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  1. Better be careful or the Tigers May try try and poach Cags to help with their line outs with a lifting technique like that 😜😜
  2. What a joke....the VAR decision went back couple of phases for a stupid decision....
  3. Hate to say it but Spurs playing well and comfortably winning again against Red Star 😡😡
  4. Agree entirely which is why I think his post match interviews ( topic of conversation in another thread) are pure genius....Interviewers constantly trying to catch him out to say something controversial but he keeps it all for on the pitch and opposition fans ...He’s one of a kind
  5. Wow 27 goals in 6 matches.....as I said earlier can’t wait for us to hopefully be there next season
  6. VAR working well there in Lyon overruling offside to give Benicia goal
  7. It’s a crazy night os Champions League...watching BT goal show and now Dortmund 3. 2 up omg Chelsea 5 4 cant wait for our involvement next year
  8. Maybe a bit of Crass Americanism and couple of bad spelling of names but overall I thought it was a good read and very positive about our club.....certainly a lot better than some of the junk spouted by a lot of the so called experts and journalists mainly based in London
  9. Don’t get to many games now so a lot of the ones already mentioned I only saw on TV but 2 that I was at and have already been mentioned 1969 Cup final as 14 year old totally gutted me. As did 3-1 loss home to Sheff We’d that essentially sent us down to the depths of depression. Another defeat I attended but couldn’t remember full details of was a 3 nil defeat away at Palace in FA Cup. Remembered our ever dependable Matt Elliott had a mare and gifted them 2 goals . Apart from that we played them off the park . Quick check on internet confirmed FA Cup 4th round, Jan 24th 1998 , Bruce Dyer got a hat trick for them .....Despite this he wasn’t given man of the match. ...Instead it went to their keeper Kevin Miller who made a string of saves to keep us out..
  10. Funnier story re Liverpool fans is about the 2 who spent 200 odd quid for boat and train tickets but went to Ghent instead of Genk.😂. By time they realized their mistake being 95 miles from where they should be it was too late to move so ended up watching game on TV in an Irish bar.....One of them is from London the other from ?????? You guessed it Leicester . 😳
  11. Mbappe pure class....on pitch for half hour 1 assist and a hat trick
  12. Early doors but some shock scores at mom Man City losing at home to Atalanta, Olypiakos leading Bayern , Juventus now losing at home to Locomotive Moscow .....biggest of all though Spurs 2 up against Red Star 😳
  13. First half was a decent watch but 2nd half very pedestrian...Arsenal aren’t very good ...
  14. For once I and a few other Irish Foxes will be hoping Kasper has a mare and let’s a couple of soft goals in....He literally kept Denmark in it single handed at the weekend...
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