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  1. Jeez. I can't believe anyone seriously thinks we'd pay Eriksen £300k pw. Is there ANY team out there who would right now? I've no idea if we'll sign him on loan, but he could be a great addition and I trust the club in only making the signing if it works for us. We're an extremely well run club. Surely it's bloody obvious if we do get him in on loan Inter will still be paying a % of his wages. And it wouldn't be a major issue with the other players.... because we're not paying him double Vardy's wages!
  2. Only he turned out to be the new Stephen Hughes!
  3. He was always first to the chippy!
  4. He's definitely returned from injury a better player. Still incredible defensively, but now he's looking so much better passing and moving forwards too. There was a couple of times against Southampton he turned with the ball, beat a man and passed it forwards. That's definitely something he's added. Great attitude too. What a player!
  5. If there's anything to this speculation then I wonder if it's just financial? Perhaps we'd rather spend our money on a new striker if we can sign a winger like Thauvin on a free?
  6. Oh I agree. I've liked Perez's contributions in recent games. I was just commenting on the off-side. I only saw the replay this morning and was surprised it was flagged so readily.
  7. Perez? It looked extremely tight in the 1 replay shown on MotD. I was surprised the assistant flagged so quickly. It would've been interesting if we had scored and it had gone to VAR.
  8. I thought that was why footballers generally married hairdressers?
  9. A haircut revealing his ears would make his nose look smaller.
  10. I think Pearson's buzz cut is the closest we've been to a Brazilian!
  11. I suspect Brendan to be an ozanist.
  12. That's the irony, I did actually check transfermarkt before the original post, it's just I didn't really look at the badge of the club he was playing for then! Had it in my head he played under Puel for longer.
  13. Oops! My mistake was thinking he returned from WBA and played the rest of the season under Puel. I did a quick google and looked on transfermarkt.com. I didn't zoom into the club crest to check it was Barnsley not WBA. Apart from that I was right about 17-18!
  14. Yet another first for our new training ground. Training and recovery. At the same time!
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