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  1. Shame we still had our slippers on in the first half - the second was more like it... One of these days we'll start a match like we finished this one. One day - hopefully SOON!
  2. YES NDIDI!!!!! (My stream is really behind, lol)
  3. Dammit. (I think my stream is about 5mins late, oh well)
  4. Meh. There goes another cup competition, then? Roll on the FA cup, I guess?
  5. Have I moved back to Leeds again? I haven't heard this much talk about them since I left
  6. Nah - he's crap, always running around like a headless chicken, cwap at getting back and tackling, awful at crossing, and don't ask him to shoot! They'd be better off leaving him here at little old Leicester to make us easier to beat Oh wait, no, that was Schlupp... Let's be honest, if someone were prepared to pay well over the odds for him, then we'd probably take the money, (as with Maguire), given Justin and Amartey in reserve, but let's hope they don't - atm he's pretty much our most consistent player, and now we just need the rest of the team to catch up with him!
  7. 4-0 loss? Kante didn't start? That makes more sense, then...
  8. That's an Okazaki usual, not a special EDIT: It's just not happening today, is it?
  9. Needed an Okazaki special, then...
  10. Harsh - but that's going to happen a lot this season...
  11. Well, so long as he's been teaching the Wolves team, too
  12. Looks like no-one's bought their shooting-boots today
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