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  1. SuperMike

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    Now we have signed a top class full back, we need to strenthen the spine: A goalkeeper who is not scared out of his wits to come for crosses or corners. A centrehalf to partner Maguire (Mawson? Evans? Zouma?). And a central-attacking-midfielder, hopefully one who could weigh in with half a dozen goals per season.
  2. SuperMike

    Jamie Vardy

    Pointless even playing Vardy when dickwits like Alli and Dier refuse to pass to him. Needs sorting, Southgate.
  3. Shame Derby didnt make it through the playoffs to the Premier league. At least we would have been guaranteed six points (we ALWAYS beat Derby) Whearas Fulham - being a London club - pretty much guaranteed to beat us twice! Hoping they lose in the final to Middlesborough (cos we always beat them, too!)
  4. SuperMike

    Crazy Stat Time!

    City conceded five goals on three occasions this year - with a different goalkeeper each time. Schmiechel at Manchester City. Hamer against Crystal Palace. Jakupovic at Tottenham. If i'm correct in saying this ( ? ) it certainly asks questions of the other defenders.
  5. SuperMike

    Spurs hatred towards Leicester

    HA! Don't they know that only six clubs have EVER won the Premier League? ....and Spurs aint one of them!!!!
  6. SuperMike

    Spuds v LCFC scoreline prediction thread

    Now THIS is what you call a pair of tits.....
  7. SuperMike

    Puel In or Out poll 5/5/18.

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Ant and Dec yes - but not Sousa!
  8. SuperMike

    Puel Gets Full Backing of the Board

    Sorry - meant Sousa was worse than Taylor! Puel has still got some way to go to be as bad as these two. .....on the right tracks, though!
  9. SuperMike

    Puel Gets Full Backing of the Board

    Exactly my thoughts when our worst manager ever was in charge: mr. We-can-pass-the-ball-forever-just-like -Barcelona (Paulo Sousa) - won one game in nine championship matches! Actually (if possible) worse than mr. Lets-try-to-totally-destroy-a-top-half-of-the-premier-league-club (Peter Taylor). God, we can't half find them!
  10. SuperMike

    Crystal Palace post match thread 5 - 0

    Lost 8-0 on aggregate to Woy's Wallies! Will Vardy, Maguire, Ndidi, Gray and Mahrez really be keen on staying? The dark days returneth.
  11. And yes, before Mr. Clever-clogs starts questioning my credentials as a Leicester fan: lost 3-0 at home to Palace a few weeks ago. Lost 6-1 at home to Bottlenham this time last year. Beaten Arsenal just once in 26 games. And, won the last two in East London, but before that? .......1972! (may manage a 0-0 at The king Power? - would win if we had more than one player who knew where the goals are)
  12. No Chance! With the players on the beach, and games against 4 London clubs: 12th ?
  13. ......cos we ALWAYS beat them!!!
  14. It'll be worse than 'meh' if we do a West Brom : Achieve safety, decide we're on the beach, fail to win in the last 6/7 games of the season .....and take that form into the following year. Impossible? Well - we did precisely that in 2015 - took the form of the amazing 'great escape' into the following season. It is a worrying possibility. Burnley on saturday becomes a massive game even though our chances of finishing seventh are practically nil. COYB!
  15. SuperMike

    City v The Geordies Scoreline Prediction

    Not sure if I should reply to this topic! A couple of weeks ago I had the misfortune to predict a fairly predictable win for Chelsea in the cup - based on gut feeling, experience and some pretty impressive facts: Since 2001 we have played Chelsea 16 times. Won 1. Drawn 2. Lost 13. Yet when I predicted a Chelsea win saying 'we rarely beat them, (or Arsenal - 1 win in the last 24 games)', I was absolutely slated by someone on here. I was only giving my opinion based on some solid facts, above, and from the experience of 50 years as a fervent City fan. The pr*ck that felt it was worth slating me should maybe notice trends like those above - particularly if he really has supported city since the sixties (armchair fan?) and even if having defective vision through wearing blue-tinted specs. He should also realise that score prediction threads are just a bit of fun. Unfortunately I was correct in predicting a Chelsea win, but doing so does not make me less of a city fan. By the same token stating that we always seem to beat Derby, Leeds and Middlesborough does not make me a 'better' City fan. Grow up mate. It's a forum. People have different opinions. Don't call me a bl**dy Chelsea fan. Score predictions = bit of fun. CHILL! My prediction this week: Leicester City 4 Newcastle United 1 (God - I'm a GOOD city fan this week!)