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  1. https://www.funtrivia.com/ Try here, they have quizzes about anything and I mean anything
  2. Braunstone Gate? class that place
  3. The sweat patches in the crotch area....
  4. The single greatest thing to ever happen to our club, without him we'd be another Sheffield Wednesday, Birmingham, Ipswich etc The Boss
  5. He'd thrive in the modern game, proper footballing centre back. Pep would be all over him
  6. I'm not an atheist.......and this kind of confirms it
  7. what a fantastic songwriter, with an amazing voice
  8. One of the greatest songwriters of the 20th century.....genius
  9. Great band The Delgados.... proper indie, this and The Great Eastern superb, not a bad track on either
  10. Busiest day since Christmas, good to know people are still getting their essential ASOS, River Island, New Look deliveries
  11. I'm just a driver for one of the parcel delivery companies (UPS, DPD, Fedex, DHL etc) and several people I delivered to on Saturday were thanking me for continuing to work to get them their orders (mainly flowers and gifts etc due to Mothers Day) Perked me up no end
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