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  1. The split screen tracer is really good,pity they can't have it on every hole. Bubba looks painfully thin is he ok?
  2. Absolutely,somebody's made him look a bit of a mug! I'm blaming Rudkin!
  3. Good to get some perspective rather than the usual,he's a sicknote,bin him off brigade.
  4. Hope you're correct, I'd rather have Riyad on top form than any of our "targets".
  5. I agree,but you know it will !
  6. It is easy, I'd hire Alf.
  7. I'm savining my donation for the lad who was arrested for tackling the armed thug!!
  8. Have to dis-agree both Gibson and Maguire are relatively inexperienced in the prem. Evans is a solid experienced international defender and will help Maguire fulfill his potential. Long term,he's got three or four years,that's still a significant amount these days.
  9. Sounds ok but iheanacho and siggy would play and therefore we would need fullbacks to provide the width and unfortunatly we don't have them.
  10. Didn't go there on honeymoon but you're right about Harris. We went to the Shetlands,wonderful wildlife and history.
  11. Took me a while.🤔🤔
  12. You're right Col, stats are often used as a crutch by those who don't understand the game!
  13. Spurs wouldn't touch a buy back clause. Even West Ham didn't fancy it Only chance it will fall through is if the owners hear about the clause.
  14. Silly to sell him unless his groin injury is chronic. He may not have been worth 28 million when we bought him but at current prices he's probably worth more! The only areas that Leo tops him are his smile and his song!