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  1. Doubt it, other than what was shared last year (cgi’s were a year old then) nothing has really progressed. Still work to be done, when that starts is the question.
  2. Sorry not the best update as the thinking changes constantly. There is no confidence in a May start (on stadium) without panic (as happened on the training ground). Background works for archeology, ecology and design will tick over but may need a new contractor now for the stadium for a start in May 2022, main reason is due to pandemic and questions on whether the office and accommodation (which would part fund the legacy) are an actual requirement in the short to mid term. this isn’t a final decision or update, more of a ‘at the moment thinking’.
  3. So there is outline planning, there were various plans provided to council which they are ok with, but not via planning portal.
  4. Sorry riba stages not tender stages. The build was due to start in May, that is becoming less and less likely due to a few reasons (pandemic, isolating staff (ceo)). Hotel, arena and fan zone are still on. Office and accommodation is wobbling due to pandemic and the likelihood of these being required is now questionable. it’s all gone very quiet since mid December, focus on moving in to TG, dealing with pandemic issues. I don’t know anymore than that. A contractors director who has worked with various clubs once said ‘if it wasn’t for the FA organising fixtures all matc
  5. The tender was quite some time ago. It’s at stage 3 working to 4, but sometimes it’s never that straightforward with a football club. I’d expect more substantial news in the next fortnight.
  6. Nothing new to report I’m afraid. It’s all gone quiet over the last month due to people being on holiday, self isolation for board members and lockdown. The week before Christmas i heard that things would push on further in new year. FYI it’s the same contractor that was announced that is building Everton’s new stadium yesterday. But KP has hit brakes due to Christmas.
  7. Eight foxes, two bronze (I think) adults with 6 pups. And unfortunately not as I don’t have them.
  8. It has three meanings 1. Eight is a lucky number because 2. It’s infinity and 3. It’s the family symbol - infinity with interlocked arms.
  9. Depends on how they’re caught i guess
  10. No, it changed around. There are a pack of eight foxes to arrive in the new year by commission to be installed in the fountain.
  11. There are reasons for it. Due to consistent delays to the project there weren’t any reliable updates to provide, unfortunately. But don’t worry it is forthcoming.
  12. So it’s completed today. It now belongs to LCFC, should start moving in staff tomorrow.
  13. There was a flood. From top floor which went down the stairs and outside the training rooms. Funnily enough the same happened al Liverpool just before they finished. It’s a problem with rushing unfortunately.
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