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  1. I can't be arsed looking back and saying 'what if' - it is what it is. Wherever we finish, it is deserved, be it 3rd or 6th.
  2. Maybe that's because a % of our supporters are absolute w**kers
  3. Is this the 'ever-giving' City that's in 4th place currently?
  4. I am literally right behind them.
  5. Ah OK. FWIW, 'we' don't all know anything - not everyone agrees wholesale, you might have noticed!
  6. On that basis, are we banned from comparing Harvey Barnes with Jeff Schlupp?
  7. He'll understand your point better if you finish your initial sentence like this!!!!
  8. It blatantly happened in the blink of an eye, and there won't have been time to think any of his actions out. Slo-mo makes things that happen in an instant look pre-meditated.
  9. No idea what this means. And it's Mr Weasel to you.
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