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  1. Mahrez being booed?

    @mad biker what's the joke pal?
  2. Mahrez being booed?

    I disagree. Ndidi isn't even close to a Kante replacement. He can't pass for toffee. A lot of his tackles come after he himself has given away possession. I rate him highly, but he has a lot to learn (which you would expect from a player of his age). De Bruyne and Erikson, like Kante, get the ball and move it quickly. De Bruyne tore us apart the other week, by winning the ball and knowing exactly where the runners would be, ok maybe gritty wasn't the right word but both him and Erikson are both good tacklers and are both excellent at quickly distributing the perfect ball. They are quick thinkers and can find the penetrative pass required to break down a heavily defensive team. We miss someone like that. Mahrez is one player like that, but he is often double marked meaning he has very little space. We need someone in the middle who can do the same, this will stretch the opposition and create more space in behind for Vards. Not drunk fellas, there is a method in the madness.
  3. Mahrez being booed?

    As I said, our summer recruitment priority should have been to replace Kante. But Mendy didn't cut the mustard. Neither does Iborra, NDidi or Silva in my opinion. We need a gritty midfielder who breaks up the play and moves the ball quickly. Someone in the mould of De Bruyne or Erikson.
  4. Mahrez being booed?

    Don't think we hoofed to get to the quarters of the champs league. We were turgid in the leagur because we didn't have the squad to cope with so many high intensity games. Something even teams like Chelsea sturggled with after their league win. But I do take your point, without Kante we struggled to play the killer pass/ find the runners. But that is something that a good quality midfielder should uave fixed, but we didn't invest in the midfield that year frustratingly.
  5. Mahrez being booed?

    I hate this type of answer. We didn't hoof the ball to win the league. We played fast counter attacking football, which involved quick, direct and penetrative passing. The amount of attacks we almost stop dead at the moment with a negative ball just to keep possession is frustrating. I can count at least 5 from memory from last night. One of them Nacho had made a brilliant run in behind, but we chose to play it back to Simpson on the right side.
  6. He'll get his move in the summer. I feel Man City have done this on purpose to unsettle him so they can offer less in June. Which is really annoying. And that they left it late so negotiation was impossible. I really feel they've been in Riyad's ear and told him to wait it out to get a better deal for himself. Whats more annoying is that they think Roberts is a good replacement for us and that they think we are so small time that we will accept bids well below the asking value. If he was at Liverpool, United etc he would be going for in excess of 100 mill. His stats are better than Coutinho in some areas for goodness sake. 60 Mill is an insult to us and Riyad. Puel and the club are giving him every oppertunity to come back and do the right thing, he needs to take that oppertunity very quickly, otherwise the door will be shut. We have promising young talent at this club, talent that wants to play and wants to do the best for us. Riyad was once under that category, but if he's going to let it get to his head, then he can go. If he's prepared to apologise and sort himself out and continue to provide for the club that has made him, then I will, just about forgive him.
  7. Swansea City (h) Post-Match 1-1

    Could have won on another day. Must have been close gor the ruled out goal. Diabate, Vardy and Nacho look deadly together. Can't wait to see that attack develope. Gray was the wrong sub today, he seems to have stagnated in his progression. We look frail with him in the team. Positives to take. Onwards and upwards. Riyad who?
  8. Swansea City (H) Pre Match Thread

    I'd go 4 3 3 with Silva, Iborra and N'Didi in the middle and Kalechi, Vardes and Diabate up top. Plenty of attacking options at our disposal, we should fear no one.
  9. Matty James

    You can't have two N'Didi type players, it would leave a huge gap in the middle. One dissaplined midfielder who holds the shape, complements N'Didi perfectly (who often gets lost in the mix, in a good way). King, James, Iborra are all of this mould, hold the ball up, keep the shape and stay disciplined. Silva is our N'Didi replacement should we ever need it, he chases the battles and gets stuck in. You need balance. I am really impressed with our midfield since Puel took over. I honestly think we've got it spot on. Some people (not necessarily you) just can't see the off the ball work that these players do.
  10. Matty James

    Assisted the pen today no? Was a keyhole pass aswell. If that isn't influencing a game, I'm not sure what is.
  11. Fleetwood FA Cup post match 2-0

    Nice to see Rob Kelly today, looks like he's assistant at Fleetwood. Love the guy!!!! Was a steady performance with lots of positives to take away. The second half was good, professional and saw some of our players get much needed match sharpness, I'm pleased for Nacho and Silva. Thank god that we wanted it in the second half, first half was drab and we were lucky to not be behind. Iborra really struggled, still undecided on whether he is right for this team. And the 1st half confirmed what I was talking about yesterday, tippy tappy slow build up football is easily stiffled by even a league 1 defence parking the bus, it wasn't until we were more positive on the ball and drove forward via Gray and Silva that we looked dangerous. We must be quicker and more direct on the ball, otherwise the opposition has too much time to shape the defence. Overall, a good performance, but still lots to do on reshaping this squad and fine tuning our style of play. Benny must go, he is awful! Amartey is also shakey, his ball control is pretty poor. We need a few additions in Jan/summer to replace the dead wood.
  12. Too slow on the build up. Come on... move the ball quicker!!
  13. Puel

    Hahaha I've been ripped apart here I would like to clarify that I am not dismissing the evolution (?) We're glong through. In fact I think it will gain us success. I just want us to ensure that we continue with a balance of the old with the new. I don't want to see long spells of tippy tappy football that just keeps possession rather than creating chances. For a majority of the Chelsea game, we got it right. But against wesker teams, playing it around at the back will just see them park the bus and we will struggle to find space for Vardy and Mahrez. That's where we have to allow the opposition more possession in order to hit them quickly while the space is still available. I know we haven't played well for 2 years. I get that, but as stated previously, we seemed to ditch what we did in 15/16 immediately the following season. Tried to be possession based, sat back more, stopped pressing high up the ptich, fluffed it up, lost our way and became a hoofball team. From which we bumbled around not really knowing how to play. Puel seems switched on, he seems like he has a plan. And I look forward to seeing how this all turns out. I just don't want to lose that exciting counter attacking football. It's just too tasty to lose.
  14. Puel

    I'm not disagreeing at all. Your points are all relevant. I just quite like the way we soaked up pressure and then hit fast and hard 😎. Just going to take a lot of getting used to, seeing us have more possession and more sideways passing across the back 4. As long as we do keep doing what we do best, in a mix with the possession based game then that's fine, but i do hope Puel doesn't envisage us becoming a possession based team, like his Southampton or an Arsenal/ England style of play, because quite frankly, it bores me to death.
  15. Puel

    I am talking in general here. Not just the Chelsea game. At times I just feel like our attacks are very laboured. There were a few yesterday as well, we bombed up the pitch to half way into their half and then passed it back and then back to the keeper, it got a few ironic jeers from the Chelsea supporters as it happened quite a few times in a space of about 10 minutes. If Mahrez makes space, I want to see Amartey bombing on to continue the attack, I don't want to see us play it back to Amartey in the RB position and then kill it completely with a pass to Kasper. I want us to continue 'our game' as I love that style so much, it is entertaining and effective. I do completely respect Puel's vision and I think it will be effective for us in time. But it just doesn't quite feel like the 'Leicester way'. It's not quite as magical. It's hard to explain. I just don't enjoy watching us play this new style as much. But I do like the fact our results have improved. Hard to get the balance.