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  1. Foxhateram


    Yep 500 quid a month on childcare. 800 on the mortgage. Tax, pension contributions, student loan, bills. = Literally nothing spare, literally.
  2. Foxhateram

    Spurs Away Post Match 3-1

    As I said yesterday I've been Puel out for most his tenure. But our last few performances, despite being losses, have given me hope that he can finally change the style of play to suit these players and this league. But it's taken a long time for that to happen, for over a year we have been lethaegic and slow in our build up play. I stand by what I said. Entertainment and quick paced football (which I guarantee will bring us far better results in the long term) over boring safe football that actually didn't get results anyway. I'm now on the fence, but he doesn't help himself at all with decisions like leaving your top scorer on the bench, then watching chances go begging as your make shift strikers put them all wide/ straight at the keeper. Vardy would finish Barnes' second half chance. I want it to work. It's close I think. Is he the right man to fill what is missing? I'm not sure.... But I'll stay open minded while our chairman backs him. Come on Claude, be brave and stick at this new style, but for god sake, don't alienate your top players, you need experience as well as youth.
  3. Foxhateram

    Spurs Away Post Match 3-1

    I didn't say I didn't enjoy it. I'm just reflecting on what could have made it better. 😁. It's the football manager in me, always striving to improve.
  4. Foxhateram

    Spurs Away Post Match 3-1

    3 missed threw balls before the one we needed. Should have scored earlier in the chance. And this is part of the problem. We over play the ball far too often. Not criticising as such, as it worked out as a nice goal. But more often than not, the runs we miss, mean we lose possession and end up in trouble.
  5. Foxhateram

    Spurs Away Post Match 3-1

    I think you're wrong here. We have a track record over the last decade of giving young talent opportunities to progress. Chilly was in and around the team before Puel and Hamza has made sporadic appearances in the past too (he won't get a look in now Tielmans is here either). Madison, Chilly and Gray have all been progressing towards England call ups (at youth level) via the under 21's then 23's etc. So it's not like Puel has magically made them part of the international set up. I'm not disputing that he has bedded these players in well. But I do think they would have broken through under Pearson, Shakespeare and Ranieri had they still been at the club.
  6. Foxhateram

    Puel In / Out Poll (12/01/19)

    For the first time all season I'm undecided. I've not liked him really throughout his tenure here, but I've tried to stay open minded. After the last few performance s I'm feeling more positive about him, but he still isn't helping himself. I.e. no Vardy today. I can see positives in this squad and the way we played today and against United (which was a big contrast to earlier in the season, where we were slow and lathargic) but I also feel that these players, although young, could be performing better. He's not getting the best out of them yet. It's a real tricky one. The next few games are vital. We're not safe yet and if we carry on our current form, we could be languishing at the wrong end of the table. It feels tense. Maybe the players are tense too? Is that the manager that is causing that? Is it the crash? Is it the fact the old guard are being replaced by the new, there is a lot going on and it's hard to pinpoint what is stopping us from performing at our best. The question is, does Puel know what it is? And can he fix it in the next few games?
  7. Foxhateram

    Spurs Away Post Match 3-1

    Their second was just absolutely shocking decision making from Ricardo. Why not just play a sensible ball? He had so much time. The first was very close, pretty sure it was offside. The third was cruel, but we got caught pushing. Not much we could have done there really. We need to work on finishing, but I truly believe that if it were Vardy one on one today, he'd score several of those chances that Harvey missed. Puel has to take some of the wrap for playing no strikers. Premier League players really need to be finishing those sorts of chances. As we discovered today, if you're wasteful, you get banged. (P.s. no pop at Harvey, it was too big of a game for him really, he did well to find space etc). Also making a player come off the bench straight into a vital penalty is just stupidity, let the lad find his game before getting him to take such a crucial penalty. That should of been taken by someone else. Overall, it's a positive performance, but we're really in danger here of freefalling into danger. We're now officially the worst form team. Relegation form in fact. We need to sort it quickly.
  8. Foxhateram

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    Just because you turn 30 doesn't mean you lose your pace. This isn't FIFA! Olympic runners don't quit at 30. Vardy has just as much pace as he has ever had, we just don't play the right type of ball to exploit his runs. He makes runs time and time again and screams for it, but never gets the ball he needs, we just tippy tap back to Kasper instead. Vardy over Puel! He's been the club for the last few years and we wouldn't have had our dreams come true without him. If our manager is planning on ditching him, then in my opinion the board should remove the manager. I think Puel's long term plan has potential and I think the future is bright, but he needs to keep the experienced players within the squad, as without them, we won't ever be successful. You need a good balance in the squad of young and experienced players.
  9. Foxhateram

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    There is a god!
  10. Foxhateram

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    Not sure it's brave. More stupid. Mendy has been the problem in midfield not Wilf. Not playing any strikers and a midfielder in the place of your best player up front is criminal. I'm trying so hard to get behind him and I still think the long term looks good, but he doesn't help himself with decisions like this. This WILL lead to a frucous in the squad.
  11. Foxhateram

    Puel- Neck out!!

    Boooooooooooooooooooooo Oooooooooooooo.........
  12. Foxhateram

    Albrighton out for the season?

    Rumour has it that he's needed the op for a while and Barnes's recall was to give Marc the opportunity to do so.
  13. Foxhateram

    Albrighton out for the season?

    Damn that's a huge blow for our squad. His energy is really important to our team. He will be sorely missed. His workrate drives others on.
  14. Foxhateram

    Worst Starting XI

    How dare you!! We all dream of a team of Barry Hayles!!
  15. Foxhateram

    Andy King to Derby on loan

    Why not? Mendy has-been terrible for us and shipped off under previous managers. I feel King has more to offer, especially in a attacking sense. I never said I was his pal, just that I know him well. I.e I work with someone from his family.