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  1. NZ_Foxile

    Match of the Day 2018/19

    During the Brighton v Fulham game, the commentator said that Brighton haven’t lost a home league match since January. Sure I was there watching Leicester win at Brighton in March
  2. I would have been really disappointed if we’d just splashed the cash and signed a whole new team of players in 2014. I was really looking forward to seeing how our Championship winning team would develop and fare in the Premier League.
  3. NZ_Foxile

    Third Kit News?

    I Don’t live in Leicester, so can’t unfortunately. Thanks anyway
  4. NZ_Foxile

    Third Kit News?

    Got a link, or a picture?
  5. I thought that afterwards, but I did ask for badges, plural. The sponsor wasn't offered and I didn’t think to ask as I thought I was getting two Prem badges - would rather have had the sponsor than one blank sleeve I take it they will put another badge or sponsor on if I take the shirt back in at a later date?
  6. Anyone been to buy the shirt, ask Premier League badges and end up with the Prem patch on one sleeve only? That happened to me. I didn’t check the shirt until I got home, looks stupid, why would anyone want only one sleeve with a badge?!
  7. NZ_Foxile

    Russia v Croatia - QF - 7pm

    Aren’t yellow cards wiped after the quarters?
  8. None in women’s sizes, with or without the porny plunging neckline
  9. Was about to say the same thing. Normally (with Puma anyway) the women’s shirt is exactly the same as the men’s but with a women’s fit. This looks completely different and is not a replica of the home shirt
  10. NZ_Foxile


    Me too, there’s nothing else I really want to get from the LCFC shop. I think he probably means it’s disgusting that the reward points have to be used by End of May, rather than the shirt not being out by then.
  11. I have one adult ticket available for Crystal Palace away. Will have to be paid for via PayPal and I will post first class.
  12. One adult ticket available. Will have to be paid for via PayPal and posted first class, as I don’t live In Leicester.
  13. NZ_Foxile

    The "do they mean us?" thread

    Was about to write “is he on drugs?!”
  14. Didn’t think so, been on the pitch 17 minutes and not a single pass to him