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  1. Anybody know a pub? It seems we only have one and it is full
  2. The optimist in me does think if we get top 4 he will sign a new deal - clearly enjoys being at the club but for a boy of his talent CL qualification is the absolute minimum
  3. My god BTs coverage is absolute garbage. Half time is literally just adverts !?
  4. Still over 3000 left theres an option for “own travel” but if you have an LE postcode you cannot check out like this and must select the park and ride / king power option
  5. Absolutely cannot wait for the impending meltdown on here 🙊
  6. All tickets sold as singles? So does this mean you can’t purchase for your “friends/family” on LCFC site or just means you cannot sit directly next to them?
  7. Without Harvey we do really struggle at beating the man
  8. Mercury also wrote it has now expired
  9. They have been instrumental in the wider campaign in fairness. Let them stroke their ego for five it won’t hurt 😂
  10. Get ndidi and fofana off whilst we can still do so unforced
  11. You think Kante is better than Ndidi?
  12. If we needed a reminder that it’s time to get this new contract sorted, today was it !
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