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  1. You are refreshingly honest. I am a bit bored of people pretending to know what is what, and using what they failed to predict in the past as some sort of evidence.
  2. No, they've not come back as unread I don't think.
  3. For example, this morning I read one post of many new ones, and then I was told there was no unread content immediately after. Also, normally when one clicks on 'Next unread topic' you are told what that topic is - that seems not to be the case currently.
  4. The site still seems to have a problem - I hope it's nothing too impossible, can't be a nice thing to deal with.
  5. I am guessing the reference is lost on you, then.
  6. I foresaw Henry being a great striker, by the way, because I have marvellous hindsight. *BS disclaimer, btw.
  7. If Vardy has been the victim of a crime, then I sympathise with him. Otherwise I just end up victim shaming, which has become extremely and worryingly popular.
  8. I find it illuminating to see who refuses to consider a hypothetical question. I am very torn about Europa qualification. Obviously I'd like us to enter it and win it, with a squad set up to cope. I'm just not sure we're there yet.
  9. Croker and Bert the inert Millichip
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