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  1. It’s not fair that some teams play on 29th and get a three day gap between games, and some play on the 28th. We have to play two days after an 8pm kick off, Liverpool don’t play until Sunday 29th. Surely puts us at a disadvantage compared to some.
  2. Can I assume that block 44 hasn’t been released for sale yet? I was waiting for 44/45 to open up. Block 45 is showing as sold out, so I must have somehow missed that being opened up.
  3. I did the checking seat availability thing on the LCFC website and saw that there are/will be only 1208 tickets available to buy. A whole section of 300 or so seats have been greyed out. I assume they’re blocked off for the away priority scheme people?
  4. Kind of related, but has anyone had the premier league badge on the sleeve this season and noticed that it’s poorer quality than previous seasons? Had one put on the pink shirt and it’s very plasticky, like thin PVC, rather than cloth patches as before. Not worth £6!
  5. This exact thing happened with my brother. He supports Arsenal, from back in the days of Henry etc when they were good. Lived in leicester his whole life. When we won the league, he said he really felt like he was missing out. In fact, he actually said that while all the celebrations were going on he felt immense sadness, like he was looking in from the outside.
  6. So glad we’re not sponsored by a betting firm. Chinese firms’ logos look particularly horrendous. King Power is comparatively beautiful!
  7. Looks like the women’s shirt more closely matches the men’s and isn’t skin tight with a plunging neckline this year, which I’m glad about!
  8. Protests over the penalty award https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47885860
  9. The following two matches after I was born were 0-0! First scorer there weeks later was Lenny Glover in a 1-1 draw with Norwich. First goal I saw live was Nicky Cross in a 1-0 win vs Man City. Mike Stowell was in goal for the the opposition
  10. As long as Ashley Barnes doesn’t score. Horrible whiny git, with a face you just want to slap
  11. Nathan Blake, one for the players you’d forgotten played for us thread!
  12. 4:30pm apparently https://www.southwalesargus.co.uk/sport/17281330.bbc-pick-newport-county-or-wrexhams-fa-cup-clash-with-leicester/
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