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  1. Let's be fair: sometimes other team's rejects can do pretty well
  2. It's a matter of time - maybe they don't trust the Italian customs department to let the teams through to set up in time for Friday practice? Which is hardly an issue if you're staying in the same place...
  3. Don't we have any decent refs any more?
  4. Did they give them to Mahrez?
  5. How many right-sided Pereira's are we allowed to sign/field, btw?
  6. I thought that was the whole point, though?
  7. Yay? Maybe Brendan knew this, and had to make sure... Maybe Premier-league teams are just better at defending set-pieces, making them not as easy to convert as you'd expect?
  8. Haven't you ever seen Okazaki play? O_o
  9. If only we had more players who could shoot...
  10. *Headdesk* Was it worth getting out of bed for?
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