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  1. Madness they don't play Terell Pennant wide left where he is lethal for the U18's. Where's the motivation to improve?
  2. It might not seem like much but there's reasons why teams don't offer just a few more million and secure transfers and walk away. Our budget is evidently tight this window, don't overpay for 28 year old from Burnley is the main rule.
  3. He wanted 5 new players, we have 2 in so far. Chances are we will get a CB and hopefully get a loan or another deal across the line, £5m might not seem much but it could get us a striker in on loan for a season and if we struggle to get Slimani, Silva and Ghezzal out then it could hammer us on our wage structure anyway.
  4. Tavares is alive, he starts tonight for our U23's. Shame Terell Pennant has already been relegated back to the U18's aged 18. Could do with a new U23 striker as well, was hoping we'd invest significantly in a 17-18 year old with the intention of them pushing for a few cup and European games this season.
  5. Naaah, a Prem club will pay him stupid monies to do a couple more years in Blighty.
  6. Jonny Evans won Premier League titles and numerous other major trophies, so even signing him from West Brom at 29 for the £20m we offered the season before still pitches him someway above Tarkowski as a player. I like Tarkowski, but not for the price we'd have to pay.
  7. They will come for Slimani, mark my words
  8. Very good points, there's been very few established centre backs move this transfer window as well which makes it harder.
  9. If we go off what some of the more reliable people in the press have said we have put together a final package of £29.5m + 10% sell on clause. The geezer who is very knowledgeable on West Ham has said they bid £23m up front and £12m in add on's all paid over 6 years. Milan offering 25m euros on an obligation to buy must be some sort of witchcraft to better either of those deals. Even 25m euros up front next summer is not as attractive.
  10. Our experienced first choice players continue to get pay rises, so I would be very surprised if we took Evans for granted and tried to get him to take a pay cut. Vardy and Schmeichel are both on £100-150k a week. Maybe we don't want to go all in on a 3+ year deal at that amount but Rodgers regards him as our most important defender.
  11. Hahahaa are Milan ok in the head? ASSE turn down 3 bids from us all above the 25m euros they are offering as an obligation to buy next summer but want him on loan in the meantime. PRATS
  12. I dispute Hateboer is a better attacker, he really isn't.
  13. The add on's should be £5m when he's played 50 league games for us, £5m if we qualify for CL at any point during his first 4 years with us and £5m if he plays 10 times for the senior France side.
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