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  1. Saints (H)...score prediction thread :

    That’s a low attendance
  2. unrest in the squad

    Some of them would of been because it’s a easter holiday they’ll just be returning from trips
  3. Will Vardy get 100 Premier League goals?

    If he gets fed the ball he might be able to
  4. Tour

    Think i had him aswell
  5. Tour

    We didn’t but it was still worth it
  6. Tour

    Went for the 1:30 tour today and i loved it.
  7. Leicester 1- Newcastle 2 post match thread.

    7th is European spot
  8. City v The Geordies Scoreline Prediction

    3-1 city if diabate’s and silva are on if they aren’t maybe 1-0
  9. Moaning

    I was just stating that there’s alot of negative comments
  10. Moaning

    Wouldn’t call it moaning
  11. Fireworks Display And Free Chocolate

    If it gets us the wins I’m happy
  12. shailen_patel4

  13. Moaning

    Announce what
  14. Moaning

    I’m not moaning about the positive so let me off 😉
  15. Fireworks Display And Free Chocolate

    Wouldn’t be able to watch the game if everyone set there flares off 😉