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  1. He's the right age, and a quick Google for video of him suggests he's left footed and likes a sliding tackle. A big lad too. Which ticks a few boxes. The quoted price seems a bit steep, I'm sure if we're interested we would be negotiating that price down a bit.
  2. ... and the new stands were slightly more mobile.
  3. It looks like the petrol pump attendant got a little over excited when filling up your car.
  4. Love this quote from RedCafe: Basically invited Leicester to slap the back of our balls with the front of their balls for 90mins. Touching!
  5. I was there, a 12 year old with my cousin, uncle and auntie. Still have the programme up in the loft. Can't believe its taken 39 years for us to return to an FA Cup semi final, though we have achieved 1 or 2 things in that time! To soften the disappointment of that loss against Spurs, I like to think Ian Wilson's own goal is possibly the finest ever, delicately lobbing the ball over Wallington from over 30 yards! Shame, I liked Wilson, he was a great player.
  6. I'm more than happy to pay £30, even if he just mows the lawn every weekend!
  7. It's a well known fact that the average pop song is 3'30" in length. She did well!
  8. I'd hate for you to be disappointed...
  9. Wasn't that shirt reversible? I may be confusing it with another. You're right though, the colour is awful!
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