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  1. Doh... Liverpool still look a bit sharper than we do atm..
  2. My fault - I claim responsibility for pre-empting that one
  3. Liverpool look good going forward - going backwards, however, not so much EDIT: Sorry....
  4. YES! Much more of that this season plz
  5. We'd like to know what and when it's all happening, Van Damme it...
  6. Batteries? I'm sure my friend in Ynystawe had a Atari games console of some kind when I was there (long long time ago) - I think we played Manic Miner on it, so it must had power from somewhere TBH, the only thing I really remember about that trip was this big slide->bowl with a hole at the bottom, kind of thing in the Swansea leisure centre swimming pool. Great, now I'm feeling old again They better hurry and announce some more of these transfers before I fade away and die
  7. Ugh. Far too narrow...
  8. Depends on the formation...
  9. I thought I'd be a bit conservative, and it appears I'm not the only one! (8/5/5/Meh)
  10. THIS. We have to have learned something from Slimani etc., right? Just throwing them in the deep end usually only works out with mid-season transfers for players that have already been playing that season (Ndidi)?
  11. Hey! That's not fair! Just because LCFC has now passed his level of ability doesn't mean he's useless, it's just he'd probably be better off somewhere else (@~Championship level) if he wants to play in a first team every week.
  12. OT (should this be a new thread?) I see there are some other vacancies at LCFC Would previous experience as a motor racing marshal help with being a safety steward, I wonder? (I have a friend in Leicester (the one who took the photos of the victory parade) who might be able to do that... I should send him the link and see what he thinks...)
  13. For the same reason F1 drivers like saying 'for sure', probably Well, that's the long term replacement for Morgan sorted then... How about Huth?
  14. Nope It's a pretty closed shop, only 5 of us and that's enough (The fact we might be all women who like other women is just a coincidence, honest...)