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  1. Every team seems to be struggling for consistency atm. - but Man City and Liverpool have to be the main two that are expected to find some, and win the league if they find it soon enough. Of course if they don't, then things could get stay really interesting for teams like us
  2. I wouldn't mind if he gets worse - my friend has him in his FPL team, so...
  3. I remember my friend saying that the amount of barbers in that area is starting to get ridiculous? How many are there atm? (He lives on Fosse Road South, near the Upperton Road Crossroads). I assume they're all shut now due to the lockdown though - Cags will have to do it himself?
  4. That's cuz he's cwap and no-one should bother watching him ever... At all... Even for Belgium...
  5. Not playing midweek doesn't seem to have done us any favours?
  6. Score a try at Welford road, and then have to celebrate it in Morrisons the Odeon's carpark? (I just realised there's a cinema there too, so should be empty enough for celebration atm? )
  7. He entered the party only to have it leave without him
  8. Meh - I've got more Cyberpunk 2077 to play (Note: the game works fine on my system, and have had very few issues with it - most annoyances are due to consolitis.)
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