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  1. 0. I was a goalie for a reason?
  2. "He's not on the same page as his team-mates' has been heard quite often about Slimani from the commentators, which I think says it all about Slimani's season so far - and though he's had a few decent moments, they have been very few and far between. I feel he deserves a decent, full, pre-season, and then see if he's worth keeping - if he can get on the same page as everyone else, or not.
  3. Given the amount of times I've heard 'he's not on the same page as his team-mates' for Slimani so far, I think a full pre-season for him should be a requirement before deciding what to do with him, to be fair - if he starts fitting in better, then keep him as plan-B, or let him go and keep Ulloa if he's still interested. Kap and Amartey I feel need games to get up to speed, which we don't have time for in the Premier League, so loan them out and see how they do. Musa's quick, but that's not enough at this level. He'd do better with a lot more game-time, no doubt, but since he'd have to replace Vardy, it hasn't happened. Do we have time to keep him running in the background in case Vardy can't play? Is it worth it? Probably not, so let him go.
  4. Awww, dammit Slimani...
  5. Dammit... Almost...
  7. I stopped watching at half-time... Did I miss anything?? (It appears all that does (me no longer watching) is let us score one goal, that's never enough )
  8. Dammit x2
  9. Dammit.
  10. Shame I couldn't be there to see it in person Still, at least I've got my friend's photos to look at
  11. He needed to run faster to burn it all off, like Vardy
  12. My wife is feeling a bit conflicted today - it'd be better for Arsenal if Man Utd lose, but, well, it's Spurs, so I think she's hoping for a draw
  13. Dammit Benny...
  14. Not going to be our day, is it?