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  1. Looks like a photoshop job😂
  2. Looks like a photoshop job🤣
  3. I don’t care anymore. I think this guy is self obsessed and he shown no respect to his current club and LCFC. It’s a shame cos he is obviously a wonderful talent, his ego worries me !
  4. Could be, that what’s happening. I think we will know more after tonight match. Whatever the case it’s all a bit weird
  5. Stick to what we’ve got - everyone we seem to go for is doomed in the last few transfer window.
  6. Let’s move. They are never going to sell to us!
  7. Even if had the money, he’s not worth it £20-25m max
  8. Just move onto the next target. We'll our hope up again, only to be dashed again☹️.
  9. Well, he won’t be joining us anytime soon!
  10. This whole window been frustrating with the potential of becoming disastrous. At the start of the window a right winger was a priority, but we are more desperate for a centre half and as yet we are no closer of resolving either positions!
  11. Normally our usual way dealing with transfers, from scouting to negotiating a deal for a player is brilliant, but these aren’t normal times. The problem now is this system isn’t going to work get results quickly enough for the start of the season and following on from the dismal end of last season I fear this is going to be a difficult season, although I don’t think we will get in any sort of relegation battle. We need to built on last season but as things stand now I fear we will regress
  12. Close this thread -Puel not going let this happen
  13. Are we signing this guy or what?
  14. What ever the line up, let’s get behind the boys🏆
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