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  1. It's not like you'd notice the difference at all the stadiums, if you did this, anyway - like the Etihad...
  2. It's far easier to regulate a slower flow of people through somewhere that's open for longer periods, than for a single event taking place at one time.
  3. That's because we know it works, (and would have worked even better if the UK had locked down even earlier). The problem is now one of mutation for this virus, which has always been happening, and since it's as contagious as we feared, even if not as fatal (thankfully), more waves of its spreading are expected in the near future. Our only hope is that the nature of such mutations will not be as bad as it was for the flu in 1918 and since, so we can learn to live with it in the years to come, and/or viable vaccines are possible. It's almost certain that this is the start of coronaviruses being as common and as dangerous as the flu (if not more so, due to increased contagiousness) every year from here on out - the problem, is just who it's going to affect within the population, given how it functions and the effects it causes. Until this particular episode completely passes, however, and/or a viable vaccine is created, it makes sense to still limit gatherings, given its contagiousness, and amount of sufferers who are asymptomatic.
  4. I suppose I should add to this again... I was playing Elite Dangerous - but then I bought an okay but basic cheap/old-ish (PC/PS3) steering wheel on clearance for £35, so I've been playing some more racing games, such as Dirt 3 & F1 2016 (that I already had, and was the main reason I've been thinking about a wheel for ages, but never got round to it until now), also Dirt 4 and have just bought Dirt Rally 2 while it was on offer. I think it'll take me a while to work my way up to that, though - it definitely feels harder than Dirt 3/4... Shame it's a cheap racing wheel (180-degree (90 each way)) and not really suitable for European Truck Simulator 2, where you need far more rotation to really work properly. (It's either too sensitive or not sensitive enough - never been able to find a sweet spot, though since it's mouse steering is so good anyway...)
  5. Sounds like it's Sainz going to Ferrari. Goodbye Vettel from F1? I have to admit, even as a Hamilton fan, that it'd be a little disappointing if he didn't stay round a bit longer...
  6. This virus is also mutating as it spreads, so what was true a month ago my not be true today, and this might not be true next month. This is also why we're not sure if it'll be possible to catch it more than once, or not...
  7. Four years already? Wow. The posters are still up, though, and that's what matters
  8. Amiens? Oh dear. I guess my uncle over there will be disappointed. Well, maybe - I haven't seen him in years (My Mum is half-French, and I'm not sure being quarter-French has really affected me that much ) Meh.
  9. Nah, Cruyff wasn't THAT good, anyway, now, was he?
  10. Ever? I mean, I know our current squad is pretty good, but, still... Talk about delusions of grandeur!
  11. 8/10. Close, but not quite... (I agree with that Savage Izzet one - one of the two I didn't get.)
  12. So what's LCFC's cumulative goal difference then?
  13. I started trying to do one with just 'A' surnames, (1 Leicester player - (pick either Albrighton or Amartey)), but struggled, then gave up
  14. I suppose I could try watching some old matches - the 1980's for me were merely a time when I had to watch the rugby, instead, whenever my Dad felt like it (Not that I mind rugby, too, but still...)
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