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  1. To be fair the vast majority of dickheads did vote for Boris.
  2. In actual fact only 45% of those who voted supported the tory party. Or to look at it in another way only 30% of eligible voters in the nation. Not exactly the vast majority that you are claiming!
  3. I understand that the club have taken on board the negative comments of some fans and are offering them a free bag of humbugs as an alternative.
  4. The same bloke who slagged Leicester off when we went into administration. Making all sorts of ridiculous and inaccurate claims.
  5. And I'm sure Mahrez will come out and put the record straight.😗
  6. Can anyone confirm if the underpass is closed this weekend? If so there are going to be some long delays getting to the match today. But more importantly where will I sound my horn after beating the Arsenal.
  7. Love the clip of Robbie Savage describing that midfield as wasps all over the Arsenal side. He turns to Henry for agreement who smiles and says, "We managed."
  8. Thanks for that. I've found I'm getting more and more plastic since I turned 60!
  9. Great thread! Sadly I'm being thick. What is the Arse photo at the beginning.
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