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  1. One big plus today was meeting up beforehand with @StriderHiryu, who is every bit as friendly, interesting and good company as you might hope from his posts. Thanks for the drink, fella, I look forward to the next time.
  2. @davbison - thank you for your patience and good company today. I hope you got home safely.
  3. Today made me appreciate Perez all the more.
  4. I apologise for not singing more today, but my filthy cold really wasn't helping. It was evident that the noise generated where we were wasn't carrying far. Props to the guys over my left shoulder for continually getting songs going (high up, G Block), even if they did seem to have some anger issues...
  5. Every time someone writes 'Preat', I have bad flashbacks.
  6. I'm sick of politics, can we avoid it in the football bit please?
  7. I think it's probably wiser to not allow politics in here. I made that mistake before, it's an ill wind that blows nobody any good.
  8. Congrats all turkeys - you've just guaranteed Christmas.
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