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  1. Just got this for a couple of quid, white vinyl too Its pretty good
  2. He's an interviewers dream isn't he, definitely got a career in the media when he hangs up his boots
  3. I love how Dennis comes on and is instantly better than anything Arsenal have in midfield
  4. Nancy and Lee are NOT a guilty pleasure Sheer genius
  5. Southgate totally mismanaged the Vardy situation, he should have shown some love and fought to keep Jamie involved Kane has always been liable to a niggling injury and even when fit we can't rely on the ball continually hitting his backside to score I think this may come back and bite Southgate in the arse
  6. McNeil is a very, very good player. I'd love him here. He really needs to leave Dyche and Burnley sooner rather than later to develop into a top player
  7. Probably the ones thinking they could get Simeone
  8. Are we doing these for the return matches too? What other bands/artists come from Burnley or Bournemouth? Unless they use the same covers but that would be a bit dull
  9. If Joy Division had been around in 1971
  10. Anyone else think that Barnes could do a job up front? quick and knows where the goal is Still has alot to learn though
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