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  1. Barnes will start tomorrow
  2. Surely it's no surprise that in terms of ethos they are fairly similar. Both pride themselves on being capable of improving young players and building sides. We knew that, some of us cut Claude a lot of slack whilst he did it but then the arrogance and pig headedness set in. Rodgers as a comparison is much more of a players player, kills then softly even when they have no future no more so than Kingy and that for me is all I need to know right now. Puel set down half decent foundations here but he's a stubborn fool and he will forever fall foul in football in this modern era whereas Brendan will do ok and long may that continue with us. NEXT
  3. If Rodgers does improve him it'll be a master stroke. Taking a bit of a harder line with him a few years ago wouldn't have worked but it might well do now, perhaps the penny is dropping.
  4. Interesting comments again from Rodgers in regards to the expectations they require from Gray. Let's see if he takes it in a positive manner and is capable of stepping up and improving, it's been a long time coming. We really have very little pace from midfield if he's not an option currently, I think this was telling last Sunday too.
  5. If the only option is Maddison on the left of a 4-3-3 then why is this such an outrage? Maddison in that system is a waste, he also hasn't scored a goal from open play since December worryingly.
  6. Andy Lonergen playing for Liverpool this weekend is mad, hahahahaaa
  7. Arsenal, Chelsea and Wolves at home. In fact anyone we play at home can get the full treatment, fcuk um.
  8. Same here, Rodgers has the reputation of being stubborn in how he approaches games against better teams than his, with an element of naivety in refusing to change how his teams play. However, the starting formations and personnel vs Arsenal, Man City, Chelsea and Wolves have been scarily defensive and was quite clear we were more worried about the opposition than about ourselves. If this continues then I can't pretend to enjoy it.
  9. Mason Mount showed last night as an attacking central midfielder how to do a job on the left in a 4-3-3. If Maddison had that same level of versatility then I think we'd have found the ideal formation and personnel to play against the best sides in the league but currently he is the weak link against the top sides in that formation. I would be tempted to play Albrighton or Barnes and if Rodgers is brave then Maddison over Choudhury but if not then Maddison sadly has to drop to the bench.
  10. Needed a ton from Burns there really, cheap wickets. The mentality is in pieces, the only man who seems to " do that to the system " is Stokes, so let's hope he can pull off an individual score that gets us somewhere near 300.
  11. Yeah it's shocking mate, I lost £11k when I hit rock bottom in 2018 and I knew that was the point of no return and I needed to do something about it. I reached out to Gamcare first to find help as I was at my lowest ebb and they were really good but before I could sign up to GAMSTOP and various other self exclusions I was called by PaddyPower and emailed to tell me they had credited my account with £1100 worth of free bets. I am a compulsive gambler and at that point had zero self control, the urge to try and chase back my horrific losses was too much and although I knew I needed to stop and I had reached the pits of despair I logged back on and very nearly did claw back an obscene amount of money which thinking about it would have been the worst thing to happen to me as i'm not sure i'd be in the position I am today. Anyway, I lost it all and a few more grand off a credit card to add to everything else i'd blasted. I managed to then carry through with what Gamcare had told me and put lots of blocks in place. These bookies are nothing more than crack dealers or bogus con men. Fair enough have a gambling platform that's reasonable but right now there's no limits online and these bookies can do what they want, ringing up vulnerable people and pressuring them in to continuing the devastation is just as disgusting as getting little old pensioners to sign away their life savings on some hoax pyramid scheme or property portfolio that will never ever materialize. That's classed as fraud and illegal but knowingly encouraging compulsive gamblers to lose everything and then other peoples money until they potentially kill themselves isn't on a par? It's horrifying.
  12. Whatever you do, get to Franscheok and do the wine tram tour, one of the best things I've ever done. Breath taking scenery and about 18 glasses of exquisite wine for about £10
  13. I watched the Panorama programme on Monday and wish I hadn't as it made my blood boil. Listen to this for a statistic... 4% of gamblers account for 78% of total revenue gambling companies make in the UK and yet the CEO of the gambling commission doesn't think there's a problem. STAGGERING!
  14. I'll have to disagree with you. My original post that we never looked like scoring stands true. An air shot from 6 yards out isn't a player or team looking solid in front of goal especially given that was the only chance we had all game.
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