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  1. Chelsea (H) FA Cup - Sunday 18th March 4:30pm

    anybody got two for sale? can meet anywhere with an LE postcode anytime tomorrow!
  2. Brighton away

    2x Adult available for this one. collection or delivery :-)
  3. Brighton away

    looking for one more for this please!
  4. Who is our most Important player?

    absolutely 100% Vardy. anyone that thinks otherwise doesn’t watch the same team as me
  5. Brighton away

    edit. just two needed. thanks in advance
  6. Ticket exchange thread 2017/18 (Wanted/For Sale)

    Two required for brighton away would be greatly appreciated if anybody can help. Thanks
  7. Brighton away

    longshot but could do with three tickets (preferably all together) for this. will ensure there’s a good drink in it for you
  8. Liverpool away - 3pm Saturday 30 December

    longshot given time frame but looking for two for this if anybody can help! can collect anywhere today :-)
  9. Liverpool tickets

    still have?
  10. Another unsuccessful ballot , Liverpool

    sorry @Bayfox, i meant when people got asked to move to accommodate fellow fans rather than use the spare seat next to them to put their bag or something else equally daft. given the club accommodates a seat of equal value without moving too far (say three seats wide, one row up or down) i personally feel people would just be being selfish if they didn't oblige
  11. Ticket exchange thread 2017/18 (Wanted/For Sale)

    Need two extra tickets for Liverpool (league) match on the 23rd. Can help with away / home tickets in the not too distant future - Thanks!
  12. Another unsuccessful ballot , Liverpool

    it's literally just a seat 😂
  13. 2017/18 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    where you heard that? 👀
  14. Ticket Exchange: Positive Feedback

    @CallySinnamon excellent buyer for my Arsenal spares. Met as agreed and nice chap.