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  1. We do need to move the ball much quicker in games like this though.
  2. Finish our chances and we'd have whooped them. Just need to get our flair back. It'll come. Now's the time to get dip out the way. Push on at the business end. Happy days!
  3. Terrible defending for their second. Why don't we get the ball in the box with 5 mins to go? We still keep slowly playing it around the back. We need to move the ball quicker and press higher if we are going to beat teams that set up like this! It's not rocket science. Another frustrating game and result. Oh just for Sky's sake. It's Liverpool Vs United later btw.
  4. No it's really not. Ignorance isn't a pretty trait you know.
  5. @baldeagle what is the laugh reaction? Explain. Can't stand it when people react with an emoji with no explanation or reasoning. If you've got a counter argument, go ahead and state it.
  6. After the last few games I think our lads need to think about this quote and prevent players like Grealish and Ward-Prowse from getting into the game. More fast penetration please lads!
  7. Stop trolling for goodness sake. Because they got him in to cover an injury of another player who then recovered faster then they were expecting. That is why. Andy is a top professional who has always stepped up and done what we have asked of him. He scored some important goals in all of our promotion seasons, as well as playing an integral part in our great escape. He then stepped in and covered where required in the title winning season, again scoring some important goals to keep our momentum. He also stepped in and did incredibly well in our Champions League campaign. He deserved better treatment after all that, Puel was awful to him. We owe him a much better respect. Some people have such short memories.
  8. He was injured and when he wasn't they gave him no game time.
  9. Love big Nige! Still think Ranieri rode Nige's perfect storm.
  10. Tbf, I did say it was hard to tell. The VAR replay they showed on highlights doesn't make it clear where he is. Evans definitely doesn't interfere with play. Hard to tell. So I'll give the lino the benefit of having a better view than the highlights showed. As for the bus comment. Nothing falling off, I'm the reverend of optimism. Doesn't mean I can't be furious about a very frustrating game of football.
  11. Kelechi goal deffo not offside. We were poor though. But refs not giving fouls against teams that are hacking our midfielders is annoying. Grealish could easily have been off with a stricter ref on Wednesday. Ward prowse could today.
  12. I think Kalechi's goal should stand. Although he is right behind Evans on the replay so difficult to see from the VAR replay.
  13. Having now watched it from that angle. Neither am I. 🤣 Still god damn frustrating having so many goals disallowed in one game.
  14. It was. Watch MOTD tonight. If Evans is off. Then their player is too. If Kalechi is off, then their player is too. If you're consistent with an armpit offside, then fair enough. But when you don't even stop the game to check theirs but yet stop for about 5 minutes to check Evan's, it starts to look very inconsistent and unfair.
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