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  1. Only thing I take from the article is the fact we are a work in progress.
  2. Or King power can just pump another 6 million in, its back pocket change to them.
  3. The fact this even make the news, tell you why the world is in shit state!
  4. Sometimes times you have to look at taking value, Ben is a good player bit he's not a 50 million fullback. A 50 million fullback, can defend and attack, and should be chipping in with 3-6 assists and 3-4 goals a season minimum. Against Liverpool he had 2-3 good opportunities to whip in a dangerous ball and didn't. I think we could sell and pick up a replacement for Europe who offers more, and turn a profit.
  5. It a tackle that will be made time and time again this season, where a player takes a booking to stop a counter attack, is it unsporting, yes, is it a professional foul, yes. Is it a terrible tackle no. You will see Miller, Fabinho, make similar tackles this season for the same reason. Salah is unfortunate that his foot get stuck under Hamza trailing leg. It's a non story, classic defection for a manager.
  6. Don't see Klopp mentioning how dirty TAA tackle was......
  7. To be honest the ref doesn't bother me as much as a senior pro making such a basic error, if it had been Barnes or Gray I could understand it. He had two opportunities to clear the ball, one on the edge of the area and the second time when he decided to roll his foot o er the ball.
  8. Thought we were poor for large parts of the game, lacked quality at key times. No issue with the penalty other than a brain fart for Albrighon who had to opportunities to clear the ball.
  9. Sorry but that's awful from Alrighton, all he had to do is boot it out and his tried to be clever!
  10. Liverpool starting to look a little leggy to me!
  11. Are attacking players have been poor today!
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