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  1. I'm worried now! Not only are our opinions on set-pieces exactly the same, but I've also been supporting LCFC 50 plus years, I also have a cat called Kasper and I also rate Steve Earle as one of the finest (ahead of his time and under-rated) players to wear Royal Blue! Have you stolen my identity?? 😃
  2. We'll continue to concede from corners as Kasper WILL NOT come out, even 4 yards, to claim the ball or punch it . For all the world it looks as though he is scared to death of getting clattered.
  3. Top of the table: but, hey, we all KNOW that they'll bottle it BIG STYLE!! After all..... ......that's wot they do!
  4. Couldn't have put in any better - absolute joke of a team / squad.
  5. Sky's build-up to the game brilliant - learning loads about Mo Salah, Liverpool and Man. C. ...same EVERY time!
  6. He can out-tactic Pep, Out-manoeuvre Bielsa and out-think Arteta........ ......... but Nuno? .................then Klopp? NO WAY !!!!!!
  7. Many years ago a trip to Elland Road would have put shivers up my spine - our record there was nearly as bad as at Highbury - but I am sure that has changed!? I remember saying a year or so back that I wanted Leeds, Derby and Middlesboro promoted cos we ALWAYS beat them. Am I conning myself? Is it just the memory of the Nalis goal? ..... and the best fan commentary EVER ?!
  8. Was just about to say exactly the same! Wow - what a back five! Put Ndidi in front of them and that is an awesome unit!
  9. Last time we won away at Arsenal (1973?) we scored through Glover and Stringfellow, I think. Since then.... .....pretty much 100% defeats!
  10. Good luck Adrien. Hope all goes well for you in Italy - you are certainly due a slice of good fortune and recognition for your professionalism.
  11. Absolutely! I've always said he should be a centre-half - star player for his international side in that position (before injury nightmare). Think he would be good to have around the squad and, as quoted, would let no one down.
  12. Leicester City are top of the Premier League! Surely any players we are interested in will take note of this and its gonna sway their decision in the 'should I join them???' stakes. Guess Burnley are going to be a centreback light in the next 8 days or so?!
  13. West Brom will be really up for this. They'll be in our faces all match, they'll win every 50-50 ball and will win the game without having to show too much class. If he plays, Austin will definately score!
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