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  1. You've clearly forgotten how poor he was at holding up the ball and heading. He caused issues at the training ground (yes I do know that) basically sulked when he wasn't included in the team every week. He's always scored in poor European leagues. Didn't cut it in the prem.
  2. We need to buy! Mendy is not good enough against decent opposition. His performance against Chelsea last season showed us that. Was swept aside so easily by some of their players. CDMs are hard to find though. Struggling to think of many who would be as good as Wilf.
  3. We need to be aiming to do well in all competitions. You could say you are risking injury of players playing them in any game . We've currently not got a back log of games and going out of a cup in the first round (we play) is poor. I'd argue that the first team would actually benefit from having two games a week right now, it'll build their fitness levels ready for when we're playing two games a week every week November onwards.
  4. Of course I do. But at this stage, we've not got Europa League games yet. Our first 11 could do with the fitness after a strange preseason and we really could do with as many ways into Europe being open as possible. If we mess up the Europa League now and fall short of 6th we'll really struggle to draw the quality of signings we need to push on next season.
  5. Still a European competition, which leads to Europa qualification the year after if we're successful.
  6. Don't know how people are so calm! Our best Chance of securing Europe again next season gone. Let's face it, winning the Europa league is a huge ask and we're not going to break the big spending 'top 6'. The FA cup is taken more serious by the bigger clubs so would be a big ask too. That was a disastrous performance and some of fringe players need a rocket up their arse! Poor all over the pitch, making 11 changes is always going to lead to a disjointed performance. I hope he takes the FA cup more seriously.
  7. Did leave us a bit open in midfield at times today though. Better teams would have punished us on the counter several times. But as long as we score more, that's all that matters! I enjoy our play atm, faster and more meaningful possession, we need to keep it up. . I've noticed we've been far more aggressive when pressing too, harder challenges and quicker to close the ball.
  8. I think he'd make a good manager. A Scot Parker type. He'd adapt to suit the role, but keep his tongue in cheek and cheeky attitude. Players would love playing for him. His energy is infectious. I can see him possibly as a lower league manager and bringing a club up. A bit like Matt Taylor at Exeter.
  9. Can't stand Burnley and their anti-football!! Their fans are unbearable too! 2 in 2 please.
  10. When you've made huge profits on selling players. You don't need to invest. They heavily invested early in their tenure, now with TV funding, selling of signings for significant profits etc there is no need to invest their own money anymore. They have made us self sufficient, which is far better than relying on cash injections every season.
  11. I'll be first to admit I've been hard on him in recent threads. But credit where it is due, that was a positive performance. He has improved his off the ball contribution, seems less lightweight and more confident on the ball. Hope that continues!!
  12. Difficult to believe! Man United had almost half that last season!
  13. Not sure, just hearing about this one from a connection I have from an old club.
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