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  1. Spot on! If you look at Wednesday's highlights he's involved in most of them. No,he's not the finished article yet but players develop at different rates and he's going to be a top player.
  2. Watched the Celtic game to have a look at our reported target Ajer. He looks raw but comfortable with the ball,not premier league ready. Impressed by their vibrant attacking and the outstanding Frazer Forster but Scott Brown was embarrassing in his attempts to get booked.
  3. 25% of SPL pitches are synthetic.Are there many players who are "excused duty"on plastic pitches? If so,could the teams be opening themselves up to duty of care litigation. I heard Martin Keown on the radio saying that his son,who plays in Scotland, had picked up a serious injury which he was attributing to that type of pitch.
  4. Benkovic would be mad to risk exacerbating his suspect joints on SPL plastic pitches.
  5. Apparently they tried to sign Tom Hopper but they couldn't tie him down.
  6. I was looking forward to reading Keith's biography as he was an all time hero. Sadly I found it more of a chronology and apart from the eulogys from his family, on the last few pages,quite sterile.
  7. notnow john


    Tracey Emin a dog lover??
  8. Came across superbly,confident and articulate. Why would Southgate put up one of the youngest and least experienced members of the squad to a press conference in such a difficult circumstances. It was surely a time for the captain to step up. Anyway, well done Ben You're a credit to the club.
  9. Kyle Walkers omission is baffling,only one right back in the squad who regularly plays in that position. Maybe he's upset Southgate. Guess we'll have to wait for the book.
  10. Agree with all your points. I think that now we're into the k.o. phase,the league 1&2 clubs will field stronger teams with Wembley in their sights.
  11. Probably yawned and ignored it.
  12. Hull received 15% and Maguire had a 5% loyalty bonus so that 80 million is a bit of an exaggeration. I'm surprised at Percy not pointing this out,he doesn't usually go for sensationalist journalism.
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