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  1. Is it just me that reads the thread title like this?......
  2. True can't stand the bloke, comes across really thick too
  3. The thing is, if things had been different and we'd appointed Big Sam or Redknapp, we would have gone down a different path which wouldn't have led ultimately, despite the ups and many downs, to the Prem title in 15/16. So in the end I'm okay with it, it was all part of the greater plan
  4. Dyche always reminds me of that bloke stuck in middle management until he retires, never destined to make the step up to the next level
  5. We've got our Wilf back!!
  6. Didn't read it like that at all...a bit lost in translation I think
  7. Stays here or rejoins Forest I don't think he's got much choice
  8. I'd like to lose a stone or two...
  9. Thanks for the heads up on this 18 beers for £20 free delivery, delivered today and I'm just enjoying a very nice Serbian IPA as I write this
  10. Everyone praising him after Tuesday, today he's the new Rab Douglas??? C'mon people for all his faults we're lucky to have him and he's an integral part of the club I love the guy
  11. Chris Sutton another mediocre pundit whose style includes emphasising EVERY. SINGLE. WORD
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