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  1. Bunyip

    Maguire future

    Personally, I think he's too slow for one of the real big giants of the world. One good world cup showing does not a Barca or Real Madrid player make. Yes, he would fit into one of our top three at the moment but that's about it. British football is still miles behind the continental sides ( as our poor showing in the champions league continue to indicate ) Take the money he really isn't that good.
  2. Ranieri was just a lucky Jockey who rode an already winning horse. Simple enough?
  3. Yes but you are quoting two managers who were there for a very long time. What's the longest any manager under our owners has lasted?
  4. Wow, that's comforting news for the next manager then.
  5. Hmmmm, well I'm retired now, but in my 50 years of work I have never seen nor heard anyone get the sack only to be told " never mind it's all finite you see " Firing someone just shows you did not hire right in the first place.
  6. Bunyip

    Any other refugees from Bentley's Roof on here?

    Because only kids would respond in such a playground like way? Also for someone who looks down their noses at them you seem to know a lot about them.
  7. If they got every appointment right then why the sackings ? You don't sack someone if they are getting it right?. That makes them wrong for the sackings then ? as I said it's their Achilles heel.
  8. Kante yes, but Mahrez? He like the rest had a one season wonder. After that people forget the amount of mediocre to poor games he had for us. Never in the same class as Kante and will be out on his arse at Man city within a season.
  9. Very good question. Does anyone actually know if it's the manager who gets the players he wants or does he have to use what someone else has brought into the club? Any posters know the definite answer to that one?
  10. But of course! don't tell me you were taking any of this serious?
  11. Yep, you sussed out why I won't say !
  12. Just because you can't think of an alternative manager doesn't mean there isn't one out there. It's irrelevant anyway because the owners will do what they want with or without the help from Foxtalk.
  13. Excellent post. If you can see it and most fans can see it, it begs the question why can't Puel see it ?