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  1. Claudio receives his message book

    Excellent. Good job. Claudio will always be remebered here.
  2. Mahrez to .......................?

    Wellens was poor and King is a mascot. Mahrez is our most talented ever player.
  3. Mahrez to .......................?

    We're stuck with a world class player, I for one am bloody gutted.
  4. You'd have started Gray over Mahrez based on what? Please provide stats, intelligent insight and an apology.
  5. Arsenal.. Away: pre match thread...

    I can't wait VID-20170809-WA0001.mp4
  6. Leicester City Book

    I want to buy a book profiling our Premier League winning season. Which is the best book to buy? I've seen a few about such as 5000-1 by Rob Tanner, Fearless, The Immortals etc. What would you suggest?
  7. Season Predictions (17/18)

    Man City 10th Burnley Swansea Brighton Vardy lad
  8. Who do you sorely want to do-over this year?

    Gold old 9-0 on agg against Bournemouth.
  9. The Debate - Sky Sports

    Kelly Cates is underrated... in many ways
  10. 'Neutral' teams not related to Leicester you like or dislike

    Like Chelsea Barnsley Burton Albion Sheffield Wednesday Fulham Bradford Dislike Everton (used to like them) Tottenham Arsenal Aston Villa Norwich Bournemouth Forest Derby Coventry Blackpool Plymouth Portsmouth Burnley Watford West Ham Stoke Cardiff Wolves Bolton Boro Reading
  11. Ahmed Musa - Possible Loan Move

    Gray did show more but I wouldn't start him. Albrighton has done nothing wrong.
  12. Drinkwater

    It's only strange if you're unaware that they're best friends at the club.
  13. Drinkwater

    Danny is likely to be integral to the dressing room, his departure will likely impact Vardy on and off the pitch, the one player still likely to be here that we cannot afford to be off his game. But yeah lets sell Drinkwater, the chap we all spaffed over 15 months ago for money we niether want or need.
  14. Ahmed Musa - Possible Loan Move

  15. Loan Watch 2017/18