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  1. Pure speculation upon the comments of someone spoonfed info from Man City. The decision will be made by CAS, not Man City.
  2. But why blow when he could let the move flow and review via afterwards VAR if necessary? And it was the referees assistant, 30 yards away, who flagged it, not the ref who was closer. *edit: I meant to add that VAR when applied correctly is very useful and can clarify with factual evidence. Yet the problem is the subjectivity as to when it is applied, or play allowed to continue or not. The suspicion being the big clubs are looked on more favourably. If play had continued to iheanachos goal with the "foul" not given, I suspect VAR would not have reversed it to disallow the goal.
  3. I'm surprised it shows Albrighton so central, he appeared to be hugging the touchline, despite playing in what I thought was a diamond in the first half.
  4. One of my favourite Mahrez moments, it was sublime.
  5. Plastik is not my real name
  6. Funnily enough, in the Watford game it looked like YT was getting forward more and it was Maddison coming deeper to fetch the ball. Vut they are both playing as 8s when their natural inclination is probably to be in a more advanced role. Maddison now sees himself as an 8, when he joined is he probably considered himself more of a 10. They are both playing the role required of them, and with Maddison it's also what Southgate wants for England. The demands of their positions is probably having an effect on both. It's our creativity which is suffering presently, and there's still a better balance needed in the wide players. Barnes has the most potential, which he is showing in bursts, but still has the inconsistency of youth. And lets not forget YT and Maddison are only a year older, yet bear the great responsibility of creativity for the team largely on their shoulders.
  7. A classic. Great delivery. Creative masterclass.
  8. When the player in question takes the vast majority of them then I would suggest it probably does. I'll admit I dont know the detail in how this stat is measured, but if you're the player taking all the corners and most of the free kicks I'd imagine many of them would, or should be chance creating.
  9. Yep, I watched without crowd effects tonight purposely to listen how vocal our players were. And well, they weren't very vocal at all as far as I could make out. Supporting the notion there's not enough leadership on the pitch. A lot has been said about our form since before xmas and it doesn't seem to be just one thing. We dont seem to be able to impose our style of play on games. As a team we're not able to change formation and tactics successfully. On the occasions we do up intensity, we look better, but it's too little, too late. Rodgers has been too slow in tactical changes, and he really doesn't seemed to have grasped the concept of the 5 subs. Maddison is really struggling (not least with his set pieces) but you have to bear in mind he's still in just his second season in the top flight. He's had all the distractions with Man Utd transfer talk and the England (non) selections. He's also had his positional change this season from a 10 to an 8. He's convinced himself but it dooes appear to have reduced his effectiveness in attack. Tielemans is a great player with fantastic vision, but has struggled at times, caught out or in possession. He's always looked a little one-paced but teams seemed to have worked that out and press him successfully. When Vardy is isolated up front he isn't able to contribute much at all, and we've still not found a partner or replacement. We've never replaced Mahrez, and still need someone with some magic in attack to cut in, and go past people. Barnes can do it, and others, but (so far) not so consistently. This has been emphasized now we're missing Ricardo who's arrival in the box created an overload and consequently assists and goals. Despite all this, in fits and bursts we can still turn it on. We're still a young team s gaining experience, but it is a worry that the intensity is lacking all too often. I wonder if it's more mental, or attitude, rather than fitness? Given the history of our team, and particularly the leadership group, you do wonder if there is anything in the background we're not privy to that may have affected this? Hopefully not, and it's just the players confidence that needs a boost? And that's where it comes back to leadership on the pitch, being more vocal and able to motivate players to up their intensity.
  10. Not had chance, time is moving in the opposite direction!
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