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  1. An update from the club https://www.lcfc.com/news/1758561/updated--202021-season-season-tickets-memberships-and-planning-for-the-return-of-supporters/press-release
  2. This is going to be a difficult watch on Facebook tonight. Very laggy and a fair delay.
  3. What’s the quality of the Facebook stream for folks? Mines very laggy.
  4. Anyone have 2 tickets available at all? Ideally 1 adult & 1 U18 but 2 adults if necessary. Many thanks
  5. I thought the light show went on too long and sucked the atmosphere at the beginning of the game.
  6. Have to wonder if that was put before several refs independently how many would agree with the offside decision - it’s still open to interpretation even with those lines.
  7. Watching the Palace game through official Prime package & quality is good but there’s about a 2 minute delay against the live action. That needs to improve.
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