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  1. Got this on vinyl from the car boot a couple of weeks ago, a bit of Bach and Shostakovich mixed with some wacca wacca '70s guitar It's actually pretty good
  2. Instagram a worldwide platform LCFC - 2.9m followers Celtic - 395k followers Nuff said
  3. Does Tomori actually get paid to be a footballer?
  4. Never get tired of listening to this LP, I love Isaac Hayes
  5. Has us finishing 10th.....and Newcastle 8th https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/1140111/Premier-League-table-predicted-supercomputer-final-standings-Man-Utd
  6. I have no idea why a championship club don't reunite him with Pearson
  7. And no, I'm not joking. This is genuinely brilliant
  8. I see your Carole King and raise you a Sandy Denny....possibly the most beautiful song ever written
  9. I like 'em all Maybe I'm easily pleased But they've all done some great stuff and they've all done some rubbish Don't understand the hate for Kanye though, more to do with the persona than the artist I think
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