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  1. Has BR been on the lash all day?!? Absolutely diabolical tactics and selections tonight. For a team who needed to win nothing he did made any sense. It's one of the most bizarre performances I think I've ever seen from a manager. I'm truly puzzled.
  2. Feels like we're playing with 9 men. Maddison is non-existent and Soyuncu is all over the place at the back. Lucky to be 2 down at half time. What on earth is BR thinking with this line up?!? Albrighton should never be at left wing back. Missing Castagne's forward play. We look really flat and lacking any sort of energy in the middle of the park. Truly is the worst performance of the season so far and very reminiscent of Bournemouth away 2nd half last season. Only weird thing is that I actually don't think we're out of this game yet. Newcastle look woeful so if we can
  3. Secured a seat in 136. Looking forward to the game. Where's everyone planning on meeting up pre-match?
  4. Are details of these tickets ever going to be announced? Leaving fans a heck of job to get everything organised in time to attend, especially since the NHS quote a lead time of 72 hours for test results to be returned.
  5. Roll on Season 7. Been going down hill for a while but like a team on a downward trajectory you keep hoping they'll turn it around. Actually thought this season had been an improvement on recent seasons but tonight's episode felt like they just couldn't be arsed. Weird ending.
  6. It was a weird season but not because we were lucky or other teams didn't show up, I don't buy that notion for one minute. Everyone always asks me when did you think Leicester might win the league? This question constantly reminds me of a conversation that me and my old man (now departed) had walking back to the car at West Ham after the first away game. I thought the way we played that day against a very good West Ham side at a stadium where we hadn't previously had much joy was a sign of a good season, so I said if we carry on like that there won't be many sides who'd beat us on
  7. Don't understand what the overreaction is. Had we won I'd have said we're pretty much in the CL next season regardless of results until the end of the season as it would have required West Ham and Liverpool to win 4 out of 5 and us not to pick up another point which I think is highly unlikely. As such assuming we win at Newcastle, all we've done is push this back by a week and that's assuming our rivals pick up maximum points this weekend. As for the game, Southampton are a stubborn side. They were well organised and dug in. Maddison was wasteful in possession and Vardy missed som
  8. Completely agree with this. He reminds me a lot of JJ last season. Learning his trade, building experience, gaining a little confidence but looking somewhat naive at times and tactically lacking which is exactly what you'd expect from a 19 year old breaking into the team. The key to all of this is game time. We can all see he has ability but he needs to flesh out his experience to learn. Yes he'll make mistakes of course, but look at JJ this season, he was arguably our best full back up until his injury and looked like a completely different player to the one we saw last season.
  9. I still think Kel's got a lot more left in the locker. Scary to think how good he could be as his overall game develops.
  10. I've always thought that he was destined for one of Europe's Elite but looking at the current financial state of play, apart from PSG (I can't see him wanting to play in France again) who in world football could afford him. Man City are probably the only other team capable but they won't pay what we'd want and in all honesty they don't really need him. Man Utd have the money but I'm not convinced he'd see them as being good enough to challenge for the CL. Now what worries me is that the only way he might be able to secure a move to Real or Barca is by leaving on a Bosman. I think
  11. I wouldn't want this to happen but if it were, firstly I'd expect them to start off right at the bottom of the English football pyramid and have to work their way up. Secondly, to protect the integrity of the Scottish league I'd want to see the lowest placed side of the two Scottish teams have to play an end of season play off against the Champions of the SPL with the winner playing the following season in the English pyramid.
  12. It's tricky to determine what any punishment should be as a balance needs to be found to ensure that players and fans aren't harshly affected yet the owners of these clubs understand that they've made a grave error of judgement. The words 'fair' and 'proportionate' keep springing to mind. As such I'd be tempted to impose a 1 goal handicap on these teams for the remaining fixtures and to avoid any unfair advantage to the teams that they've already played, applying this retrospectively to all results involving these teams since the start of the season. It's a fair punish
  13. Notts County. Always had a soft spot for them for some reason. Would also mean I could maintain my hatred for Forest and Derby.
  14. Nothing to do with us. I remember talk back in the early 00s of establishing a European Super League. I hope they go, the PL expel them and we carry on. There's enough big teams left that can fill the void and drive the commercial beast that is the PL to keep the money coming in. Funnily enough this might actually harm these teams longer term when they come back with their tails between their legs begging to be readmitted as the new big 6 will be the money makers and they'll be more competition. I'm not convinced that the pot of gold seemingly at the end of the Super Le
  15. Clearly not social distancing. We have a real problem!
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