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  1. Have to agree about Paris.It will be a huge disappointment unless you're nostalgic about streets littered with dog shit or happy to be treated with open contempt.
  2. I'll go with Mersons version!
  3. We nearly sent a search party out for you! Have you been away with your pals, hiking up Ben Lomond? ?⛺️
  4. @henrik_62 would value your opinion.
  5. Your "frugality"reminded me of when I was doing short term contracts up and down the country and often slept in the car,so my stock reply when I was asked where I was staying was, Hotel Laguna.
  6. It's harsh to blame Maguire for Chillwells shortcomings, Fuchs manages to cope when his centre back moves into midfield.
  7. I'm guessing you live in New Parks.
  8. David Gilmour Steve Hackett Steve Howe Bill Nelson Hank Marvin
  9. Dunk is a good defender who attacks the ball well in both boxes but Rodgers wants all his players to be good with the ball at their feet. With the introduction of VAR,it will be crucial to have players who can defend set pieces without the holding that previously went unpunished so if we have to replace HM and Soyuncu and Bencovic are unsuitable, It would be Ake for me.
  10. I realise there was an economic reason for some clubs to have plastic pitches but in the long run its detrimental to the S.P.L as it damages its credibility. The players don't like them either,are there any plans to revert back to traditional pitches.
  11. Talented as Brendan may be,brain surgery is a bit of a strech
  12. Well India made a right pigs ear of that! Shame really,the final will be quite sterile without their supporters.
  13. Dont get too exited till Geoff confirms it!
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