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  1. The absolute classic moment at Wembley in the play-off final, half of Wembley singing " fvck off Mark Mcgee oh what can it be to a Leicester supporter and we're at Wembley" They even played the song daydream believer over the tannoy system knowing full well what the city supporters would sing. God bless the staff at Wembley that day. It was made even more delicious by the fact that we won!
  2. Soyuncu's absence from the team has nothing to do with his inability to speak English. Evans and Maguire are the reason.
  3. Put him in a team that doesn't make as many mistakes as our team and he will be world class. And the big clubs know it.
  4. Bunyip


    If it was disciplinary he shouldn't even have been on the bench if it wasn't then it's an even worse decision. It's called biting your nose off to spite your face.
  5. I think we will see how much the club back Puel come the end of the season.
  6. the very fact that we have so many Puel in or out posts tells you all you need to know about his tenure.
  7. The obvious answer is NO we are never going to win the premier again. It was a one-off and most of us fans realised that even then. A lot of rubbish is talked about our " expectations " being too high after that win but for the majority of Leicester fans, mid-table is fine given our the previous history at this level of football. And in any case, it looks like the money to push for a top-six placing has now dried up ( having wasted millions on poor recruitment over the last two seasons ) Fans are not Impatient to emulate that great season but we are seriously worried at the present manager and his dull negative style of football. When I go to a game I don't expect to win against the top six sides ( brilliant bonus if we do ) but the awful games against beatable opposition at home is not acceptable. Until we find a manager with insight into how to get the best out of the players we have, I'm afraid it's going to be much of the same with even our best players being poached and sold at the end of each season.
  8. The atmosphere is a direct result of the negative boring football created by Puel. There is literally nothing to get behind. Most fans now go to the home games with a sense of dread knowing the game plan and substitutes will be shit, Go behind to an early goal and chase the game with no end result because our midfield can't create enough. We just sit there and wait for the inevitable.
  9. Chewing Tobacco gave millions mouth Cancer over the years no chemicals in that.
  10. Does anyone know if it's banned in the ground? only I had this Vape Ape blowing toffee caramel clouds of stink all over the place at today's game. Can he be stopped if reported?
  11. I agree with you but it's not new is it? Football is an entertainment and a passionate one at that. Leicester fans are no different from any other. We tolerate lack of ability if we get the effort but will not tolerate lack of effort and that is the problem with Iheanacho he makes no effort. I'm not saying he should be booed but I understand the fans frustration as well.
  12. The boos for Iheanacho were because we knew what to expect, and we got it. Completely agree with you, but that doesn't excuse Kasper's distribution nightmares, and it's getting worse. Puel can't be responsible for that.
  13. I don't think anyone was booing Gazelle they were booing Puel and his brainless substitutions.
  14. I'm afraid both players are a long way from that winning formula. Kasper kicking has descended into a serious problem which he seems unable to remedy.
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