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  1. Yes they did,I went to the final at Forest wher they beat Turkey 1-0 In the team were Sol Cambell,Gary Neville,Paul Scholes,Nicky Butt, Robbie Fowler and the most exciting player in the tournament,Julian Joachim.
  2. Never heard of Hinge and Bracket? In before the lock.
  3. Flagrant use of a comb-over. I thought that had been stamped out!
  4. He doesn't seem to be moving freely,perhaps he's carrying an injury.
  5. Don't know if it's been mentioned but it seemed Spurs were taking it in turns to kick Madison, horrible cynical team and manager.
  6. But it's not what it used to be!
  7. Jonny Foreigner diving again!
  8. Have to agree about Paris.It will be a huge disappointment unless you're nostalgic about streets littered with dog shit or happy to be treated with open contempt.
  9. David Gilmour Steve Hackett Steve Howe Bill Nelson Hank Marvin
  10. Well India made a right pigs ear of that! Shame really,the final will be quite sterile without their supporters.
  11. I envy you having around forty episodes and a couple of xmas specials to watch. They made the first series in 2006 and I wasn't aware of it until the third series so I bought the box set. If I had to pick a favourite it would be "Dugs", give it a look.
  12. Thought that may be a touch obvious,clearly not
  13. You've given yourself away now Wayne!
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