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  1. I do not condone their behaviour or decision making particularly at such a crucial juncture in our wonderful season. What I would like to point out is that these lads are in their 20s and 30s, and I know I sure as hell made many a mistake growing up. As long as they get the message then forgive and forget.
  2. The first half was painful to watch and not worth staying up for - now I am grumpy and dead tired at work. Nacho and Albrighton put some gloss on what was otherwise a very sobering performance.
  3. Cracking game this will be. I've got a lot of respect for what Moyes is slowly building at the Hammers. Rice injured is a big bonus for us.
  4. Excited for this. Hope the boys show them what they're made of but still think it's going to be a Citeh win
  5. In Australia since 2016 I am constantly derided as plastic fan and no way you supported them prior to winning the title to which I point at SCHLUPP (my cult hero) on my back and then they go mute.
  6. Little Leicester eh? Tielemans is out of this world
  7. Man City will walk to the title now. Only a matter of time.
  8. I hope they come back up in the next couple of years - to your point a big shame they can't be there to enjoy it with the team
  9. Toney would be worth a punt if Nacho continues showing us what he's capable of given a consistent run.
  10. If we can manage a win this weekend and avoid injuries during the international break - the picture is looking a lot rosier in terms of our potential to stay in the top 4 come season end. Stressful viewing the table at the moment though - definitely a few more greys for me!
  11. Have a little faith Shithouse win Big ass grin
  12. I think we'll surprise everyone on this forum and win 3-0
  13. Boys better not have me up at 5am and then shitty at work for the rest of the day. Utter shit house 2-1 on the cards
  14. I'm torn by this.. I want us to have a real crack at going deep into this competition, but am fully aware of the toll that will place on our wonderful squad who have pushed themselves to the limit already. Do we go all in and try to win the thing or conserve and protect our top 4 status? Brendans problem! And a fantastic one to try and solve. Its been a lot of fun watching us back in Europe. May this be the beginning of a pretty special era for our club which in my opinion (and many many others who don't support us) is one of the best run around.
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