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  1. Love the clip of Robbie Savage describing that midfield as wasps all over the Arsenal side. He turns to Henry for agreement who smiles and says, "We managed."
  2. Thanks for that. I've found I'm getting more and more plastic since I turned 60!
  3. Great thread! Sadly I'm being thick. What is the Arse photo at the beginning.
  4. Think this has to be the worst Leicester song ever. 1. Why slag Harry off. Good luck to him and he seems a smashing bloke. 2. If its supposed to be a song praising Soyuncu then surely we can come up with something better. We spent more time singing the name of a Man Utd player today than we did for any Leicester player.
  5. Think I might end up just hacking into the VAR camera system.
  6. But you usually at least have their fans being positive about them. This was not the case with Ghezzal.
  7. There is nothing in Ghezzal's past (apart from a part season previously under Puel) that suggests he is of Premier League standard.
  8. Yet was always first choice ahead of Drinkwater when he was fit or not suspended.
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