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  1. No need to leave on foot, he's car looked like he could still drive it, only reason to leg it, is being over the limit.
  2. Would be very surprised if he wasn't over the limit when he crashed he's car.
  3. Unbelievable that it's taken the club that long to issue a statement about tickets. They should have given people the option to freeze the April payment by clicking on a link in the statement, even my local gym managed to do that.
  4. According to statistics 14 million people live in poverty in the UK, the events of the last few weeks probably doubles that number, people are going too struggle to feed their families. Whilst I understand the club is an important part of the community and we have great owners, I personally feel there are more important things to worry about then the finances of Billionaires. I'd rather get my money back, buy some food and take it to the local food back.
  5. Honestly think the club should freeze DD for season tickets, my gym has managed to do that, so can't see why the club can't People who have brought individual match tickets should be able to ask for refund. This pandemic is going to leave a lot of people living hand to mouth, time for the club to act in my view. That money could could be feeding people....
  6. Sure the whole idea of a academy is the graduate output, both for the first time and to generate income.
  7. Maybe someone should tell Wayne, that his no more at risk then Joe public and we still have to go to work............... Former England footballer Wayne Rooney says the government and football authorities have treated footballers as "guinea pigs" during the coronavirus outbreak. Elite football in Britain has been suspended until at least 3 April, with the Premier League saying "conditions at the time" will determine its return. "For players, staff and their families, it has been a worrying week - one in which you felt a lack of leadership from the government and from the FA and Premier League," the former England captain wrote in his column in the Times newspaper. "The rest of sport - tennis, Formula 1, rugby, golf, football in other countries - was closing down and we were being told to carry on.
  8. I take it before this happened, if the government stated they want to increase taxes to pay for this as a contingency plan, you have happily paid more TAX?
  9. People comparing countries approaches is like comparing apples and pears. Different demographics, geography, social and economic circumstances can have a massive effect on the best discison for each country.
  10. Interesting to see the national league go ahead.....
  11. Once they have tested everyone what then?
  12. 111 and the GP are just guessing, they could just as likely have a bad cold as have Covid 19! The government has just realised that wide spread testing will not contain the virus and is a waste of resources.
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