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  1. My point exactly. I was being a pedant about buying a fake kit being 'literally stealing'. Literally stealing is walking in to a shop and... Oh you don't need me to spell it out 😂
  2. I entirely take the point here, but if I refuse to buy a top at cost, but then buy it cheaply later, am I 'literally stealing' too? Or is it just lazy language in order to emphasise the point?
  3. @Mark Double post, one hour apart.... not sure why or how.
  4. I have a Romanian friend, and they confirm that Romania is the correct spelling.
  5. As someone wise said elsewhere, the transfer window is a game of toppling dominoes. Everyone waits for the crucial one to tip over, then it goes from there. One can only presume that the big domino is yet to fall...
  6. I'm not sure he understands the word 'potential'.
  7. Vardy to Bournemouth? Someone get Michael Owen in....
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