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  1. Going to be an interesting weekend all round. Hope they had all the luck against villa and we get a bit .
  2. I actually think villa turned up and played very well. Take nothing away from them . They have developed from last season and Barkley could have had a hat trick. This will see how we are going Grealish and Barkley looked very good together. Mings is a very good defender. And Ollie up front will be busing . I’m always normally very positive. Still think we can win but far from easy .
  3. Due respect we didn’t get thrashed like the othe top teams 😂🤣
  4. But we did play well in the last 5 minutes credit where it’s due . We could have lost 3-2 . Brings a bit of balance back. And we now have the break to look at it . 😉🤔
  5. Brighton’s corners some of the worst I’ve seen. And all this passing and not shooting is so blooming frustrating. Like us sometimes over the last few seasons. Get a shot on target . 4-1 and not even having a pop ridiculous.
  6. Me to where is it 😃
  7. I’m the oracle wonder what the odds were for 3 penalties. 😱😱
  8. Yes really appreciated seeing the long pass for vardy and Barnes. A breath of fresh air. 👍
  9. Thank you whoever edited it . I now read it as rodders am I eclectic
  10. Have city to win title. Top 4 top 6. Vardy golden boot again. Same last year this is one of the best developing sides we have ever had in many years watching us home and away. Enjoy the marvellous times .
  11. Probably you . but I’m a very positive optimistic on here glass always full . 😜
  12. Rodgers taken some stick from many quarters. But with astute signings and player assessments. He is truly evolving this squad. Let alone developing our tactics. And on the back of a tough end to last season. We are looking so well balanced even with all our injuries. Hopefully a couple more signings. And players coming back into the squad we will see his true potential coming out and the squads. They are really playing for him and understanding and implementing his tactics. Would be great if Brendan fulfills his potential with us and becomes one of our most successful managers . So let’s all a
  13. Think he always look capable but just never go the minutes for various reasons. Many on here judge players without seeing them really play. Rogers proven right again getting him to sign a new contract. Especially now wild is out and Preat went off . Didn’t miss wild yesterday.
  14. And one for the ref 10 out of 10 to me Olivier. now my favourite referee 🥰🥰
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