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  1. Maddison corners are poor I don’t think the city players attacking them corners or free kicks have any confidence or believe that the ball will get to them hence they are surprised when they do
  2. Think he played well Robertson and mane r a handful for must full backs so well done to Dan 👍🏼
  3. Nacho played well today so credit to him he seems to throw in these performances just when you get close to writing him off IMO think he’s pushed himself in front of Perez and if we’re BR would after today pick ahead of Perez
  4. Would take any trophy . Think best chance is FA cup then europa then PL . Would take europa over FA because it gives as CL and more Prominence in Europe so could make it easier to sigh players from Europe . Would just love to win any silverware
  5. Thought his corners were good
  6. Was fantastic today gives us that extra Aerial Presents when defending
  7. Look more dangerous from dead balls than all season
  8. Can’t believe sky went a whole 2 mins without talking about Man City Liverpool match
  9. Job done in difficult circumstances with injuries 👍🏼
  10. Good luck to Moore we’re ever he ends up
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