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  1. Have you got a link to this? Bloody love Emile. Would love to see this goal.
  2. Thank you buddy. Watching the leverkuson game. Wellington are a decent outfit surprisingly.
  3. Did i just miss it? Oooh i see never mind.
  4. Bert knows as much as my garden gnome, the gnome waved his naked butt at me when i asked him. I'm assuming that is gnome speak for Kasper is staying. Heard it here first.
  5. He's the closest thing to the messiah (Pearson) we're going to get. So gerrrrimin! We need to get back to building the machine that Pearson created. At the moment it's starting to look tired and needs a bit of new oil to get up and running again. It's like when a little old lady sells her well oiled and serviced car to a reckless boy racer, he gets a good service out of it but burns it out within the year, then in the second year he starts tampering to make it 'better' but it turns out his 'mechanic' mate actually know jack shite about cars and has taken important parts out. Shakey is the one! He has been chosen.... now he must ensure the force stays strong within the players and he needs to recruit a few more jedis to complete the masters (Pearson) dynasty. Woah that's deep man!
  6. That is spinning the facts to suit your argument at it's very best right there. Wow. New manager bounce is a new one haha. Classic. Actually I wouldn't mind Howe as our manager. Done a good job at Bournemouth similar to Pearson did for us. Quality man manager, gets the best out of players.
  7. Top 5 on form during his tenure. After such a poor season as well. Can't believe people are saying no?
  8. I never did blame our government kind sir. Only alluded to the fact we need to change future generations for the sake of the planet.
  9. Not neccesarily. It's a world wide issue that society is becoming more seperated and each generation becomes more solitary in their thinking. It's not just here.
  10. Would love Gylfi to come here. Awesome player. Would complement drinky/Ndidi nicely.
  11. Beat them up and tell them to go to A and E while the virus is still implemented. They will soon turn it off when they realise it is them that needs the NHS to work smoothly. So many self centered people in society today. It's every man for himself. Sickening.
  12. Hopefully you're right. Just so worried, we all know what happened when Nuge stopped smiling. 😄
  13. He didn't smile afterwards. It was very disconcerting. Please smile Shinji, don't leave us.
  14. Well I thoroughly enjoyed the second half of our home game against Athletico. Both teams countering eacother with direct but quality passes. Quick counters and quality through balls. I would much rather watch that then Arsenal/England/Man City pass it around with no purpose or cutting edge. Besides those teams encourage the counter attacking style of play by keeping the ball in areas of the pitch that are not dangerous. If it's in the oppositions half it is of no threat. You crack on and we'll take a breather and keep a tight bank of 4 thanks. Move with the changes in the game Arsene. Possession based football is boring and no one wants to pay 70 quid a game to see it.