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  1. Plastik Man

    Alex Telles

    £50M for a 26 year old defender? Not really the way we do business is it?
  2. English player premium, innit!
  3. From your previous comments I suspected this!
  4. Out of interest how did Celtic perform in the return leg? Did they learn from the 7-0 experience? Or did they get hammered 5-0 at home?!
  5. First impressions are he ticks all the boxes. Age, position, goalscoring, even addresses the Asian market for King Power (if they are still interested). More importantly he rates high on the Foxestalk Jizzometer!
  6. You're right, i distinctly remember Slimani coming on more often than not coincided with Albrighton going off!
  7. Agreed. I think there's a combination of things affecting our form. Players out of form. The obvious names, Chilwell, Tielemans, Barnes. We're a young side and this will happen.. Bad luck, the ball isn't breaking for us. Some unfortunate deflections, off-sides etc. It happens when you're out of form. To some extent we've been found out, teams are pressing our midfield and negating our strengths. We've not really resolved our lack of goals from our wide attackers. We've tried different formations with mixed success. The diamond worked well away at Villa but lacks width. I think Rodgers likes the 3 at the back, it sort of solves the lack of effective wide attackers by having just the wing backs providing width, but allowing for a second striker (benefiting Perez and Iheanacho), and still 3 in midfield. Unfortunately this was undone with Chilwell's poor form in midweek against Villa where he couldn't hold any width, making defending easier for Villa. I'd be tempted to play Justin instead of Chilwell. If a formation change won't work then the signing of a class player, a goal scoring winger, i think would give us that spark, freshen up the team. I guess it just depends who's available and obtainable?
  8. That joke is so old i set it up last year! 😁
  9. Because at this time we need more (quality) depth at CB (and it seems Benkovic is judged not ready at present) but avoids an expensive mistake if, as suspected, he turns out to be shite! Far more choice in the summer window. Yes, first match, away at Watford. For me it makes some sense in that we solve the problem of our wide attackers not scoring enough, allowing us to play a second striker where we have more options - Perez, Iheanacho, Barnes, Maddison. Saves us buying an expensive elite wide man, we don't seem to have been linked with many recently. Also it's ideal for our 2 full backs who are pacey and like to get forward. They can hold those wide positions.
  10. The Congerton factor is my fear! Reading the reports I wouldn't be at all surprised if we really are interested in Demiral, but it seems much more likely Juve want rid of Rugani and are pushing that deal. We should keep to our formula, tweaked because we've now moved up a level. But just because Juve are offering Rugani we should not accept. Loan at worst, I guess, no commitment to purchase.
  11. One of his former clubs? I think that's the only reason he backed them.
  12. Would you believe someone once smuggled a dinosaur in?
  13. I wouldn't mind a blue version of this for our kit next season?
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