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  1. But you usually at least have their fans being positive about them. This was not the case with Ghezzal.
  2. There is nothing in Ghezzal's past (apart from a part season previously under Puel) that suggests he is of Premier League standard.
  3. Yet was always first choice ahead of Drinkwater when he was fit or not suspended.
  4. Perhaps watching it on tv allowed us better angles and replays to appreciate the performance more than those that are moaning.
  5. 1. Super goal 2. Clean sheet 3. Superb performance from Chilwell 4. Back up to 9th How many would you like?
  6. Bet you are great to be with on Christmas day. Bah humbug!
  7. Conrad Logan Gary Coatsworth (capt) Norman Leet Junior Lewis Josh Low
  8. What is the size of the current screens? Are these going to be significantly bigger?
  9. Actually I think that's one grammatical error made three times.
  10. Just for clarity's sake are you saying that if next season we tried to use a 5'9" 21 year old number 10 who had been great in the championship for one year it is delusional to think he might be good enough to impress in our first team?
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