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    A few people have already said this, it’s a technical foul, no malice intended he took a card for the team. Man City, Liverpool do this week in, week out, this is basic game control. Any player with half a brain would do that. Klopp is just using diversion tactics to take away from Mane diving and winning by a dodgy penalty.
  2. Agreed with some of the sentiment on here, Maddison came alive for the last 25 mins but his decision making was poor at times, he is improving but he’s long, long way off from being a £100 million player.
  3. Don’t understand the love in for Rudkin. His objective is to secure the £85 mill, pretty straightforward really as that what Top was holding out for. Needs to be judged on all transfer fees/extended contracts that have been offered over the last few years.
  4. Throwing money at him is not the answer.
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