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  1. Well the transfer window has been open 27 minutes and we still haven’t signed anyone! Disgraceful! Puel and Rudkin out!
  2. Not another entry, but this is a close second to my favourite memory that season. "In no uncertain terms, we are guaranteeing that Spurs are going to win the league..."
  3. stu

    FIFA 19

    Hope you don’t need Mahrez and Kante!
  4. stu

    FIFA 19

    Better start buying Leicester players from 15/16 then!
  5. stu

    FIFA 19

    You need to press LB and RB as well as shoot to perform a low driven shot. I keep forgetting at the crucial moment and end up skying them too!
  6. Spolier, it wasn’t the penalty in our game as not a clear and obvious error.
  7. Ah I was googling the name in the press release. Literally nothing on his full name. Thanks for the heads up.
  8. Why can I find nothing on Jacques Bonnevay anywhere on the ‘ternet other than relating to the press release? No evidence he warrants a step up to Assistant Manager or successful teams he has been involved with in the past. No obvious relationship with Puel from the past either, other than the obvious nationality link. Seems a bit odd.
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