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  1. It's to describe potential targets who are players deemed unwanted by big clubs or the better players from smaller PL clubs.
  2. Unbelievable from Spieth. There's a few questions to be had about how that went down on 13, I'm astounded the driving range wasn't out of bounds and I guarantee you next year it will be. But he made the officials tell him what he could or couldn't do and milked it. But to do what he then did was exceptional. The man is a freak of nature, mentally as close to Woods I reckon in his pomp. I think he'll win at least 10 majors.
  3. The rags fail to consider Top's quite public and direct stance that we want top bunce or get fcuked. The media are desperate to see us knocked down a peg or two, irked we still aren't rolling over and going back to the Ormondroyd Ages. £40 million plus add on's or suck a dick.
  4. Biasso
  5. My best mate is a Cov fan and he's said its hard to explain whether he's any good or not. Apparently he's a very good finisher and quite determined but other than that he's nothing fancy.
  6. Could well see a season long loan with the agreed fee being paid next summer if this drags on.
  7. To be fair how many assists and goals did Mahrez get the following season?
  8. I swear Gray has more assists for us than the official number on the PL website. Right now to consider Gray a direct replacement for Riyad is scary but we may have no choice as a) Mahrez is nigh on irreplaceable to us and b) at what point do we put our faith in Gray and accept responsibility throughout the rest of the team to be more creative? Grays shown enough to me that he's got it there but he needs the environment and management to get to the next level. His performances for England U21's shouldn't be underestimated either, it's not PL standard but it's of a decent level and he's done well. It's time we put some faith in him.
  9. The way James has started pre-season, he's looking back to his best which is far more assured than anything we've seen from Mendy, King and Amartey. I haven't always been James biggest fan but if he carries on like this then Drinkwater has a massive challenge in his hands to stay top boy.
  10. Spieth is an absolute machine, can't help but be captivated by him. I'm praying that Chan Kim can stay in the top 10. He was 2000/1 top 6, 1000/1 top 10 but all I got on him at the start was £2.50 win only at 1000/1 on betfair. I'm annoyed I didn't see him as one of my proper bets and had him each way , I saw his odds and knew he was way overpriced so had him in a back to lay. Anyway I topped up on him yesterday at 250/1 top 6 so it would be lovely if he could sneak a place. My only other remote chance of anything is Tony Finau to get in the top 10 for about £150. All in all its been a tough major betting wise for me. I'd be amazed if I get ahead this week.
  11. Yes please. I think our midfield needs a big overhaul. King, Mendy and Amartey can be binned.
  12. I think we'll get 4 more. I hope at least 6 leave.
  13. There's no room for Ulloa, just sell him. Drives me nuts, same as King. Just taking up space of better players. We are in a transition, we need to be stripping out some of the dross with little sentiment. We have to progress.
  14. Ulloa is dog shit
  15. He's pretty much our only spark that is unpredictable. I hope and pray we get one more season out of him. We've so many similar players who don't offer any creativity and we must start to change that. i thoroughly enjoyed that first half. Football is back.