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  1. Footwork is vital, it's mostly a side on game so forehand strike the ball with your weight on the left foot (right handlers) and right foot for your backhand. Play the ball down the line (wall) keeping the ball As close to the wall as possible. its a great game let us know about your progress.
  2. wilted under the spotlight nowhere near premier league ready.
  3. youre probably right the the last thing we need is a midfielder that can pass to a team mate, score goals and make them.
  4. Tom Cairney is one of the best players in the championship,quality central midfielder With an outstanding assists record. He will be playing in the premi. next season, hope it's for us.
  5. You're right.
  6. Brendan Rogers.
  7. He was shit here on loan he was shit here on loan Harry Kane ---------
  8. Not sure about Gibson,but Gylfi would be would be a real statement. Unfortunately he will be highly sought after.
  9. This is the headquarters of the Selective Amnesia Society.
  10. Cruel but fair.
  11. You can have a new one- for a tenner!
  12. That's what Rangers thought !
  13. Great post,sums it up perfectly. Has your account been hacked?
  14. Good point, he obviously loves coaching and if he gets the managers job next season a quality no.2 ,with dovetailing skill sets is crucial. Any ideas?
  15. There was a couple of neutrals near us, stands out a bit when they take their clappers with them when going for a piss!