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  1. Ok this deserves attention as excellent.
  2. Absolutely agree with all the positive stuff about Dennis P. I reckon he's an awful lot better than your average 'solid pro'.
  3. We're all here @CollinsLCFC. We're all here.
  4. Leicester already has a rock star immortalised on an album cover that was a real classic...Jon Lord is our man in the middle, for those too young to know.
  5. First of all, well done for writing this. It is another small step away from darkness. I won't try to lecture you or 'advise' as such. What I would say is that when I was younger, I allowed relationships to entirely dictate my mood and thought that every feeling I had was permanent and that I would never recover. I've never tried to take my own life, but at one stage a long time ago I was so sleep deprived, distressed and lonely that it felt as though life was draining out of me. It was a bad pattern, and eventually it broke, and I started to get better. Just try to remember that as time passes, part of the human condition allows us to move on - it's the only reason that the death of people we love doesn't drive us all insane. Your feelings are real - grieve the passing of the relationship, allow yourself to feel angry, confused and upset - but in time I hope for you that you can then let them go and you can start the next phase of your life. Go well.
  6. Interesting, but otherwise irrelevant
  7. If it were me doing the choosing.... Kasper Cags, Evans, with Ndidi in front of them. Ricardo and Chilwell roaming forwards, with Praet, Tielemans and Maddison dictating in the middle. Vardy with either Barnes or Perez causing trouble either side.
  8. None of this fills me with any joy whatsoever.
  9. Quite the edit, Babs. I think you might have been going for 'don't let the facts get in the way of a good story'....
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