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  1. Theyll use the maroon kit in europe with King Power if they need to, they just won't make it available to purchase is my guess.
  2. Undefeated in 2 games. Its coming home. I dunno what is. But its coming home.
  3. We had black shorts with the pink kit? So yeah me no likey.
  4. All the people that don't like it should be buzzing, 60 quid saved. Almost enough to renew a ST
  5. https://offergames.co.uk/products/now-tv-1-day-sports-pass-download-code?variant=31106940993584&currency=GBP&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=google+shopping&utm_campaign=gs-2020-01-15&utm_source=google&utm_medium=smart_campaign&gclid=CjwKCAjwsO_4BRBBEiwAyagRTXqwdjnDlVBnPu-zdTA5cOKzM9EHgJlhLzGnll9n3IEmNvlVtZo6phoCPboQAvD_BwE 7.99 for a day pass here that says its emailed to you once paid. Email with code comes about 10 mins later
  6. Its still in our hands. But I feel nervous already and its way too early. Undecided if I take my the champions league shirt off the wall and wear it or if that's a potential curse. "I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious"
  7. Coke head nose bleed shirt. Adidas tried spouting that the red references the marble walls of Highbury. Can't wait for them to blag that the seam on ours represents the river soar or some bollocks.
  8. I love this forum. It gives me comfort knowing there's a few hundred all feeling the same right now. Expecting the worst still but its better than 2 hours ago.
  9. When did its the hope that kills you become a big saying? I seem to remember saying it a lot in 2014/15 Either way I'd rather have united go 3-0 up after 6 mins then that c**k tease. I just had a look at the live table on bbc and now I'm wounded. That said we'll all be laughing at this when Bennett climbs for a winner in the 93rd over Maguire in 2 weeks.
  10. I've been called into work last minute. Already annoyed I got a call during the game yesterday. I'm on strike till half 9 at least and I will absolutely prove my immaturity by sulking all day if they get cleared.
  11. Its mad isn't it. I waited for 3 months for the football to come back and every Leicester game I've been anxious and unable to enjoy it. Even 2-0 up at Palace I managed to get in my head that we weren't clear until the 3rd went in. Even in the earlier games today ill just want it to be Leicesters turn to play and then as soon as kick off comes I'll be a mess for 90. That said, by 9pm we could be back to 3rd in the league with 3 games to go. Come on lads 🦊🦊🦊
  12. Yet to beat Bournemouth in the prem at their place. They wont be around much longer. Lets get one in on them before they go. I'm still miserable about my midweek december trip in 2016.
  13. I love using this in any argument with arsenal supporting mates. It's cheap heat but theres no comeback to it. This will never get old.
  14. Need the win badly. I need champions league badges on a Leicester shirt again. Come on lads 🦊💙⚽️
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