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  1. I only have two tactical insights to offer. Don't give the ball away cheaply and don't do Cruyff turns on the edge of your own area.
  2. He's been beaten to it. Ricardo in for Thomas.
  3. Wasyl scissor tackled Perez. It wasn't fair at all, but very funny.
  4. For those that believe in such things, last time I couldn't watch a game, we were 3-0 up by half-time. Hopefully this happens again later.
  5. I'm sort of lucky that I was never going to be going, but for those of you with families and grandchildren, I cannot imagine how difficult that must be.
  6. There's a certain irony in Arsenal being all Spursy...
  7. I'm just outside it now...I moved to gain better access to the motoroway and trains one month before the pandemic hit. Glorious timing.
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