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  1. So pleased for him. The only disappointment of 2016 was him just missing out to Kane. Pleased for me too as I had a bet on him at 28-1 before the season started
  2. I think this may have been a last minute decision brought about by COVID-19 effects on Thai tourism, and originally we were going to have the usual King Power sponsor on the player shirts. That would be why the “fan shirts” will have King Power as these have already been mass produced, and why there will only be a limited number of these shirts to buy.
  3. A screenshot from a social media video. Definitely looks like you have to buy the King Power version first To be able to buy this one.
  4. This article and the comments. Bunch of weirdos https://untold-arsenal.com/archives/82023
  5. Is it two passes each season ticket holder, or two per household? I have received the codes, but the other season ticket holder I live with hasn’t received anything
  6. Of course I’d rather we were in it than not, for the Prestige and of course money that comes with being in the Champions League, and the increase in our attractiveness to good players. However, from my own point of view, my main motivation is getting to go on the away trips to see Leicester in Europe. I loved the experience of 2016-17. No, I’m no longer a Foxile in New Zealand, but a Foxile elsewhere in the UK! I was living in NZ when I signed up for Foxestalk, but then couldn't change my user name.
  7. From a fan perspective, I wouldn’t be bothered about the Champions League if I couldn’t travel to any of the matches.
  8. Was praying for Mahrez to take Man City’s on Saturday
  9. Walshy giving Chris Sutton an elbow in the face, and Dennis Wise getting sent off
  10. I have one spare adult ticket for this. PM me if interested
  11. It seems that was a deliberate tactic. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/foul-them-how-aston-villa-3789586
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