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  1. Don't understand the VAR decision. Soyuncu clearly pulled down in the box. What is classified as a foul, if that isn't.? Ref gave so much there way today as well. We still won. Says alot about this team.
  2. The new bus arrived! Space for everyone! Jump on! Vardes and Madders are on board.
  3. Oi this is what the optimistic bus is for. Come join us!!
  4. Gray changed the game. Added the pace a zippy passing we needed. *Rubs eyes in disbelief* did I really just say that? Anyone else's heart stop when they saw Vardy on the floor though?
  5. We know you won't believe us...... Dilly feckin ding dillly feckin dong!!!!
  6. Hey. It doesn't get much better than this at the moment does it! Looking back on those days we couldn't even out some passes together, no matter win two or more on the trot. Make the most of this time. Title challenge number 2 on the way!? Haha we can but dream hey 😉
  7. I struggled to fit matches in last time. The timings didn't work well for me. I prefer to play later in the evening. Anyone else having a go? I might have a go if others do.
  8. Under Puel when he wasn't scoring so many. People kept trying to convince me that he was losing his pace, I continued to argue that he hadn't, he was just slightly off form and his ability was being cramped by Puel's style of play. I'm not normally one to say I told you so. But in this case I will as the evidence is so clear. Rodgers says in the article "All our tests and statistics show he is now faster than 2015." And his goal scoring record speaks for itself this season. Players don't decline just because they hit 30. This isn't FIFA. With the technology, sports science and knowledge of diets, body mass etc players are able to stay at peak fitness for much longer. While he's hungry for more, he'll continue to thrive.
  9. I know this is a year old. Do you still play? I'm quite into it again after the casino update and would like to find some more people to play with. I've got some bogdon heists to do where the pay out is significant at the end.
  10. He looked tired at the end though. Almost like he was fed up. Didn't look his usual happy self.
  11. Oi CB is my position! Foxestalk FC is my remit!
  12. Nah I want the Triple! 😜 Get on the optimistic bus!
  13. If anyone is able to get a Leicester mercury and send it to me in Devon. I'd be so so happy.
  14. Hasn't always been like that though. Not that long ago under Puel, that people were writing him off as losing his pace and flair. Personally love the guy, he epitomises that great British fight, that Northern spirit and his grit and determination flairs up the crowd. He's like a Paul Dickov but only a million times better.
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