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  1. Is Alves the lad who was featured on the BBC Football site doing some freestyle challenge? Looked pretty decent from what I recall.
  2. Quite simply the best team won tonight. That was very disappointing on our part. Way too cautious over both legs. Needed to stamp our authority on the tie early in the first leg but left ourselves too vulnerable by not scoring an away goal. I wish BR would take inspiration from the likes of Pep and Klopp and try to put games to bed early doors then ease up to rest players when you're in a position to control the game. Too often we seem to take the opposite approach of taking it easy then trying to up the tempo and turn the screw late on if we need to, but as we've see
  3. If we secure CL and Arsenal finish outside the European spots I'd like us to go in for Saka. Might be a stretch but we need to put the money down and start treating these so called big guns like they've played us in the past. Best case we secure a fantastic upcoming player, worst case we force them into offering him a bumper contract which takes money out of their pot for new recruits. Might even tempt one of the other big six to make a move, but regardless it's a win win situation as it slows down Arsenal's revival.
  4. Always held Wenger in high regard but listening to him today on that show I thought he came across pretty poorly. Seemed to contradict himself quite a lot when giving his reasons for decisions then tried to make out that Arsenal were a selling club in the final years of his reign.
  5. Anyone know where the club sends their players for ACL reconstruction? Hope he's heading down London.
  6. Is that the 3rd ACL injury since Rodgers took charge?
  7. Great header from Kel to win it. Hope that gives him a bit more confidence and he can push on now.
  8. Don't think I've ever seen or ever likely to see again a player score a goal under the pressure he faced when scoring that penalty against West Ham. Literally carried the weight of 30,024 nervous people on his shoulders. That'd break many a man but the composure shown was on another level. Great signing and will always be a big part of the LCFC family.
  9. Think the longer this game goes on the the more it swings in our direction. Wolves don't have too many options off the bench and the threat from Traore will lessen as time passes. Having both Vardy and Under available for the last half an hour to test tired legs in the Wolves back line I'm hoping be the difference in the end. Kind of feel Nuno has played his best hand hoping to get an early advantage and then kill the game but we've coped well so far.
  10. Wow, Liverpool losses at Anfield are coming like buses.
  11. The guy needs games. If he had a prolonged run in the side I'm sure he'd bag 15-20 goals a season. I acknowledge that he's not going to press and chase down every ball nor create chances for himself like Vardy does, but with the right supply the lad knows where the back of the net is. It must be incredibly frustrating having put in a performance like that tonight knowing he's unlikely to retain his place the second Vardy returns from injury regardless of whether Vardy is fully fit or not.
  12. Is this not the first time for a while? It was leaked at the weekend.
  13. Absolutely disgusting performance today. It's been a long long while since I've felt that strongly about an individuals performance. Whether it's his natural position or not, he offered nothing whatsoever. Yes, he runs a lot but it's passive pressing with no real intent to try and win the ball. It's like having Riyad in the team but without the skill. I don't think he's bad technically but his all round strengths are average at best and even if we all agreed that his best position is as a number 10 he'd be way down the list of players you'd consider to play that role as those above him offer m
  14. I feel quite annoyed that the EU seem to be framing this whole situation as if the UK are responsible for them not receiving these vaccines. Aside from the fact that some of AZs manufacturing plants are based within our borders, the contract is between AZ and the EU not the UK and EU. Whatever contractual agreements are in place between us and AZ are confidential. Likewise for the EU AZ contract. AZs failure to fulfil any obligations regarding supply to the EU has absolutely nothing to do with us as a nation and they're using the backdrop of Brexit as a means to stir up
  15. Apart from being technically decent with the ball I have absolutely no idea what his best position is. There's no denying he has ability but I can't see any role where he actually makes a significant contribution to justify selection. He reminds me a bit of the lad who turns up to trials at a Sunday League team and before a competitive ball has been kicked is busting out every freestyle move you've ever seen in front of an impressed coach. You then get into a competitive game and they go missing in action but still get picked for the squad ahead of the more industrious player who
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