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  1. Austria should be on the phone begging for him to play in their national team. What a guy🏆
  2. The thing is, no matter who in the starting 11, we are competitive and playing some great football. The trick for BR Is picking the right combination against a particular opponent- what a great position to be in! I am loving this🏆🏆🏆
  3. This is painful. I wish BR just let them play. We seem too restrained and scared!
  4. Good point. Youri and Evans played some part in all their recent internationals
  5. Didn’t deserve to lose today. Neither side deserved to win. With all the injuries, it looks like we just not getting any luck at the moment. We need to hang in there, get our players back. This is going to be a strange season this year, just look at the results so far this season and we are going to be involved in matches that will amaze and shock us in equal measure🏆
  6. What ever the line up, let’s get behind the boys🏆
  7. Top half finish with current squad. If we can get RP back sooner he will be like a new signing, so we may make top 7. Also depends on injuries etc
  8. If and buts ... missed all our injured players throughout the season. When an important player got injured we had no one good enough to replace them. Ricky was a big miss. Even when we won the league we had very few injuries so our squad wasn’t tested. Bring quality players with the right mental attitude is vital. I think BR as said that the having players with right mentality as important as skill. I thing after the restart we lacked leaders, Someone to take a game by the balls! Overall this season has been a good one and if we learn from the lesson of this season I am very optimistic fo
  9. Some good news - Vardy you are GOD
  10. Go for it LCFC and them hard and fast🏆
  11. Good luck guys. Let’s do this and get behind the boys. 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
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