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  1. Quality player and human being.....Having met the O’Neill squad a couple of times when they visited Ireland Muzzy was the most approachable easy going of them and so willing to pose for photos with my then very young daughters. A real gent and as already said a great player
  2. Why do most of the Millwall fans look like they’re straight out of Peaky Blinders with their flat caps....
  3. OMG what a mistake by Millwall keeper ...last kick of game 2-2
  4. Millwall could be yours Bear...two nil now against Brighton about 10 mins to go 😱
  5. My Last night of a 2 week trip to CaliforniaI...First time on West Coast of the US and love it. Stupidly set my alarm to 4.00am to watch the Watford game on NBC😱 Lots of coverage of English matches and as Rach said the fans assault of Grealish got plenty of airtime....
  6. Yep on Sky Mendy injured in warm up so Wilf is in
  7. I remember the queuing to get into schoolboys turnstile for the Utd game at the Kop end. Went to same area for Stoke. The finer details of dates scorers etc thanks to Of Fossils and Foxes 🦊
  8. First visit Nov 30th 1966 a Wednesday night home to Man Utd...A family friend was taking his son and asked if me and my older brother could go. On the way to Leicester from Nuneaton the three of us made a pact that we would support whoever won. United won 2-1 with goals from Best and Law. Gibson scored for us. By a stroke of luck we couldn’t get into the game as 40000 were wedged into Filbert Street...If we had got in we would be Man Utd fans😱 Fortunately The following Sat Dec 3rd 1966 back we went and Leicester beat Stoke 4-2 with goals from Nish ( on his debut) Dougan,Sinclair and Rodriquez.....Haven’t looked back and as I hurtle towards my 64th next month still totally besotted and live for the next match. Sadly MUm and Dad decided to move to Ireland in 1971 so chances to get to matches fairly limited but do get to 2/3 every season 🦊🦊🦊
  9. Wow cracking goal from Amond....two nil Newport
  10. Newport playing very well against a poor Middlesboro and should be 2 or 3 up at halftime
  11. Blatant handballl....should have been penalty to Newport
  12. Time for bed..bad weekend of sport with Ireland LEicester and the Rams all beaten....ah well there’ll be days like this
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