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  1. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11712/10258861/leicesters-demarai-gray-in-near-miss-with-helicopter-rotor
  2. I know a Derby fan who sometimes does fake accounts to wind up Leicester fans. Odd because I thought they didn't give a damn about us.
  3. Good work👍two things that makes me think it might be more than 20; a. They wanted to purchase a centre back so there was clearly more money available b. They know that there is a substantial sum coming in from Europe league
  4. Not quite what this thread was intended for but the nice people at NowTV have just sent me a statistical breakdown of my football viewing this season. This includes watching 67 games and 200 goals my two most viewed teams were 1st Leicester, and 2nd Manure (who I hate) That put me in the top 4% in the amount of football I've watched. If I add in games on BT, BBC and others my total of games is around 91 if each game is approx 2 hours of viewing that is 182 hours or over a week of non stop viewing. I am sure that we must have some hard-core fans that will blow this out of the water.
  5. Sorry but I'm sitting here in the sun with a cold drink and can't be arsed but someone probably knows it or it could be worked out from transfermarkt.co.uk. I would add that we are fairly sure that they were trying to sign another CB that would have added to that total.
  6. For what it's worth... Lcfc transfer spend on incoming players: 2016/17 £82.44 million 2017/18 £79.38 million 2018/19 £103.14 million 2019/20 £93.87 million Can see us spending over £100 million this window... CF Odsonne Edouard £30 million CB Merih Demiral £30 million CM Weston Mckennie £25 million RW David Brooks £20 million LB Kostas Tsimikas £15 million Sorted!👍
  7. And if he was Real Madrid we'd be saying at least £70 million and if my aunt had a dick she'd be my uncle
  8. Must have missed when they made the size of our transfer budget public. How much was it?
  9. Been going to matches for 50+ years and this is the second highest we have finished in that time. We have, at times, played the best football played by a Leicester team that I have ever seen. Our team is full of young talent who will continue to improve under Rodgers and we have an owner who wants to see us continue to grow as a club. Yes I'm disappointed we didn't make the top 4 but I for one say well done lads you make me proud to be a Leicester fan.
  10. Blanket wet you are
  11. Just been to my local coop and a guy in a Man U shirt was the only person not wearing a mask. When he got to the checkout he said "I'm sorry I'm not wearing a mask." I couldn't resist saying, "I've not got a problem with the lack of a mask, its the shirt I'm taking offence at."
  12. I dont think anyone in the broader football community is expecting us to win. Indifferent form and 6 players out. But it exactly that that could help us to win just like it did against Sheffield United. Our home form hasn't been too bad with 3 defeats in the last 22 games I think and that includes defeats to Liverpool and Man City. Also I feel a draw will be enough as Chelsea will lose to Wolves.
  13. If he does come we would be signing one of the most effective and creative young midfield talents in the country. If he doesn't sign, I never wanted him the diving twat of a peaky blinder
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