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  1. Plastik Man

    Name this Leicester team

    Gary Williams
  2. Plastik Man

    Name this Leicester team

    Gerry Gow
  3. Plastik Man

    Name this Leicester team

    Roger Palmer
  4. Plastik Man

    Eduardo Macia to Bordeaux

    Forget the academy, this could be far more lucrative!
  5. Plastik Man

    Matthias Phaeton

    Wow, thanks, never heard of them. I was referring to our captain!
  6. Plastik Man

    Matthias Phaeton

    A 1984 Morgan?
  7. Plastik Man

    Who do you want January 2019

    I think he would suit Puel's style well. But I fear that ship has sailed, certainly at that price!
  8. Plastik Man

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    It's a tricky situation but I think you are correct. Better to bring Barnes back and play him than try the transfer market in this window. The coaching staff will obviously have a better knowledge of Barnes capabilities and if he's ready for the Premier League, but it would be really disappointing for all concerned if he failed to play regularly once recalled.
  9. Plastik Man

    Missing Mahrez

    Well yes, Ferguson was one of the best ever. But it's not as if he didn't have the luxury of spiffing £30M+ on Rio Ferdinand when he needed a new defender (after dumping Stam?) , and that was around 15 years ago. It seems clear our policy (Puel's) is to purchase younger, promising and hungrier players who are affordable and should retain value. We can't waste £30M+ on older players with little sell on value, who may not even perform... we all know the recent failures we're still lumbered with.
  10. My honest first thoughts seeing that photo: 1) Why is Sam Alladyce in fancy dress as the Go Compare man? 2) Oh, why is the Go Compare man linked with Fulham? 3) Oh, it's the Fulham owner! To be fair I've not long woken up.
  11. Plastik Man

    Name this Leicester team

    Not been on this thread in ages, but recognised this photo from Panini 1980! (I think I may still have it somewhere in the attic) I was thinking of Tony Henry but when looking him up I discovered this same photo of ..... Bobby Shinton.
  12. That's the incident I saw, from Row F, H1. The guy in a white shirt. He looked pissed. Presumed it was the same person but maybe not. Absolute bellend whatever!
  13. Plastik Man

    Burnley Ticket

    Went on general sale today. I just have a customer reference number these days. It was a real effort online, tried a number of different devices, but eventually, finally, managed to select a seat and paid for it.
  14. Plastik Man

    Burnley Ticket

    When I log in for each fixture the "buy" button doesn't work?
  15. Plastik Man

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting