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  1. I just think the players need a few basic truths pointing out to them. There seems to be a level of complacency that has set in this calendar year, and the slightly puzzling reaction of our manager after yesterday's defeat is a symptom of this. We all know things can look very different after a few decent results, but right now that seems a long way off. I hope I'm wrong about this, but for me the most worrying thing about yesterday was Brendan's reaction. Everton away suddenly seems like a massive test for us. All this stuff about wherever we finish it will have been a great season and what about when we were struggling in the Championship etc etc misses the point. To finish up with no Cup appearance at Wembley and out of the CL places from the position we were in - it would actually be a dereliction of duty.
  2. Struck by the difference between Brendan and Frank Lampard in the post-match interviews I heard. Brendan spoke in platitudes basically, refusing to acknowledge the problems, while Lampard was honest, engaged and insightful. Same with the subs - theirs were drastic, necessary and effective. Ours were reactive ineffective and slightly odd. This season promised so much but looks like it's going to end in severe disappoiment. Rapidly losing faith in this bloke...
  3. Nice to see the Lenny the Lion reference. One for the milennials there.
  4. Forest? (Seems to be some sort of Robin Hood getup). [Oops - phone was slow loading up, just realised I'm a bit behind the times here. Not for the first time. ..
  5. It's all in the ear of the beholder mate. Personally I'm quite fond of the Leicester accent. Sounds like home.
  6. As an unsociable bleeder at the best of times can't really say lockdown's made much difference to me one way or the other. In fact if anything it seems to make the world (or at least the part of it visible to me) a marginally kinder, more chilled and better mannered place than usual. There again i don't have to share my space with someone who basically pisses me off more unbearably with every passing day. Guess I'm just not the family-minded type. My ex-wife, indeed wives, would no doubt agree. .. Won't be sorry though to see the end of "celebrity" responses to the pandemic which highlight the lower the level of inner resource, the more marked the need to fill their new-found leisure with whatever clichéd activity (garden marathons, baking bleeding cakes) happens to be in vogue at the moment. Don't mind them doing it so much if they didn't feel the need to record and share every tedious predictable moment of it.
  7. Bought this one in 76 think it was. At the time, replica shirts were still in their infancy - in fact I think it was Admiral who more or less started that industry (another example of LCFC being something of a trailblazer). First airing was at Maine Rd where I hadn't really thought through the fact that it identified me as a Leicester fan at a hundred paces. Caught some serions flack, but I've loved this one ever since.
  8. Remember being pretty gobsmacked by my dad's language when he first took me to Filbert St in the early 60s. He was from the generation that didn't really swear at home (and anyway my mam wouldn't have stood for it), but once on the terraces, with a few mates, he was effing and jeffing spectacularly. As were most others to be fair - it was perhaps a less precious, certainly less gentrified time than now. I knew that if I thought about following his example I'd soon regret it to the tune of a smack on the earole. An early lesson in hypocrisy maybe and a bit of an eye-opener for a 7 year old lad, but I survived it none the worse...
  9. Don't worry mate - Nigel's pretty good at bringing teams up from the Championship!
  10. Can't wait- Turned on the telly this morning and was surprised to be greeted by The Big Match Revisited and the delightful sight of LCFC stuffing Arsenal 4 - 1 at Filbert St. Frankie, Keith, Admiral kits and all! Made me realise just how much I've missed it all. Bring it on!
  11. Absolute cult hero when I first went to Filbert St in the early 60s. Though must admit I too was taken in by the 'Doog' murmur = thinking it was boos. He gave rise to one of our best ever songs: 'I see the Doog, the Doog sees me We took him our of Division Three, He scored the goals that made him king Dougan for evermore. 'Now he has left us to start anew Over the Midlands to Molyneux, Still scoring goals that make him king - Dougan for evermore! ' Only my opinion, but I think it has the edge over songs about Cag's cock!
  12. Fantastic, enormously gifted player, but also a really decent, top bloke who seems to love the club as much as we love him. One of the all-time greats in the Royal Blue.
  13. Guess from your username you're a Swansea fan. Coincidentally, I just got off the phone from talking to some relatives in S Wales. Asked them what lockdown was like down there.., 'Well, everywhere's shut, there's no one around and everyone's fed up' 'Same as usual then' 'Pretty much' (sorry).
  14. When I started going to Filbert Street in the early 60s I fell in love with our distinctive look. The clear simplicity of the blue & white offset by the detailing of the thin blue stripe on the white collar and cuffs. Plus two thin blue stripes on the overturn of the white socks and a blue stripe on the white shorts. Added to this was the unique shape of our badge - the 4-pointed shield round the fox and crops. It gave us a look that shouted Leicester City and filled my young heart with an overwhelming love that somehow survives to this day.
  15. Man City away was the 'You know what? We just might do this!' moment for me. Added to the fact that a good mate of mine - a big Man City fan whose football judgment was pretty sound - said to me as we walked away 'Your lot of bloody chancers are going to win the flipping league!' Or words to that effect...
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