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  1. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    And in the next breath after saying he has no idea whether Lovren touched the ball, Moss says “I’m giving a penalty”. Shows the arrogance of the man. Determined he was going to give a penalty no matter what
  2. News from the future.

    Had the same thought myself. Would've loved to be the team that relegated them
  3. No beer in away end today FFS !!!

    Thanks for the heads up. Miseble feckers
  4. Man United Post Match 2-2!!!

    Certainly did!
  5. New chants and songs

    Iborra seems to like his song!
  6. Spurs (H) 2-1 Post Match Thread

    So what were the Spurs fans saying about Vardy's wife?! Couldn't hear them from SK1
  7. Vardy in the jungle

    Me too! I think the assumption is that everyone here is male unless they have their real female name in their user name (or "lass" or "girl")
  8. The "do they mean us?" thread

    Great article, spot on!
  9. These media pundits really do have it in for us, don't they? Tw@ts. (Not that I agree with the club supporting these proposals)
  10. The "do they mean us?" thread

    Crazy isn't it? We've had three managers whilst in the Premier League, and two of them have been English! (The one non-English manager took us to the League title)
  11. The "do they mean us?" thread

    Sick of all the condescending articles
  12. Yeah, I think there were less than 300 entrants, so you'd think there'd be a pretty good chance of being picked. Unless of course, it is actually just a couple of coach loads of staff and mates!