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  1. Have Your Say (or, please show yourself up to be a bitter troll, depending on your point of view)
  2. I sense a new poll... If we were to re - sign Mahrez would you welcome him, or behave otherwise?
  3. I think you might have misunderstood the premise of this thread...
  4. Hope I meet him one day so I can thank him, and tell him how much I admire what he's achieved.
  5. Imagine how many goals Vardy would have scored/how much better our league position would be/some irrelevant speculative noise had we had Rodgers not Puel since the start of the season.
  6. Try 21 days clean - they say it takes that long to form a habit. PM me if you need an ear.
  7. The player that I always want to see, and the opposition don't want to see.
  8. It pisses me off that both our fixture changes benefit me. I'm sorry for all the people who this affects adversely.
  9. Panic is so much more fun than reading, though.
  10. Far too rational and thought through - get out.
  11. So long as we're not derailing the topic...
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