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  1. What's happened to Southgate? I don't get it, his team selections in the last year is horrendous. I always thought what he lacked in natural leadership and technical management he made up for in meticulous planning and trying to harness an environment that made this team have an incredible team spirit. On what planet should the likes of Rashford, Winks and Barkley be doing in this team based on current form? How has Sancho been dropped and the complete lack of faith he's shown TAA yet is astonishing, the lad is one of the most lethal attacking right backs in the world. I don't see a future for England with these methods, really fcukin poor from him.
  2. All 3 have had a number of long term injuries in the past though. I can't even think of a player in our country that this would be on a par with, won their domestic division player of the year and numerous other domestic accolades and trophies and then moved to Serie A where he's been described as one of the best midfielders in the whole league by his manager and yet up until this week had never made a start for his national team?
  3. Hahahahahaa you know what, I think I am. I've just read an in depth synopsis and I don't remember any of it hahahahahaa. What another unexpected bonus, I get another BB fix to now watch
  4. Great to hear mate, keep focused and stay healthy pal!
  5. Anyone had the bottles of Weiss Beer from there an'all? I thought they were spot on but my mate thinks they're heinous. It's no Erdinger for blasting you full ball in the face but for £1.20 a bottle they are decent.
  6. It was an unexpected bonus, I liked it. Only bit that I thought they could have made more of is what exactly happened to Todd and his uncle. Unless I missed something majorly obvious, I have been unwell this weekend so perhaps I nodded off.
  8. The same reason we sold Harry Maguire for a world record fee. Sometimes it's the right time to move a player on. Chilwell's current ability as an attacking full back compared with other players at the top of the game would show quite a disparity but given the huge amounts of money domestic teams will pay for homegrown players we could find ourselves in a situation where Man Utd, Man City or Chelsea want him for £60-70m. That money would be ridiculous for a full back that doesn't score goals, has only a modest record of providing assists and really struggles to operate in the final 3rd with most of our wingers and most certainly can't do it on his own when we play a narrow 4-3-3 like for example Ricardo does on the other side. The money we would get would be redeployed in progressing this side like Dortmund often do. I think he will be the one player out of all our young stars that we would be most open to doing a deal on for a huge fee. Of course there will be others that might go for more money or will be more courted by the elite sides but we have proven we won't become embroiled in a fire sale.
  9. Although he hasn't scored many goals since leaving Anderlecht, if he rediscovered that ability then he could be frighteningly good. I do like the Belgian link we now have, what with Top owning Leuven, getting Ndidi before any other top level team did and us having Anderlechts best two youth products in recent years it is a trend that we should keep pursuing.
  10. Perhaps he watched it in the casino? I've watched sporting events in them before, decent atmosphere
  11. Hang on, the England management instructed him not to travel with the squad to Prague to cut the possibility of other players catching any illness. Maddison will have been frustrated at that no doubt, chances to win caps at international level only come around every few months and then sometimes much longer. He's been cleared to go back home and I assume do what he wants before reporting back to training with Leicester. There's is nothing else to even consider here, The Sun have jumped on this especially because a) they are the most despicable cretins in the press and b) Maddison mugged them off after they had a pop at that disgusting children's rucksack he had on for a laugh. The whole article was an attempt to further aggravate a rift between them and Maddison, they love an opportunity to do this. If England actually wanted Maddison to travel but he overplayed how ill he was then that's an internal issue but they have confirmed they chose to send Maddison home, so it's not even a case of him being a touch unprofessional in the aftermath. Whether Southgate has an opinion on Maddison's character that he's unsure on and it gets further strained due to outside influences in the press, that's up to him to deal with. All Madders can do is keep killin' it for Leicester and make Southgate look even more inept by marginalising him, I think this is where Maddison will excel. He has a growing mental strength where he likes to prove people wrong and piss them off along the way. I like that about him, although i'm desperate to see him play for England i'd actually howl if he chose to play for Ireland instead.
  13. I know Belgium have a ridiculous wealth of talent in some parts of the pitch, but if that's true it's incredible. I'm also shocked at how few games Tielemans had played for the national side given he was their boy wonder from 16 onwards.
  14. He should have just gone out and got absolutely plastered and chinned a tacco driver
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