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  1. They are tired signings, all the hallmarks of Sunderland when Congerton was there.
  2. He was very good 1st half, as was Tielemans. Nothing to see here.
  3. I actually cannot believe he has blamed Iheanacho? What space was he leaving? The man was playing up front for fcuk sake. Is Rodgers for real? This was an opportunity for him to be honest and a little personable and he's proven himself to be anything but tonight. Not acceptable
  4. This defence against one of the best teams who play 3-4-1-2 is going to be a right laugh. Id get Luke Thomas in.
  5. Rodgers won't be able to pick this lot up, nor have we decent defensive options to cope for the rest of the season. At best we'll pinch a draw.
  6. No Soyuncu is a real problem though, dread to think what we'll ship in these final 3 games now.
  7. I've seen some arrogant and stubborn managers in my time, Puel being possibly the biggest but those comments there when an apology was all that was needed is enough for me. I'm seething, treating us like pillocks.
  8. How does he think Bournemouth were causing us problems? It was the most 1 sided half of football I've seen from us in ages. They had 1 single shot and that was outside the area, they'd had 1 touch in our box or something daft like that. If he was worried about Youri and Ndidi having too much to do he should have gone 3-4-1-2 but he chose to meddle at a time when this team is quite delicate mentally and physically. I'm just sickened by this, can't calm down.
  9. Ordinarily I'd agree but it was quite clear we are a huge work in progress and the style of play had lost effectiveness. I was impressed that he had finally found the initiate to try another way of playing and it seemed to be the kick start we needed just when it was starting to slip away from us, however its now just undone all that and then some. I don't see how they pick themselves up after tonight. Soyuncu banned as well is a big problem as a 3 man defence of Fuchs, Evans and Bennett or Morgan is vulgar.
  10. Please bare in mind that since the restart we have only played any iota of dangerous football with Vardy, Iheanacho or Barnes and Perez in behind. How he so flippantly risked that is unforgivable, especially when there'd been no sign of a Bournemouth revival. Check how many touches we'd had in Bournemouth's box 1st half. Look how many times Vardy and Iheanacho got on the ball in those areas and Perez. Then look at the pitiful stats vs Watford, Brighton and Chelsea. I cannot accept this from a supposed elite coach, its disgusting naivety from him.
  11. Well I thought we were coping OK without Chilwell and Maddison as we'd changed systems and style of play to get Iheanacho, Vardy and Perez involved and it was working. But as soon as he reverts to this possession football that has only worked when we are confident and have nearly every key player fit, then no we have no squad depth.
  12. Fcuk off Rodgers, I'm done with you. Indefensible that is, just apologise and be a man.
  13. Its what single handedly mixed up the tired football we'd been playing before and gave us a new zip about our game. We were still quite workmanlike elsewhere but being direct and quick helped us open up the game and Tielemans has improved too. As soon as Iheanacho was off, that 2nd half was like we'd been seeing before. Slow possession and Vardy looking isolated, I'm so angry. This was footballing suicide. We have bottled it, probably more so than any other team I can think of in recent years. Soft underbelly and experienced players like Schmeichel and Evans absolutely abysmal that 2nd half, i'm disgusted. They ought to apologise, this fcukin hurts.
  14. You don't hand them the initiave from the off though, you see whether you can finish them off. It was ridiculous.
  15. The worst managerial decision I've seen in a long time. He should apologise, if he doesn't I doubt I'll ever forgive him.
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