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  1. stu


  2. ****ing Blue! https://shop.lcfc.com/kits/new-18-19-home-kit
  3. stu

    David Wagner

  4. stu


    Odd. I can still see it on my mobile.
  5. stu


    Here Also posted earlier.
  6. stu


    The guy who did our tour back in December says that we don’t actually have a replica of the trophy. The have an imitation that’s in the chairman’s area that’s apparently not even to size. Didn’t think to ask why at the time.
  7. stu

    Leicester Vs Chelsea FA Cup

    No press conference for this?
  8. stu

    Home shirt 75% off

    As is mine now too!
  9. stu

    Home shirt 75% off

    Anyone who did click and collect had an email to confirm their order is ready? Slightly concerned that despite ordering Sunday I haven’t had anything through yet.
  10. stu

    Home shirt 75% off

    Naming, numbering and PL badges discount now working.
  11. stu

    Home shirt 75% off

    It’s not taking the discount off for me at the checkout. Is the same happening for anyone else? There’s no codes this time to apply from the information I’ve seen on the website and the email. *It’s the name and numbering and PL badge discount that isn’t working online. The shirt is being discounted correctly. **Now working
  12. stu

    André Almeida

    Not in the squad tonight...