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  1. If this is the case, it's astounding we wouldn't cash in on Maguire. £65m might seem low to some but it really isn't if we have ample cover for losing him and that money could be used to strengthen the team overall. £100m, even £80m is daft money and would only be envisaged if we really, really didn't want to sell him nor really need the money. I have been suspicious that we are suddenly going to spend £75-100m this window without selling someone for decent money but i'm also highly surprised if we haven't got more than £40-50m at our disposal that we wouldn't look to strategically cash in on Maguire and strengthen obvious weak areas. It will be goals created and scored that give us a chance of sneaking top 6, we won't get there by maintaining the same defence as this team is much more comfortable playing on the front foot, likewise that's how Rodgers teams are successful. He's not a pragmatic manager, he won't pinch 1-0's and shit house.
  2. I think it's more he's no longer on a youth contract but now a professional contract.
  3. Rodgers has turned peripheral players like Kapustka in to valuable first team players in the past, wouldn't rule it out.
  4. Probably only officially part of the first team squad due to nationality and age?
  5. Cattermole in the hole?
  6. It's the overseas revenue that's gone whacky over recent years as well. It surely will change at some point, all these other sources trying to get in on the act pose a dilemma. Do Sky and BT, the main two keep paying more and more or do they use the increase in different platforms as a way of driving the price down by changing how they broadcast. I can't believe that in 10-15 years these historic subscriptions will remain the same, things are becoming more tailored and customised. More choice.
  7. Or Nketiah from Arsenal, they need to raise funds. He hasn't done anything yet to warrant £15m but offer something like that and take the risk he comes good, he looks class to me but will never oust Lacazette or Aubameyang I don't think.
  8. Naah surely not, Albrighton has been grotesque when used as a right back. Sendings off, loads of goals shipped etc. I don't have Amartey down as a Rodgers sort either.
  9. I also think TAA might become a central midfielder in time, very unique and classy player.
  10. If the global TV revenue stops increasing at an astronomic rate, until then no chance.
  11. Unless Ricardo gets injured? If anything this signing means we needn't have bothered giving Fuchs another year as both Ricardo and Justin can operate at left back but Fuchs I suppose is gold to have around the place and still could be called upon but maybe Justin would get more game time without him.
  12. Rijkaard became Holland manager with zero experience off the top of my head, there seemed to be a load about 15-20 years ago that got plum jobs purely down to them being shit hot as a player. Vialli, Gullit, Deschamps
  13. Same mad price we would command for Chilwell or Maddison though. In fact at least Chilwell has done well for the senior England side but Wan-Bissaka and Maddison have had only 1 decent season in the Prem and done very little for the U21 side yet would or are commanding £50m +
  14. Always appreciate it when someone uses the word pillock!
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