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  1. Bit hard on Shakespeare. He didn’t even get much of a chance. Understandably I suppose. Now Peter Taylor should never have got the job. We would never have got wise then either. 👍👍
  2. This is excellent post and gives a proper perspective. You do write some very good insightful post. 🤙
  3. I’m very very happy with everything at the club and even when we lose we learn . We have addressed many areas of need in the squad incredibly well. And I definitely appreciate giving dimi kel and ayo the chance to get a game . Barnes is improving all the time . We should tie him on a big contract. Perhaps we need another older striker to come on as sub like cavani is doing. But on the whole it’s another amazing season . I’m looking forward to how it unfolds. And who else we bring in . And when you look at other results I think over all the league has become a lot more balanced every one gettin
  4. Thanks very interesting that . 👍
  5. Mmmm I’m always generally positive. But I’m a little annoyed we all knew he would change the side. But definitely should have started vardy and taken him of after being two nil up. In the end we get a point . But we desperately need another option up front on the wing. Dimi ayo and kel. Need to hit the target. Although Perez had a good game.
  6. He’s inviting them on so we break and get the third 🥳🥰
  7. We have probably spent 300 million. Even bringing youth in . The black scarf brigade reaping what they sowed . Done nothing since Wenger left . It wasn’t Wenger they needed out I’m sad to say . It was the board . But I appreciate your comments too just fans need perspective especially ours at the moment. We have an outstanding setup at the minute instead of all the moaning enjoy it while it’s here every moment. Things change . 😉
  8. Pepe was signed last summer. This summer they spent 77 million in total. The biggest outlay 27 million. They need a overhaul top to bottom like utd .you can’t overhaul a team in a season even with 300 million. Man city , Liverpool and Chelsea have be spending loads every year for years . Arsenal haven’t and won’t unless they are taken over by someone else. They by one or two big signing and surrounded them with inadequate players. And I’m sure the arsenal fans wish the had keep Wenger. His hands were tied by the board because of his loyalty. But he kept them in there season after season. But I
  9. This war chest won’t happen they haven’t competed for years now. They need a whole new team to challenge. Our team is probably worth above 300 million. They will need to spend more than that .just to get back in the top 6 .
  10. Brighton are a very frustrating team to watch . Tipy tap all game hardly have and shots. So boring. We should beat theses . Score two the struggle to one.
  11. Thank you you should update this to keep us aware of the great progress we are making . Pretty incredible really.
  12. Always appreciate your well rounded honest posts . 😊
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