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  1. Who doesn't like the Doobies, Michael McDonald has got such a great voice
  2. we talk about Sporting like other clubs talk about us
  3. Born in 1962 he played for between 1981 and 83, so in that photo he's aged 19-21 years old
  4. maybe i got the wrong player try this one without doing an google image search you cheaters
  5. 75 first team appearances in a 20 year career
  6. Couldn't find a picture in a Leicester shirt
  7. I think he's still trying to recreate this banger And did you notice who provides the cross?
  8. Probably because teams then have to come at us which is when we're at our best
  9. Is it true vegans don't eat figs?
  10. Just got this on vinyl Mogwai - Kin soundtrack
  11. Been googling some of these names from the past and apparently Barry Hayles is still playing at the age of 48
  12. David Stockdale Tony Warner Carl Ikheme Think we had about 5 loan goalkeepers in Pearsons 1st spell in charge
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