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  1. Stood no nonsense of players pretending to be fouled. Would love to see her with Grealish. Best ref I've seen in years.
  2. Who's saying he's untouchable? We finished 5th last year and we are currently 4th even with the horrendous injury problems that we are working through. Come on.
  3. Considering he led the team to its second highest finish in my 50+ years of supporting the club of course he has
  4. Without checking any facts about how this works my two guesses are... Under the normal tv coverage the 'big 6' are shown more times so fans of the lesser clubs are having to pay more £15 charges if they want to watch all their clubs matches The £15 charges are not just going to the clubs playing but are being spread out amongst all clubs. It therefore warms my heart to think that when I'm paying to watch my team I'm also subsidising the 'big 6'
  5. Not happy with the cost of this but will pay it. Just glad I've found a way of downloading the Sky Box office app to my Roku stick or I would have had the additional cost of purchasing a NowTV box or stick.
  6. Great! So you want Leicester fans to be a bunch of total toss pots just like that Man U crowd.
  7. Not the last game, lost 4:1 to Everton. Cup match but they played a strong team.
  8. Also if Under is as good on the right as we hope then Harvey will find he's getting less attention from the opposition and will benefit even further
  9. Or... JJ is better at LB than RB (his best performances have been on the left) whereas TC is equally good on either flank.
  10. Is Under going to be available? Also... 3 against West Brom 4 against Burnley 5 against Man City 6 against West Ham 7 against Villa... I'd like to see this sequence being continued until the end of the season
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