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  1. Been linked last summer, Milot Rashica would be an ideal signing to play left wing for us.
  2. It's a good question, I certainly think if Rodgers can't get the best out of him then it's a little worrying. But as others have said, he was such a good finisher in the Championship so I do think the belief of him doing the business with us is justified. The last few weeks have convinced me though we should try and get another winger in next month regardless. My only worry is Congerton and Rodgers are now in charge of transfers....
  3. Our wingers are our weakest area, I think we'll look to bring someone in but hopefully very soon, Barnes will get another goal and settle down. There's no denying his potential.
  4. Kasper Evans Morgan Soyuncu Justin Choudhury Praet Barnes Fuchs Perez Iheanacho
  5. Up until today we've won every game since the start of October, why on earth would we have picked Albrighton? Rodgers now has a decision to make on how we approach the coming games and perhaps Albrighton will get more minutes but I'm staggered anyone can have any real issue with Barnes, Perez or Gray in the last few months especially given Albrighton's history for a lack of goals.
  6. That bench has so many game changers on it, just hope the diamond doesn't shoot us in the foot as we are nowhere near as solid when we deploy it.
  7. Bowen is a Pearson player, can see them going for him and flogging us Defelou.
  8. Out of interest, what countries have you lived in if you don't mind me asking? I'm seeing lots of upset and disillusioned people seemingly wanting out of this country and I do wonder how feasible and worthwhile it is for them to carry out their threats. I'm sure there are some better countries to live than ours, but there are also many many worse. I'd say i'm always teetering around 52/48 on wanting to live here or not
  9. Europa League for teams like Man Utd, Arsenal and Chelsea in recent years has been invaluable for them in trusting their U23 players when previously they wouldn't have done. I do wonder how competitive we would be if we threw in Hirst, Dewsbury-Hall or Luke Thomas in to a nucleus of first team players, I think we'd struggle. It's not an exact science but that's an indicator of where our academy currently is compared with the clubs we hope to compete with as a global force. Sustained and prolonged investment is needed in our academy to make best use of the extraordinary training facilities we are soon to have.
  10. To be fair Kante's release clause was a little peculiar, it was £20m for clubs in the Champions League but if anyone outside of it bid higher than that then we didn't need to sell or something? That's why Sven was a hero by trying to sign him in China for £30m+
  11. This is why we need persistent and sustained investment in our academy, it's going to take several years to truly turn it in to one that befits a club that's challenging to be amongst the best clubs in the country. We will have the training facilities to do so, are we brave enough and serious enough about getting the coaches throughout the age groups and the recruitment to provide a conveyor belt?
  12. He's mustard, absolute assists machine.
  13. Yeah that's true! They aren't too bad at this recruitment game are Brighton.
  14. Yeah when you consider back then there was barely any online gambling and FOBT's in bookies had only just come in as well. In the last 14/15 years it has spread like wildfire and they've been given free reign to do whatever the fcuk they like, the gambling commission are an absolute disgrace an'all.
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