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  1. We’re fortunate enough to possess one of the best crests in the world, the detail down to the Leicester coat of arms, cannot be topped or improved in my opinion.
  2. Been looking at old photos on google but there’s only so many. Would love to look at other people’s memories and collectives! Aware there may possibly be another thread (apologies if so) let’s see some gems 📸
  3. How many mote sh*t corners until we finally take Youri off them..
  4. The squad, as a collective, ought to be ashamed of themselves for dropping out of the top 4 in that fashion. They've let themselves down, they've let the fans down and they've let Vichai down. You can stick the Europa league as far as i'm concerned, its a runner up prize, a ****ing consolidation award. We don't deserve that either. I'm not sure what i'm more embarrassed about, the fact we've lost grip on that good of a position or that we conceded a goal by Jesse Lingard. We'd actually be better off with a ghost in goal than Kasper, he's lost the plot and finished for me. I've took aim at Benn
  5. I dread to think about it if man united got in..
  6. Name a worse loan signing, I'll wait..
  7. Kane has been on milk cartons all season but typically turns up and plays out his skin against us, quite shocked you all thought it would be anything different..
  8. All from another shit corner by Youri
  9. Evans takes too long on the ball at the back, he’ll stop start, take 3 touches to pass it sideways to Wes..
  10. Hats off to young Luke Thomas, to get drafted in for your debut after the display at Bournemouth and to completely boss the left flank like that, MOTM for me, only a goal away from a 10 rating.
  11. Chilwell wouldn’t have won that aerial duel, looks good this kid
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