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  1. Super line up - should get something from this!
  2. I wonder which event will recieve the most votes on this forum ??????
  3. Some really good points here. Particularly the comment about Sarr - God he looked awful at the weekend! Sure glad we missed out on him and JoHandbags down at Brighton!
  4. Yup! Bring in the lad from Hull!
  5. Not a big mate of yours, then??
  6. He should be made to sit down and watch the SENSATIONAL goals scored by a youngster at West Brom last season. Er, what was his name?? Ah,yes -- Harvey Barnes!! BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT (and confident) football!!
  7. Probably doesn't get 100% because there are still those on here who look back, with fondness and misty eyes, to those heady days of Claude Puel's reign! Yes- you know who you are - over 10,000 posts between the five of you! Mostly aiming bile and insults at those of us who yearned for a proper manager! .....and, yes, I AM still bitter
  8. Is it true we played the entire match (away, in the premier league) and only committed ONE foul? Surely not? Anyway, BRILLIANT win!!
  9. Man City playing Chelsea saturday. If that's a draw and we scrape a win (5-0, Vardy hattrick) then the league table looks even better than now!!
  10. Just thinking exactly the same myself. Other than these 2 wins I reckon we haven't beaten them for about 95 years (or did Glover and Stringfellow score in a win in the early 70's ?)!! Looking at their likely defence / midfield I can't see them finishing the game with 11 men again! Luiz, papadopoulos, chambers, kolasinac, Torreia and Gwenda Oozy will not be able to live with the pace of Vardy, Barnes and Ricky or the running of Ayoze, Youri or Madders. "9 man Arsenal thrashed by Leicester"
  11. Hoping Kouyaté plays for them on sunday - he is one of the worst footballers to ever pull on a premier league shirt yet is constantly being praised as a top player. Simply cannot work out why - he is absolutely dire.
  12. Amazing to think that if Colchester beat Man U it still wont be their biggest cup giantkilling! Can anyone else remember Simmons and Ray Crawford scoring against the best team EVER? - Leeds United of the early seventies?
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