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  1. Sorry but with our squad, transfer budget, both Shakespeare and Puel JH have under achieved. We are sixth in transfer spend over the last 3 years. Although football isn't played on a spreadsheet, the managers have been given the resources to achieve! For both managers results have been patchy and performance have been dreadful at times.
  2. Felliani

    No 10 behind Vardy, the amount of crosses we send in each game he would be a handful. Teams would want to play a higher line, to negate the Aerial threat, leaving Vardy more space in behind.
  3. **New** Puel In or Out - A simple Poll Mk 2

    With are remaining fixtures, he could easily by looking at 5 wins from 21 by the end of the season. Can't see us getting anything against Arsenal, Spurs, Palace, can only see us beating W Ham. He will be under massive pressure at the start of next season! Momentum is only going one way at the moment! People should look at his Southampton signings hardy set the league on fire last season or this!
  4. Tom Cairney

    Your comparing pear with apples, most of Man City players you mentioned where playing in the Champions League so had proven themselves a the highest level. I recuitment have been a shambles, because we have taken risks on player playing in second rate leagues or second rate teams. We can't afford another poor summer window!
  5. Tom Cairney

    The game were Mark de Vries actual did something!
  6. Tom Cairney

    Wow, had forgotten all about them, think I've blank that time period out of my mind!
  7. Tom Cairney

    Danny Simpson is coming to the Twilight of his career, he's time in the first eleven is coming to an end, but still a decent enough squad player You are being selective picking Fuch, Oki and Kante, what about the failures Musa, Slimini, Mendy and many more As you point out the rest of the squad had a season worth to see if they could cut it. You can't compare Sessegnon and Tom Cairney, Sessegon is 17, and has burst onto the scene, taking the division by storm, and we have as much chance of signing him as Messi, Cairney is a championship journeymen.
  8. Tom Cairney

    Bertrand over 100 PL, including the season Southampton finish 8th, 19 England caps in that time. Evans, 200 PL, will be want be 80% of PL clubs in the summer has a buy out clause of 3m Mooy 4, 3 assists, best player in a struggling side. Mawson, in the england squad for the friendlies against the Netherlands and Italy in March. If Cairney was young, I would think yes, but he's 27 and has spent 99% of in the championship..................
  9. Leics 0- Soton 0 post match thread.

    Lack of tempo, as normal no creativity in central area, resulting in the standard game plan of throwing crosses and corners in a box with generally only Vardy in the box. 5 home game without a win, only scoring 4 goals in during that time and 4 wins in 17 overall. No problem with us finishing anywhere in the top 10, but I expected to have some excitement! Dull and boring ..........
  10. Tom Cairney

    Evans, Bertrand, Mooy, Mawson, Redmond, to name a few.....
  11. At the end of the day if Huth is finished, losing Morgan go would leave us with one senior proven CB on the books in Harry. Do we really want to be spending a large chuck of our transfer funds on 2 CB's in the summer? Get a Evans or another 1st choice CB to playing alongside Harry and keep Wes as backup!
  12. Tom Cairney

    Unproven at this level, after are woeful transfer dealings over the last two summer I'd prefer us to be going in for more proven players at PL level. Too many of our gambles have failed just lately.
  13. Maguire

    Maybe, I'd have like to have seen Harry with Huth, but that seem unlikely to happen. As for corners, it's not just Wes, the whole defensive setup starting with Kasper is a shambles, and has been for the last 2 seasons. In fact we are just terrible at corners at both ends of the park
  14. Maguire

    No, but the whole team looks leaderless at time. As we showed in the Title winning season, with good management and leadership, the whole can been greater than the sum of its parts!
  15. Maguire

    I agree, however people are claiming Harry is a top draw defender. I'm my book, you can't be a great defender if you need someone to lead you and tell you where to go. Top drawer defenders lead those around them, organise the back 4. Harry is a decent defender who very good ability on the ball, and being English that a unusual thing which make him worth a decent amount! Just think to many people label him as a great defender, which he isn't. However with more experience he has the tools to be a great defender!