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  1. Its Burnley could it be a "many pound notes" dig?
  2. So according to Hoddle Spurs should have had a penalty for handball and Watford down to 10 men 😂
  3. For me he would have been a better option today playing against the high press, always keeps it tidy, always makes himself available for the pass and rarely gives it away Is he our go to man with Ndidi out for so long?
  4. Only Kasper and Ricardo come out with any credit, Teilemans showed quality when he came on. Hamza, Cags and Maddison very poor
  5. And if you don't have this album get it
  6. "I was in full flight, calling every millimetre." Makes a change, he's normally talking about what he had for lunch or his trip to the ground
  7. Apparently the B team have been smashing it in training
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