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  1. Frothing for this. Score draw is where my head is at but heart says 2-1 Foxes. Watford have been good at home under Pearson but without the crowd who knows.
  2. I like this signing. Perfect for our current requirements in defence and doesn't cos us much at all. Smart move.
  3. Confidence building for Barnes. Nice stuff so far!
  4. Have to play Hamza with Wilf out. We will win and I've got a feeling shut out Ings. 2-0
  5. Realistically how much would he cost 8-11mil? Worth a punt
  6. We'd have to cough up £60-70mil to land him and Villa would be nuts to sell him in Jan. He's almost single handedly winning them points
  7. 4-1 I reckon. Another fabulously entertaining game.
  8. Well that was worth staying up for. Our cards both highly questionable. Tielemans needs a rest.
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