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  1. How did they pass you twice, did they stop for a fag?
  2. Always found him,grating.irritating and opinionated. Get enough of that at home.
  3. Woken up this morning by my aching piles,it felt like I'd spent the night at a Michael Barrymore party! The only comfort I can find is my heated car seat. Which is fine because I've been driving round looking for diesel
  4. I have to go to Wales early tomorrow so I've just been to Sainsburys to fill up with diesel and they've run out!! Bog paper,food,now fuel,rationing is the only way to control the hoarding morons.
  5. Did you have any help with that?
  6. He's started around a dozen games this season and not finished one!
  7. Quality player but as with Youri why can't he last 90 minutes?
  8. What foot does he always use for penalties?
  9. You do realise malaria is NOT cantagious,right.
  10. Any news on Wilf? That was some ice pack he had on his knee.
  11. I'm not a big conspiracy theory person but The officials are making it even me question. Willian booked for a dive when he's clearly fouled. Maguire should have gone for studing Batchuyie No punishment for Martial elbowing Christiansen. Chelsea goal disallowed for pushing, ref and var ignoring Utd.domino push Fernandes not booked for a high boot to the head.(see Madison v Wolves) Good result for us but that was a bit smelly!
  12. His game reading is poor,that's how he ends up on his arse making last ditch tackles and fouls. Third choice DM behind Wilf and Mendy.
  13. Did you report it at the time,was it recorded as an accident on an incident report form. If so you should have been given a copy.
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