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  1. US, France and UK fire missiles at Syria

    It's a requirement of life today. Oil wars will continue until it's all gone. Way beyond our lifetimes. There is no way that electric or eco automobiles will replace cars in the next decade, especially ones that wouldn't need to be charged from an electric port that is essentially powered by an oil generator.
  2. Burnley away match thread

    "Leicester have had more possession, more corners, more shots and as many shots on target as Burnley. Yet it's the hosts who comfortably lead." From the BBC. Says it all really. They want it more than us. please Diabate make a difference.
  3. US, France and UK fire missiles at Syria

    Not as simple as some of you are making out. There is a fuel pipline being built near Syria, at the moment it is controlled by Russian forces acting on behalf of Syria, if it completes then the Oil will belong to Syria and Russia. Iran wanted to build said pipeline, but were met by Russian and Syrian opposition and lost control of the area. Iran oil would be directly traded to the US and UK. It's only partly to do with the chemical attacks. That's a smoke screen, much like in Iraq, Suddam was a smoke screen for us gathering states with oil.
  4. Expectations

    Normally me too. But recent matches have been really poor. Next to no action at all. We nullify the opposition but at the cost of our own attacking threat. Leading to tense midfield battles with very few shots on target. It is like watching paint dry. It's also depressing watching some of the best attacking players in the league in Vardes and Mahrez be almost completely frozen out of a game by our style of play.
  5. Is Iborra out ...

    King has played a vital part in being a quality squad player in every season since we returned to the Prem. So I literally couldn't disagree more with this statement. He has also done well with Swansea and at international level with Wales. We need him right now!!
  6. Puel

    You know what, I would be made up that we'd done so well, but disappointed that the journey wasn't more exciting. Much like I feel now. I'm proud of an 8th/ potentially 7th placed finish, but I haven't been as excited by our games as I was in the great escape season or start of our league winning campaign. The balance between entertainment and success is tricky to balance. But the past has proved it can be done.
  7. Puel

    I'm still uninspired by him. His style of football is dull. Saints said the same. However I am grateful for what he has done. He has steadied the ship and got us the points we need. I just wish we could be doing it in a more entertaining way.
  8. The Last 8 Games Of Riyad Mahrez

    Alright the snow has sent me potty. Leave it out.
  9. Chilwell is amazing

    He's a poor mans Schlupp im afraid. Runs with the ball well, but has no footballing brain to produce a consistently good final ball. We need a new lb desperately. I'd like Ben Davies from Spurs or Bertrand. Someone who can overlap like Fuchs did in our title season. (Love Fuchs, wish his legs hadn't gone).
  10. The Last 8 Games Of Riyad Mahrez

    He ran into a brick wall and lost the ball for their counter. His various misplaced passes also put us under pressure. His decision making was poor on Saturday, crumbled under pressure. Usually he's by far a million miles ahead of anything we've ever seen in a city shirt. But Sunday was woeful.
  11. The Last 8 Games Of Riyad Mahrez

    He has been great recently, but he was awful on Saturday. Do you disagree?
  12. Puel

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Regardless of his 'style' he should adapt it to suit the players he has. You play to your strengths, not force a different way of playing on a successful team. Our whole agenda and ethos since we arrived in the prem has been fast and penetrative counter attacking football, under Puel we keep killing off our attacks and allowing the opposition to get back. I can count 6 or more times yesterday where we had overloaded their defence and then chose to stop the ball and 'keep possession' then there was no final ball to play because the space had gone. So frustrsting, you could hear the growns from the crowd everytime it happened too. Typical example is the throw at the end, 30 seconds left and we passed it backwards, i was in disbelief. Pump it in the box for goodness sake. They were there for the taking yesterday and we just kept allowing them to set up at the back before crossing it in. We need to go back to what has made us so successful, what makes us different to the rest. Otherwise we will just be that team that hovers around mid table, too good in possesion for the bottom half but not technical enough on the ball to beat the top 6. We need to find our first 11. Stick to it for a period of time and be quicker on the attack. We have the players to do that already. We just need a few additions, namely some attacking full backs and a creative CM. I can't think of anyone better who's out of work. But I can think of a few up and coming managers who I think would get us playing our style of play successfully again. Just to add I think Puel has potential here, but he needs to change for us, not the other way around.
  13. The Last 8 Games Of Riyad Mahrez

    I don't care about the last 8 games. All I know is he was absolutely woeful last night to the point I honestly wondered if he'd been paid off. So many wayward passes and he lost the ball for their first goal attack. He can't cope under pressure at all. He'll struggle at a bigger club I feel.
  14. Leicester 1-2 Chelsea (AET) Post-Match

    For the ref only adding 1 min and then blowing the whistle as we pumped the ball into the box.
  15. Bournemouth post match 1-1

    Wow a plethora of chances. We've barely worked the keeper against Swansea and Bournemouth. Where are these chances that the gaffer and yourself keep talking about it? We're not controlling games. We keep conceeding sloppy goals and not looking like even trying to score until it's too late. Until Mahrez yesterday I literally felt like we could play all night and still not score. I don't want him sacked, I just feel like his adaptation are stunting the style of play that our players suit. Stuff this let him buy the players for his style rubbish. He should adapt his style to suit the resources he has and be looking to build upon the club ethos with added quality. I hate possession based football. It killed the game in the late 90's/ early 00's, made it difficult to watch. I much prefer direct and penetrative, driving at defences and taking risks to beat the last man. It's entertainment and it's exciting. But most of all, we've seen our best days as a club doing it that way. O'Neill, Adams (to some extent), Pearson and at first Claudio all got it right. Why sell out on it?