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  1. Was brilliant today in the second half, we couldn't wish for a better back up for Chilly. Also just 3 appearances away from 100 with us, surely he's going to make it before he leaves us at the end of the season
  2. He already is, we certainly wouldn't sell for anything less
  3. John Lennon - Imagine. It's just a dirge
  4. Vardy, Maddison, Tielemans, Ricardo Too many English players, not sexy enough
  5. It's on.....he's wearing a red tie!!
  6. I know! it's brilliant isn't it, Brian Wilson was a genius
  7. If I was a newly promoted team I'd be all over getting Simpson
  8. Please, please I don't live in bloody Braunstone..... Not that I'm a snob or 'owt
  9. more Kingsway, Narborough Rd Sth. Not exactly Gallards Hill Not that I'm a snob or 'owt
  10. Iborra lived there too, bit of an upgrade from the Saff
  11. His house in Countesthorpe is for sale, I don't know if he rented it or owned it but it's now on the market https://www.frankinnes.co.uk/buy/property/5-bedroom-detached-house-in-countesthorpe,le8-ref-4917197/
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