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  1. To Kevin, you're the most under rated player to ever exist, apart from maybe Guppy. You deserve better from our fans and you deserved an England call up in 15/16. Please continue to be Mr reliable and get us some assists over the next few weeks! Big Nige
  2. We look completely flat. Not ourselves at all. We are so slow on our build up play, it's a breeze to defend against. I don't understand how we can go from beautiful fast paced football, to poor passes, slow and lethargic with terrible touches. So Jeckle and Hyde right now.
  3. Harry Maguire is a blue, is a blue, is a blue.... Harry Maguire is a blue, he hates United! Gave it to us on a plate Harry... Cheers old chap!
  4. Suprised to see so much negativity here. We've not dropped out of the top 4 all season and with injuries occuring throughout the season. I think we've got this, this season!
  5. Absolutely not! Offers the chance of magic that no other player can replicate! Nacho and vards together please! Tielemans can push on and Wilf play deep. We should be fine with a back 4 Vs this lot. 4-4-1-1.
  6. All aboard for the run in!!!! Come on you mighty foxes!!!
  7. What a game!! Unbelievable! First time I have felt that excited about football for a very long time. Ref let it flow, exciting and fast paced. Fantastic result!
  8. Disagree with this completely. Wolves have a game plan and are executing it very well. We could easily have got drawn in to this fouling and diving. But we've stayed classy and looked the more dangerous with our chances. It'll come, no point taking unnecessary risks in a game like this. One mistake could cost us. Hamza has been tidying up quite well in the middle and Madders has created a few chances. Just got to keep chipping away, we'll find the space.
  9. Can't argue with this. Without Wilf we have no physical presence in the middle of the park. Unfortunately Maddison, Mendy and Tielemans are all quite lightweight, excellent at what they do, but they don't have the attributes to play CDM. Closest we have to a CDM is Hamza, but we all know about his frailty on the ball. A CDM and a striker who can hold up play are priorities in the summer if we want to progress.
  10. Mendy had a string of games where I thought he might prove me wrong. But I am going to stand by what I said at the end of last season. He is far too lightweight, needs to get in the gym. The way he was cast aside by the Leeds player for their third the other day was shambolic, you should not be losing 50:50s like that, in this league you'll get punished for it.
  11. Would have preferred to see Nacho. Other than that spot on. Leeds are fast on the counter so Albrighton needed for his defensive work. We'd be too exposed without him. You can't drop Albrighton right now, been one of the most consistent players since the turn of the year.
  12. We'll get spurs for the 100th time running.
  13. If I don't get in the squad somehow I'm never forgiving any of you!
  14. While I agree with your sentiments. I had links to the training ground at the time and the way he treated many members of the playing staff was disgraceful. It was no wonder they didn't play well for him. You say he's not part of the coaching staff, no he isn't, but he did create a squad and ethos of slow sideways and backwards football, which we still seem to fall back into at times. We play best when we press high, have high tempo and move the ball forward quickly. Like today. We need to not revert back the Puel's style and believe that we can play our game against anyone.
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