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  1. GaelicFox

    New forum guidelines

    Racism is illegal , being opinionated isn’t I have never knowingly been racist in my life ! but if I have been perceived to be such I deeply apologise for anyone I may have offended that comment for me is trolling , a deliberate attempt to upset and cause arguments but I’ll rise above it , and say your a decent fella and I appreciate your input
  2. GaelicFox

    New forum guidelines

    I have committed to stop inadvertently trolling , it seems some of my posts have been considered Trolling by some and for that I apologise. Im still not clear what is trolling and what is having a strong opinion , but I’m open to learning and modifying my behaviour. Just want to thank @Mark and all the mods for allowing us to have this wonderful forum
  3. GaelicFox

    New forum guidelines

    “Lately, we have seen a rise in amount of personal abuse. Too many topics have been derailed by unnecessary abuse. It will not be tolerated any longer. As the new season approaches I've updated the guidelines, what has been added is below. No cyber bullying It is very important that you carefully consider the type of posts you make on the forum and their consequences, whether direct/indirect or deliberate/unintentional. We can't and won't ever tolerate this forum being used for malicious communications, bullying or harassment of any sort. We can't police the internet but we can control what happens here on FT and we now have a zero tolerance approach for any content or posts of this type. We also take a dim view of personal abuse in general, so please consider the way in which you debate with others. We understand that you're not all going to agree with each other all of the time. If you can't stand reading the thoughts of another poster, put them on ignore. Furthermore, if you have been subjected to behaviour like this please know you can always contact any of the admin team and we'll do our best to help. Trolling Please just don't. We will be handing out suspensions/bans a lot more frequently in future for this offence. It's disruptive and tedious for those who just want to come here and use the forum to chat with fellow supporters. Please also remember the report function is an essential tool for maintaining decent standards on the forum and we ask you to please use it if you spot behaviour which breaches these forum rules. Thanks” @Mark
  4. GaelicFox

    Should we be concerned?

    Doesn’t concern come with the excitement of being a city fan ? It’s a pretty normal feeling
  5. GaelicFox


    Hearn will be sick if Fury wins that belt then the whole AJ Power trip is over ! Mind you it might be over after his next fight
  6. GaelicFox

    RUDKIN - How Does He Keep His Job?

    Sort of feel sorry for this guy ! He gets such bad PR , but in all honesty what has he really done wrong hat we actually know to be fact? no assumptions , facts
  7. GaelicFox


    Cracking fight and worth the £20 to be honest
  8. GaelicFox


    I’m surprised and pissed off that’s a potential stadium fight in UK and would generate massive gates , the new Saudi Prince is desperate to get the country into the 21st century , so ya as you say no one should be shocked seen a report they are paying $7.5m just to hold the fight !
  9. GaelicFox


    Groves v Smith in sept and its is ****ing Saudi Arabia Kelle must have a massive deal for snow lined up totally shocking disregard for the paying fans have a read of the comments ???
  10. GaelicFox

    The Real Power In Midlands Football

    He also had Harry Kane handing out water bottled
  11. GaelicFox

    Adrien Silva

    Silva isn’t quick enough , strong enough or have the stamina for the EPL yet but given time he might get strength and stamina
  12. GaelicFox

    Stoke (H) Match Thread

    Win this and we can win the cup
  13. GaelicFox

    Stoke (H) Match Thread

    Some fools said “we can beat Chelsea in Cup” deluded
  14. GaelicFox

    Saman Ghoddos

    The tears of the world are a constant quantity. For each one who begins to weep somewhere else another stops. The same is true of the laugh.
  15. GaelicFox

    Most disliked people in sport

    OJ Simpson