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  1. If Soyuncu plays to his recent standard we should beat this lot! If he has any David Luis moments, which have been rare this season, then we could be losing here. He really is that important to us (specially now we've hit a bad patch) - and to think people were thinking, a couple of months back, that he would struggle to get back in the team!
  2. I know it's not the modern way, and I know being hard nosed is frowned upon, but if I was refereeing this match I would (after about ten minutes) take Slavia's captain to one side and tell him, forcefully, that if his players continue to SCREAM - every time they're tackled - they WILL get booked. It made an absolute mockery of the first leg, and their players should be ashamed and embarrassed by such pathetic gamesmanship. Ridiculous.
  3. Absolutely agree with this post in every way. Worth pointing out on the defensive front that Soyuncu has been IMMENSE!! I used ti s**t myself at corners, but he clears everything (ball and openents) - if hes passed into a corner he will do a Cruyff turn and an effective clearance - he's so cool under pressure he is like David Luis (without the brainfart mistakes!). Can't believe some were questioning his place in the team. AWESOME.
  4. Nah - the WORST player to ever pull on an LCFC shirt was Kelvin Etuhu. He was SO bad - shame really cos his brother Dickson Etuhu was a decent player for Preston (I think) for a good few seasons.
  5. Bit of a gap opening between 'The Big Three' and the rest !!!!!
  6. Only TEN points ahead of Tottenham ........ they'll be calling it a two horse race!
  7. Only read page one, but so glad that nearly everyone has Amartey in their team ( and one person has him in ten times - what a team that would be!!!).
  8. Shame that Thiago may be missing on saturday. He is the most ludicrously overrated player ever. Has the commentators creaming themselves, but never gets a single pass right. Awful player. ......mind you, this is a match against LCFC.......
  9. Chilwell obviously learned nothing from the experience of Danny Drinkwater. Not to worry, Ben, you'll probably get a game against Barnsley tomorrow!
  10. 6'7" Dan Burn, plus Dunk, plus two other useful centrebacks. ....corner, anyone ????
  11. ........yes, but I remember THAT goal!
  12. Agree with every word. Dunno WHY we roll over against these. We just do.
  13. Sorry folks, but I think Don Goodman is an excellent co-commentator! Yes, he says the occasional daft thing, but generally he is balanced, sensible and unbiased. Remember, he did play most of his career with Wolves but paid more complinents to City than his beloved Wanderers!
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