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  1. Wow I went deep and still got outbid for this I think Jamie bought it back himself !
  2. West Ham Away

    Managed to blag two full hospitality packages and a hotel stay around the corner , Friday is now the first Christmas party of 2017
  3. Boxing

    I think he would fight Parker but none of the others
  4. Any idea when these will go on sale ?
  5. Mrs Vardy and Dennis Wise going to the jungle!

    Her wonkey Eye seems to be a bit straighter And coincidently Jamie’s shots have gone a wit wonkey it’s all wonkey
  6. Boxing

    Whyte now talking himself into a fight with Bellew, Bellew surly won’t take the bait ?
  7. Boxing

    Frampton one of the most overrated British boxers ever and who ever scored that a 5pts victory is a cheat not impressed at all shite division
  8. Irish fox here

    No Irish here at all
  9. We will england crashing out on penalties in 1/4 finals
  10. Boxing

    With the Ginger Ninja
  11. brilliant .... so the metaphor here is your the dragon ?
  12. Boxing

    Tyson Fury has been in Hatton Gym all week some nice pictures on my Facebook page the speed of his hands for 25 stone is amazing lost 18 pounds the last 10 days wow this could be happening his depot medication has been approved by BBBC as well wonder can he hold it together
  13. Jelly Bean Rain dont Be ridicules