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  1. Musical Maths Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 37/100 My Time 188 seconds  
  2. The joke thread

    My girlfriend is a dwarf and just lately she's become really down because she thinks people are making fun of her . Tonight , I'm going to make a real effort to cheer her up,I've bought her flowers , chocolates and I'm going to run her a nice hot sink!
  3. Adrien Silva

    Or a Swiss team.
  4. The joke thread

    There's a Polish bloke lives in the flat next door who plays "I want to know what love is " at full blast all night! Bloody Foreigner
  5. Won't miss Arter throwing himself around and screaming like a lipstick or Mclean's face, distorting in rage because a throw in went the other way! Horrible pair.
  6. New training ground

    Beyond naive for the owners to believe they could keep it quiet!
  7. New training ground

    Seems like they may retain land near the boroughs for a nine hole course but access and clubhouse will be a problem. If you are going to join another club, don't leave it too long, with six hundred golfers looking for a club, suspended joining fees will soon be re-introduced! Let us all know where you want the sponsership monies sent to!
  8. The crinkly music quiz no. 1

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 70/100 My Time 117 seconds  
  9. Transfer Window - January

    Did Izzy write that for you😄😄 outstanding.
  10. Northern Ireland v Switzerland

    Technology or not ,FIFA appoint the officials. There was very little chance of their team not qualifying. Nothings changed
  11. The joke thread

    You can always tell a dyslexic Yorkshireman. He's the one wearing a cat flap.
  12. Next up . . . Manchester City (Home) thoughts?

    Looking forward to this, I'm expecting Puel to come up with a cunning plan to give the unbeatables bloody nose,
  13. The joke thread

    Found my neighbour slumped over his lawn mower sobbing uncontrollably. He said he'd be o.k- and he was just going through a rough patch.
  14. Name this Leicester team

    He's in the loft looking for another box of programs😄