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  1. Has anyone mentioned Atletico in the 1997 UEFA cup when Parker got sent off for taking a free kick too quickly? Although that was anger at the officials not the team
  2. Not like you to be so negative
  3. At least he won't be sold and he'll be here next season....eventually
  4. Post match interview....fair play he's genuinely got big bollocks
  5. Anyone got McGoldrick, Deeney and Antonio in their fantasy teams? No I didn't think so
  6. Has it? Harry Maguire is Man Utd first choice centre back
  7. 5 mil for Bennett or 20 mil for Vestergaard
  8. Let me guess....if this list was made 12 months ago you'd also have included #Soyuncu?.....melt
  9. Did ok when he came on, surely worth the 5 million purchase price
  10. Had this CD for a while a chance 50p car boot purchase, never listened to it until a couple of weeks ago, it's been on repeat in the car since Kind of half Grandaddy half Midlake
  11. What gets me is he could put Cags (same amount of letters) or even Soy (1 letter less)
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