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  1. Brais Mendez - we wanted him 2 years ago when he burst on the scene at Celta. Scored on his debut for Spain and then a mixture of injury and poor form last season has led to him being somewhat forgotten. Celta are exactly the sort of team we could target during the pandemic. Kang-In Lee - another left footed attacking midfielder like Mendes who could play as an 8, 10 or even a right winger which helps us with our issues of finding along term solution for that position. Otavio - the obvious choice given we've been linked with him and his contract is up in the summer. As
  2. Correct, they wanted £8m in the summer and Brentford refused to pay it.
  3. Falorin Balogun should be our main target as a striker to come in and learn off Vardy but get 10-15 appearances at the very least.
  4. I think he still wants one more and if that player can also play out wide or is more of a box to box midfielder that is a danger going forward then Choudhury will be off. I think the signing will be short term if we don't get one of our main targets like we had to do with Bennett.
  5. Or a player who's contract is soon up. I'm scouring my lists for the right man.
  6. Add another £17m now for Morgan Samson and its beggars belief!
  7. Just checked £145m last season, £75m this season but that's about to rise to over £90m with Sansom.
  8. Since promotion. Did over £100m in the summer they came up and then same again last summer didn't they?
  9. Especially as that's all been relaxed now anyway. But they've spent over £250m now haven't they?
  10. Kang-In Lee from Valencia, 19 year old left footed attacking midfielder. They still need to raise dough, get him on loan with an obligation to buy in the summer.
  11. Seizing the opportunity in the early years of being back in the PL to try and cement a top 10 place.
  12. Absolutely, we either play him in a front two or don't bother. The issue is to play him in a front two requires a change in formation and a possible disruption to the rhythm and momentum we have built this year.
  13. I've got a multipurpose one mate, I use wood pellets when I'm just doing a few pizzas but when we've done a load for people then gas is much easier to regulate and get an even cook and colour on the dough. I use solely outdoors but I've got a sort of gazebo covering from the house so it doesn't feel quite as exposed. Well worth the money though, it's not hugely difficult to be producing top quality pizzas, just need the oven and invest a bit of time in perfecting the dough and paying for good ingredients from italian wholesalers/deli's.
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