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  1. Burnley got 7 players back before kelechi had an option forward there, not good enough.
  2. We need IN SWINGING corners, we haven’t scored all season long and it’s painful viewing, change it asap.
  3. Hopefully now we can go out and actually buy a fuching striker after that display, Perez worst performance in a city shirt in 5 years
  4. Maddison having a bomber so far, sort it out pal
  5. Gutted for wilf but on his day Papy is more than ideal cover until he’s back.
  6. That’s how you take a pen Kel, no stuttering bollox
  7. Anyone that wants to sack this competition off knowing we’ve never won it before and finally have a cracking chance of winning silverware needs their head re wiring.
  8. Jimmy Nielsen Hossein Kaebi If you bought Kasper and Riyad off wish:
  9. My mate and teacher both laughed at me during the 13/14 championship winning season because I claimed he was better than Tim Krul
  10. Up there with Akinbiyi this one
  11. Why do the lino’s take forever and a bastid day to raise the flag?
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