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  1. Praet is a quality player, unselfish and hardworking, always looking for pockets of space to move forward into. The footballing connection earlier on in the season with the other Belgian players, was breathtaking at times.
  2. Played well up top with Vardy rather than than dropping deep in other games, a much better display. And what a cracking finish too!
  3. Just can’t warm to him
  4. He’s a shocking show pony, too many touches and slows the game down. As for a dead ball “expert”
  5. Got my season ticket refunded but not my daughter’s, I think I’ll allow a few days before calling them
  6. Don’t understand Rodgers, takes off a striker that has scored 2 in 2, and keeps on Vardy who is really struggling- such a ridiculous sub
  7. Terrible performance so far, no desire to move the ball quick and forward, Rodgers is struggling, he’s not got a clue how to turn this around
  8. A few people have already said this, it’s a technical foul, no malice intended he took a card for the team. Man City, Liverpool do this week in, week out, this is basic game control. Any player with half a brain would do that. Klopp is just using diversion tactics to take away from Mane diving and winning by a dodgy penalty.
  9. Agreed with some of the sentiment on here, Maddison came alive for the last 25 mins but his decision making was poor at times, he is improving but he’s long, long way off from being a £100 million player.
  10. He needs a reality check, poor decision making, poor corners, poor free kicks that can’t even get the wall. Just sooooo frustrating to watch ?
  11. Really poor today, ran around like a headless chicken and his decision making is appalling, so many opportunities to release Barnes but decided to either pass it back or hit it aimlessly into the box.
  12. He’s lost his confidence, needs to be loaned out into the championship. He’s been like that for a few games now.. critism of a Puel is why would you play him up top with Okazaki.. Okazaki is soo poor, he should hang up his boots after today.. never a centre forward or a No. 10.
  13. Give the guy a break.. he plays for our Club.. give him your support!
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