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  1. Deeney has been at Watford forever and I reckon he would relish (no food gags, please) a new challenge with a team that plays in our style. He has a good footballing brain - can lay on chances and score himself - and doesn't have that 'look at me- i'm the main man' demeanor like Iheanacho. Less than 20 mill? Sign him up!!!
  2. On the subject of released players, I've read that Everton have released Tyrone Duffus. I reckon we should defo sign him up - I don't know if he's any good - but what a BRILLIANT name !!! 😄
  3. So many times I've seen people suggesting we should sign Keane or Gibson or Maguire. This just ain't gonna happen - they will all hanker after a move to the 'top six' (or Everton). I doubt if this would ever happen, but my choice would be Scott Dann - injured at the moment but seems out of favour with Fat Sam who for some reason prefers Sahko (!) and Tomkins. 6'5" and hard as nails - Danns the man!
  4. Why all the doom and gloom for the upcoming second leg? We are only 1-0 down, due entirely to a dodgy ref, with the home leg to come at fortress KP. They are good, but they are only the third best team in the spanish league (regarded as slightly inferior to The Premier League?) Whilst we are The Champions of England. We've recently had a six game winning streak with Kasper, Simpson, Benny, Ndidi, Albrighton and Vardy playing out of this world! Drinkwater is due a cracking game whilst Mahrez is due an absolute corker! Vardy and Slimani are both amoung the goals and......... is written in the stars. 3-1 City - Semi finals HERE WE COME!
  5. Merson predicting a defeat for City - there's a surprise!!! T**T!! Our two worst away records were at WestHam and Everton - but I'm thinking we've won our last two at Goodison plus the last two away against The Hammers? Another win on sunday - King and Slimani - 2-1 -Shakespeare's record start goes into overdrive!
  6. Good news!! Merson has predicted a 3-1 win for WestHam. Merson has predicteed defeats for Leicester consistently throughout the last 2 years - coincides with the most spectacular two years in the clubs history! Merson = TOSS#R ! I wonder why i have to uninstall, then reinstall this app every time i want to make a comment. Any ideas? ( or mebee my comments are just simply too boring!)
  7. Win today (MUST WIN!!) and win the next home game and we can shove it right up Jamie Carragher, Michael Owen, Robbie Savage, Ian Wright , Paul K**b Merson etc etc ....... .....The champions of england- pretty safe from the drop, on a winning run and CHAMPIONS LEAGUE QUARTER FINALISTS !!
  8. Win today (MUST WIN!!) and win the next home game and we can shove it right up Jamie Carragher, Michael Owen, Robbie Savage, Ian Wright , Paul K**b Merson etc etc ....... .....The champions of england- pretty safe from the drop, on a winning run and CHAMPIONS LEAGUE QUARTER FINALISTS !!
  9. For four months the players have been a disgrace and an embarassment. Now the entire club is a disgrace and an embarassment. Relegation now a nailed-on certainty.
  10. I've just read posts on here saying CR is worse than Peter Taylor! I know things are bad - mebee worse than bad - but worse than Peter Taylor??? Only one manager has been worse than him and he only lasted 9 games (8 losses I think!?!) and he was a total k**b called Paulo Sousa!! Apparently he's gone on to be quite successful but, WOW, what a pr**k!! The worst of all this is the missed opportunity to build a 'dynasty' (a bit silly, but Press buzz word). When Forest had a shock title win they went on to have nearly 20 years near the top - and a couple of European Cups - and I was so looking forward to top half finishes / top players / cup wins / europe and that luvly sense of pride that comes with supporting a successful team. All we have to look forward to now is embarassment and struggling in the Championship. The joys of being a Leicester fan!
  11. Can we get him back? ......if so .....yes!
  12. A couple of years ago we were in a similiar situation, Albeit playing much better! The previous season we had won something big ( the championship) and the then manager pretty much stuck with his tried and tested squad. However -at about this time in the season - we were relegation favourites and he realised something needed changing. Two players who were deemed as surplus to requirements at their previous clubs (Huth, Albrighton) were put in the team. Two players, Vardey and Mahrez, were given more prominent roles and other minor tweaks were made to the team. The formation was also tweaked and, obviously, some major motivation was bought to the fore. We all know what happened next......... My point is: If the manager (who also experiened a wee bit of success last season!) Is worth his salt he HAS to bring in other players (Amartey / Benny / Kaputska etc) and he has to change the formation to give some kind of solidity. If he doesn't we are DOWN; if he does - who knows? He has to have the courage to do it - staying the same is NOT AN OPTION! c'mon you blues.
  14. I know it is said you should never go back but when it worked SO well - why not? Same formation, same tactics and same players (Ndidi for Ngolo; Grey for Mahrez) . OK - it wouldn't work all the time ( other teams have sussed it - but still couldn't handle it) but it would get us more points than the ramshackke set-up used yesterday where none of the players knew their roles.