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  1. Use the difficulty, if more games are played. Get JJ in and everyone give support to Chilwell. If you don't know what the word 'support' means, pipe down with the moaning.
  2. Because it rather undermines the club, and suggests someone doesn't really care.
  3. I think it concerns people, yes, I can fully understand why too.
  4. He probably can last 90 minutes, but we might prevent injury by subbing him.
  5. Pretty much this. He played for us in our greatest ever season, and for those of us who struggle with mental health issues, it is both particularly pertinent and poignant.
  6. I think you've a) decided to miss the point and b) aimed your speculation at the wrong poster.
  7. I disagree. The point being made is that people are too quick to write players off and sell them, and the Vardy example shows just how badly wrong people can be, and probably are most of the time. It's dead easy to gob off because a player displeases us, less easy to be patient.
  8. Some people are bitter. envious and judgemental. And are probably overweight and short of hair and looks.
  9. I can explain it @Col city fan. Some people just aren't very nice.
  10. I might be in the market for one for this...
  11. I also hate how some people have decided he's not trying. I have no idea how they are so confident of this.
  12. We're all as bad, whether it be government, FA/PL or the local council. Wing it City.
  13. Have you ever been to Britain before?
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