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  1. So we haven't been linked with him then?
  2. Just watch Jerry Maguire, it's like a documentary
  3. You do surprise me. Sent from my Lenovo A1010a20 using Tapatalk
  4. Are they in the Mecca VIP boxes?
  5. Julian Clary looking well...
  6. Todays car boot purchases 50p a bit of Ron Goodwin
  7. Warrington population about 200,000
  8. Don't look like Simmo's tattoos to me!
  9. The concert is on the deluxe version of their latest CD
  10. So he had issues at Leicester and Bournemouth, something tells me that we weren't the ones with the problem Sent from my Lenovo A1010a20 using Tapatalk
  11. Agreed! Loved watching Thommo play football, probably my favourite player as a kid.
  12. That's just painful!! Worse than Deeeeeeennnnneeeeyyy! for me.
  13. Just admit it mate, Babs got you there!!