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  1. More and more teams are doing this against teams like ourselves who can counter quickly. Villa was a good example. It was particularly infuriating when Grealish hauled back one of our players breaking from outside our own box. The free kick was given but no mention was made of him also picking up the ball and running off with it. It was a double whammy preventing an attacking opportunity. A yellow card in my opinion. Even more galling when you consider the slight contact Grealish often goes down under, earning free kicks and yellow cards!
  2. I had the same thought during the game. His movement and pace is reminiscent of Walker. His heading and passing is better though, and he'll score more goals.
  3. It was his age when he turned 31.
  4. Probably pissed off you spelt his name wrong! He's a true legend mind.
  5. I'd be more than happy with Bayern era Arjen Robben!
  6. Last time I heard that joke was in the 1970s!
  7. Maybe there's a chance we can rush him back. What could possibly go wrong?
  8. I've heard he's renting a 1-bed flat above Efes Mangal. There lies the danger!
  9. In addition to Rodgers' new tactical flexibility I hope this is a sign of our young players maturing. Sticking diligently to their managers instruction despite it being counter to their normal tactics. Good signs.
  10. What a load of old nonsense. It was writer's block
  11. It looks like the markings farmers paint on their sheep. The irony being he plays for Forest not Derby. Maybe they rustled him? That would normally result in a points deduction. If they had any.
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