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  1. He was one of the best defenders in the league in the late 90's, derisory offer. Would be worth £100m in this era with the amount of goals he scored.
  2. This is what s winding me up, we have been so lackadaisical about many things initially but to continue to have airports open and not test/force quarantine is astonishing.
  3. All this news of players having to take 70% pay cuts to pay for non-playing staff's wages seems way off the mark. Surely the entire non-playing staff's weekly wage doesn't come to anywhere near 70% of the playing staffs wages. Seems incorrect.
  4. Imagine a bloke sent down for a 10 stretch and his missus has waited for him and pitched up in fishnets. Yeah, about that long.
  5. Can't see it mate, I think any relaxing of travel will see a surge in cases again and be back to lockdowns again. Think we'll see very restricted travel until 2022.
  6. Make an omelette, add sliced scotch egg to it. Highly unnecessary but one of them!
  7. Cheese in a can is that squirty muck that Americans eat, such as that fat kid off BACON IS GOOD FOR ME youtube video. It's sensational stuff
  8. You seen the size of his fingers? The man isn't a real person surely?
  9. Oh dear, what are they doing? I've a weeks all inclusive in Zante to try and claim back in May
  10. Bean and little sausages Cheese in a can Cheese slices Mini kievs Findus crispy pancakes Tinned burgers Tinned hot dogs Rustlers burgers Tindians Pie cobs (exactly what the title says a pie in a fcukin cob) Scotch egg omelettes Battered sausage toad in the hole I'm going straight to hell
  11. 33/39 Missed Ndidi, Hamza and Praet being quite obvious ones. Astonished there were no assists for Musa, Ghezzal or Iborra. I am certain Ghezzal got at least 1 last season.
  12. I'm actually more bothered about our 9-0 being wiped out or Vardy not being on the verge of breaking 100 PL goals than us finishing 3rd and getting in to Europe that in all likelihood won't be allowed to be played anyway due to travel bans.
  13. I'd be very surprised if this happens yet, it would need to rumble on past June before this would seriously happen, there's too much money riding on it for a start.
  14. He is superb and incidentally Rodgers wanted him at Celtic a few years ago.
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