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  1. And Kompany staying on the pitch after taking Vardy out when the last man, right at the beginning of the match
  2. I agree re the FA Cup behind closed doors. I love the Cup usually, look forward to the draws, going to new grounds, desperate to finally get an FA Cup trip to Wembley. It all feels empty this year though. I’ve watched all the games on TV, but don’t feel so involved. A behind closed doors final would be a real anticlimax after all the years of wanting to get there. With COVID restrictions we probably couldn’t even watch with fellow fans in the pub, and there’d be no city-wide celebrations like after the title win. However, I would love another Champions League campaign next season,
  3. Interesting read, until it got a bit weird at the end, talking about the kind of lady he might be interested in marrying or impregnating!
  4. I remember being at the airport the next day, Leicester fans singing that everywhere. It was stuck in everyone’s heads as we’d heard it played so many times during the match Now we use it for our own empty stadium goal music
  5. Fantastic. Just imagining how great it would have been to be there in the stadium for that equaliser
  6. Hence why he preferred playing Leeds- they didn’t lose to them!
  7. Some very unsubtle digs at us there from the bitter Man City lot! Of course they prefer playing against teams that play that way- they lost to a team that banged in five goals against them last week 😁
  8. That is terrible. Why such draconian measures, why not just tell you nobody else should use the ticket, and leave it at that?
  9. I have two family members who share a season ticket and split the costs of the direct debit. Unfortunately, the one with their name on the ticket is the one who doesn’t travel to European games and won’t be entering the ballot. Never foresaw these issues when choosing whose name to put in the ticket!
  10. I understood that tickets are supposedly non-transferable, but I didn’t realise it was a criminal offence!
  11. I just did mine and received the confirmation email. Incidentally, at the bottom of that email it says “the unauthorised selling of football tickets, including face value or below is a criminal offence by UK law” Wow, I wasn’t aware of that. So theoretically, if you were to sell on a ticket at face value for a match you could no longer attend, you could get a criminal record?! Pretty sure that could never apply in any other entertainment business. Laws relating to football are so draconian
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