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  1. I think the whole defence looks nervous as a group, we make a massive amount of unforced errors. I think we a rest and a summer off the boy can come back a better player.
  2. So many negative Nancy's on this thread. Some people can't help turning a positive into a negative
  3. We are going to losing a lot of experience in the summer Fuchs, Simpson, Okizaki. We have a very young squad and need some old heads in the camp, so good business.
  4. 6 goals and 6 assist in a average team, at 22 and first season in the PL, you can't argue the boy doesn't have quality. So what if he believes in himself, and likes to look good.
  5. Don't really care what anyone thinks, we all know what we achieved. Let them all be salty, the salter the better.
  6. Could be the best RB in the league.
  7. He more likely will not be far away for that this year.
  8. Attacking quality football, best of the rest i.e. 7th or 8th. Take both cup competition seriously. A manager to last the season for the first time since 2015/16
  9. I think a lot could depend on the player himself, and what he wants.
  10. We need a a quality RM, another striker and to secure a Tielemans on a permanent.
  11. Finish as high as possible, momentum is massive in football. The momentum from the great escape season, was key to the good start of the league winning season.
  12. Would be very surprised if we don't have massive competition to sign him in the summer
  13. He never intended to take him down, it was a accidental trip as he tried to chase him. He had to go but I not convinced he meant it.
  14. So sloppy by Mendy, if lead to a goal he's wants shooting
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