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  1. So many people not wanting to go, the FA may as well give me a seat near the half way line really. I can probably free to present the trophy if I have to. I'll be flexible.
  2. I think it might be like the champions league away games where we have to pick them up from somewhere with ID? This is all my guesswork with no background knowledge of how collections worked for the carabao final.
  3. "i wonnah go wembleh" is gonna be mine
  4. Yeah fair enough! Good to know that, bede park test it is!
  5. https://www.gov.uk/order-coronavirus-rapid-lateral-flow-tests - I just ordered some of these, says it will be here in 2 days. I feel its worth doing to avoid any hassle if they end up announcing tickets really late. I just want to make it as easy as possible for myself and then with a bit of luck I might get in. I'm on 340 points bang on, this number of 5kish+ gives me a lot of hope.
  6. After 1 adult can meet outside ground
  7. Any info on how the travel was for fans yesterday? i know there was stuff about negative tests and multiple check points, im guessing the travel was watched every second of the way.
  8. Voll Blau and BigMicky to watch the final together and forget about the skirmish after Castagne tears Chilwell to set up Kelechi for a 93 min winner is all I want from 2021 now. I try not to ask for too much.
  9. 340 points, im not very hopeful, but we will see, just over 3 weeks away so I imagine the announcement will be soon.
  10. They did a rebrand this week with a new logo and app, I'm not sure if you'll need an update but they've changed the look as of this week so I'm wondering if it could be related 🤔
  11. Cant quite remember as I was hammered myself but didn't fans either boo or leave early at the Brighton game? Definitely one of the 2 and maybe both? What a journey it's been.
  12. Half time couldn't come soon enough and I hate that cliche. Get some changes on and let's try win this so we can worry less about game 4 and 5. Its an awfully busy December aswell.
  13. Source for the castore info? Not doubting you just a kit geek, I thought castore might do alright and they'd released some classy retro style shirts. But different variants of one shirt is shocking for a new company.
  14. Mikk83 is a cheeky c*** Tried offering me 20 quid for 5 shirts i had on ebay at one point. Most of the stuff he sells is replica and not matchworn. I'd avoid him at all costs.
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