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  1. Foxhateram

    CTR: Nitro-Fueled

    Deffo wanna be kicking some of your butts on this!!! 🤣
  2. Foxhateram

    Spurs 0-2 Post Match Thread

    I'm torn. I like the premiss of what he is building. But I really hate the way we stop attacks dead in fear of losing the ball. Teams just sit back, soak it up and hit us on the break! Hmm sounds familiar that. We have no penetration because we're too worried about risking the killer pass and handing over possession. That being said, I'm not sure N'Didi or Mendy even know what a penetrative pass looks like. N'Didi has been pretty poor recently, his decision making has been poor and his passing is really quite poor. I want Purl to do well, I see his thinking, but he needs to scrap this style of play. It isn't working for these players. Ranieri found that out the hard way too.
  3. Foxhateram

    Spurs 0-2 Post Match Thread

    Yes someone should be covering Chilly. Especially as we had 3 bloody CDM players on the pitch!! Evans still plays him on though. He considerably deeper than the other 2 players back.
  4. Foxhateram

    Spurs 0-2 Post Match Thread

    Actually no, watch again. Evans is literally between two men not marking anyone, and is too deep. He plays Alli on. 3 defenders there all ball watching on heals. Chilly had been up the pitch on attack, the fact he made it back as far as he did was some effort!
  5. Foxhateram

    Fulham 1 - 1 Leicester Post Match Thread

    They're too deep which causes madders to be too deep as well. I would say that you're being pretty unfair to say a high pressure game is running around like a headless chicken. As stated before, we don't create enough chances, so he isn't doing what you describe often enough. Mostly because we're not winning the ball high enough up the pitch to find space, followed by then having such slow build up play that the opposition has compact before he gets the ball. Hence the need, on nights like tonight, someone like Okazaki, to press high, force errors and essentially create chances out of those errors, who created the only chance we scored from tonight? Okazaki. Other than Nacho's 1 on 1 we created nothing all game. I like Madders, he has a lot of potential, but I stand by my statement, he needs to do more off the ball to help the team to put the opposition under pressure and also needs to be quicker with his distribution to link up with the striker.
  6. Foxhateram

    Fulham 1 - 1 Leicester Post Match Thread

    Off the ball he doesn't do enough is what I said. He didn't look like creating anything today against a compact Fulham defence (we don't score many, or create enough, despite the facts you outline above, therefore I feel we need to look at other options). Okazaki put them under pressure and gave Madison the freedom to get into a more advanced position (where he excels). I'd go for Madisson up top with Okazaki behind when Vardes is out.
  7. Foxhateram

    Fulham 1 - 1 Leicester Post Match Thread

    Okazaki changed the game again. We need a number 10 that is going to drive us forward and put the opposition under pressure. Madisson doesn't do enough for me. Good quality in front of goal, but doesn't do enough off the ball to take the game to the opposition.
  8. Foxhateram

    Watford (H) pre match

    We need someone to link up play and tirelessly close down to break up play. Step up Mr Okazaki who is clearly made for this role and does it perfectly everytime he comes on there. The title season we missed Okazaki when he didn't play. The season after he didn't play much and we missed him and now we still miss him. He made things happen in the Burnley game, he should be a starter over Maddison in the 10 role. I think Maddison should take Ghezzal's role on the wing.
  9. Foxhateram

    Support + atmosphere

    In the game against Burnley it started well. But around the 35 minute mark, even L1 went quiet. It didn't pick up again until the 60th minute (for obvious reasons, RIP Mr Chairman) and for Vardy's chance, then almost silence again from the 70th to the the end. I know it was a drab game on the pitch, but i think it actually felt quite awkward. It felt like we had no connection with the team on the pitch. No songs for individual players, no song for the manager. Burnley sang and sang there bloody Burnley is wonderful song and I just wanted to get singing to shut them up, as you could see that the support was spurring on their team. But when I tried to start songs (to be fair I was in the sold extra tickets in the away end) I got daggered and asked to sit down and be quiet. And even some in L1 seemed to look at as if to say What's the point? It certainly didn't feel like those amazing games where we sang Vardys name and Ulloa had a chant, Pearson and Ranieri had their own special songs etc. Every player had something for us to sing about.... It was a very emotional day for me, losing our cherished chairman, losing our team spirit on the pitch and losing our amazing atmosphere. Is it because the fans expect too much? Since the title win, it feels like we're expected to be top 6 by younger fans.
  10. Foxhateram

    Saints Cup Home Match Thread

    Me too please
  11. Foxhateram

    Brighton Pre Match

    Shinji changed the last game, should have got on much earlier. Hate the utter lack of respect some of our squad players get. In fact I reckon he'll be raring to prove himself today. Might put a bet on him getting a goal in fact.
  12. Foxhateram

    Favourite lines of LCFC related commentary

    I remember that line. I was 7, think I must have said that all the time when playing at school.
  13. Hard as nails though!! 🤣 It should read nasty/ hard feckers then maybe.
  14. Kasper Elliott Lennon Kante Ferdinand Big feckers plus kante for the speed.