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  1. Joe Dolce? Yes
  2. Shaddap You Face, by Joe Dolce.
  3. I think the buy-back culture is, in essence, protectionism by the bigger clubs - if they cannot have a monopoly on money, then they're going to make sure they can stifle success 'lower down the food chain' by having the muscle to claw the better players back.
  4. It isn't an issue, I took your response in good humour
  5. I'll give you people something, you're nothing if not entertaining. Didn't realise accuracy was an issue of conformity!
  6. All? I ignore nearly all of it!
  7. What's your problem?
  8. Not wishing to be a pain, but your phone may be auto correcting. The word is actually 'undermines'.
  9. I'd agree.
  10. I suspect once KI is in we'll see departures.
  11. I understand your feelings on this, but I don't think he's ever said he's too good for us.
  12. I quite agree. However, those players are in the past, fortunately, so we should perhaps just focus on the opportunity that, quite frankly, most of us would take if offered to us. The only question is, are United in for him or not?
  13. And immediately afterwards he offered the alternative to that of attributes.
  14. I believe that is the point Col was making...
  15. Yes, I'm proper worked up. Open letter in the offing...