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  1. Can't see it myself, I doubt UEFA would take on one of the most wealthy clubs in the world without a tight case! The would have learnt from the PSG and Milan cases! I'm still expecting a bit of a compromise, with a 1 year ban, Man City get let if a bit and UEFA save face!
  2. We are the only team outside of the Big 6 (God I hate that term), to make the top 4 in the last 14 years, I still think people underestimate how hard it is to do!
  3. Guppy, Izzett, Heskey, Elliot and Lennon would easily improve the squad.
  4. People also forget how hard it is to break into the top 4, in the last 14 seasons the following teams have finished in the top 4; Arsenal 11 Chelsea 11 Man Utd 10 Man City 9 Liverpool 8 Tottenham 6 Leicester 1 No one else has managed it............
  5. "The transformational investment into the Club’s new training ground has been financed by the Club entering into a six-year facility with King Power after the year-end, further demonstrating the commitment of the Club’s shareholders to its long-term development" This statement in the clubs accounts seem to indicates that we have facility to borrow money from King Power, to pay for the Training ground etc
  6. Yes we did play well in the first half of the season, but we had a little more rub of the green and took are chances more, second half of the season are lucky changed a little and we haven't been as clinical. In the first half of the season we won games like Spurs (H), Everton (H), Burnley (H) by the odd goal and a tiny bit of luck, second half of the season we lost close games to Norwich (A), Man City (H), Burnley (A). Injuries to key players like Vardy, Ndidi whilst not missing many games affect there from and ours badly. I always believe we weren't as good as we thought in the first 17 games and not as bad as we think in the last 17.
  7. I just think they are playing as well as everyone is making out, the rode their luck against a average Palace side. Whilst no one can argue the Man U are playing well, you can't say the same about Chelsea in my view!
  8. Simple let the refs go to the monitor like against arsenal, give VAR only the power to say you should have a look at that again and then handover to the referee. VAR looked at the possible red 5-6 times, the ref had 1 look! Having ref'd a few games I'd rather correct myself then be corrected by someone else. Take John Moss last night, he's getting no criticism for a bad call , because VAR is taking the brunt, he should have been made to have a look.
  9. No I was merely highlight the fact form can change, later in the paragraph I said Man U would finish 3rd, I'm basing my optimism on the possibility of Chelsea dropping points against Liverpool, Sheff U or Wolves! I think this weekend is massive 3 point against Bournemouth and Chelsea dropping any points at Sheff U would put us back in the driving seat. With Vardy finding his shooting boots there is always a chance!
  10. Possible but unlikely I think we will pick up at least 5-6 points to make this mathematical impossible!
  11. We had 8 wins, we where top of the form table, that the thing about form it changes! United have won 4 in a row, I'd be surprised if they make it 8 in a row by the end of the season, especially when they are playing a game every 3-4 days. I'm not convinced by Chelsea, rode there luck against Man City and Palace, and have a tough run in. My feeling is Man U get 3rd and its going to be a close run thing between us and Chelsea. Maybe irrelevant after Monday if City ban is up held, that happens and we win a Bournemouth the atmosphere in here will change dramatically.
  12. Anyone would think that its all over, we still have a chance to finish 3rd or 4th. I'm not have the media train of thought that Chelsea are nailed on to finish 3rd with Liverpool, Sheff U and Wolves to play. Still have a feeling us and Man U will be playing out a draw in the last game to clinch 3rd and 4th
  13. I don't think it a any more then unconscious bias, which lead to some discussions go for against and for certain teams and players. To be fair when we won the league we had the most penalties that season 13 (10 scored, missed 3), Man Utd had 3 that season. This year we sit 3rd in the table with 7 (5 scored, missed 2), Man U have had 13 (9 scored, missed 4)
  14. Fernandes has a red card, let alone a pen!!!!!!
  15. But what do you get for 5-10m in the transfer market, a very average championship player thats all going to be cost 2.5millon on wages on top of a transfer fee. Some of he's wages will be offset by the releases of Andy King who is going to be on 2-3m a year. To be fair I don't think we are bring him in to play 38 games a season, it about impose squad depth to allow a little more rotation No way are we signing on a 4 year contract at 32!
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