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  1. BigNige

    Smuts' NFL Thread

    I bet Brady will be really pumped up for the season now
  2. BigNige

    Smuts' NFL Thread

    $1million fine and lose next years first round pick and fourth rounder in 2017. Wasn't expecting it to be that bad but hey it's the pats
  3. BigNige

    Smuts' NFL Thread

    I bet it's a real let down for them
  4. BigNige

    Smuts' NFL Thread

    Top draft for the falcons, makes a nice change
  5. BigNige

    Smuts' NFL Thread

    Meh, falcons will still suck, though maybe slightly less than the last couple of years.
  6. BigNige

    NFL 2014/15.

    True, but the panthers gave him a lot of chances in that game
  7. BigNige

    NFL 2014/15.

    Lindley is hopeless
  8. BigNige

    NFL 2014/15.

    The falcons are so fvcking frustrating