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  1. Jacob Rees Mogg has a large interest in this particular 'investment vehicle' Nice to know that the Government - at this time of existential crisis - can call on the services of such - er- pragmatists. It seems rampant capitalism - as ever - has the welfare of the people at 'heart'.
  2. Owned by a company set up by the ruling al-Nahyan family in Abu-Dhabi, also owners, of course, of Manchester City. Few clubs' owners bear very close examination under the moral microscope, but this lot take it to a whole different level...
  3. You've got to hand it to Daniel Levy. Morally, financially and from a purely sporting point of view he seems to have an absolutely faultless instinct for doing and saying exactly the wrong thing. But so far I've heard nothing from Leicester during this crisis apart from the usual clichés. Come on City, this is a chance to show that we're a club at the heart of the community. This silence is slightly concerning.
  4. Agree about Jon Sammels - got a fair amount of stick but struck me as a very intelligent player. Superb passer of the ball. Also from that era (ish) I'd mention Rod Fern (Rod-neeee!) as a player often derided by other teams' fans who was actually pretty bloody good. A fairly obscure one from the 60s I'd go for was Paul Matthews. Frail-looking and slight, the heavy pitches and agricultural tackling of the era weren't kind to him, and there was often a few moans round Filbert Street when he came on, but I saw a very capable and - again - intelligent footballer there. Would have been better suited to the modern game I think.
  5. You seem to be saying that football (or presumably any sport) doesn't matter. As a pure indicator of human survival obviously it doesn't. But it is a massive and global part of human culture. Like music for example - not essential, but we'd all be enormously poorer without it. The tougher times get, the more we need these things I'd argue - not the less... As for your other point, I'd say it's much more difficult to become a pro footballer than almost any other occupation. The things that make life possible and the things that make it worth living are not mutually exclusive and living (hopefully) through a crisis is no excuse for forgetting that.
  6. Played the Quarters on FIFA 20 with a mate who's a massive Chelsea fan. City won on pens. When he'd got over it (about 30 mins) we played the semis and the final - Pleased to report Leicester went on to win the Cup, 2 -1 over Newcastle, goals from Youri & Vards... Felt ridiculously happy for the rest of the day.
  7. Think he should host a 'Mid Morning Matters' type programme on Radio Leicester. With phone-in questions a-là Partridge: 'Favourite pandemic? Mike from Desford -' 'Black death, Ian' 'Strong start. Thanks Mike. Natalie from Thurnby Lodge.' 'Spanish Flu...though you didn't have to be Spanish' 'Indeed. Thanks Nat. More calls after this. It's Brenda Lee with 'Fever'...'
  8. Seems I'm wrong about Tom Jo es then - let's face it, it's not unusual... Seem to half remember an Argentinian bloke at Swindon. Locarno? Lombardo? Something like that?
  9. Went to the first match of 91/2 at the County Ground. 0-0 non-event. About 2000 of us rammed in the corner. Remember a dark-haired defender called (improbably) Tom Jones. Any chance?
  10. Ipswich? (Also seem to remember Sheff Weds played in this kind of arrangement for a while...)
  11. 'Our primary concern... Our thoughts are with...unprecedented times...stakeholders ...guidelines...health and welfare...fully commited...' God almighty! When exactly was the English language ditched in favour of this meaningless, weasely, corporate babble? PS: Obviously my thoughts (and prayers) are with everybody affected by this (unprecedented) thing at this etc etc.
  12. As if things weren't bad enough..,
  13. Yeah - bit like football - very different crowds wanting very different things. Pubs - at least the back street boozers I grew up with - like standing on the Kop or smoking on buses - pretty much died in the twentieth century. Seems a pity, that's all...
  14. Not really my experience - have some knowledge of Manchester where many pubs of my youth no longer exist. Plenty of bars etc - very different thing. Pubs as such are pretty much done - bars tend to be more youthful more anodyne - and their decline is national.
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