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  1. Let’s not forget Wilf has been playing in Afcon for Nigeria including 3rd/4th place play off tonight. ...very hot humid conditions ...Realistically the earliest he will be back is tomorrow, a little more than 3weeks before our opener and I would think he will need at least 3weeks of a break so I think Mendy and Hamza will have important roles to play in our first 2/3 matches
  2. Mahrez ........ 94th min free kick stunner
  3. Loved the penalty by another former fox Max Gradel . Put ball down one step back then boom into the top corner
  4. Despite doing the Mahrez shuffle
  5. Mahrez subbed so won’t be able to see him mis from the spot 😜
  6. Early goal should make for good game as France now have to go for it
  7. Been enjoying watching BBC’s prematch with Gabby Logan looking particularly well .....but gonna switch to RTÉ rather than listen to Jonathan Pearce ....cracking atmosphere so hope game lives up to the hype
  8. Thankfully RTÉ the Irish TV network are showing every match so don’t have tp listen to Pearce ....Wow what a strike 3 0 😎
  9. Don’t take their chances and then concede from a 90th min penalty
  10. Japan playing some brilliant stuff the last 15 mins wand very unlucky not to be ahead
  11. Another one who died far too young Paul Kossoff of Free.....saw them at Coventry Theatre in early/mid 70’s
  12. It’s comin home you know it third place is coming home 🤗🤗
  13. Fcuk var loudest chant of the day
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