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  1. Albrighton's not the greatest player but he's got the bollocks can see why he was a vital member of the 15/16 team
  2. 2 vital goals could prove very important with the goal difference
  3. I'd take Lookman all day long feisty, tricky little bugger
  4. but once you start you can't leave it alone
  5. He's a Leicester legend and I look forward to having a pre match drink in the Riyad Mahrez Lounge in 10 years time (although as he's a muslim it'll probably be just an orange juice)
  6. 2 year old news, close thread
  7. DeJongandtherestless 2 hours ago 178 Next week: Philipp explains why closing your local cafe in order to make way for a Starbucks means more coffee for everyone.
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