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  1. Finally are we starting to see the real nacho man
  2. Give it Ricardo today getting a bit bored giving it ndidi and soyunch giving it kasper next game O the a city boy 😃😃😃
  3. If hamza had done that wearing a England shirt he would be a hero he did nothing wrong . Horse teeth German kock should be blaming the ref for not blowing up for salah fouling soyunch then the challenge wasn’t necessary. Hamza is the victim here of poor refereeing
  4. Good luck to bury fans hope it works out for them
  5. Plane spotting live on bbc2
  6. I think we are expecting to much of him at such a young age all ready a good midfielder and has improved every season will only get better .since Tilly arrival all ready looks better think theirs better to come from him. Talk to fans from other clubs they rate him as a future top player
  7. This is the silva we should have sign
  8. Sad to see silva go what world beater and youri as a replacement joke??
  9. Ndidi and hamza look a good partnership think they’ll work well together
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