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  1. Well if he does go then I think he'll regret it. I honestly feel like we might well finish above United next season.
  2. If you know him as a person and see him on the training ground and at games before and after. You would see that his passion drives our players, they have huge respect for him. I don't think the way you interpret his leadership is seen the same way in the club at all. I can't disagree more regarding him not working on weaknesses. When he first arrived he had no control over his box, struggled in the air and his distribution was at times poor. I think he has changed all of those things into positive outcomes. People moan about his distribution but refuse to accept that risky outballs will lead to more negative results, but will also lead to more counter attacks achieved and those outballs are a huge part to the type of football we play.
  3. I have a computer Science Degree so also know what I'm talking about. I'm not having a go, I'm just staying that it is genuinely impossible, even with a trained analyst at each game, to catch everything. I genuinely feel that if we watched back each game, the stats for shot stopping would definitely be higher than the source you have used (although I know they are reliable mostly). I just feel Kasper has got a bit a raw deal on here recently and I can't understand why. He is a key member of this squad, for both morale and performance. He drives our players, having been in and around the training ground I can't emphasise how important he is to the our team. Let's not also forget what he did for Vichai. Or tried to do at least. Up the Foxes!
  4. Not this again! Every goalkeeper has weaknesses, Kasper's strengths lie in his outstanding leadership, 1:1 rushing and incredible shot stopping (the graph your using has to be incorrect on this, I can think of so many games he kept us in). His distribution is risky, so can go wrong, but if goalkeepers distribution counted as assists for starting attacks he'd be well up there. The long range efforts stat comes from the fact that we play deep and therefore teams resort to a lot of long range efforts to try and score. Hense Kasper experiences more and therefore, despite saving a lot, still ends up with a poor stat. Let's face it I can think of 4 or 5 worldies at least that no keeper is ever saving. The Man city one comes to mind immediately. I think these statistics charts are often total trash. The time it would take to trawl through game footage to actually do this reliably would seriously take longer than the days between each match. They are predictions at best.
  5. MASSIVE MASSIVE Signing. The biggest in our history. This year is going to be HUGE! This genuinely is the difference between top 6 contention and not.
  6. Clap along if you feel like happened is the truth..... Because I'm Happe.....
  7. Could have brushed her hair before the shoot!!
  8. Amazon confirmed on Twitter that games are free to Prime members at no extra cost or subscription. Excellent news! More from you please Amazon. All games over their two weekends streamed, not just 1 or 2. This is the way forward in my opinion, if I knew I could watch city every week, I'd happily pay them. Also it'd be great if all games were played at the same time like the old days.
  9. Oh come on fella. Nacho has hardly worked his arse off when played has he? Has he thrown everything at a game to win a spot in the team?
  10. There attitude and sulks when not played suggest so yes.
  11. Hence my comment explicitly singling out players like gray and Kelechi in my second post, after I realised my original post was badly worded. They do believe we owe them something and we really don't. If anything, the experiences and chances we have given them, they should be working their socks off to repay us. Compare Kelechi's attitude and work ethic to Vardy, Okazaki, Nugent etc. They'd all run themselves into the ground for the club.
  12. Yer alright touche. 'The problem with players like Kalechi, Gray etc..' is they feel they are owed something all of the time. He epitomises that lack of effort and drive that so many (not all) of this new generation of player has. As I said, it's never their fault.
  13. Nah he'll shift the blame on us for it playing him enough. It's never their fault, that's this new generations philosophy. Always finding someone or something to blame or use as an excuse.
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