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  1. As @Muzzy_Larsson repeatedly has said, Celtic aren't money grabbers and they will do business with Leicester as they aren't bitter about us getting Rodgers as we paid up the compensation without any fuss. Celtic will sell Edouard for the highest price but we won't be bidding double what others are going to pay. The max they might get is £15m up front with some add ons to take it to £20m and that seems to be the word in Glasgow too.
  2. Hahaha they aren't getting £30m for a player who can walk away for free in a year. They'd not have got £30m even if he had 5 years left on his deal. He'll leave for £15m
  3. Steve Cooper should have gotten the job, would have been perfect. Doubt he'd leave Swansea now though.
  4. I hope so RE: Castagne, if we're brutally being honest he has been distinctly average in 2021 and even in 2020 his injuries curtailed a strong start. There's a talented player in there but injuries have scuppered him and since then playing on the left has either hindered him or he's just not as good on the left as we were hoping.
  5. The perceived opinion that the pandemic would lead to lots of players being available on bosmans isn't quite playing out like that. Plenty of the sought after players whose contracts are expiring have either signed new deals or already sorted moves elsewhere. Doesn't look like we'll be getting any free transfers so we'll need to chuff up the monies.
  6. Rob Tanner would not continually post articles including him if it wasn't true. He'd have been challenged by the club and player quite quickly!!
  7. I'd go nowhere near Toney for that price, he's also 25 which is approaching his peak but not an age we'd spuff £35m on an unproven player.
  8. Maybe I was being a little harsh but this started because I suggested Yusuf might be better suited in another league if he's of Ozil style. That was on the back of a poster saying Ozil was world class and Maddison will never get there. That I can agree with but it becomes almost irrelevant if Ozil wasn't that much better goals and assists wise than Maddison especially as Ozil brought very little else to team play, defensively an absolute abomination and didn't press from the front either. Ozil did do well to start with, as I say I was probably being harsh but maybe it's more the di
  9. To be fair Leicester haven't won at the new Wembley and we've lost our last 2 FA Cup Semi finals so you're not the problem I don't think pal 😂
  10. No, but I've got in to a debate with someone about Mesut Ozil who was distinctly ordinary in his time in England and as he has similar playing style to Yusuf I was pointing out that he'd be better served in Italy or Spain. Ozan Tufan is welcome here though, love him.
  11. It's like walking on eggshell over on their bloody forum
  12. I'd not fancy playing Leeds on Monday at Elland Rd and they still have to go to Old Trafford. Drop points in both or at least one of those games and it makes it very hard for them.
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