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  1. You need more than his default trick - the change of direction -to succeed in a side like Man City. He's good at it, but he doesn't have a whole lot more to offer. Working with others who are as good as him and often much better must have shredded his confidence. But rather than knuckling down and trying to improve he moans. Serms to be his nature. Harsh to blame Pep for that.
  2. Claude might not have had time to build his vision - who knows? But he did have time enough in England to adapt to the language a lot better than he did. This is not a trivial point. It points to an inflexibility of mind that amounts to stubbornness. He's clearly an intelligent man, so it's not that - but to still need an interpreter in interviews after three years living in the country - slightly embarrassing I felt. And, as I say, indicative of an inflexibility that, in the end, probably did for him.
  3. A city-centre pavement soon gets covered in fag-ends, chewy, spittle and dog bob. It deserves a tribute, but above ground-level. Not holding my breath though. Leicester has a lot going for it, but isn't great at promoting itself or its achievements.
  4. That's what I'm here for.
  5. If Claude is still keen on re-construction, there's a big job on at Notre Dame right now - and he speaks the language...
  6. Agree that the media love-in with him has been a bit too much at times... But I like his honesty. When United play badly he admits it. If they ride their luck, he acknowledges that. Makes a refreshing change from the usual tired blah trotted out by most managers, He's patently a nice bloke. And while that doesn't make Man Utd any more likeable, it sets a precedent at least that a few more bosses would do well to consider.
  7. Let's face it - for a team that took on Peter Taylor after his spell with us - that's a pretty low bar. Not to mention such greats as Steve Gritt and Jimmy Case. Agree though, if he stays I think they'll struggle next season.
  8. 2 reasons why I shouldn't want Liverpool to do it; 1) I grew up in the 60s when (mainly due to The Beatles) Liverpool was widely touted as the cultural capital of the world to the point of total cliché. 2) Talking of cliché, I've always found the city itself to be a kind of living museum of it. Despite this, though, it wouldn't bother me in the slightest if they do. As a noted philosopher once put it - it's no skin off my hooter.
  9. Got a friend who's a Brighton fan, she said they're a bit conflicted about Chris Hughton. Many of them seem fed up with his approach, feeling it's too negative, too predictable. At the same time they think if they got rid they might end up with something worse. They're lucky Cardiff are so crap, but the feeling there is pretty toxic from what I gather. For a defensive coach to concede five at home - seems like the end's in sight for him...
  10. I totally get that. But clubs like that have always attracted fans from way outside their catchment areas. Can't say it particularly bothers me. They're never going to feel the connection we do as Leicester people supporting Leicester City. i just don't see that as a reason to despise them. If they get pleasure from being a Liverpool/Man Utd 'fan', then good luck to them. Their experience probably isn't as rich or textured as ours, so if anything, I tend to feel a bit of sympathy for them, that's all.
  11. Don't quite understand the level of anti-Liverpool vitriol displayed on this thread. As supporters of a team that has actually won the Premier League, maybe we should be a bit more relaxed about it. Just saying...
  12. And we get Martin O'Neill back, return to a redeveloped Filbert St, play in white shorts again and go back to the old badge. Nurse!!
  13. At least it makes for an interesting end to the season. Must admit to a preference for Man City, having lived near Maine Rd for a while and having a few mates who supported them. But despite all the 'plastic scouser' stuff, can't help admiring the way Liverpool play. And with Tiger Woods winning the Masters, maybe it's the year for comebacks of former greats. Also got a feeling we might nick a point at the Etihad.
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