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  1. Bunyip

    Jack Grealish

    No sorry but anyone sporting that nightmare of a barnet stands accused of poor judgement and lack of empathy for fellow human beings.
  2. Bunyip

    Jack Grealish

    Anyone who sports such a stupid barnet gets my vote of unconfidence.
  3. Bunyip

    New season ticket/ card ?

    This is just the sort of hysterical over the top no patience attitude that we have all come to love and cherish. Well done to you sir, you make me proud.
  4. Bunyip

    What happened to the Jamie Vardy film ?

    Drama school trained eh. so is my wife although she never went.
  5. Bunyip

    De Silvestri

    Just because he plays at left back doesn't mean he's any good at it, it just means we have a manager who is probably the last in the world to realise it. Oh and you apparently.
  6. Bunyip

    De Silvestri

    Yes, it does sound harsh but I think it's true. If anything he is a good player with great potential, just not as a left back.
  7. Bunyip

    De Silvestri

    Chilwell will never be a Left back, he simply can not defend.
  8. Bunyip

    Alfie Mawson

  9. Bunyip

    How City may line up next season ...

    I wish he never had too.
  10. Bunyip

    Phunny (Funny) Photos / Pictures

    My god, there's two of them!
  11. Bunyip

    Patrick Roberts

    If he's as good as some make out on here why are Man city happy to get rid of him?
  12. Bunyip

    Slimani - Wants to leave

    Three Leicester managers and a lack of suitors for Slimani disagree with you. Absolutely spot on comment. One manager maybe, two managers perhaps, three ? Nah he's not good enough.
  13. Bunyip

    Slimani - Wants to leave

    Love it ! That made me chuckle Ze. I like your style.
  14. Bunyip

    Slimani - Wants to leave

    Can you tell me why you are such a " hardcore " fan of Slimani ? I mean he's been a flop compared to what we paid for him. What do you see in him most of us can't ? Plus I think any dig at such a useless manager as Puel is more than justified.