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  1. Cracking entertainment from both hurling and football this weekend....How incredible is it that the football semi final line up of Dublin v Cavan and Mayo v Tipperary is exactly the same as that in 1920....Spooky or what..some of the conspiracy theorists that inhabit Foxestalk will no doubt say FIXED 😜
  2. Liverpool really impressive ....Their high and aggressive press causing all sorts of problems. Their midfielders only know one way to play and that is run and pass forward at speed...Totally different animal than Man City or anyone else we’ve played so far this season
  3. 3 rd time in 8 games to concede 4......Not good
  4. Omg why was that offside ? Still 1 - 0 Palace but shud be all square
  5. Not sure if right place to post this but just been watching Sky Sports Centre and really good bit of banter with Andy King and Paul Dickov as they were looking back at last nights match. Kingy saying Dickov and Vards have similar traits off the pitch and like doing the same things...Dickov smiling and nodding in agreement . Btw Kingy is really good pundit...very knowledgeable and eloquent
  6. Undoubtedly the worst day in the history of our club.....The days weeks and months that followed showed everything that is great about our club ....the respectful dignified way everyone from the top of the club to the bottom behaved was incredible and makes me so proud to be associated with this family.....RIP Vichai .😢😢
  7. Everton down to 10...correct decision and Bernard should have got 2nd yellow a few mins earlier
  8. A complete bore fest so far....going to take the goldfish for a walk 😜
  9. Perfect example there of bad refereeing in PL.....Minimal contact on Mahrez who goes down screaming...AnthonybTaylor buys it and gives free kick....The ref we had on Thursday would have told Mahrez to man up and wave play on
  10. Not a fan of Leeds but do like the way they have played in parts so far this season. As for comparing our performances against Man City Think stats showed we had 7 attempts on goal to their 16 and about 30% possession...It was a fantastic clinical display by us but we didn’t tear into them. Leeds will get caught out plenty of times like us this season but personally would rather we get caught out playing fast forward thinking football rather than the slow ponderous stuff we unfortunately churn out too often these days . Btw just checked and Leeds had 12 shots and 52% possession in their draw w
  11. Thought they were unreal tonight....phenomenal energy levels....94th minute they break up a Villa attack halfway in their half and within 20/30 seconds 7 of them had sprinted forward and were in and around the Villa penalty area as their 27th attempt on the Villa goal flashed wide.....I don’t feel Villa were doggo as many on here are saying .....Leeds were just on another level and as I said last week I’m envious of the fast exciting attacking way they play
  12. Commentary on my BT channel a couple of seconds behind play 😡😡😡. Anyone else like this
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