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  1. He is a real life Alan partridge needs to move to Norwich and get a cardigan
  2. It’s the first time in a while we haven’t looked vulnerable on the left . Brought a better balance to that side in both defence and attack which seem to give Barnes more confidence hope this back four starts v Watford
  3. Played really well feel sorry the guy hope he’s back quickly
  4. I don’t think it’s to do missing ndidi I think Lpool and man c show the rest of the league that we r Vulnerable down the left hand side
  5. Thought he was being asked to do to much cover the centre and the three Stooges on the left
  6. Did really well to recover from penalty miss
  7. Did really well today seamed more suited to playing down middle
  8. Love to see him and Ricardo playing down right side think it could be quite special to watch
  9. Finally are we starting to see the real nacho man
  10. Give it Ricardo today getting a bit bored giving it ndidi and soyunch giving it kasper next game O the a city boy 😃😃😃
  11. If hamza had done that wearing a England shirt he would be a hero he did nothing wrong . Horse teeth German kock should be blaming the ref for not blowing up for salah fouling soyunch then the challenge wasn’t necessary. Hamza is the victim here of poor refereeing
  12. Good luck to bury fans hope it works out for them
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