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  1. Some monitors only do higher hz through display ports, so you have to really check in the online manuals for the hdmi outputs. My monitor is 24 inches and outputs 120hz, but is only 1080p. More than happy with that until they actually release some affordable 4K monitors with a higher refresh rates and quick response times. They are only just coming on the market and will be pushing the upper hundreds, if not more.
  2. Still self isolating apparently.
  3. No, but if you fancy an Netflix option of a back catalogue of 100+ games along with gold access for online multiplayer then it’s a good deal for £10.99 a month in my opinion, but probably one if you don’t have any games you plan to play currently. If you’ve never used games pass you can convert any gold access you have prepuchased into games pass. People have taken advantage of this by buying a number of years of gold access and then converting this to game pass access for nothing. Sure there’s a load of YouTube videos explaining how to do this is the above
  4. I already have an series X thanks, more than happy with it over my Xbox one x and I’m happy with my investment. I think for anyone that doesn’t have the money to pay upfront that it is a decent deal due to the fact it’s comparable for paying for the everything out right. Accepting there’s ways to get the gold cheaper and convert to game pass, but for the average Joe who takes out a £40 contact a month for a mobile phone that makes the cost more than the value of the item you surely could see how this to a comparable figure for the value of the goods you are paying for makes
  5. £713.76 if you buy a series x and 24 months of game pass separately, so it’s comparable for £29 a month.
  6. All Access avaiable at Game https://xboxallaccess.game.co.uk/console @AKCJ
  7. That’s for Dembele, Slim is a free transfer.
  8. 18 month contract, free transfer...
  9. Sorry mate, looks like they have sold out. If I see anymore I will post and tag you in so you see. I still get notifications from Stockinformer.co.uk when some come up for sale on the major retailers, worth setting up if you are on the hunt as well. Its how I managed to get one before Christmas.
  10. Series X in stock at Currys if anyone is after one still.
  11. Managed to get to the magical 18 WL wins on the first attempt so got my last icon swap to do the 2 Ultimate packs. Shouldn’t have bothered Verratti and Suarez my best cards with only TOTW Mee as the only special card. Oh well, first time out of 3 attempts this FIFA to get gold 2, so chuffed with that.
  12. 2-3 usually, although just been relegated to 4. I was 5/6 in fifa 20. Much prefer the lower levels though, far less stressful.
  13. Doing something similar.
  14. Something has definitely changed, I’ve been a league 2/3 rivals player since the start, but I can’t win a game post Christmas. Whole team seems to have slowed for me, where as opponents seem to be able to play team press for 90 mins with no stamina issues. Frustrating!
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