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  1. Frank Stapleton and Mike Robinson
  2. I've been driving Octavias for the past 4 years, cannot recommend them highly enough.
  3. cough... entirely different circumstances... cough
  4. A non - person? Goodness me, you regard him as subhuman...
  5. It is an interesting thread, since there have been murmurings here comparing the 2, and some are not convinced by BR. The main difference for me (thus far) is he is more media savvy, the players buy into him, and he's evolving the play - it's too soon to be sure how different it will be or what his limitations will be. It was right to remove Puel, but he got way more abuse than was deserved imo. I know others will disagree, and that's their right.
  6. They're not unique - our club has arseholes, every club does.
  7. Sadly, you are on record as being anti-BR since before a ball was kicked, so it is hard to not view the above as 'I told you so'-ism
  8. No opinion is ever completely right
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