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  1. Middle one looks familiar but I cant remember his name.
  2. Paul Walsh, Ian Holloway, Bobby Bowry?
  3. The club are sourcing in robots to make use of the clappers.
  4. The ball is in contact with the passer for a number of "moments". From the moment it comes into contact with them until it loses contact with them. If the receiving player is off-side at any time whilst the ball is in contact with the passer then its off-side. Simple. There's no need to identify a definitive moment when the passer is in contact with the ball. At any point whilst they are and the receiver is off-side will do.
  5. The irony being his arms weren't actually in line with his face and the direction of the ball. It's a penalty every day of the week. And we all know it. The fact they didn't even review it, then gave a very similar penalty the other way, and then made excuses for their decision that aren't even consistent with the laws of the game only highlights the inconsistency and incompetence of the VAR official. Silly Coote!
  6. It seems clear the defining aspect of the collision is whether Edison gets any contact on the ball, whether or not Iheanacho gets a touch or not. And that this interpretation isn't applied differently to keepers than outfield players. For me the danger is keepers are seemingly given carte blanche to make contact in the collision, with no consequences as long as they get the slightest touch on the ball. But where do they draw the line? Decapitation?! Recklessness in making a potentially dangerous challenge appears not to be a consideration.
  7. Tbf Orient isn't the best example. They've been variously known as Orient, Clapton Orient, Leyton Orient, Orient and Leyton Orient again. Orient being the common thread!
  8. Apparently he tried ticking a box in training on Thursday but almost broke the lead in his pencil. Fortunately it was iced and turned to be just light bruising. As for the box, he just shaded it.
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