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  1. You could be right. Demi doesn't strike me as the shy type though.
  2. Gray and Hamza seem so dull to be around haha. No effort put it at all.
  3. I don't think he was ever going to be a starter. We needed back up on the wing and I think he's offered that, chipped in with a few goals. We can't buy world class players and have them as our second string. We need to have some players in the squad that are happy to play a bit part, he has done that job pretty well. I see potential in him, he is quick and has some skill. He's lazy at tracking back, but then a certain Mr Mahrez was a bit like that when we first got him. That being said, I don't think he's a Rogers type of player, so I can imagine we're in the market for his replacement.
  4. Ok yer but Liverpool still need to win. Hope Brighton pull off some magic.
  5. Onn ten minutes, hit some poor guy in row Z and broke up a bit of momentum we had with a pointless hack at Jesus. Not the reason for the loss, but he didn't do anything right either. Genuinely feel sick after that, to play so well and defend so heroically to then be undone by a CB who we allowed 3 opportunities to set his shot, is just sickening. On the bright side, a good performance Which shows the potential in this squad. A few additions in the summer and I think 6th do able. Certainly 7th.
  6. Can't stand Man City. Hate the way they've bought success. And hated the way they played today. Foul after foul. Kompany and Silva could both have gone in a different game, ref bottled it. Nasty, cheating, fouling and time wasting. Only Pool can stop them now. Come on Liverpool!
  7. Man City can't win the league. All that money spent and they still need to cheat and foul to get a win against us. Every single time we've got on the ball. Foul after foul. Silva should have gone in the first half.
  8. Or the bottom teams are worse, whilst the top 6 are no longer invisible. Playing devils advocate of course.
  9. Back to the sports Science Pearson instilled. Finally getting back to being at the forefront of football future.
  10. Pleased for Hamza, was everywhere again today, broke up play so fantastically well, reminded me of Kante in some aspects, a complete engine, never stopped battling in the middle. N'Didi looks back to his best without the pressure of playing the ball. Albrighton's defensive aspects were a really plus today. Gave Madison and Pereira time to play. Overall a fantastic performance and one that keeps us in it mathematically, 5000/1?
  11. On a side note, Oldham have Chris O'Grady, ex city lad, did alright today. Oldham were unlucky not to take a point.
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