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  1. Haha I actually can't do that game now as the missus will be at work, excellent.
  2. None of them are going to come here and play backup striker to the formidable Vardy, how do fans struggle to grasp this? Our only hope is either an up and coming striker willing to learn off Vardy or a player who's out of sorts and looking to kick start his career. Rodgers has said this all himself already.
  3. Contract is up next summer, could knock a few million off.
  4. Tielemans demanded the pink kit apparently, good enough for me.
  5. The lad has over 40 goals and assists in 2 seasons and hardly any of them penalties or free kicks. Gray came here having scored about 7 goals and only 1 in the season we got him. The highlights reel would have had to have been a trick.
  6. Back to back Monday night games, end the season now.
  7. Highly recommend this book as well
  8. That black/grey one is one of the worst kits I've ever seen. Horrid collar, cheap and nasty. Why do we put up with shit like this? I'd rather us play in joggers and a vest than that.
  9. Our grey and orange one this season is sensational. These 3 look abysmal from afar but will wait and see.
  10. They all look God awful, probably the first year in a decade that all of them are crap.
  11. That black/grey shirt looks pure muck. Get it gone.
  12. Not to mention his brace vs Swansea when Vardy was suspended. The media were desperate to whip up some pressure and a title fight and Ulloa took bodies.
  13. Yes but we looked good in spells and should have won...……… The fact there were a few other occasions where we looked very good going forward until we reached the end product stage and were a disgrace and this usually led to us being exposed at the back and comfortably beaten, leaving us baffled and bemused. What a combo!!
  14. Haha surely Youri will pick up the main one
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