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  1. coolhandfox

    Riyad finally gone

    I know, just think it sad that a players who wanted out for two season, and has made it know, seems more important to some fans than current players. I know his a Legend like Kante, Hutu et al, but he gone.
  2. coolhandfox

    Stadium Expansion - More Info

    All depends on your point of view, some people love them, some people hate them. Most of the time the atmosphere is directly linked to the performances on the pitch. It was the same a Filbert Street.
  3. coolhandfox

    Filbert St Demolition

    Think I've got some dust in my eyes.
  4. coolhandfox

    Stadium Expansion - More Info

    Should and could happen are two different things, if it doesn't happen when the ground if extended, it will never happen.
  5. coolhandfox

    message from the algerians

    Classic, talk about people being racists and than you throw in some social racism.
  6. coolhandfox

    Stadium Expansion - More Info

    People still talking about moving the family stand.... rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat!
  7. coolhandfox

    Riyad finally gone

    We still talking about this, he no longer plays for LCFC, who cares.
  8. coolhandfox

    Yerey Mina

    Sh!t, if we get this guy, we gonna have to play 4 centre half's to fit Morgan in.....
  9. coolhandfox

    Belgium vs. England - The race for 3rd spot (14th of July)

    Belgium look razor sharp on the break!
  10. coolhandfox

    Belgium vs. England - The race for 3rd spot (14th of July)

    3 penalties, and one that hit him, and one tap in, any of the forward in the squad could have scores those. Let be honest if Stones was on penaltes he could have 5! Header against Tunisa was a decent finish to be fair. I personally don't think he's fully fit and has'nt got back to he's best since he's injury. Great player but I think he's been average in the WC, however not help be the lack of creativity in the side.
  11. coolhandfox

    Big Club!

    Anything is possible, you just have to have enough money, and keep paying it. Look at Man City, PSG, Chelsea etc
  12. coolhandfox

    Belgium vs. England - The race for 3rd spot (14th of July)

    Two be fair, the midfeild has a better balance, Alli, Lingard and Henderson, was far to unbalanced. Especially when you concided the limited impact both Alli and Lingard had in the knockout round. I see Kane, get the nod again after performing below par in the knockout stages, just seems like a flat track bull to be me.
  13. coolhandfox

    Jamie Vardy

    Would be happy now if he retires from international football, never going to be anything more than a bit part player for England. He been to the Euro's and a World Cup, he's probably achieved more than be thought possible. Just think this would be a sensible way of prolonging he career in the PL.
  14. coolhandfox


    Let be honest, I'm remember the days when no one was interested in buying our players and if they were it was a Sheffield United or some of that level, that when you need to be worried. The fact that Champions League clubs are interested or have been interested in Maguire, Vardy, Mahrez, Drinkwater and Kante, show how far we have come. Its life, there is really only one club in the world that doesn't have to worry about another club chasing their best players in their prime and that Real Madrid. I trust the owners, to do the business when it come to getting the best deal for the club, look at Mahrez, he's wanted out for 2 years, went on strike, but the they didn't make it easy for him to leave and in the end got a decent price.