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  1. When Puel suggested this he was slaughtered! He should really have gone on loan back in September but I'm sure someone on here said he preferred to stay as his partner had just had their first baby? Which is fair enough.
  2. I can't see the photo but will have a guess at Dave Langan and Alex Williams.
  3. Is it me or does Maddison perform better when Tielemans has left the pitch? It seemed so at Watford and Maddison got another assist today late on for Vardy's first. Tielemans is is absolute class, he's great to watch. He's also actually younger than Maddison, obviously he has more experience. Im not suggesting for a minute we don't play them together in the side. I just wonder if Maddison feels a little overshadowed at times playing along side him? I'm sure he'll get over it!
  4. All players will make mistakes, young and old. With a new manager there's no longer Puel to blame. We've mentioned confidence, fitness and tactics amongst others . All are factors but we'd be wise to not forget that ultimately the players need to perform. We hear enough about how talented a group of young players we have, I don't disagree, but it's not good enough for them to just believe it. Continued hard work is the key to keep developing. I think it will happen under BR, but it is essential if we are to improve. Is there a danger they believe the hype and don't push on?
  5. For me the conundrum is that our defence has only seemed solid as a back four with two defensive midfielders in front, which has then been detrimental to our attack. More defensive fullbacks might be an option, but them attacking with pace has for me been a real plus this season. It's probably been the attacking midfielders who've not contributed enough goals this season. The weak links today in terms of possession were Morgan and Ndidi. I can see Mendy performing better as a DM in terms of possession but I think we'd miss Ndidi's physicality. A midfield with Mendy, Maddison, Tielemans, Chilwell and Pereira would not be the most physical! Maddison has struggled for form recently. It shouldn't be a big surprise in his first premier league season. He's had to carry the burden of being our main creative player. It's looked like he's trying too hard at times. It was great to see his assist on Tuesday as before that most of his passes seemed forced. Now we have Tielemans there should be less pressure on Maddison to be the creator, though it sometimes seems to affect him the other way, that Tielemans is perhaps a threat to him? Maddison seemed much more affective when Tielemans was subbed today.
  6. You could be right. In theory it should give us more defensive cover whilst allowing Chilwell and Ricardo to still get into advanced positions. I felt Ricardo did so today but Chilwell was frustrating in stopping before he got to the box, sometimes drifting inside. For me he should've been advancing further forward staying wide left. He did more towards the end, and we got more penetration. Wes didn't have a great game, so it would be nice to see Söyüncü play if we repeat the formation. He should have better passing, and whilst he's shown he can make the odd rash mistake, he needs game time to develop more consistency.
  7. I presume it's fitness as it's the same in every game so far.
  8. Do you think he'd catch it? Or parry it away for a corner?
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