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  1. It's not the same without the pretty patterns, now, is it?
  2. My eyeroll to that hasn't changed since, either (I mean, who didn't have any Izzet/is it jokes back then )
  3. Hey - it could always be worse: we could have Donald Trump as PM
  4. Meh - I don't care about anyone in Leeds anymore
  5. I don't whether to be sad or happy - sad there won't be as much footy, or happy that we have a greater chance of making the CL? Both?
  6. Dave the rugby player: Where is everybody, Hol? Holly : They've stopped, Dave. Dave : Who has? Holly : Everybody, Dave. Dave : What, the Premier League? Holly : Everybody's stopped, Dave. Dave : What, Formula 1? Holly : Everybody's stopped, Dave. Dave : What, the London Marathon? Holly : They're all stopped and postponed, Dave. Everybody's stopped, Dave. Dave : The cricket isn't, is it? Holly : Everything's stopped, Dave. Dave : Not Cycling? Holly : Gordon Bennett! Yes, Cycling, everything, everyone's stopped, Dave! Dave: Darts? Holly : It's stopped, Dave, everything has stopped, everyone's stopped, Dave. Dave : Wait. Are you trying to tell me everything's stopped? Holly : I wish I'd never let him out in the first place.
  7. I'm glad we hadn't made any arrangements for the Arsenal vs LCFC match now
  8. They still have football on there?
  9. No he's not - it can take up to 11 days (usually ~5) for people to develop symptoms, during which time they can spread it easily.
  10. MFW the boss goes home early from work today with a bad cough...
  11. This is the real problem with this bloody thing - you only seem to know you've got it AFTER it spreads
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