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  1. That's Lola's
  2. Just about done, cat flap fitted at the training ground, but bit of an issue with the catnip for image rights deal
  3. Same!
  4. Lola wants 100kg of catnip and a lifetime supply of Tuna Dreamies for her image rights
  5. My cat, also called Lola, is definitely not impressed at how long this is dragging out
  6. Saw this thread was "hot" so got it to find that it's just people trying to get to 100 pages
  7. I'm not the only one then
  8. I can't believe their full price season ticket is only £199
  9. Was about to write the same thing...beat me to it!
  10. That got me shouting at the TV, idiot.
  11. Doesn't help when the Arsenal manager is blaming Fuchs...
  12. Stupid Gooners bar, I went there and they told me they only put the sound on the TV for Arsenal matches. What a load of crap, it's not like they're in the Champions League or anything
  13. that made me smile! I walked past it this afternoon, looks like some decent TV screens and I didn't see any Gooners