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  1. Out of respect for both women, I'm not getting into that. Suzie is a very nice person though, that much I can tell you.
  2. Nothing Suzie ever says is 'great'. I should know, I've met her...
  3. Then say that you daft bat
  4. No, it means I hate this sort of prurient culture and it has no place in this section imo.
  5. A weak side trying to get promoted?
  6. I quite agree. But I stand by what I said, just drawing attention to the fact you regularly argue the point by putting yourself down is still niggly. Anyway, no matter, you're not obliged to agree. Hopefully I don't get another ban for having an opinion that differs...
  7. Their drinkers are a bit of a cult, though.
  8. That is a very good question. Perhaps a goalie, such as Ben Foster? I'm just guessing.
  9. I think Man City keep missing out because of their central defence.
  10. Some posters are just gold, aren't they?
  11. It really isn't. It's 15m more than literally **** all.
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