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  1. Shame that Man City v Arsenal has been postponed. Reckon that Man City would've dropped points again.
  2. Obviously Euro qualification will be based on LAST seasons table! That way the big six qualify, everybody is happy and all is well with the world!!!!
  3. Maybe an unpopular thing to say- but I would love to see The Villa go down and we get Tyrone Mings from them. Okay it was 4-0 yesterday but he looks a proper defender and single handed * got them through the cup semi final against us - he was phenominal! * okay - not single handed. Their keeper had the game of his life!
  4. 'Fraid we've blown it. Liverpool Man C Chelsea and Man u for CL places. Tottenham and Wolves for EL. Maybe Sheff utd could scrape in. Abysmal drop off in form over past 15 games has done for us. Shame.
  5. All your points are spot on! To be fair the defence has been pretty good and, having looked at it, another 9 goals in that 'dire' period ( and that's only one every other game) could have gained us an extra 11 points and probably got us to a cup final! Maybe shows we should've got a loan striker in the january window. Shows our reliance on JV (only one Vardy goal in those 18 matches)
  6. The first 19 games of the season (up to Villa, away, early december) we were BRILLIANT! The last 18 games (bar matches v lower league opposition and v the useless Hammers) we have been ABSOLUTELY DIRE. Can only see a Villa win.
  7. Cannot believe they had Birtles commentating on a LCFC game after that Nile Ranger fiasco a few years back. Forest T**T.
  8. We ain't qualifying for CL. Just lost to a team who were bottom by a mile and couldn't score. Mebees we make top half.
  9. Super line up - should get something from this!
  10. I wonder which event will recieve the most votes on this forum ??????
  11. Not a big mate of yours, then??
  12. He should be made to sit down and watch the SENSATIONAL goals scored by a youngster at West Brom last season. Er, what was his name?? Ah,yes -- Harvey Barnes!! BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT (and confident) football!!
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