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  1. Almost 3 weeks on sadly I havent been able to make it to Leicester since the tragedy. I had watched the West Ham game on BT Sports and had it on in the background as I trawled through Foxestalk reading all the post match comments and saw the first post re helicopter crash appear. Almost immediately the BT sport team confirmed the devasting news. Since then I have read every post , read every article in the media and watched every video and tribute that has been posted . This one in particular I have watched over and over again. Just want to thank the OP and the numerous others who have posted videos etc as it has helped an overseas fanatic feel part of the grieving family .....🦊🦊
  2. irishfoxkev

    Leicester City are 'absolutely drained'

    Absolute bore fest 0 - 0 .....Evans played full 90 ...
  3. Richie De Laet....Just scored for Melbourne City vs Wellington. Right footed shot from outside the box. Always liked him and will always remember his goal that started the comeback against Villa . Its live on BT sport 2 at mom.....Looks like there are more seagulls at the match than supporters 😳....
  4. irishfoxkev

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    Their movement and passing accuracy phenomenal as is their desire to win the ball back when they lose it Nice to see Mahrez fitting in well with 2 good assists and 1goal toninght👍
  5. irishfoxkev

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    Got to admit I like the BT sports Goals Show ....Some of the pundits /commentators comments are priceless but the coverage of the games is generally good
  6. irishfoxkev

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    And Pogba makes it 2. 1 to Manure 😡
  7. irishfoxkev

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    He just head butted the post trying to save Mata’s immaculate free kick 1 all
  8. irishfoxkev

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    Good goal from Kramaric again
  9. irishfoxkev

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    Omg Raheem Sterling ......kicks the ground falls over and gets peno...interesting to see Jesus take this one not Mahrez and scires
  10. irishfoxkev

    Helicopter crash

    Probably going to get some incoming flack for this but yes I have watched the suns video and the cctv footage. Why ? Because its an integral part of an horrendous and tragic news story that has hit me and thousands of others very hard. It has helped to complete the picture as to what happened. Granted watching it I knew the devasting final consequences but it has helped me get a clearer picture in my mind as to the horrible evening last Saturday. With cameras almost everywhere these days it was obvious that film coverage would make it into public domain. How many on here can honestly say they haven’t watched films of tragedies that cost many lives ? EG 9/11 or other sporting tragedies going back a long time like Bradford City fire, Hilllsboro, Heysel etc etc. OK this one is closer to home and hurts more but to me it’s up to each individual to make their own decision on whether to watch it or not.
  11. irishfoxkev

    Helicopter crash

    Sittting here probably like thousands of others waiting for official news. Just looked at the time 1.40 am and said to myself time to hit the bed.....but then reality dawned that it’s only 12.40 as clocks go back tonight so persuading myself to stay up a while longer despite the tiredness in the forlorn hope that there maybe some good news....The human body and mind is weird cos I know I won’t sleep well tonight no matter what the official outcome but I need to know so badly as it’s like those involved are close family members.....
  12. irishfoxkev


    Shouldn’t that read excited to see Iborra starting today 😜
  13. Liverpool go into 2nd gear and suddenly 4 1
  14. irishfoxkev

    Everton (H) Match Thread

    Really sloppy shud be 2 or 3 down already...
  15. Sky Sports giving lot of airtime to a report in tomorrow’s Mirror that Mourinho will ba sacked regardless of United’s result this weekend .....