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  1. I'm all for a hefty pay rise, it goes without saying. I just don't like the attitude of sure we can give extra rewards to the NHS but not at the expense of my cup final ticket.
  2. Hahahaha, the narrow minded one that is thinking of others. Makes perfect sense kidda. That meme doesn't represent that, it's to reflect disbelief, it was used incorrectly. As for keyboard warrior, nah, try again.
  3. Terrible attempt at humour. Unless you're about 17/18 and you are enjoying your first beer with "the lads"
  4. The allocation of tickets to non fans has being going on for decades. So the situation isn't a new one. Again, how do you know that they don't want to go and that it isn't their number 1 choice? Try again.
  5. Took the easy way out and posted a meme as you have no comeback to my question. Thanks for playing.
  6. Haha, he's lost it. Me me me is all I hear in your responses. If you think giving NHS employees a nice day out is a shit idea, then that's on you. As I said, you should have written to the FA years ago complaining, you didn't, your mistake.
  7. How do you know that isn't the case and they asked for the cup final tickets?
  8. So they have to be a 'football nut' to enjoy a cup final? Right.............
  9. And what are the specific agreements/parameters of a test game then? I'm assuming in the T+C's it clearly states we can't reward anyone.
  10. At the behest of NHS workers, as I've stated, every year non footballing fans, charities, kids etc are all given tickets. Where was your outrage then? Did you take the FA to task? Of course you didn't as it didn't affect you. But now we are there it's all about how we are so hard done by etc. It was clearly going to be different this year, how about thinking of others.
  11. There are no right or wrong games, surely that is pretty obvious and reinforces my entitlement point. Yes you can go to football matches but you can't go to mine.......
  12. Exactly, and you are all about me, me, me. I know which side of the fence I'd rather sit on. I get the irony, read through my posts, I keep saying if, don't deny people the opportunity of a nice day out. It doesn't shed you in a very good light.
  13. It isn't a debate when you just make stuff up to post a reply. As you've gone personal early, we'll you know the rest.
  14. Just baseless waffle there.
  15. Unreal, I can't believe I'm replying to this. How could you possibly ascertain what NHS workers enjoy doing enmasse. But yes, give them tickets to wherever they want to go, I agree.
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