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  1. So did Fulham, suppose it is how you invest it that will make or break you.
  2. stu

    FIFA 20

    FIFA Street is back it seems...
  3. https://www.fourfourtwo.com/news/porto-moussa-marega-wolves-west-ham-leicester No Everton...
  4. stu


    Would welcome him too. I remember it well as I put money on it on the basis of your confidence, shows how things can change quickly in transfer negotiations if it did get that far. Let’s hope it gets over the line this time.
  5. stu


    I’d argue he’s an upgrade on our other left footed right wingers, these being Ghezzal and Diabete. Gray, Barnes and Albrighton are right footed left wingers, so shouldn’t be compared to Townsend as they play in different positions for us.
  6. stu


    At least @LinekersApples may finally get this one right. Sure he’s been on the verge of signing on transfer deadline day for the past two seasons...
  7. stu


    £14 million quoted. He’d be a bargain at that price and would naturally fit on the right hand as a left footed right winger we’ve missed since we lost Mahrez. Unfairly written off by the majority on here.
  8. I can’t see this happening if he is a right footed left midfielder like the who scored link suggest. He most likely be competing with Barnes, Albrighton and Gray for one spot. I think we’d be looking for a left footed right midfielder ala Mahrez or a better version of Ghezzal. It isn’t out of the question that Ghezzal or even Diabate could become that player we need in that role once Brendan has a summer working with them.
  9. Can anyone get the website to knock off the shirt printing charges?
  10. stu

    FIFA 19

    How much we thinking then? 70k?
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