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  1. We'll get spurs for the 100th time running.
  2. If I don't get in the squad somehow I'm never forgiving any of you!
  3. While I agree with your sentiments. I had links to the training ground at the time and the way he treated many members of the playing staff was disgraceful. It was no wonder they didn't play well for him. You say he's not part of the coaching staff, no he isn't, but he did create a squad and ethos of slow sideways and backwards football, which we still seem to fall back into at times. We play best when we press high, have high tempo and move the ball forward quickly. Like today. We need to not revert back the Puel's style and believe that we can play our game against anyone.
  4. Hate to say it, because I despise him, but Harry Kane is the only striker in this league that I fear us playing against. I remember back in the 00s when we came back to the prem there were loads of strikers that gave me that feeling. Add Son to the mix and even I, with all my optimism, can't see us getting a result today. I hope I'm wrong though.
  5. If we had not sacked Puel, we would have continued to sink into relegation. His style of play was awful and predictable, teams knew two banks of four would prevent us from scoring. The atmosphere at the training ground was awful during his time. We nearly lost some of our key players as a result of him. Those saying he had an eye for talent.... Our scouting team does that job, not the manager. Rogers is streets ahead of Puel and his management style is much more like Pearson's, which is exactly what this squad needed to make it become a unit again. I stil
  6. The rush back of some players over the past year or so could suggest otherwise. We had a lot of players playing with injuries last year and this led to lots of them severely underperforming later in the season. Plus quite a few injuries already this year.
  7. Well he's already got more than that! Including important assists in the last 3 games. His defending is good, he tracks back and gets forward. Don't understand what else you want from him? He's been a bloody good utility player for us right from his first game here. Radiculously underrated.
  8. Twice in two games he's done that and been outpaced too. Got to learn. Superb resilience tonight! Vardy to the rescue again! Into the last 32. Come on you foxes!
  9. Was it not Schlupp he replaced? Then Simpson replaced De Leat and suddenly it all fell into place!
  10. Grealish ain't class, what you on about!? Dives constantly, gives away fouls I'm dangerous positions and at international level is a red card waiting to happen. He should have been sent off in the game against us a few weeks back. Simulation, hacking out our players whenever we started a counter. That isn't class, that's cheating. Can't stand his arrogance or his style of play. Barnes and Maddison both deserve to be ahead of him.
  11. No idea why Barnes has been left out and can't understand what Southgate sees in the people he's chosen ahead of Barnes. Maddison is miles ahead of Grealish who should be no where near the England squad!
  12. Back to high press, fast paced, counter attacking football. Back to what Leicester do best! Won the league playing like this in 2016!! Let's keep playing this now! Keep the momentum going!
  13. I think you are right. He is very career driven. But actually at this point, although we clearly will never be a big club, success with us probably looks better on his CV than anything else. If we start to flounder around 7th-10th, which is our station really, let's face it. (We've been battling well above our station for some time now) then I think he'll go, probably citing the same things our Martin did back in the day. "I've taken them as far as I can." Etc.
  14. Another performance that shows this squad are strong together! Even with all the injuries, we still are pulling off results!! I've got a real good feeling about this season!
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