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  1. coolhandfox

    Burnley (home)

    For me he is often too deep, receiving the ball on the half way line or in deep wide areas, he needs to be much closer to Vardy, in and around the final third. Often think Ndidi and Mendy aren't good enough on the ball to find him in advance areas, which result in him dropping deeper to get on the ball. However I also think we play too deep as a whole and narrow, as a possession based team you need to make the pitch as big as possible for me. He has heralded as a number 10, but isn't really playing that role in my opinion.
  2. coolhandfox

    Simpson- Not in Puels Plans

    Have you weighed him?
  3. coolhandfox

    Players talking to BBC/Stringer - Its Time!

    As recent events have shown, life is to short to hold a grunge over something that happened four years ago. Times have changed, RL was vital before the dawn of the modern media age, it now less so for most of us. However there are a number of fans less able to access other media that the rest of us, who depend on it for there City fix.
  4. coolhandfox

    Local Media Coverage

    I bit harsh, the man has been in and around the club, staff, and has more likely rubbed shoulder with the chairman on a number of occasions. Whatever axe your got to grind with the bloke, now is the time to be united. Everyone deals with this sort of thing in a different manner.
  5. coolhandfox

    Cardiff Away post match 1-0

    At a time when football players in general are portrayed often in a very negative light. The players have been outstanding, and a credit to the club and shirt.
  6. coolhandfox

    Cardiff Match Thread

    Good save!
  7. I'm think they are miss reading the interest of the fans, I'm pretty sure even the fans of the big PL clubs would be against it. Football is at local rivalry!
  8. coolhandfox

    How are you feeling about the Cardiff match?

    Would have to be something very obvious, can't see a ref wanting to go down in history as the guy who sent off a lcfc player for this fixture.
  9. coolhandfox

    Commemorative team to face Cardiff ?

    No, the biggest way the players can show their respect is to strive to achieve the owner ambitions and dreams.
  10. coolhandfox

    Jon Rudkin - FA considering him for role

    Don't you think that going in to administration, and being relegated to league one and being a struggling championship side for most of the 00's had a massive affect on the talent we could attract? I pretty sure we wouldn't have been first choice for the hottest younger in the midlands. It take year to development players from the age of 7,8,9, to become first team players I actually think we are starting to see the fruit of are academy with Barnes and Chilwell.
  11. coolhandfox

    Daniel Amartey

    Get well soon Dan!
  12. coolhandfox

    West Ham H Match Thread

    To be fair 3 games in 8 days, you'd expect some changes.
  13. coolhandfox

    West Ham H Match Thread

    Another spin on the random team selector, I heard his got one of the retired lotto machines. If your West Ham, simply defend with a high line, no one in going to get in behind in that starting 11!
  14. coolhandfox


    They signed in the closed season after promotion, so that doesn’t make any sense!
  15. coolhandfox

    January Transfer Window Thoughts & Rumours

    Think we need a leader, someone to get a grip of the team when it's back against the wall time. During the second-half against Arsenal we just looked leaderless.