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  1. Good point, he obviously loves coaching and if he gets the managers job next season a quality no.2 ,with dovetailing skill sets is crucial. Any ideas?
  2. There was a couple of neutrals near us, stands out a bit when they take their clappers with them when going for a piss!
  3. Make sure you get that battery charged!!
  4. How old are you Col?
  5. Good work,had to look twice.
  6. I certainly will.
  7. It came highly recommended, and whilst I couldn't fault the ambience or service, my medium rare steak was as tough as Ian Marshall's jock strap! The wife had the lamb chop (1) and liked it. Did you think you were going to see Jersey 🐂🐂🐂 😀😀
  8. Coincidence,I was there the same night,had a meal at Treadwells,not recommended. I didn't realise how many of their songs I knew. Only spoilt for me by the bloke in front dressed like Wurzel.
  9. Getting on for 60 million we spent on them, id like to see a bit more of Mendy before he's written off.
  10. Put a shift in.( No he hasn't he's had a game of football) Turnover. (Another Americanism ) Not enough for a penalty. ( There are not different degrees of a foul in the rules)
  11. Oh,You tempter of fate!
  12. Didn't realise till he got ohm! Didnt put up much resistance. come on Alf this was made for you.
  13. I missed the teams walking out because I couldn't take my eyes off the kop! You were all part of a brilliant piece theatre, be proud of what you helped to achieve.
  14. He is looking a bit like Maradona.
  15. Thanks for that, couldn't see its magnificence from my angle. Did it get a decent showing on BT?