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  1. Nothing like plucking a negative out of thin air, how do you know?
  2. Please quote me where I've stated that, I just think people get carried away with fact like his played in the CL at 16. What I'd agure is he hasn't lived up to his billing as one of Europe hot prosect during his time a Monaco, and half a dozen decent games in PL at the back end of a season doesn't change that. Do I want him to sign definitely, is the the end of the world if he doesn't, no.
  3. Doesn't matter what I think, just know I'm not going to stress about it....... I like him to come here but I'm not sure it the end of the world, if he doesn't. Jonathan Greening won the Champions League, Roman Wallner played in the Champions league at 16, as have many others it means little.
  4. All good and well, but at the end of the day he ethier wants to come here or not. He's a great player, but he's had a very poor spell at Monaco, I'm not sure a good quarter of a season, makes him one of the highest rated young players in Europe. Who to say YT will be as successful as a permanent signing, any signing is a risk, even one that's had a successful loan spell. I thought that when cambiasso left and we got Kante. Doesn't make a difference who I have in mind, but I'm sure the club has other targets.
  5. Anyone would think Tielemans is the only creative centre-mid on the planet. Panic, Panic
  6. With Hamza, you have to take the rough with the smooth, his going to win a lot of balls, with brilliant tackles. However occasionally his going to going to make a mistake and get booked or sent off. Personally I rather he learns form his mistake playing for the u21's, than us.
  7. I think we have been hardballing on the selling side since we had to sell Kante for 30m. Both Mahrez and Drinkwater were sold at the upper end of there value.
  8. And that's why we are interested in him I suppose cheap and willing to sit on the bench?
  9. To be fair most PL clubs are in the same boat of they lose their main striker, not many have quality back up.
  10. To be fair, you could add Evan in there as well.
  11. Dismantling, or does he just like the thought of living in France. This place needs a panic room.
  12. Not for offsides, you on or off, nothing to do with clear and obvious
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