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  1. Yet to beat Bournemouth in the prem at their place. They wont be around much longer. Lets get one in on them before they go. I'm still miserable about my midweek december trip in 2016.
  2. I love using this in any argument with arsenal supporting mates. It's cheap heat but theres no comeback to it. This will never get old.
  3. Need the win badly. I need champions league badges on a Leicester shirt again. Come on lads 🦊💙⚽️
  4. Anywhere near city centre. My other plan is leaving the game 5 or 10 mins before and getting the last train but not ideal
  5. Train there and could all share a taxi back? Same boat!
  6. Still got one for sale, adults - £25 - I've got no way of getting to wolves. Dont want it going to waste. Collection in Leicester
  7. Said to my mate that the light show and greatest showman is a bit cheesy but if I was a 6 year old or something the 2 montages and light shows would be so exciting. The club history montage still gets me every time. Kinda thing that can make future generations wanna come back. Plus Hugh Jackman can hold a note so fair play to him. (Also a big fan of the accelerating beat right before KO)
  8. I'm tempted to chance it on the door, home end wouldnt be the end of the world for a friendly i guess.
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