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  1. Plastik Man

    Burnley Ticket

    Went on general sale today. I just have a customer reference number these days. It was a real effort online, tried a number of different devices, but eventually, finally, managed to select a seat and paid for it.
  2. Plastik Man

    Burnley Ticket

    When I log in for each fixture the "buy" button doesn't work?
  3. Plastik Man

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

  4. Plastik Man

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    Toilets that work would be a start. By that I mean they don't flood, run out of water, are easily accessible in and out, and don't have wheelie bins blocking the entrance/exit!
  5. Plastik Man

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    With the current capacity of around 32k the east stand must be approximately 10k as it is, so with an additional tier and corporate boxes etc then it's not difficult to imagine it reaching 21k
  6. Plastik Man

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    Wait till you see the new dressing rooms!
  7. Plastik Man

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    The le Havre stadium was designed by KSS. Our new training ground is designed by KSS. Just saying.
  8. Plastik Man

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    LOL oh yes, I remember the sketch! Perhaps not the most accurate rendering in existence! 😁 I really can't share the pic, my mate shared it with me when he shouldn't have. He's on here too somewhere!
  9. Plastik Man

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    I do, and so does my source! It's a few months old, the designs may have changed, but I'm sure all will be revealed soon enough. We're definitely going for quality though, not flatpack! Most of the informed comments on here seem fairly accurate tbf.
  10. Plastik Man

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    Ive just checked back to page 12, are you referring to the Derby "extension"? I've seen a still of the proposed stadium expansion and the derby plan is not on the same planet, nevermind in the same league. As others have suggested the extension sweeps up and around from either end of the ground up and over an extended east stand with a blue "skin" roof arching over it. Take a look at KSS designed Oceane stadium in Le Havre (although it's not similar in design, the blue skin around the exterior is similar to the east stand roof). I'd share a pic of it but I'm sworn to secrecy!
  11. To be fair he had plenty of time to learn Japanese, he was injured for most of his time with Grampas 8!
  12. Plastik Man

    Player Arrival Time - Kids Autographs

    Quite frankly that was the closest he got to scoring in his entire loan spell!
  13. Plastik Man

    Leicester City Quiz - Season 2001/02

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 70/100 My Time 161 seconds  
  14. Plastik Man

    So, 5 games in...

    Which suggests Puel was right not to select him at Bournemouth. Frustratingly I'm sure as we're desperate for some pace in central defence. So for Huddersfield does Puel select a slow Jonny Evans, an inconsistent Söyûnçü or go against his natural instinct and play 3 at the back? I guess the threat, or lack of, that Huddersfield offer will influence his decision.