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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong but if this hapened now then, yes, we'd be docked 12 points, but we'd also receive parachute payments which would almost certainly mean administration being avoided anyhow. I'm not going to go over too much old ground but we weren't the only team to go into administration that season... Ipswich, who didn't manage to mount a successful promotion campaign. We wee only mentioned as we achieved promotion.
  2. Always nice to see the ushers in matching outfits.
  3. Probably the Tigers squad going through some attacking moves.
  4. It's a shame you can't buy cloth club badges these days, but obvious why not. Plenty would buy them and stick them on the template shirt. Hey presto, the away shirt with the bonus of having no sponsor logo!
  5. I've no idea what he's been doing this season but would hazard a guess he's been injured?
  6. Yeah, we're certain to make a loss on Silva, but the positives are: It enables us to sign Tielemans; we get some money back on Silva; it releases his not insubstantial wages which we spend on a new signing.
  7. I'm excited, who knows if it'll actually happen? For me it would be a statement signing, for club, fans and players. This is what we aspire to be. Great inspiration for our younger players, especially the wingers/attackers.
  8. My ITK contact in the Fanstore says we've a vacancy on Till 3. 🤫
  9. My brother in law is a Burnley season ticket holder. He's not been impressed with Tarkowski at all this season. He's been poor. Just agent talk hopefully.
  10. Ahem, that's a premium service you'd need to register, and pay for, on Lcfc.com if you're not able to experience the match day experience in person!
  11. I didn't realise Mason was such a popular name. What is it with using surnames for first names these days?
  12. He's a tidy player, useful squad player, though I understand the concern he could affect Hamza's development. He's not too old either. Isnt he approaching the final year of his contract? if so that's a major factor. Would he settle for a new contract as a squad player, or do we sell him to get a return on the investment?
  13. Did I really just hear a Derby fan on 5 Live refer to Mason Mount as "one of their own"?!
  14. Yes, because you need a collar to tuck your tie under 😁 I like shirts with and without collars. This one is alright, prefer it to this season's.
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