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    Been reading through this for the first time, can't really express how supportive this thread is and shows what a good community we have. I suffer with anxiety, my wife on and off with bouts of depression (what a team we make). Just wanted to say hi really - but also for anyone suffering with panic attacks/anxiety, I can't stress how much this guys books have helped me (link below), arguably more than medication (though both help each other). I'd had anxiety for years, only opened up enough to go to the doctors in December - still a struggle but found reading and writing my own notes/thoughts down a bit help too. amazon.co.uk/Anxiety-Panicking-powerful-self-help-suffering-ebook/dp/B00K3NCOWQ
  2. £200 for PC. £205 for the lot. Who isn't mate. I'm only selling as a token gesture to the wife that I'm clearing out my Peter Canero stash. I say stash, it's most of the upstairs, posters, worn shirts, drawings.
  3. Haha my thoughts too. I really liked that 02/03 side, but then it just gets worse. Says something that me as a kid couldn't be bothered with autographs after 04/05
  4. Hi all, Unsure if I'm breaking a forum rule, feel free to delete if I am. Selling a 2003 Leicester autograph book containing the below. Make me an offer - cheers 02/03 Season (Division 1) Ian Walker Billy Mckinlay Matt Elliott Muzzy Izzet Brian Deane Gerry Taggart James Scowcroft Frank Sinclair Paul Dickov 03/04 Season (Premiership) Ben Thatcher Andrew Impey Keith Gillespie Lilian Nalis Ricardo Scimeca Marcus Bent Steffen Freund (Signed Postcard) Bonus! Plus "the big 3" Wow! Craig Hignett Steve Howey John Curtis 04/05 (Championship) David Connolly Dion Dublin Peter Canero Danny Tiatto
  5. Where to begin. You are absolutely clueless, it is incredible that some can't see what he did for this club. ****ing hell I honestly despair at some of our fans.
  6. Yep, he's the best we could have got by a long shot in my opinion. Also, I really like the fact he has something to prove. He might be an ego but that means he'll be driven, and bring others with him.
  7. Great appointment and obviously we moved quickly. Very happy
  8. Spotted Nige in sportdirect in Leicester - what was he buying - a big **** off pair of white trainers...
  9. Put aside those from the title winning year and before - look at all the signings we've made since and see how many you'd say are good ones - Ndidi yes, Maddison yep - I wouldnt include Gray. Pereira agree, Maguire. But now lets look at the many signings we've made and the cost...
  10. 100%. We saw during the title winning year what a team could achieve. Look at Ferguson at United - everyone had to play their part in the squad and if anyone didn't meet expectations or got big time they were out - they had the big names of course but each player added something and worked for the group. In many ways it doesn't make sense to try and sign big time players, because we're fighting a losing battle against the top 6 - what we can do is be smart, be a unit and maximise facilities, science, youth etc. and grow in that way. I look at the likes of Gray, Ghezzall, Iheanacho, Slimani and just see your standard Premier League ego without real talent or consistency. Look at Vardy - he worked for it, it was Pearson and the staff who trusted him. I'm not sure what the answer is, but we have lost the values we had a few years ago. People say we need a clear out, and we do, but the worrying thing is if we get rid of the likes of Morgan and the old guard, what are we left with in terms of leadership and that mentality - we then become like every other average side in the league, and it's very easy to drop down.
  11. No way - I'm the same, NP built the foundation of the club (of course along with Vichai and Top), the scouting, the sports science etc., so much of which appears to have fallen away. One of the simplest things that I think we've lost in that when NP was here they always said whoever they brought in needed to be the right fit for the group and with the right ethic/personality etc. You can see that in the majority of those we signed, even in the short term signings like Kevin Phillips. As soon as NP went, that mentality went, and the likes of Slimani etc. come in who anyone could see had a shite attitude. The core of the team all had that work ethic and spirit.
  12. Surely this is it for him now. If it takes until the end of the season to get a good manager in, we should wait but let's start planning
  13. Long term vision is one thing - if you don't have buy in from those around you it means nothing. That includes the players and the fans, do either seem invested in it? The answer is no, there is something missing. This hasn't felt right for a long time now, it's going to end one way, whichever way you feel about it
  14. Hi guys, Does anyone know of a good tailor in or around Leicester for alterations to a suit I've already bought? It's a decent suit so need someone who knows what they're doing (and looking for a modern/close fit too). I've been to the tape measure in the arcade before, but not great, stitching came loose etc. cheers
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