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  1. He really doesn't! 3 at the back with Bennett though....yes! Although Fuchs is comfortable in back 3 too. Either /or
  2. Never looked like scoring. All 3 games since we returned, we have been so slow on the ball, we make it easy for the opposition to lock us out. Even 1-0 down with 2 mins to go today, we passed it back to bloody Jonny Evans! What's the point!!!??? Get it in the bloody box! I shouted at the TV. Also not impressed with our midfield today, at one point N'Didi lost the ball, Chelsea broke, 4 Vs 2, you watch our midfield including Wilf (Who lost the ball) strolling back, no commitment to win it back! We constantly gave the ball away in the middle of the park today and no body drove forward with the ball. We made it far too easy for Chelsea. Terrible performance.
  3. Underated player for us for sure. Scored some important goals. Him and Hume up too worked well! I've got a signed shirt of his, pretty chuffed with that. Oh and Izzetts shirt. Will definitely treasure that one!! Go in Fryatt win the case.
  4. Just got very interesting. When's our next game @Des? Need to think about formations Vs Scotland next time.
  5. Bleurgh, no thanks! Grealish is a radiculously over rated, arrogant turd. Plays dirty fouling football, not what we're trying to build here.
  6. I'll take top of the group! "Your defence is terrified!!! Pukki's on fire!!!!!! 🔥"
  7. Wouldn't have put Puel, Levien or McGee in the bottom 7 either!
  8. Apparently from London. They were also responsible for Frank Lampards house being burgled too. They knew exactly what they were doing by the sounds of it. With some inside knowledge to help too. Wouldn't be surprised if it's a bodyguard leaking information for a pay off.
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