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  1. Scottish Football

    To be fair Celtic play decent football , given a spot in our EFL championship they would hold thier own
  2. Scottish Football

    SICKENING Increases in DV ... And this is only reported issues ... Think you could x5 those figures in reality
  3. Bbc rađio leicester

    P Hate stringer , horrible horrible human I have put one on shaky since he got the job and I was unfair and wrong , the team have had an horrendous start to the season fixtures wise yet they have in parts performed very very well lets judge him on next three games ! , he saved us and deserves a chance
  4. Boxing

    Watched fight again , actually I can see why American judges would see the fight for Parker , if you can call it a fight fury didn't do enough to to dethrone a champion the scores were crazy but I think the result was just about fair these two are stealing a living boxing for heavy weight world Titles tony Bellew needs to beat Haye and then take on Parker fury isn't winning a world championship in next 5-7 years , if ever
  5. I agree so unlucky to exist this mayo team when the greatest Dublin team exists and that team is arguably the 2nd best team ever and come next August will possible be considered the greatest mayo have done amazing
  6. Boxing

    If you want to win these big ones you have to be with Eddie Hearn lets see who Parker signs for over here now
  7. Boxing

    That’s a first
  8. Boxing

    Wow wow wow that’s some scoring madness shit fight shit Alround
  9. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    I have been very vocal in suggesting he isn’t the right man but we have been playing some cracking stuff IN SPURTS Rudkin has really stuffed Shakespear here I’m Going say give him 3 more games I feel he is now learning And if we give him a chance he might actually repay that I’m still not sure ... but he deserves a chance we are giving champions league teams a bloody good game
  10. Boxing

  11. Boxing

    Quite possibly ...as he is officially retired and can’t be tested at the moment
  12. Boxing

    I don’t know anymore than anyone else on here Both are unproven if you ask me Parker is a decent prospect but these Fury men are bred to fight , add in serious skills and I think they are very very hard to beat I think Parker knows he needs a KO And we might get an explosive first 5 rounds bloody thing is PPV on YouTube which is mental
  13. Boxing

    Never liked the man , he is a cave man , but his raw boxing skills could have been honed to superstardom if he had the mental fortitude to work hard and take that amazing talent to a different level , he never had that mental fortitude and I suspect looking at a Psychosocial model and understand stress vulnerability it would be almost impossible for anyone with a bipolar affective disorder to top the elite world class sport of boxing ... maybe with some serious time away and illness management there would be a small chance but once I heard about his diagnosis and the medication he was I never had any hope of him return to the elite level .... you can’t really easily lose weight on olanzapine it’s virtually impossible , one of its major side effects is people get fat and usually massive in a short time , like Fury has , it’s a decent drug as stabilising your mental health but it’s not one that would be good for a sportsman
  14. Boxing

    I’m not sure that’s either funny or something to be amused by he has a mental illness , and that’s never funny to laugh at sorry to be a bore
  15. Boxing

    Ok here is my take .... the NZ’r is 10 pounds over his best fighting weight , Hughie will be virtually impossible to knock out but for me Hughie hasn’t really got the power to knock this guy out , so I think a Fury win by UD is the call Parker will tire Late but I expect him to make the end Hughie's skin is bad , that’s my only concern , skin infections and boils like that certainly effect performance but I’m told Fury has smashed all his PB’s in this Camp fury by UD the peter mcdonagh fight will be a right tear up