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  1. My source tells me Gordon Bennett has rejected Levy's offer.
  2. Cheers. I'll add that to my list - won't reply, won't travel far.... 😉🤣
  3. I've been looking for a good renderer. It'd be a start if they even returned my texts!
  4. You've used the Jewson lot!
  5. Mutually agreed he was pasta his best.
  6. These Italians that do well for us. Exactly what sample size are we taking about?!
  7. So, no news. I expect Besiktas are still rummaging around the back of the sofa, looking for spare change?
  8. Fly like a butterfly (or stumpy Argentinian), Sting like a bee!
  9. So, the clarification in March was simply that, a clarification, not a law change. And a bit more reading on IFAB shows the clarifications made at their meeting in March have led to minor amendments to the laws for 2021-22. Presumably in part to make handball more clear: https://theifab.com/law-changes/latest/ Law 12. Fouls and Misconduct Handball: Not every contact of the ball with the hand/arm is an offence A player’s hand/arm position should be judged in relation to their body movement in that part
  10. IFAB actually issued clarification back in March: https://theifab.com/news/annual-general-meeting-2021 So presumably that interpretation has been in place ever since, and Perez's handball in the build up to Tielemans' goal in the cup final was deemed accidental. Nothing on the IFAB website saying its being brought in now before the Euros? They do need to stop f***ing around with the rules though!
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