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  1. There are at least 2 threads open on that very subject
  2. It's a reflection of what tends to happen inside the ground when full - there are a lot of fans who I am certain turn up, expecting perfection and with no compunction whatsoever about not getting behind the team when things aren't going so well.
  3. One positive thing to say about Burnley - compared to Arsenal and their pathetic cheating, I wasn't very aware of them rolling about clutching their faces.
  4. Ee heck, I just didn't get it, and I tire of that sort of narrative. Anyway, no harm done - you too.
  5. Because I think some believe it's all a computer simulation.
  6. I'll take the point, I fully expected a defeat - even more so when we let one in like that. People going on about bottle and cojones - find a new script, yours is cliched, tired and probably entirely inaccurate.
  7. Didn't realise having a good keeper was somehow regarded as cheating.
  8. Try watching the game, you won't learn much listening to Alan Smith.
  9. What was general opinion on the potential penalty shout for Tielemans?
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