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  1. Normal for West Clare
  2. When players like Andy King are laying down the law it's more than obvious that Mahrez is now a destabilising effect ! The Players are aware he can down tools ! If he wasn't capable of it Andy wouldn't have spoken out ! If we are going to bench him then his value will fall right away anyway , the big teams all have looked away from him , you have to safely assume because of his questionable professionalism sell him at what we can with huge add ons and a massive resale clause say 30% but for me he has to go before season starts , him sulking on the bench will destabilise the team and put huge pressure on shaky if we have a few bad results .... get rid !
  3. Love red bull it makes my poo smell like iron bru
  4. All contracts now have them
  5. Think that's a sex game in Algeria
  6. Just want him gone now flog him
  7. Missed this thread holy feck
  8. Liverpoop have made a play according to talksport which means Klopp probably was seen in a service station in Manchester
  9. I'm afraid I have little to discuss with you if you can't see the real story here
  10. Excellent performance by Jnr
  11. Eubank serious skills this kid is special he improves with every fight he is one of them a generation one
  12. Yes by 4 or 5 after 7
  13. Eubanks jnr looks gased now ? He looks much better planting feet etc... but mouth open now
  14. Mayweather hasn't hurt someone since 2007