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  1. Not sure who more frustrating Gray, Albrighon or Perez!
  2. Easy to see why Barnes and Perez start over Gray and Albrighon!
  3. Why would PSV loan him, makes no sense for them, flops he value goes down.
  4. I'm not sure it a great way to behave, people would have be moaning if he been booked later and received a red. People saying this is great should try refereeing on a Sunday morning, when players are surrounding you after a decision. Research in 2015 found that 19 per cent of football referees had experienced physical abuse, while 60 per cent said that they endured ­verbal abuse at least every two matches
  5. Old news, move on, sorted in house as it should be. We should be discussing a great win not this chip paper story.
  6. It's a good stat, but not that shocking, teams playing at the KP, sit deep in a low block and make the pitch as small as possible. At home the onus is on them to attack, leaving more space and opportunities on the break. I'd say it actually makes sense..
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