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  1. What is the size of the current screens? Are these going to be significantly bigger?
  2. foxpleasure

    What if watford do a leicester

    On the shoulders of giants!
  3. foxpleasure

    Fans Who Leave Games Early

    Actually I think that's one grammatical error made three times.
  4. foxpleasure

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    Just for clarity's sake are you saying that if next season we tried to use a 5'9" 21 year old number 10 who had been great in the championship for one year it is delusional to think he might be good enough to impress in our first team?
  5. foxpleasure

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    I would like to say that I am slightly worried by that stat.
  6. foxpleasure

    Wolves Pre-Match Thread, 18th Aug

    In revenge for breaking Tony James' leg in the previous match if I remember right.
  7. foxpleasure

    Islam Slimani's Unveiling at Fenerbache

    Without doubt my favourite announcement video ever.
  8. foxpleasure

    Manchester United Away Pre Match Thread

    The Vardy shove is priceless.
  9. foxpleasure

    Notts County - 21st July - Match Thread

    I agree said this to someone after the game. And I have been very critical of Andy King for a while now.
  10. When I was in my teens Frankie Wortho came in to the newsagents were I had a job. He wanted a blackcurrant Mivi lolly so I gave it him for free. He said "Thanks mate." The shop was in Evington close to Lenny Glover's house I think he must have popped round for a cuppa.
  11. foxpleasure

    Ricardo Pereira Signs For Leicester

    And don't forget Steve Witworth!
  12. foxpleasure

    Club covering themselves in glory again

    I'm guessing that explanation was given. But the West Ham fan didn' give a bag of bubbles if he wasn' getting his own way.
  13. foxpleasure

    Changes needed from the top down

    You mean like when we went into administration?
  14. foxpleasure

    fix it , give mahrez a release clause

    Like this idea. A bit of wind and it would be like the end of Crystal Maze.
  15. He's not the brightest spark. Fine him and make him sit down and watch this interview. If he still doesn' get it treat him like he's behaving and put him on the naughty step.