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    Delighted Rose got the jackpot of $10mio.....hats off to Woods.......Took it by scruff of the neck in front 9 yday and never looked back.....Another poor final day from Rory....Sets the scene for Ryder Cup next weekend...
  2. As we welcome a return of Premier League action just wondering what people’s views are on whether Jamie’s record of 11 goals in 11 consecutive premier league games will be threatened this season.....Plenty of potential candidates playing for good teams such as Salah ,Aguero,Sterling, Kane Lukaku etc.... What odds on the man himself coming back from suspension really fired up, totally committed to Leicester, bagging a brace on Saturday as a start to a run that equals or betters his own record.....Wouldn’t that be sweet to show the Spurs dominated England squad what they’re missing 🦊🦊
  3. irishfoxkev

    Whitworth, Weller & Worthington + Shilton

    Shame Vardy retired cos we’d have had 4 in the squad for Tues 🦊
  4. irishfoxkev

    UEFA Nations League

    Will Grigs on 🔥
  5. Glad to see Muzzy on most people’s list as he would be top of mine not just based on his ability but also what a great guy he was to meet.....A lot of the O’Neill team had visit to hotel in Dublin during an international break and a crowd of Irish based fans went out to meet them....Muzzy was superb , loads of time to chat with adults and kids alike and pose for loads of photos ( If memory serves me right this was the same trip that Lennon gained notoriety when in the wee small hours the following morning he relieved himself by peeing behind a parked car which happened to be an unmarked police car. A brief court appearance the following morning followed with a substantial contribution to the local poor box )
  6. irishfoxkev

    Gaelic Athletics Association - Irish Sport

    A better match than many expected with Tyrone trying to be more expansive than last few years when they perfected the art of blanket defence but this Dublin unit is incredible.....3 or 4 new faces this year that just fit seamlessly into the set up...Given the youthful age of most its looking highly probable that 5 in a row will be celebrated next year ...
  7. And Dublin won their 4th GAA football title in a row....got cramp in my thumb from switching constantly thru 4 channels 👍
  8. irishfoxkev

    Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Perfect example just before their second....Albrighton gets ball wide left....acres of space for him to attack to the byline but he checks back inside and just loud right footed cross in front of their defenders.....It’s almost as if they are scared to push to the byline and have Liverpool’s defense running back to defend
  9. irishfoxkev

    Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Hope you put something on it 👍
  10. irishfoxkev

    Europa League 18/19

    Oops. 1 all. 2 more in last 5 mins plus stoppage needed
  11. irishfoxkev

    Europa League 18/19

    Bye bye Burnley
  12. irishfoxkev

    James Maddison Confirmed

    Not this time....
  13. irishfoxkev

    James Maddison Confirmed

    Sky Sports Centre hinting he may get call up for the England squad....Vardy steps out Madison steps in 👍
  14. irishfoxkev

    Fleetwood (H) Match Thread

    Unlucky Nacho ....latched onto long ball from Albrighton smacked it across the goalie hit inside of post and back into keepers arms
  15. irishfoxkev

    Fleetwood (H) Match Thread

    What a strike....Sky sports center showing most of goals in matches a minute or so after the event