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  1. No doubt - it just read as though he was being totally ignored!
  2. Ah so you DO read
  3. I'm wondering if some of you bother reading the threads - according to @Bert, Kasper to Man City is a done deal.
  4. I meant as a sauce..........
  5. So the question is....can we trust Ben Hamer?
  6. I hope you're safe telling us that.
  7. That's a very confident, straight forward answer...
  8. 2 things. I actually said 'could' once. And it isn't possible to be in a rut and on a worrying trajectory at the same time.
  9. A rut that started..........when? Immediately after beating Watford 3-0? During Man City away, which could easily have been a draw or a win, where the team went for it in the 2nd half? A rut that was started by a bad gamble failing at home to Spurs? Or the rut that was a poor first half against Bournemouth? Let me know exactly when this chasmic rut was dug, that the team could not be extracted from, please.
  10. I think calling someone a fraud is, by definition, commenting. I think flawed for sure, but you don't manage for that long with the successes he had by being a fraud. It's yet another word that has lost meaning through indiscriminate use.
  11. Yes guys, I'm JUST as insulting as that on a regular basis. Bang to rights.
  12. Quote me
  13. If you were able to read with any care, you'd notice I said that your typing 'suggests' you're dim. Do you know how to have a disagreement without chucking insults, or are you the full tabloid?