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  1. It’s a footnote at the bottom, don’t get excited. Says we are interested, along with a number of other clubs, but unlikely to make a bid until the summer.
  2. Scored their first. He ain’t going anywhere!
  3. RIP Derek Acorah
  4. That must have changed since we were in it then, although obviously the name and format has completely staged too as it was a straight knockout competition if I remember right?
  5. Nope, the spot goes back to the league. Same with the FA Cup, hence the reason why on the league table only the top 5 look like they get in to Europe, but if teams win both cups who then go on to get a Champions League spot in the league then 6th & 7th places will get the cups Europa League places.
  6. Yes he was hideously exposed, but the one thing you should never ever allow Mahrez to do is to allow him to switch the ball to his left foot to cut inside and young Ben allowed him to do that time and time again. You’d think that he’d know that. Honestly think Fuchs would have more effective yesterday than Chilwell. He will learn from it though and hopefully it will make him a better player. Still 2nd and in the Semi Final, we all should be delighted at that. We are still having an amazing season.
  7. stu

    FIFA 20

    Albrighton? What’s he done to deserve that?
  8. Only a 1 game ban I’m afraid.
  9. stu

    FIFA 20

    Thank you. Easiest 100k I’ve ever made!
  10. stu

    FIFA 20

    Still have to do it on the App I think...
  11. stu

    FIFA 20

    I struggle too. You have to work out which animal shape is at the front and then make sure that one is horizontal, 5 times! Bloody nightmare! Edit: Not horizontal, vertical! You see why I struggle!
  12. stu

    FIFA 20

    Well spotted. Yes I believe it is. I was about to go an buy loads of 85 Schmeichel’s! Phew...
  13. stu

    FIFA 20

    That’s going to be expensive...
  14. Sure this is right. Think it was reported elsewhere quite recently as well.
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