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  1. Sunflower hearts,Niger seeds and a suet logs. I’ll try some peanuts. cheers
  2. There are usually a dozen or more small birds on my “feeding station”at any one time,with many more in the hedge waiting their turn. In the last three months there has been a massive drop off,normally I refill the feeders twice a week but It seems ages since they were last empty, Any ideas what could be happening? The feeders have been in the same place for about five years.
  3. Wasn’t It was those plastic Scottish pitches that knackered his joints in the first place?
  4. Yeah,then watch the scrambling on here.”I always knew he was world class”.😂
  5. Brilliant. I want the box set for Xmas now!
  6. Brewster hasn’t scored all season so I’ve transferred him into my fantasy team!
  7. If you compare at the images of him in his Roma kit, to that one,his face now looks bloated. ill be surprised if he's fit enough to play for a few weeks!
  8. He's twenty two ,this is his first full season in the premier league and he has more assists than any other English midfielder not to mention six goals. He still has lots to improve on,but come on, what are we expecting? Id rather have a continuous improvement than a firecracker that quickly burns out!
  9. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/harry-maguire-apart-tottenham-and-uniteds-defences-remain-unfit-for-purpose-8brtlz6z5?shareToken=24f7be5691205cbfc6ae50644e5c2277 Third in in the prem but Souness ignores us as "challengers".
  10. Heard Dermot O'Really on sky lauding the Hawkeye system. "It's one in a million,that's the first time in nine thousand" @Alf Bentley that's one for your comic.
  11. The Dominic Cummings, long drive out of bounds. Thats the best one since the "Sally Gunnell"
  12. At least 300 people needed for a Premier League match http://digitaleditions.telegraph.co.uk/data/208/reader/reader.html?social#!preferred/0/package/208/pub/208/page/126/article/36730
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