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  1. Hiya. Do you go to many games chap?
  2. Take it from someone who is living it. Don't teach! 60 hour weeks where your only paid for 38 (not by choice to be either, it's expected.) Pay is shocking and there is endless paper work. Forget the 'holidays' they are just weeks where you do work from home. Parents think it's your responsibility to discipline their kids, and you end up being a councillor, marriage advisor and psychologist on top of your teaching responsibilities. I wouldn't reccomend the job to anyone. Nothing you do is ever good enough and despite the acomplishment and satisfaction of teaching a child something new, the politics and merry go round far outway any positives of the job.
  3. Dunsfold in Surrey. Not confidential aerodrone anymore. But still a populer landing pad for those who wish to avoid London.
  4. Sometimes players just quietly go about their business and when the right team comes along they shine. This guy has european experience and has been a captain at Sevilla. That type of experience and leadership will be perfect for us, we need as many leaders as we can get, to help us battle no matter what is thrown at us.
  5. Prefer Ulloa to Deeney. Leo has scored some really important goals for us. Still a vital addition to the squad I think.
  6. Lets do matches again. Loved being part of the game vs talking balls that. Really good laugh and raised a bit for charity as well.
  7. We must have been near eachother that day then. As I was right inline as well.
  8. He leaped like a salmon! I was there! Definitely his goal!
  9. Love the new site and free content access (wonder how long that will last). Are they revamping the direct site as well? It's down at the mo.
  10. Idiakez was amazing for our academy. He had a great relationship with the lads and training sessions were really effective in bringing on players techniques and ability.
  11. Great news! Contunuity at this point is key. We have a strong core squad and didn't need a new manager with a big overhaul and new style. If Craig can add a few bits of quality to the team and them some solid back up players (either through the academy or else where) then I think we will be right up there again. Europa has to be the target this season surely?
  12. Anyone ever won anything on this? I put a cheeky 10 pound in every few months and have a tittle now and again. Won 10 pounds here and there but nothing more. (Same as when I did normal lotto). Just intrigued to know if anyone else has had more luck?
  13. Finally! The company used to be premium TV and they have been pants. I remember the blurry videos we had from then in 2001/2 trying to watch highlights on the slowest internet connection/server of all time.
  14. I will be annoyed if he goes to a rival. He will win them valuable points that makes another one of the top 4 a force. Marseille would suit him best I feel. Arsenal will ruin him.
  15. Nice one! Still got it. Looks like he's lost a lot of weight. Special free kick at the end there.