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  1. fix it , give mahrez a release clause

    Like this idea. A bit of wind and it would be like the end of Crystal Maze.
  2. He's not the brightest spark. Fine him and make him sit down and watch this interview. If he still doesn' get it treat him like he's behaving and put him on the naughty step.
  3. Dusko Tosic

    33? That would be as ridiculous as Chelsea signing a 37 year old centre forward.
  4. Chilwell is amazing

    Probably deserved two yellows but if he did then so did Kante who committed three similar fouls but was only booked once.
  5. Matias Almeyda

    Is a front runner according to the Mirror www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/shock-twist-leicesters-manager-hunt-11396556
  6. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    That is the question.
  7. Sale of training ground

    I was told some time ago that there were problems with the Belvoir Drive site that prevented them from putting in the number / size pitches that they wanted.
  8. Poll - Stadium expansion after 3 seasons in top flight

    I don't doubt your info at all I think it suggests all sorts of possibilities.
  9. Poll - Stadium expansion after 3 seasons in top flight

    Which suggests that they'd have to have a very good reason for taking the harder option.
  10. Poll - Stadium expansion after 3 seasons in top flight

    Filbert Street wasn't designed to be expanded but it didn't stop them replacing the Main Stand with a much bigger stand.
  11. Mendy

    Illogically based on the little bit I have seen! I am a football fan after all.
  12. Poll - Stadium expansion after 3 seasons in top flight

    Can see this being true as I've always felt that the owners would like a grander stadium. Developing the west stand would allow them to produce a more impressive design.
  13. Mendy

    I've been one of his fiercest critics. But I'm sure he'll be pleased to know that after that brief show tonight I'm prepared to give him a second chance.
  14. Ben Gibson - Interest

    I'd love to see the furnishings in your house.
  15. Gylfi Sigurdsson

    And trying to sell their most creative! We have the third highest net spend in the Prem. I bet they are in profit on transfers this summer.