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  1. I believe the football special trains became less popular after one fan was run over on the track a while back. From what I heard though, he was chuffed to bits!
  2. If we didn't have flaws, we'd have to put our carpets on the wall...
  3. Thought I heard Pep say 'stop pansying about with it and just hoof the bloody thing!' Might be wrong though...
  4. Liked his 'that was Micah Richards-esque' comment on that piece of outrageous skill by West Brom's Pereira on MOTD. Actually made me laugh out loud (that much-discussed, rarely-achieved state of being).
  5. Don't think the reaction by Man City fans is particularly outrageous or surprising. They've got their share of idiots. Let's face it, so has any team (except us, obviously). But compared to United fans - and I speak as an ex-resident of Manchester - they are the very soul of reason and fairness... The ones I've spoken to were extremely complimentary about us.
  6. Hopefully not too bad. BR seemed fairly relaxed about Evans, and Vardy's basically made from Sheffield steel. Dennis Praet might be more serious though I got the sense it wasn't maybe as bad as first thought.
  7. Obviously there are thousands of regional differences or refinements in languages, but if you trace them back far enough there are surprisingly few root tongues that they developed from. Same with writing really. The idea of an alphabet came from the middle-east (as an alternative to hieroglyphics or pictures representing sounds) and most in use now - even Arabic and Cyrillic - have that common root. It was an incredible thought-experiment - one that made the world we live in now feasible - possibly the greatest ever human achievement. Speech is one thing, writing quite another.
  8. Basically I agree with you. Not so much about the Burnley match (I still feel we're vulnerable defensively), but in general it's been a great start. Actually I wasn't pessimistic before the season started, and in fact came on here to point out reasons for optimism. It's just after many decades as a City fan, I probably expect us to shoot ourselves in the foot... That said, I think this team has the potential to do great things. I think we can break the top 4 even, which seems to put me in the minority on this forum. We need another defender, though.
  9. It's great having fullbacks who attack so effectively, but we looked vulnerable at the back. Defence should be their main priority. As it was when we had Simpson and Fuchs in those roles. From memory we did pretty well with those two...
  10. Slightly flattering scoreline I felt - if Chris Wood had put that one in instead of hitting the post (nice one, Woody!) It could have got messy. Didn't feel confident personally till Dennis smacked in that screamer. Ashley Barnes was a big miss for them.
  11. Don't get the negativity around the League Cup. It's a competition with resonance for our club and we should respect that. OK, it's likely to be a busy season, but we've finally got a decent squad and it's not that much of an extra workload to potentially win something significant. Success breeds success and gives players not automatically in the first X1 a good chance to show their quality.
  12. All roads lead to the King Power.
  13. Great news for umlaut fans (and yes I'm one). 25% increase in our ummy count in one loan signing!
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