor defenders every week you're bound to look decent regardless of actual ability. I just can't see it myself.
  5. Lingard isn't good enough to warm our bench though, we're too big for him.
  6. When you're a billionaire in a millionaire's playground it doesn't really matter. The owners literally cleared our debts with their own money when they first joined, and Vichai is quoted on record saying something about spending 170 or so million to reach top 6 and I seriously doubt a 100 million training ground and 100 million worth of players over the summer was self funded. My original point was that the money we would make from Champions League means we could afford a few 60-80 grand a week pay rises and a few 180 grand a week players. There will be a loophole somewhere regarding FFP, maybe we could pump a few million into OHL and then loan it off them
  7. You do realise that our owner is a multi billionaire right? I'm pretty sure that if he really wanted to he could just go full blown Chelsea 2002 or Man City 2009 without even taking a zero off his bank balance. Not that I want that, I prefer our current method.
  8. We could afford contracts like that if we were in Europe consistently, and conveniently enough now seems the perfect opportunity to almost cement ourselves in that picture and just go for it. Get top 4, pay top 4 wages, buy top 4 players and do it again next season. We are absolutely capable of it. We're better than at least half of the so called big 6 already and we need to take advantage of it this time.
  9. I get that they are attractive just for simply being Man United, they are unfortunately an elite football club. My point was that behind the scenes they are a circus, you don't spend 80m on a player on the basis of a good world cup performance a year prior otherwise. They could've signed him and Maddison for less than 40 million if their scouting wasn't awful. They are in need of a clear out of overpaid footballers and an evaluation of their philosophy on every level, regardless of their position in the league. I heard Lingard is on 100k a week! It'll take years to get rid of him, whoever gave him that contract wants shooting. They might be 5th (but so were Sheffield United a couple of weeks ago), and they are still an elite club, but they aren't the monster they used to be and behind their wall of history lies a gung ho club philosophy that Fergie would be ashamed of. Their problem is that they were shown how to run a club to perfection and decided to go a different way because their board of directors wrongly thought they knew better. They may as well have just stuck with David Moyes
  10. When Man United signed Harry we had just finished below them, whereas this summer we will most likely finish above them. I wouldn't be surprised if Harry had thought he could achieve more success this season with them. Not many would've had us finishing above them at the time. But in comparison we have a better manager, the new training ground, one of the best young teams in Europe and a wide scale philosophy that is being implemented throughout our clubs entire infrastructure. We are everything Man United currently aspire to be, the circumstances are considerably different since we have implemented our philosophy through Brendan. All they have is the ability to financially out muscle us, but we have the things that matter in a sporting sense. And we're hardly tight fisted ourselves, any player in world football know that they can come and play for us at the top level in an encouraging footballing environment for a club that takes care of its players and makes them better, all whilst earning millions. In a footballing sense, they're a step down from us and we're operating admirably. Follow the gung ho Man United philosophy and you end up with a team full of Pogba characters. They dug their own grave when they started selling players like Evans for peanuts whilst spending substantial amounts on mercenaries. No one leaves this Leicester for that United for footballing reasons. I believe footballing reasons were equally important for Maguire, he just made a misjudgement like a lot of people did. If Maddison left for them now it wouldn't be for footballing reasons. Sorry to go on, I'm just not very keen on Man U
  11. Why not just sign him and play him alongside Maddison on the left, cutting inside? Grealish and Ziyech either side of Ndidi, Tielemans and Maddison is the dream.
  12. The fact that Chilwell was homegrown at the club makes him very important for any European squad registration. I can't see any club paying what it would take to prise him away because it will be more then what Man U paid for Maguire, that's for sure.
  13. According to the Daily Star we have named our price for Ricardo. 30 million apparantly
  14. Robbie Nielson was 10 times the player Michael Lamey was for us
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