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  1. Good effort from Spain, tho to be fair don't really remember the American goalie having much to do.,, Encouraging for England though - both USA & France look eminently beatable.
  2. Completely agree with all of that.
  3. Difficult to disagree with that. Though I must admit I quite enjoyed a good tear-up in the streets in my younger days. Must be my Irish blood... (How'a that for a lazy national stereotype?)
  4. Yeah - the Jonathan Pearce position, ie you 'don't see' diving, dissent, bad sportsmanship etc etc in the women's game. Deeply patronising in my view. I find the fact that women are just as capable as men of 'bad' behaviour totally refreshing. Now all we need is JP himself and his excruciating double act with Sue Smith to be binned by the BBC...
  5. Sorry to hear that. We can only speak from our own experience and mine is that racism is less of an issue in Leicester than in some other places I've lived in (including Manchester and West Yorkshire). I am white but from an Irish family, so any prejudice I've faced is more political than racial I suppose - but still unpleasant at times. Though I always felt that the person dishing it out was a fool...which kind of helps. As for violence being accepted or even applauded if it's on 'the right side of things' - well that's an interesting moral question. The Second World War being a case in point. Not nice, but occasionally absolutely necessary. In my view, any kind of facism - of which racism is a symptom - needs to be opposed totally by whatever it takes to do it.
  6. I agree - Stevie Whitworth was an excellent replacement for Rodrigues. And, as you say, probably a better defender ( though it's pretty close). It's just that Pedro was part of the first City team I supported regularly. And I guess the first love goes deepest...
  7. Shows a complete lack of class in my view (as well as intelligence and self-awareness of course). Your point about him posting this himself is well made - displaying that lack of awareness on his part. Seemingly he's happy to admit to the world that the perception many have of him as an over-indulged brattish child is entirely accurate. its not a big thing, but perhaps symptomatic of a lack of self-respect that characterises Manchester United at the moment.
  8. Great memories of Pedro bombing down the wing at Filbert Street. Never really saw an overlapping full-back before. As with a lot of Gillies' tactics, quite revolutionary at the time. Despite THAT miss in the 69 Cup Final, remember being delighted for him when he lifted the trophy for Southampton in 76. He added a certain piratical charm to proceedings I always thought. Steve Whitworth - decent as he was - could never replace that!
  9. Last time I saw the EDL trying to organise something in Leicester they basically had the piss ripped out of them and got laughed out of town. Don't see much evidence of right-wing support in this city. Just the opposite. And to counteract the view that the 70s was some sort of dark ages, Leicester had a thriving anti-fascist movement back then, who - as I witnessed first-hand - regularly gave the NF a good kicking - especially at what was known as 'the battle of Welford Road' Then, as now, racism attracts the terminally thick. That thick fuggers still exist is regrettable, but slightly unavoidable, unfortunately.
  10. Thought for a while we should go for Che Adams. Looks decent, and he's a Leicester lad of course - ex Highfield Rangers. Would have made perfect sense - probably why it won't happen.
  11. Absolutely - but on the other hand, it doesn't mean they're bound to fail either. Just seemed to me Lampard's attracting a lot of stick slightly unfairly. Unlike Henry, he's proved at Derby that he's got some ability at the job. And - apart from Jose's second spell - Chelsea usually get it right.
  12. OGS was a bit of a weird one, given his shambles at Cardiff. Smacked of desperation on Utd's part. Think Lampard could work though. Derby could easily have come up, and he got them playing some decent stuff. He's bright, he knows the set-up at Chelsea and he's got a good crew. Managerial appointments are always a bit of a shot in the dark - if experience further down the pyramid meant anything, Ian Holloway should have been a great success for us. Seem to remember the reality being somewhat different...
  13. Yeah - speaking personally I just don't get aroused so easily these days. It's probably my age...
  14. Some time in the 80s decided to drive down to see us play at Chelsea with a couple of friends, including my mate's wife who'd never been to a match, and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Near Northampton the car basically died, and it became clear we weren't going to make it to London. She still wanted to see a match though, so we ended up going to watch the Cobblers playing Swindon. Bloody awful game, a 0-0 draw. Weirdly, though, she loved it... Another time, a couple of us were trying to get to Burnley but ended up in North Wales. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Still does, actually...
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