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  1. I'm also coding. Picked up the programming hero app yesterday. It's pretty good. I've had a concept for a game in my head for a while, so going to try and build something over the coming months. Although I'll still be working most days as I'm a teacher and required to teach keyworker children.
  2. I reckon we'll finish this season, then play one game against eachother drawn out of a hat who is at home for next season.
  3. What is that for? It was a genuine question. We were looking at how different parts of the country tried to contain the virus in different ways. And we weren't talking about Covid19 at that point. I was simply pointing out that in St Louis the virus killed less people overall because they went into containment and lockdown, but it did last longer. Was more a hypothetical intriguing line of thought. Was in no way an intention to offend anyone.
  4. Got to be 19+ goal Vardy surely!? N'Didi close second.
  5. Where were you all on Wednesday when I was trying to defend our Sharkey! Gives us something different. So important tonight. Hugging that touchline and dragging their defence out of position. Excellent performance.
  6. Sharkey, a fit Wilf and Justin, the spark we needed. Let's kick on!!
  7. Stick that in your pipe Albrighton bashers! 2 assists and moved the ball incredibly well today. His ability to touch that sideline, drags defenders out, giving us more space down the middle for Madders and Preat to play through! Excellent performance. Puts us back into a spare game position. N'Didi is so important for us!! Inspirational performance from the lads. Onwards and upwards. Barnes and Justin together look great! We're all going on a European tour!!
  8. Clearly Brendan was keen on Albrighton's performance last week too! Glad to see him back in, deserves it after his assist on Wednesday. Think Nacho will get his head a few crosses tonight, their back line aren't really that tall/strong. Get the ball wide, stretch the play, pull them out of position. Press high. Come on you foxes!
  9. Chance to catch Man City. Thanks United!
  10. Walker? No way. The other too I'd say are similar quality to Ricardo.
  11. Interesting, I wonder why it continued for longer in st Louis. Is that because the people in Philli who were going to die of it, already had?
  12. Foxhateram


    Pretty annoying when comments get deleted, but previous comments that are clearly ignorant and provoking are kept. Why should someone be allowed to be ignorant and insulting and yet when you retaliate you get your comments removed. One rule for one, another rule for another.
  13. I'm assuming you are referring to my two separate posts that are clearly seperated by the forum styling? I've not used the quote button to quote myself in any of my posts. The second post was a reply to another poster, for which I had forgotten to quote their comment. Not that there is really any need for such petty mindedness just because I disagree with you about something.
  14. Yer very funny. Don't understand why people are incapable of giving a player credit where it is due. It is like it is against some FT rules to support certain players. We should all be supporting the whole squad. Especially if said player has done us favour in a game where we really needed a special ball whipped in to break down their two banks of four. Albrighton played 3 of those balls, not one other player on the pitch played one. The right hand side looked stronger tonight than it has for weeks. It certainly looked better than the left, even after Barnes came one.
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