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  1. So, in other words, don't expect anything this season or the next and so on. Like others, I'm a bit depressed to think the owners think Puels style of football is the way forward, I certainly don't think it progressive or evolutionary, the word boring springs to mind. And why have they just given a hefty new contract to Vardy when it is clear from our new style of play he will remain isolated ? While I am grateful we have such wonderful owners I was hoping for someone better than puel to take us forward.
  2. Bunyip

    Vardy red is not a sending off

    If that had been a Wolves player doing that to one of ours everyone on here would have been screaming for the red card. It was a ridiculous challenge from Vardy and completely unwarranted. Personally, I think Vardy's time with us is drawing to a close he obviously doesn't fit our new style of play and is too one dimensional, hence his frustration. That kind of tackle is no longer tolerated in the modern game and quite right too.
  3. Bunyip

    New LCFC Phone wallpapers for all fans

    I'm old and not very techno-savvy. how do I put one on my phone?
  4. They are on the counter for student poverty, please give generously.
  5. Judging by those pictures it ticks every box of why I would never drink there. Adding to that imagine having to listen to students ?
  6. Bunyip

    This err limit ?

    Ok, Mark thanks for the clarification. Not a criticism ( don't want to get banned again ) but maybe if we had been pm'd and told this at the time of the transgressions we could have measured our response to posts accordingly. But yes I take on board what you have said and I will think twice before posting as I genuinely like the site and most of the posters on it.
  7. Bunyip

    James Maddison Confirmed

    Erm, they missed out on everyone?
  8. Bunyip

    Our Club and the media

    Christ, now I'm confused. Is it meant to be funny ?
  9. Bunyip

    The "do they mean us?" thread pt 2

    He must get really p*ssed off when people remind him you only won the league with Blackburn buy having it bought for you.
  10. Bunyip


    Still some ready to ridicule I see?
  11. Bunyip


    Oh yes, he is !
  12. Bunyip

    Man U 2-,Leicester 1 post match thread.

    Very pleased with that performance. Plenty to look forward to this season. Get the new defenders settled in and we will be a very tight unit at the back. We played some very mature passing football and with a little more cutting edge up front could and should have got a draw. Although a loss is never nice I saw enough last night to fill me with confidence that we will get even better and should be aiming for a top six spot. If we continue like that I shall personally be sending an apology to Puel. One of the heartwarming facts about last nights game is that Man United are worse than last year and will be nowhere near the top three.
  13. Bunyip

    Thank you Riyad

    And I have done for well over 50 years.lol
  14. Bunyip

    This err limit ?

    Thank god for that I was getting paranoid !