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  1. Got up at 3am to have a quick slash, 4am still buzzing that this actually happened and imagining our season ahead. Well done to everyone involved for bringing Youri back!!
  2. Apparently Apparently yep Bournemouth have agreed to sign Luton Town's English full-back Jack Stacey, 23, for £4m
  3. IF we retain this group of players, Tielemans included, and clear some wages off the books and recruit one or two more talented players (back up striker is a must) with a full preseason under Brendan - 6th place would be a measure of success. In saying that, a Cup win and 7th-10th would also achieve the same thing - Europe. I am nervous about the summer ahead but it does not feel like another Mahrez situation is bubbling underneath the surface. It seems this group want to stay and see what is possible playing together.
  4. Looking forward to Sheffield Utd being back. Always had a soft spot for them for some reason. I honestly cannot see anyone getting close to Liverpool and City again next season, the 4 clubs below them need 1-2 seasons of smart recruitment to challenge again imo..
  5. Arsenal have some ridiculous record of midday kickoffs, I don't see us winning but perhaps a 2-2 draw.
  6. Every single game is live in Australia
  7. I think people on here need to settle down and take a step back with some perspective. Everyone on that pitch for us had an off day. We were shite. I could have had two more hours sleep. It's one game. Everything prior to this under Rogers has shown exciting glimpses of what could be. In the off-season this team needs to be trained in a formation that can break stubborn teams like Newcastle down. Because we've failed at every attempt this season.
  8. We really did fall asleep for 30min in 2nd half. Fulham scoring seemed to sap alot of energy / confidence. That aside promising stuff at times and vards back to his best. Throw the kitchen sink at Monaco to sign Tielemans
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