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  1. The 50 Worst Premier Players Ever!! (by FourFourTwo)

    Yes. Let me give you an example....
  2. The 50 Worst Premier Players Ever!! (by FourFourTwo)

    Lowe? Get in the bin, he did ok.
  3. Chelsea FA Cup 1997

    He was trolling Spurs fans on Sunday too.
  4. Mahrez being booed?

    I heard & saw one or two boo the draw with Swansea - I found myself wondering if they believe that they have a divine right to watch victory.
  5. Name this Leicester team

    Peter Swales, not to be confused with David Ferrie
  6. Name this Leicester team

    Alan Irvine
  7. Name this Leicester team

    Gary Pallister
  8. Chelsea fa cup quarterfinals

    Must be joking, right?
  9. FA Cup 2018

    Considering some of the threads that are allowed to survive, that's quite the insult
  10. Contentious question

    Knock yourselves out.
  11. FA Cup 2018

    Some of us just disagree - that's all.
  12. FA Cup 2018

    Who initiated the contact? Dele, for me.
  13. FA Cup 2018

    a) Irrelevant and b) No comparison
  14. FA Cup 2018

    'There was contact' - the most damningly weak attempt to justify a massive dive ever. Sorry @Walkers, it's not personal to you fella. It's just football language to justify a crime.
  15. FA Cup 2018

    You really thought he didn't throw himself over?