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  1. IMO he ran the show for about the first 30 mins, passing was spot on and started some really good moves that resulted in chances being created. However, seemed to lose his head a bit after that. Gave away the ball needless, including passing to a Rotherham play on the edge of our box. Also, should have been booked for a really reckless tackle after that and was hauled off fairly early in the second half. In his defence we lost the majority of our creativity when he went off, maybe he isn’t ready for 90 mins hence why he was substituted.
  2. Dived in again and missed for Rotherham’s first goal. Some good play bringing the ball out and awareness to stop attacks, but I just get the feeling he isn’t ready to start games in the premier league, which is a double edge sword as how is he ever going to be ready without play games regularly? I’ve come to the conclusion that a loan to a lower premier league team would be best for all parties for him to get the experience he needs in this division and for us to see if he can play and take Harry’s place next season (assuming he stays this season). Sitting on the bench isn’t going to help anyone this season.
  3. stu

    FIFA 20

    FIFA Street is back it seems...
  4. Can anyone get the website to knock off the shirt printing charges?
  5. stu

    FIFA 19

    How much we thinking then? 70k?
  6. Well the transfer window has been open 27 minutes and we still haven’t signed anyone! Disgraceful! Puel and Rudkin out!
  7. Not another entry, but this is a close second to my favourite memory that season. "In no uncertain terms, we are guaranteeing that Spurs are going to win the league..."
  8. stu

    FIFA 19

    Hope you don’t need Mahrez and Kante!
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