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  1. Which means 7th place would get this new European competition place, so same scenario if Man City finish top 4 and Arsenal finish 5th or 6th. The original point the result last night was bad for qualifying for Europe, my point is that it isn’t a disaster that we are out the cup when it’s probably more likely that the league finish will determine who gets that Europe place, especially when it isn’t a Europa League qualification any more, it’s this new third tier Europe tournament instead, which more than likely no one in last seasons top 6 will care about.
  2. Well if Man City win the thing and finish in top 4 and we finish 7th we’d have that spot anyway. I’d say that would have been the more likely outcome than us winning the the cup anyway, so you may still get your wish... Europa League 22/23 here we come!
  3. Whilst technically true, I believe the winners of the league cup this year don’t qualify for the Europa League, they qualify for the new third tier European competition which starts from next season, so in reality it’s not as bad as it seems Europe wise.
  4. stu

    FIFA 21

    Been changed to 3* now.
  5. stu

    Wesley Fofana

    Following West Ham on Twitter... . . . . . . ... joke
  6. Five Live radio commentary I believe.
  7. stu

    FIFA 21

    So is Ozil, so I assume it is a mistake.
  8. X Series is 1tb SSD S Series is 512gb SSD Both are externally expandable.
  9. stu

    Wesley Fofana

    No I don’t think he did, but other than last season for Atalanta I think he played on the right and that is his position for Belgium too, so again nothing concrete but a fair assumption. I’ll find the quotes if I can.
  10. stu

    Wesley Fofana

    Says who? The likelihood is that is what will happen, purely based on available options, but everyone expected him to start at left back and Justin right back for our first game, but obviously that didn’t happen. There are quotes from Castagne which state one of the attractions of coming to us was that he was going to be able to play the same position as he wants to, but obviously if we shift him to the left when Ricky P is back that goes at odds with that. It would not surprise me if we did sign a left back closer to deadline day, even just on loan for the season, but obviously the CB is the main target currently and until resolved any possible LB addition is lower priority.
  11. Ah. Makes sense! Yes that does provide a challenge for the X series if you need to place it vertical.
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