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  1. This window gets better and better!
  2. That's good, it would be a shame if you weren't sharing your knowledge on a training pitch, as there is a lack of good coaching at grassroots level especially in children's football.
  3. Good read @StriderHiryu, some nice observations! Do you do any acutal coaching or have done or are you just into tactical analysis? Just interested.
  4. So following normal Foxestalk protocol, if it works out well it's a Kolo signing, if it turns to shit it's a Congerton signing.
  5. Hopefully. That would be great business.
  6. Loan with a decent fee. A year down the line we are going to have Soyuncu, Fofana and a 34 year old Evans. We will be in the market for another CB.
  7. Villa, Leeds, West Ham. Villa because given time they can be a threat to us. Leed, because the are Leeds. West Ham as they are a poorly run club.
  8. I'm sure there would be some sort of loan fee as well!
  9. Slim on loan at WBA isn't a bad idea if they pay he's wages, he can't play against us and can damage our rivals!
  10. That amazing only us, West Ham and Milan have been interested?
  11. Lot of money for a kid with 19 apps! This is going to be interesting. Didn't Sky say we had no money?
  12. Think Villa have been lucky to play a poor Fulham, they look very poor at the back! Another day Fulham could of had a couple....
  13. 100% its about remembering no-one is guaranteed success, and having reasonable expectations.
  14. couldn't remember how to spell it correctly and couldn't be arsed to Google it.
  15. He learning at compete at the high level, not at fault for the Mahrez goal in my opinion, he competes for the header, someone should be picking up Mahrez. Amazing pressing for the phase of play before Vardy's second.
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