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  1. Have you watched Alonso play in the last 24 months perhaps sir?
  2. Let the meltdowns begin 😎
  3. Had mine today was bang on. Had some away tickets and like others have had the transaction fee not returned and the point redacted.
  4. Not wishing to take anything away from the magnitude of the thread but he certainly doesn't live in Burbage, he lives in Coalville
  5. Allocation: 1,829 (includes 20 Wheelchair Spaces & 234 Restricted View seats) Adult: £30, Seniors 65+: £25, Under 18: £20 Wheelchair Spaces are located in block LV3 and LV4. Supporters with a disability must select two seats, amend the age band to the relevant age band and assign them to their main Supporter Number in order to get their free Personal Assistant. Away Priority Scheme ONLINE ONLY | Sunday 1 March Season Ticket Holders with 360+ points | Monday 2 March Season Ticket Holders with 330+ points | Tuesday 3 March Season Ticket Holders with 310+ points | Wednesday 4 March Season Ticket Holders with 305+ points | Thursday 5 March Season Ticket Holders with 300+ points | Friday 6 March All Season Ticket Holders | Monday 9 March All Fox Members | Tuesday 10 March
  6. Two spares for Watford and norwich away due to a change of circumstances. selling as as four.
  7. How longs a piece of string? You want to fly direct from your closest airport or not bothered about maybe taking a slightly more time consuming route to save a bit of cash? You want to stay in a hostel or a five star hotel in the centre of the city? You gonna be out drinking all day or just moseying around town? Different answers to any combination of those questions and more will dictate how much it will cost but as a rough guide. Ticket ~£50 Travel ~£100-250 Hotel 2 nights ~£100-300
  8. In L block there's a couple of lads have a joint every game 😂
  9. Varied for Aways. Copenhagen was 60 odd quid I think
  10. Must win today. A lot of the teams around us have dropped points over the weekend so a great chance to capitalise and make it not count for them.
  11. Want to swap for 2* Brentford tickets. Villa tickets are in R4. No other offers.
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