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  1. Dundalk have won so they are thru but worse news for Shamrock Rovers now 2 nil down against Milan
  2. News on Irish clubs Dundalk 1 up in Andorra....Shamrock Rovers 5 mins in against AC Milan and scoreless....Shame such a big match is behind closed doors
  3. Good well worked goal ....good on ya Brighton well deserved
  4. Just reward for someone playing for a Big...sorry Top Six team
  5. Sadly no...will be behind closed doors....hard to see them progressing . Dundalk though seem to have got a winnable tie in Andorra .
  6. Bohemians and Shamrock Rovers would be the most volatile....north Dublin v South Dublin.....was worse 3/4 years ago and there were stories then that both had affiliations with firms from UK....Certainly some Cardiff fans and some English fans would come to Dublin to take part in the aggro between these 2 but seems to have quitened down last year or so .
  7. Update on teams from Ireland progress.....Derry and Bohemians (a Dublin based team) both went out after extra time Shamrock Rovers (Dublin based team) drew 2 2 with a team from Finland tonight and won penalty shoot out 12. 11 ..So they’re thru to 2nd qualifying round and will be joined by Dundalk who lost their Champions League qualifier
  8. King Power .....read on another thread recently (can’t remember which) that KIng Power May be diluting their share in the club. Their core business of duty free must be suffering badly in current circumstances so may make sense to get someone else to buy stake in club. Just a couple of things I’ve noticed in last few days that may point to something like this happening 1/ removing their brand from league game shirts for Thailand Smiles With You 2/ noticed yesterday that the gear Brendan and physios etc were wearing had a new sponsor on it 3/ This years training kit doesn’t appear to have KIng Power branding on it . Most of last couple of years had it on the back it’s not so long ago that many on here were bemoaning how much KIng Power branding there was on clothing ,the stadium etc.
  9. Conte losing the plot...Never a penalty.....really good first 20 mins.....Doesn’t seem to be much love between opposing players and management...Ref been good and firm so far ..
  10. RIP Malcolm....was a tall elegant defender from what I remember
  11. WE BEAT SEVILLA YOU’LL NEVER SING THAtT......repeat ad nauseam
  12. 6 mins of Fergie time 😡😡😡
  13. Omg how many chances are Manure going to miss...Sevilla looking asleep since restart
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