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  1. No chance, he would be one of the first names on the team sheet.
  2. I've got about 2.5m coins at the moment. Mainly working on Icon and IF flipping, ICONs work best because of the lack of supply. So you need a decent bank to start with, looking to buy them at the right price on bid and the relisting them on BIN for a quick flip. So for example I brought a Paul Scholes for for 290k ish on bid and then sold at BIN for 338k, so a profit of 30k ish after tax, another was a Vieri I only made about 5k on that. You have some good one and some average ones, but do enough a the profit builds quickly. I try not to hold on to them to long as price
  3. When I can be bothered, about 100k in about a hour. Want to add Gullit and Cruyff to my Dutch team so need make some cash.
  4. Sounds like a normal FIFA 21 game Was busy trading last night, so didn't play any games.
  5. You have to remember his a kid, just turn 20 in a new country. He not going to enjoy being sub, he has been fantastic for us.
  6. As an emergency, now Soyuncu is fit its not needed.
  7. I agree he is a good RCB, but I think Fofana, Evans and Soyuncu are better CBs. I think we will see Riccy P vs Brentford.
  8. No chance BR is chucking in Riccardo from the start against Chelsea after 10 months out. Also why would he play a makeshift CB in Justin when he has Evan, Fofana and Soyuncu.
  9. 22 goal contribution in 68 games is pretty impressive 10 goals, 12 assists, for a deep playmaker.
  10. Made all the running second half, great performance from Cags when he came on.
  11. Same issue as the home game last season, the CB are not use to playing against two strikers, stick Soyuncu in and go 3.
  12. Leaving Evans and Fofana exposed one on one too many times, can' have Wilf, Castange and Justin bombing on.
  13. As we know momentum is massive in football and Wolves are only going one way at the moment.
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