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  1. That's me mate - build em up then let em down!
  2. I'd like to see us using short corners more. Not the clueless ones that end up back in the centre circle or even with the goalie (fer Chrissakes!) But the wall-pass and cross from a different angle, which can catch the defence out. Works for me on Fifa anyway...
  3. Last home game of the season - Harry thumps in a spectacular own-goal which wins the game for Leicester and gives us a CL spot at Utd's expense...He rips off his red shirt to reveal a Leicester top beneath and everyone realises it was all part of Brendan's elaborate plan...
  4. Burnley after Danny Drinkwater? Seems wrong somehow, but actually could be good for both parties. Dan needs a move - that's for sure.
  5. Totally agree - I love the bloke - but.., still can't get over that dumb penalty he gave away against Newport in the Cup. I realise that says more about me than him. I'm an old bleeder who still harbours daft dreams of us winning the FA Cup before my number's held up. And I really thought... But what's the point - never going to sodding happen, is it?
  6. Brilliant... I've never been to Australia, but the more I learn about the place the more I realise what an aching void that omission has created in my life!
  7. Yeah - well I was playing in ankle boots for my Junior school team round then - but my point is that in the pro game things had moved on by the mid-60s. Adidas boots were becoming pretty widespread and lighter balls (without laces). Fair enough, for oiks like me (and you, presumably) change was slower, though it's hard to imagine Australia wasn't right in the vanguard of fashion!
  8. It was 1964, not 1954. Probably a fine distinction in your mind, but by the mid-60s things like high-ankled boots & cement balls were pretty much history Saw Matthews play at 50. It was my first game at Filbert St. He was ok - not amazing - but his obvious football brain still made him a threat. Think same applies to Jamie. He's a better player than just the raw pace-merchant he's usually characterised as. We'll see...
  9. What are they like, out of interest? (Sound awful...)
  10. I've never been more serious in my life. But then again, I've never been that serious...
  11. I think Kasper's a good example of the adage - so highly regarded these days that it's become a total cliché of modern times - that if you want something enough and are willing to work hard enough to get it, you can achieve it. This is supposed to be an admirable quality - and maybe it is - but it often leads to desire and commitment taking precedence over natural ability. Just saying.
  12. He's Belgian & he's clever - He's gonna stay forever - He even likes the weather! He's Youri Tielemans! da da da dum CLAP CLAP! da da da dum CLAP CLAP! da da da dum da da da dum da da da dum CLAP CLAP! He'll tackle and he'll pester He'll pass like Iniesta - He'll win the league for Leicester! He's Youri Tielemans! da da da dum CLAP CLAP! (etc.)
  13. Good to hear - good memories of that place. First time I'd been called 'flower' by another bloke (the barman). Also seem to recall another pub over the road - The Porter Cottage? And the snuff factory nearby? Have to say, Sheffield's a fine city.
  14. When I first went to SUFC remember going to a pub called The Lascar on Sharrow Vale Rd. Really decent old-style boozer. Given the social tendencies of the 21st Century, it's probably a centre for Ayurvedic yoga now. Or a gluten-free organic whatever. Anyway it's walking distance to the ground (10 mins) & plenty of streets for parking.
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