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  1. Does anyone know what time the turnstiles open on matchday?
  2. Is the career mode at a stable and enjoyable version to play yet, or do the big clubs always field reserve teams etc still? Thanks!
  3. Thank you @HankMarvin and @danny2997
  4. I thought I'd jump into this topic, and see if anyone can advise on a laptop alternative to the one I've been looking at (which is out of stock). MSI GF62 My budget is up to around £1,200 and want to future proof as much as possible. The sort of game, similar to the poster above, would be FM and the like, nothing that will require too intense graphics. I would like it to handle on FM for extra a very large database with numerous leagues selected, as an example. I'm happy to buy pre built, like the one from Currys, but also open to building my own but my kno
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