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  1. Get fcuked
  2. Agreed. If your itinerary isn't to be tinkered with then just go for longer and absolutely nail it.
  3. He's actually become more of a defensive type player since joining Ajax, whereas at Twente he was a goal and assists machine. He's as comfortable playing in central midfield as he is out wide or in attack. He'd be unreal for us, won't happen now though sadly.
  4. Ziyech is unbelievable.
  5. Bizarre
  6. He's very good, or was very good. I can see the reservations given how solid Simpson is. You kind of want a similar player to Chilwell for competition for Simpson. I.e young and will bide his time and perhaps a touch more attacking.
  7. Yes please. Legend of the game.
  8. Him and Bruno Berner were.
  9. I tell you whose bee class this season Fernando Llorente, an animal in the air and very good at leading the line. Pay them £5 million and Ulloa.
  10. Schmidt or bust please.
  11. Looks like we were in discussions with another Nigerian as well when this came about, wonder who that is?
  12. IN
  13. Only manager whom we might want and could take longer than a few weeks to sort out is Wagner or Jaap Stam. Personally, if we aren't giving it Shakespeare I think it'll go to either Mancini or Schmidt (hopefully) and as both are out of work, they'll be ready if interested.
  14. I love Slimani, there's a real breakdown in rapport between a lot of our fans and Islam. Not sure if it's his sulky demeanour or because we paid £29 million for him but he's a great asset for us. His work rate and ability to attack crosses makes him a huge threat and gives us a couple of ways of playing, which is important as we've got found out this year. I also believe he can play alongside Vardy, something Ulloa and Musa have struggled to do. That being said if we were offered £35-40 million for him then I'd consider it.