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  1. This! Plus Chelsea have been exactly the opposite: solid, but erratic in their last 2 (losses).
  2. Forget champions league, then. The fix is in. Again.
  3. There is no way that Liverpool are NOT going to score again
  4. Get in! Robson- Kanu! Like Robson, or Kanu!
  5. So! Wot you telling me? That daft post DID get 1,000 likes after all!??
  6. Just been said - man U have had 39 pens in the last 2 seasons - 39! FFS
  7. Guaranteed Rudiger Kante and Werner will be back in the side for saturday. I'm hoping they play Hudson-Odoi cos I think he's a k**b - however, i seem to be in a minority of one there?!
  8. Surely Chelsea are now more at risk of a WestHam / Liverpool late surge than us. We are 2 points better off than them. A big 2 points - BIG!
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