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  1. Bamba's Babes

    Ex Player in current squad

    Kante. Why? Kante.
  2. Bamba's Babes

    The Living Wage at LCFC

    How are Bournemouth turning nearly £100M more than us?
  3. Bamba's Babes

    Wes Morgan's Indian Summer

    He was never past it. The LOLs when reading back that Wes was to be dropped and Huth to keep his place. I know Huth is injured so a decision never needed making but Wes was never the CB to drop.
  4. Bamba's Babes

    Shakey Sacked

    We wanted it to work but it didn't. He gave us many great years of service and we have given him a platform to progress his career. The time was right for us to move on. Come the summer, a great number of this squad will also be gone. You see it when a team wins a SuperBowl, you win, you refresh, you go again. We're stale.
  5. Bamba's Babes

    FIFA reject Adrien Silva appeal

    Rudkunt OUT
  6. Bamba's Babes


    Doesn't suit our system. Pointless
  7. Bamba's Babes

    As much as I love Leicester

    We had a title winning team. The situation we find ourselves in is the club's fault.
  8. Bamba's Babes

    Will Shakey Make christmas as Manager

    If our turgid football continues, I'd rather not.
  9. Bamba's Babes

    Huddersfield Away 1-1 post match

    Shakepeare OUT
  10. Bamba's Babes

    90+ Leicester Goals

    Knockeart vs Forest everyday. My fav ever goal.
  11. Bamba's Babes

    Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    This will go very well.
  12. Bamba's Babes

    Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    You're on the troll.
  13. Bamba's Babes

    Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Oh, Jon has certainly outdone himself on this one. BTW - it's his effin job to get those players.