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  1. unless we have enough to set up an over 30s foxestalk team?
  2. got the link please mate (lazy I know)? will look up some teams
  3. Yeah that's spot on, did you find any leagues/teams? I'm 33 but maybe still could sneak in. Looking at normal Sunday/Saturday local leagues on Facebook etc. it doesn't look appealing - just want to have a good kickaround and a laugh
  4. I'm in my 30s and not played football properly since I was in uni other than the odd 6 a side here and there. I used to be alright and my fitness is ok. Wanting to get back into it in some level, what's sort of level/standard is best? Looking to play with people who don't take it too seriously but are competitive and aren't bellends kicking each other for 90 minutes. I don't think that exists in Sunday league but maybe there's some decent 7 or 8 a side games somewhere?
  5. I don't think we've had those principles since Pearson left or thereabouts.
  6. Would take 50mil for him all day long, in reality overrated, we can do better and Chelsea isn't a good move for him. Lampard won't last there and they won't be challenging for trophies
  7. Totally agree and the key point there is if we're looking to go up a level - because Nacho, Evans, Albrighton (with respect), Perez, Hamza are not good enough for that level.
  8. Totally agree. Still relying on Vardy with seemingly no plan in place as to replacement or even a decent backup. The fact Wes played for us today says it all (no disrespect to him)
  9. Fuming. How are we still solely reliant on Vardy after so many years. Absolutely inept unless Vardy does it for us. All respect to Wes for all he's done for us, but again, how can it be we have to play him at 36 in a massive game for us. Our squad is not strong enough and we need to have a good transfer window.
  10. any going please lads? cheers
  11. Would massively appreciate a code if there are any going please - cheers!
  12. totbl


    Agree totally with this - I had my first proper CBT today (after the first 'kick off' one). The materials and stuff are helpful, but the biggest thing was just talking to someone external to your life and them helping you work through it. Without sounding too airy fairy about it - as someone who keeps stuff bottled up in real life, being able to just be honest with someone outside your life felt pretty freeing - I couldnt have done that with someone I know. At first I didn't feel like the writing your worries down each day would help - but it does (or at least has for me in the last few days).
  13. totbl


    I am mate - Sertaline. Since December, although it wasn't immediate. The longer I'm on them the more effective they seem to be, but also the more this issue has come up. It could be completely unlinked, but I can't see it
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