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  1. We don't even play that style of football anymore so it's pointless speculating if we miss his input. He plays for probably the best team in the League with arguably the best players too, yet he can't command a first-team place and the Man City fans think he is a waste of money. Judging by the number of first team appearances Pep doesn't rate him very highly either. I fully expect him to be moved on in the close season, just another player who got ambition mixed up with ability.
  2. Bunyip


    Wishful thinking. You've just talked yourself into that . Still, I hope it comes true.
  3. You just move the dead Gazelles and wildebeest's further away from the site.
  4. While I appreciate the good reports we have had about Benkovic lets put things into perspective. He has been playing in the top side in Scottish football with the opposition so poor it makes Forest look good. none of us has seen him play in the Prem so we just don't know if he will be good enough. He may be no better or worse than Soyuncu. If we do sell Maguire we will still need a top quality replacement who has been proven Premiership standard.
  5. And to think only a few weeks ago people on here were defending Puel and saying what is the alternative. Top has given you his answer.
  6. We need to establish ourselves as a top six side before we get ambition mixed up with ability. No one is going to take any notice of us in our present position. One season in champions league football doesn't buy you a say in the future or European football. We have no muscle at present. Just concentrate on achieving what the owners have said right from the start a continuous top-six finish that establishes us in the minds of the media and football in general and gets us the respect to then go on and be part of any future discussions.
  7. Spot on. The club can see the fruits of having a top-class academy and that is why we are going to have one of the best training grounds and youth development in the country. For a club our size it's the only real way we can compete with the top six. Well done to our owners for having such foresight.
  8. Our club has shown the greatest ambition in getting Brendan in as manager. I'm sure the players will think the same. Had Puel still been in charge there would have been an exodus of our best players. Hopefully, the players will now want to give it at least another season along with new signings to see how far we can go.
  9. Leicesters worse side ever, has to be the one that got us relegated to the old third division surely ?
  10. It's the same case scenario as going early at the end. There are big screens in the concourse showing the match as it happens so they can watch the last few minutes while queuing for a pie and a pint. Get rid of those screens before the halftime whistle and before the full-time whistle and you will soon have them back in their seats.
  11. And who exactly sets these " social norms " Personally, I've never been that desperate to fit in. Basing your behaviour on what others might or might not think is pretty lame.
  12. Yeah noticed that. Kasper only did one of his usual dreadful long kicks ( straight to the opposition ) but after that, he did mostly short pass kicks or rolled it out to the back four. Obviously, Brendan has had a word with him.
  13. Let's hope Brenda liked what he saw. He helped change the game with his raw energy alone.
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