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  1. The proof of the pease is in the bread and butter pudding so to speak.
  2. Funny you should say that .
  3. Good grief children , ever heard of the the old adage if you have nothing to say best not say anything at all ?
  4. Never mind Shakeys judgement Amartey's crap in most people's judgement.
  5. Why not have him just on loan then ?
  6. As I said Ambition mixed up with ability. Do We really want someone who has quite clearly stated he thinks he's too good for us ? And even if he does stay how would he play any better than last season with a big chip on his should and the humiliation of knowing none of the big teams actually rated him as high as rated himself ?. Get rid asp.
  7. Lord are we still on the Ferrari puns ?
  8. Christ on a chocolate wagon wheel are we going for the ugliest players we can find ? His barnet and Maguires head will at least frighten the opposition.
  9. Drinkwater's water drinks ?
  10. If he can only play when he had Kante in the team then he's not real quality is he ? Top quality players shine even if a team is not doing well. Even when he had the ball this season he could not do what he did with it last season. What sets him apart from real quality players is his attitude. Like a sulky child for most of the season and blaming the rest of the team for his own shortcomings. He like the rest of the team got sussed and he above all was easy for other teams to snuff out , put two or three on him and he hadn't a clue what to do.
  11. One season and you are basing his ability on one season ? If it had not been for the other players last season your hero would have been guilty as anyone else in taking us down . No where near as good as he thinks he is and so do the other clubs.
  12. But he obviously thinks he is . Listen to that sanctimonious clap trap he came out with on his I want to leave Leicester for bigger thing bullshit. Did any of the other players say that ? He is no where near as good as he thinks he is and judging by lack of potential clubs cueing up to sign him neither do they.
  13. Yes but can you actually evidence he's your dad ?
  14. Yes fair enough. Nice to get proper replies to an asking question.
  15. I'm just wondering if this guy is so good why on earth are Man City even contemplating selling him ? I mean it can't be for the money £20 million is peanuts to them and they sure as hell didn't even at any stage look like they were going to win the league. So why sell such a promising young player ? call me a pessimist but there's More to this than meets the eye.