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  1. FA Cup 2018

    Ties to take place between 16-19 so only 1 per day?
  2. FA Cup 2018

    Chelsea are playing at Barca on the Wednesday we are not going to be playing them on the Friday, probably Sunday or Monday,we don't want them to be too tired.
  3. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 194 seconds  
  4. The joke thread

    Bought some viagra tea bags they don't improve your sex life- but they do stop your biscuits going soft,
  5. FA cup quater final draw 7.45pm UK time

    Its a great draw we're at home and know we have to be at our best ,no fannying about. no excuses. It will be a great atmosphere,best possible draw!
  6. This could be serious, if it's revealed that they'd eaten at McDonald's !
  7. The joke thread

    They never thought of that,they feel very foolish.
  8. The joke thread

    Why did the vegan cross the road? To tell someone they were a vegan.
  9. Ben Chillwell - How far will he go?

    Two years ago he looked a real prospect but he's gone backwards. Young players make mistakes and to improve, they have to learn from them,unfortunately Ben hasn't. He makes the same mistake over and over he must address these to realise his potential.
  10. "He opened his body up" always sounds like an extreme case of self harming!
  11. Iborra could face a six year ban from football

    Yeah it Only took Oxfam six and a half!
  12. No Questions Asked Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 230 seconds  
  13. I'm Old Enough To Remember...

    And closed for an hour at lunch. Telephone boxes that had phones in!
  14. Adrien Silva

    I was hoping yesterday's game would suit his style and although he was quiet it was surprising he was hooked at h.t. as James was worse!